I got this really nice e-mail yesterday from Sinnah. Otherwise known as Stal. She was also kind enough to include a fan sign.

So i thought, “Cool. Fan sign!” =D

And so i’m looking high and low for the said attached fan sign link thing. But no fan sign link to be found!

Either my e-mail server was acting up on me or she just forgot to attach it. Anyway, i check out her site and i’m looking around and stuff and noticed a pics page.

Having not seen her before (since the fan sign didn’t exactly get through), it got me thinking, “Hey, i wonder what she looks like…”.

And so i’m on her gallery links page, lots of choice, lots of colors to choose… and i thought, “What the hey… i’ll pick her ‘white gallery'”.

First words out of my mouth as the page loaded up:


Trust me. You owe this girl a visit.

The ‘red 2 gallery’… my personal fave. =]

You don’t any any badder than that (in a good way of course).

3 thoughts on “Daaayummmn

  1. some peole get too dressed up for a fansign. kind of lame.

    #1 | Comment by :\ — November 24, 2001 @ 7:46 am

  2. so, thats ur type, eh?

    #2 | Comment by Z — November 24, 2001 @ 8:50 am

  3. hahaha is it the pink t-shirt, the bed-head hair, or the lipgloss that’s too dressy for your taste? 😛


    #3 | Comment by crystal — November 26, 2001 @ 4:03 pm

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