Out Cold/Brother

So much for getting up at 8am and staying online the whole day.

Woke up at 5pm.

Saw Out Cold last night. That movie has got to be the epitome of what ‘guilty pleasure’ stands for. It’s so bad! Not bad in an Ice Cream Man kind of way but (pardon the pun) bad in a good way.

It’s just a really really stupid movie. It’s like a Farelly Brothers movie but without any intelligence (if that’s even possible).

I gotta admit though, it did have me rolling with laughter several times throughout the movie. Especially that lesbian chat room scene.

Every horny web surfers worst nightmare.

I finally got around to watching Brother too. It’s this Japanese Yakuza flick that’s set in the US. It’s the latest in the series of the ‘silence and violence’ flicks that the director’s (Takeshi Kitano) known for. Personally i haven’t seen any of the older ones (e.g Hana-Bi) but based on what’s recognized to be the worst of the S&V flicks (Brother), the other ones might be worth checking out. Because Brother sure does live up to the S&V tag.

Lots of silence. Lots of violence.

S&V. Not S&M.

I mean come on now. Wouldn’t you call getting chopsticks stuck up your nose and rammed into your head violent?

The word ouch comes to mind.

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