To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: your site + mine
From: “Alex K.” alex@bluebabylon.com
Date: Wed, Nov 21 2001 11:16:52 AM -0800

Jesus God, when people say “2 more days, I wonder who will remember” I start getting anxious. Maybe it’s a birthday, maybe it’s the inevitable destruction of the planet to make a space highway, maybe it’s the anniversary of the death of intelligence. It’s driving me crazy.
No, wait, there was another reason that I wrote you. I wanted to know if you would be interested in doing a link exchange with me. I’m pretty sure I meet your qualifications, as my site does not, to the best of my knowledge, suck. It’s kind of a cross between E/N and erotica, but check it out at http://www.bluebabylon.com and let me know if you’re interested.
-Alex K.

blue babylon on yahoo

I ran a goth site once. Honest to God. I had it on the now defunct GoPlay.com servers. And a grand total of 4 people that i know of have seen it. Why i even had a goth site i don’t even know because i am as far as you can get from being even remotely in the slightest bit gothic.

It was a phase i guess. I got quite intrigued by all things dark and gothic. It’d freak out Rory, one of my then housemates, when i’d be visiting all these dark goth sites and stuff in the middle of the night. He’d tell me to stop surfing all these ‘evil pages’ from his PC. And for a while, there was this time where all i could ever do was visit sites that were about the Necronomicon. That REALLY freaked him out.

H.P Lovecraft. H.R. Giger. I used to be into that kinda stuff. All things dark.

Now i’m just into all things with breasts.

This came with the e-mail she sent:

Tell me she doesn’t look like a Rose McGowan meets Angelina Jolie. Just a little bit.

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