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So anyway. I didn’t really do much today. Didn’t exactly go out or anything. Unless if you count going to a travel agent to book a flight ticket back home ‘going out’.

I tried getting a seat for the 14th of December. But everything was fully booked. So’s the 15th. There might be an opening on the 16th but as of now, i’m on the waiting list. So i’m gonna have to go back some other day to confirm my ticket and shit. So that sucks.

I got a phone call from somebody while i was on my way to the mall from that travel agency place. It wasn’t a local call because some weird number came upon the caller ID. Weird numbers usually show up when i’m get international calls. So i’m guessing it was an international call. It was a really short call though. Just some nervous girl calling me up to say Happy Birthday. Didn’t say who she was or anything like that. I suspect it’s one of my regular readers.

I’d given out my phone number to a couple of my readers for SMSing purposes.

So that’s two unexpected phone calls so far this past week. One from Stephanie and one from… one of my readers i guess. I don’t know which one though. But i do have a good idea who it is though…

Bought myself a BOOK today. The Lord Of The Rings Official Movie Guide Collector’s Hardback Edition.

80 fucking bucks down the drain.

I really hope the movie’s gonna live up to the hype. It should be though. It is, after all, a Peter Jackson movie. That man can’t possibly do any wrong. Dead Alive, Heavenly Creatures, The Frighteners… GOOD MOVIES.

Hope i’m not jinxing everything by buying the book though. Because the last time i bought an ‘official book of the movie’ book, that movie bombed like a motherfucker.

Remember Pearl Harbor?

Speaking of movies, i’ll be going out tonight to watch Harry Potter. At the movies for once andnot just on bootleg VCD. I rarely ever go to the movies. But it’s probably something i’ll have to get used to doing because i doubt i’ll be able to find VCD’s that easy in Michigan. If not at all.

I’m better on the latter.

I have absolutely no idea what to expect from Harry Potter having never read any of the books or really paying attention to any of the trailers and all. So yeah, we’ll see how that goes.

There’s this convocation thing tomorrow in college. It’s basically just this awards ceremony thing for students who’re on the Deans List and for people who’re transferring over to Western next semester (i.e. Me). It’s a formal attire affair.

I have no formal attire.

I’m gonna have to bum some clothes off of Jason tomorrow.

Remind me to bring over some formal clothing and a tux/jacket thing for when leave for Michigan.

Received quite a number of e-cards and stuff in the mail today. But since the day’s not exactly over yet, i’ll leave the thank yous for tomorrow after i tally up all birthday greetings i’ve gotten. Yes. I have nothing else better to do.

Oh yeah:

  • Saving Private Ryan
  • The Mexican
  • Exit Wounds

Time to update that list again…

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  1. You missed my much acclaimed first movie, Bad Taste, my second or third finest hour.

    #1 | Comment by Peter Jackson — November 24, 2001 @ 4:20 am

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