Shadow of the Colossus

30 10 2005

I beat Shadow of the Colossus last night. I almost cried twice! ENDING SPOILERS AHEAD: First when i thought my horse died and once again during the ending. So about that ending (THAT GLORIOUS 30 MINUTE ENDING), the kid with the horns? Ico? Sure, they say the two games are unrelated but there’s no doubt both games take place in the same world (same art style, same shadow demon things). My theory is that when Dormin possessed Wander, Dormin’s FEMALE side gave life to Mono (or maybe even took over her body???). Notice that Dormin spoke in two voices. A male and a female voice. But during the ending, only the male voice spoke. After the shaman guy banished Dormin (along with Wander’s possessed body) all that was left of them was a baby with horns (??? Ico??). I’m thinking Mono then becomes the evil queen from Ico. And at the end when the shaman says something about Wander maybe still being alive, that maybe someday he’ll atone for his sins? Maybe he does that later by defeating the evil queen in Ico, assuming that he IS Ico of course.

Then again this is all just speculation. And there’s some obvious holes in the theory. But if you’ve played both games, you’ll definitely see some connections and it’s hard not to think that Shadow is some sort of prequel to Ico. Or at least somewhat connected.


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    30 10 2005
  • 1.  first (15:43:09) :

    lol I’m first…

  • 30 10 2005
  • 2.  amandalvr (15:52:53) :

    Who cares about some ending to some game?

    Where’s the cute, young hotties :)

  • 30 10 2005
  • 3.  vaultcomplex (16:36:58) :

    Hey I beat Shadow of the Colossus tonight too!! It was awesome, and I came up with the same theory as you (though I didn’t think of the girl as the evil queen), so it’s probably in that ballpark as to what it’s supposed to be.

  • 30 10 2005
  • 4.  Justin (20:15:51) :

    yeah the whole mono becoming the evil queen is a bit of a stretch. the evil queen probably has nothing to do with dormin, aside from being a shadowy demon thing herself.

  • 31 10 2005
  • 5.  Bill Clay (01:45:34) :

    Crying at the end of video games is fagay.

  • 31 10 2005
  • 6.  Justin (02:08:00) :

    ALMOST cried!

  • 31 10 2005
  • 7.  tool (02:14:28) :

    ALMOST fagay?

  • 31 10 2005
  • 8.  Billy (06:25:03) :

    I was actually on the phone with my friend when reaching the last colossus. I kept hopping on the bridge on foot and dying :D. so I was like, “lemme try the horse” and my friend was all “what if the horse falls LMAO” then sure enough, it fell down. I was like “HAHAHAHA it fell” then we proceeded to laugh hysterically on the phone. Haha, that fucking horse.

  • 31 10 2005
  • 9.  Justin (10:41:52) :


  • 1 11 2005
  • 10.  radish01001 (04:00:49) :

    ^^^ PUSSY

  • 1 11 2005
  • 11.  ButterscotchStallion (04:18:57) :

    I laughed out loud at the end of Pay It Forward.

    Me = heartless

  • 1 11 2005
  • 12.  Justin (14:54:30) :

    i watched the iron giant last night and i almost cried


  • 3 11 2005
  • 13.  ButterscotchStallion (09:36:50) :

    I don’t normally laugh out loud at sad movies. Hell, earlier this year, Crash (the one without all the sex) got me a little welled-up. And I am sure I’d probably cry if I watched The Notebook, but something about Pay It Forward provoked that reaction. I don’t know if it was the little kid annoying me or what, but it didn’t have its desired effect, that’s for damn sure.

  • 6 11 2005
  • 14.  Aramis (06:10:19) :

    I am positive Mono becomes the evil queen from Ico. She is reanimated from the “female” spirit of Dormin and lives high atop a castle in a cursed land. At the end a storm is brewing perhaps one that fills the valley with water stranding her within the castle. They already mentioned something about a new project for the PS3 so I am sure the horned boy and why all horned children get sacrified to the this queen will be wrapped up then.

  • 6 11 2005
  • 15.  phoby (14:31:17) :

    Yeah. The second I saw the baby with the horns I though: OMG PREQUEL LOL. Except not excatly like that because I don’t think in l337. But, yes, I share the same theory about it.

  • 7 11 2005
  • 16.  HighVoltage900 (23:01:04) :

    Well, the makers of Ico and Shadow of the Collossus kept saying one thing over and over.

    “Shadow of the Collossus has NOTHING to do with ICO. They look similar, but thats where it ends.” I think its just a mind trip. But was I the only one who felt bad killing the last colossus? Sure he was uber dangerous when you tried to just run at him, but once you got up close he didnt even try to defend himself. All he tried to do was shake you off, and I felt bad when he perished.

  • 8 11 2005
  • 17.  AngelBaby (02:53:44) :

    justin cried after killing the last colossus.*

    *this actually happened

  • 11 11 2005
  • 18.  NJM (14:23:57) :

    LOL, I found that I had mixed feelings about the ending. My first thought was that the director had just said, “F*ck this! I’m tired of working on this damn game! Hey you, Nerd! Improv the F*cking ending and wrap this shit up!” Okay, so I have weird thoughts, but I’m sure it can be attributed to the fact that I was pissed about the ending. I thought about it some more, and began to see how the ending ellicited a very deep appreciation for the ‘OFF’ button. But Seriously, I hope to see games of this caliber in the future.

  • 15 11 2005
  • 19.  Wander (07:59:41) :

    Hi im wander. from the game. and i picked this page to tell stuff about me. first of all mono doesnt know me she just likes sucking my dick. and i just like grabbing her tits so fuck off bitches!

  • 16 11 2005
  • 20.  NJM (08:13:56) :

    ^ ^ Figures…

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