Believe it or not, that headline is ON topic.

Today I was outside milling about and listening to Blur in my personal cd player when I saw a rather odd sign stapled to a telephone pole. Normally, you see ads for bands but this was no band. The poster said “ATTENTION YOUNG LESBIANS”. Well, the mere mention of young lesbians got me standing at attention so I guess the headline had its intended effect. Anyway, the poster said that some gay group was having a meeting for young lesbians to attend and come out. I was like whatever. I don’t want to get into a rant cause Justin is already threatening to delete my posting account but I will say that I found that rather unsettling for one reason… if I was a young girl, say 15 or 16, would I really want to proclaim my lesbian status to the world? Wouldn’t you want to wait a while and see if your feeling evolve? Why jump the gun? Being 21 is a lot different than what I was like at age 16. Hell, when I was young teenager I liked MC Hammer. I’m proof that feelings can change. 🙂 The fact that I liked MC Hammer in 1996 is what makes it so tragic.

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