Okay, as a general rule, i don’t post much on Saturdays and Sundays because i don’t have access to the library and i can’t be fucked to pay $3 an hour at a cyber cafe. But i will post. But not as much. But it depends though. I guess i’m having my downtime right now. Can’t think of ANYTHING remotely interesting to post about. Maybe tomorrow eh? I dunno. Just come back to check and see.

I didn’t get any (fan?) mail today. Tsk tsk tsk. And this after i told you all to MAIL ME yesterday? Sheesh.

But no matter. I have enough mail as it to reply to. But any e-mail which i do receive i’m very greatful for. It’s nice to get mail. Always.


Man, you have NO idea how *blank* my mind is right now. I’m just spewing out random bullshit right now. Uninteresting bullshit at that.


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