7 04 2006

AKA Stephanie from LazyTown! Apparently this is her (now…-ish?) without teh pink wig!

Where’s the pink??

Is she still 14 because i think i’d probably hit it.

Don’t be a poser!


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    7 04 2006
  • 1.  turtle (12:05:36) :

    i miss the pink

  • 7 04 2006
  • 2.  Sascha (12:10:46) :

    I posted that. Justin I have about 50 pictures of her before she took her myspace and made it anonymous.

    Even one in a swimsuit chacha..

    Want me to email them?

    I left my real email for ya bud. Let me know…

  • 7 04 2006
  • 3.  Sascha (12:12:45) :

    Yea, that picture was done on Febnruary 17th 2006. She left for Iceland on Feb 20th 2006, she is Home for Easter this year…

    PS Justin, I got her home phone number at her mom’s house if you really want to call loooooong distance…

    PS. Show me some lovin bitch, I quit hiding my wacking material for you man…

  • 7 04 2006
  • 4.  Zahid (12:13:48) :

    BRB, FBI

  • 7 04 2006
  • 5.  Sascha (12:15:38) :

    Bet if I post her swimsuit pictures you won’t FBI shit…

  • 7 04 2006
  • 6.  turtle (12:18:37) :

    you’re right…post em

  • 7 04 2006
  • 7.  Sascha (12:19:06) :


    Another one

    When in doubt, whip it out…

  • 7 04 2006
  • 8.  BigBlueBalls (12:25:03) :

    Heh I love how on the left the Yahoo ad says “Find Deals on Pink Wig and other Toys & Games at DealTime.”

    Yes I’m looking for a good deal on Pink Wig and how much will it cost to have her delivered to my house?

  • 7 04 2006
  • 9.  Miah (12:25:33) :

    lol time to justin to check his email for a Mauriello mega-post.

    geez that pics looks like it was taken 3 years after the last post :o

  • 7 04 2006
  • 10.  Sascha (12:26:10) :

    I’ll send them all to Justin but im not going to post all of them here, theres about 50 pictures total, some of her as a baby, some of her with friends, ONLY 4 in a swimsuit guys so just calm the boners, they dont show anything except maybe a nipple impression, the rest are her and her friends at school, at the movies, at a U2 concert, and one of her and her dog.

    Let me know Justin, Email works…

  • 7 04 2006
  • 11.  Zahid (13:13:52) :

    Definition of BRB, FBI according to Urban Dictionary

    “Literally, the inkdrinker-coined “BRB FBI” stands for “be right back; federal bureau of investigation.” The implication is that something one has just mentioned is illegal and that the FBI are at the door. Many variants of it are popular at YTMND.”

  • 7 04 2006
  • 12.  Sascha (13:15:27) :

    Heres a good video of her that shows of her new tits pretty well, if you think shes cute… you’ll love this…


    15 Megs, she talks, she walks, shes popping out of her top.

    Filmed for Icelandic TV in March (Last month)

  • 7 04 2006
  • 13.  Bill Clay (13:30:52) :

    Sascha makes me nervous.

  • 7 04 2006
  • 14.  Justin (13:37:00) :

    sent you an email #2. send the pics!

    (this feels so dirty)

  • 7 04 2006
  • 15.  Nerima (15:45:54) :

    Sascha is Julianna’s older brother. :(

  • 7 04 2006
  • 16.  BigBlueBalls (17:09:56) :

    Now that would be pretty creepy #15. Her older brother is talking about how great her new tits look…

  • 7 04 2006
  • 17.  Ricochet (19:49:49) :

    I’m with you #13. Nervous and scared.

  • 7 04 2006
  • 18.  jupiterssj4 (20:00:05) :
  • 7 04 2006
  • 19.  Jenesis (20:00:20) :

    I wonder if she’d get in my car if I offered her some candy.

  • 7 04 2006
  • 20.  Justin (20:02:21) :

    she kinda almost reminds me of natalie portman somewhat in that linked video up there

  • 7 04 2006
  • 21.  tehpunk (20:34:56) :

    slightly more hot than the high res jewel staite images i got ahold of.

    some samples:



    on that note, i’m down for some romano action.

  • 7 04 2006
  • 22.  Britt (20:42:35) :

    Why bring up the swimsuit pictures if you’re not going to share?

  • 7 04 2006
  • 23.  THOR (20:46:05) :

    hmmmm, OK, I know Justin hates this girl, and I can understand him hating the Stephanie charector, but the Julianna the actess seems like a normal 14 year old to me. 5 – 7 years from now, she’ll be some hot actress akin to Natalie Portman, as she does resemble her (props to #20) (see: “The Professional”) Good luck to her.

    On another note, I’d totally hit the blonde doing the interview!!

  • 7 04 2006
  • 24.  exelis (21:02:42) :

    The girl gets even more beautiful every time I see her.

    No need for a pink wig there. She’s going to be 23 and on magazine covers. (Though I understand the pink wig fetish.) :-)

  • 7 04 2006
  • 25.  the texas burner (21:36:54) :

    i would love lazytown if it wasn’t for sportacus, that guy annoys the shit out of me.

    and oh yeah! i would hit that ^^

  • 7 04 2006
  • 26.  Jimbo (21:45:49) :

    To avoid prosection, I am now removing any reference to Fubar from my computer.

  • 7 04 2006
  • 27.  Rappy (22:57:37) :

    This is sort of weird because I was watching Lazy Town earlier…lol…and wondered where is the girl these days…and here she is in all her glory…well not all her glory!!!

  • 7 04 2006
  • 28.  enzyme (23:26:03) :

    She looks like a teenage Sasha Alexander. Yummy.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 29.  Eamon Angelface (00:06:40) :

    No thanks.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 30.  exelis (00:40:34) :

    That’s OK, 29… More for us.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 31.  Trip (01:19:10) :

    Give me the phone number — I’ll call it and record it and post it here.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 32.  Dex (01:19:12) :
  • 8 04 2006
  • 33.  Dex (01:19:28) :
  • 8 04 2006
  • 34.  Dex (01:20:05) :

    #32 is failing at internets

  • 8 04 2006
  • 35.  thevoid (01:50:55) :

    i dont remember her from anything, but i’d hit it. oo yeah

  • 8 04 2006
  • 36.  Nerima (02:02:36) :


  • 8 04 2006
  • 37.  AngelBaby (02:41:56) :

    needs more swimsuit pic.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 38.  Britt (02:47:17) :

    Where are the swimsuit (and other) pics?

  • 8 04 2006
  • 39.  Bid daddy (03:27:02) :

    your fascination with this chick is funny, and a bit disturbing.. but yes, shes a pretty girl who is going to look better in 5-6 years.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 40.  BigBlueBalls (04:32:47) :


    Um… wait.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 41.  DisconcertedGeorge (04:51:41) :

    ahh crap. another Lazytown post. By this time tomorrow there will be 600 comments from girls who hate DLK readers.

    To save some time can I just state for the record that all dontlinkthis.com readers are twisted deviants who are all going to burn in the fires of religious damnation and none of us have girlfriends.

    And never type with two hands.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 42.  Nerima (05:05:39) :

    What’s DLK?

  • 8 04 2006
  • 43.  Dude (06:28:48) :

    #42- Don’t Lick Knives

  • 8 04 2006
  • 44.  Bill Clay (06:35:10) :

    #26 – This smells like a sting.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 45.  DisconcertedGeorge (07:23:41) :

    #42 DLT, DLT dammit.

    That’s what happens when you only type with one hand.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 46.  kiko (10:16:17) :

    Pedos! I want to let know all authorities monitoring this board that I visit looking naked LEGAL girls. I don’t want to be arrested along these sick pervs.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 47.  ericshaq (10:38:39) :

    All Gossip. Have fun.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 48.  Skootch (10:48:58) :

    Jesum crowe dude, she is just so irresistable. I really hope Justin puts up those myspace pics man, that would totally make my day

  • 8 04 2006
  • 49.  Eamon Angelface (11:34:22) :

    #46 is a terrorist.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 50.  shirizaki (12:03:11) :

    Back before the internet made me a bad person, I would have considered this horrible.

    Now I’m wondering when he’s putting up those pics.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 51.  Grammaton_Cleric (12:08:15) :

    Is it right to look?

  • 8 04 2006
  • 52.  kiko (12:39:52) :


    #49 i don’t fit the profile. they wouldn’t investigate me.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 53.  Eamon Angelface (13:08:51) :

    Shut up. You go jail now.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 54.  Marcato (13:18:08) :

    Nice. Very nice. :D

  • 8 04 2006
  • 55.  Spence (14:03:02) :

    Wow, major improvement over those old pics. *waits for myspace pics*

  • 8 04 2006
  • 56.  hamster (15:51:05) :

    14 years old!! so this is why justin is overseas

  • 8 04 2006
  • 57.  grey_fox24 (16:46:13) :

    *slowly backs out of site*

    *Deletes temporary internet files*

    *Clears history*

  • 8 04 2006
  • 58.  Moose (19:07:51) :

    Gotta say, cute KID. But the comments about her new chest and coming out of her shirt are a bit of a stretch, I mean come on. When I hear that I’m hoping more like maybe Alia Shawkat.

  • 8 04 2006
  • 59.  rosco (22:05:08) :

    Alia! Yes.

  • 9 04 2006
  • 60.  Dex (00:44:45) :

    #58 & #59

    same person

  • 9 04 2006
  • 61.  Nerima (00:45:13) :

    Alia is hot! Hot hot hot!

    She got raped on Veronica Mars. :(

  • 9 04 2006
  • 62.  Bill Clay (03:14:32) :

    #57 – A DOD low-level harddrive format wouldn’t hurt either!

  • 9 04 2006
  • 63.  guy (03:33:46) :
  • 9 04 2006
  • 64.  Horatio (03:41:47) :

    I’d like to request more of the Jewel Staite pictures good internet person #21. Primarly because she is -EVERY SORT OF AWESOME-, but also because there’s less guilt involved than with ogling a 14yo girl.

    So much guilt…

  • 9 04 2006
  • 65.  Still Anonymous 4 Now (13:14:21) :

    I think it’s refreshing to see this girl looking normal.

  • 9 04 2006
  • 66.  smash (16:36:43) :

    That 14 year old girl does nothing for me…

    …Jewel on the other hand…

  • 9 04 2006
  • 67.  tehpunk (19:37:09) :

    #21 here checked his bandwidth transfer this morning. remind me to never do that again. this site is evil.

  • 10 04 2006
  • 68.  A Pimp Named Slickback (03:29:36) :

    Wow! She’s hot! Glad I’m 14.

  • 10 04 2006
  • 69.  Coolstream (05:36:17) :

    “I’d like to request more of the Jewel Staite pictures good internet person #21. Primarly because she is -EVERY SORT OF AWESOME-”


    on a side note… 14 is the legal age in canada sooo…….


  • 10 04 2006
  • 70.  Bill Clay (08:08:21) :

    #69 – Does that include visiting Americans?

  • 10 04 2006
  • 71.  Marcato (08:36:44) :

    #70 – No.

  • 10 04 2006
  • 72.  Bill Clay (10:40:19) :

    How about some Mackenzie Rosman getting groped by her teenybopper girlfriend?

  • 10 04 2006
  • 73.  AngelBaby (11:12:48) :


  • 10 04 2006
  • 74.  Mr Creosote (12:55:26) :

    I’m curious, now that she’s growing up, will she still continue her role in “Lazy Town”? I mean, will they have to tape ’em down?

  • 10 04 2006
  • 75.  BigBlueBalls (14:06:36) :

    #69 you do know the Conservatives are planning on raising the age of consent in Canada to 16, so get ’em while it’s legal.

  • 10 04 2006
  • 76.  Robert (14:19:48) :

    #72 That’s her stepsister…

  • 10 04 2006
  • 77.  Bill Clay (15:12:18) :

    That just makes it hotter.

  • 10 04 2006
  • 78.  shirizaki (19:35:45) :

    Hawaii is the last legal US state with a consenting age of 14.

  • 10 04 2006
  • 79.  AngelBaby (21:39:43) :

    i concur #77.

  • 11 04 2006
  • 80.  Marcato (00:18:44) :

    #76 – Hot almost-incestual lesbian teenage groping – could there be anything better? :D

  • 11 04 2006
  • 81.  BlackWolf (04:05:26) :

    Off Topic: How do you pronounce “ZOMG”? is it zohmygod, or zeeohmygod?

  • 11 04 2006
  • 82.  Skootch (04:27:00) :

    81 – I believe it’s the first one

  • 11 04 2006
  • 83.  BlackWolf (05:30:33) :

    Thank you #82, that was my first guess anyway.

  • 11 04 2006
  • 84.  AngelBaby (05:52:46) :

    jolie’s lips make for a hawt gravatar.


  • 11 04 2006
  • 85.  juan23 (06:19:53) :

    Julianna is a little too young for me, so I’d probably stick with Jewel Staite. Ah, fuck it I’d bone her too. jk

  • 11 04 2006
  • 86.  kiko (07:08:27) :

    *concurs with #77 but disagrees with #79*

  • 11 04 2006
  • 87.  SpankMonkey (07:56:05) :

    #78 – Think they’ve already changed that.

  • 11 04 2006
  • 88.  Miah (11:46:26) :

    whats going on with the Sascha-Justin pictures scenario?
    Cause i thought it was as simple as sending them… and posting them…

  • 11 04 2006
  • 89.  Justin (12:02:51) :

    i’m too busy fapping to them to post them up.

    nah, actually he hasn’t sent them yet. gimme!!!!

  • 11 04 2006
  • 90.  TMozes (23:14:44) :

    Still looking for the other images of Julianna Mauriello. When will your geocity website be completed?

  • 12 04 2006
  • 91.  TMozes (02:19:44) :


    Hope he hurries, I need a good fapping.


  • 12 04 2006
    16 04 2006
  • 93.  Miah (13:13:18) :

    I’m guessing “Sascha” was bluffing cause Justin said he was waiting for a reply… but it never came…

    Anyway, Sascha — if you want to clear your name… post the pics or send them…

  • 18 04 2006
  • 94.  Sascha (09:25:34) :

    Maybe he just doesn’t want to share them.

    Notice mods, same email address…

  • 20 04 2006
  • 95.  mahi (14:41:10) :

    wats her myspace, can i add her Sascha

  • 11 06 2006
  • 96.  SportasportasportaoPortoPortugeseFOOD (10:03:32) :

    where are these myspace pics ??!! the internets demands it!!

  • 12 06 2006
  • 97.  Flyboy (03:46:27) :

    Did you create that name just to fuck up the front page?

  • 12 06 2006
  • 98.  Flyboy (03:46:44) :

    One more

  • 12 06 2006
  • 99.  supherhatesjustin (13:58:17) :


  • 13 06 2006
  • 100.  SportasportasportaoPortoPortugeseFOOD (09:41:29) :

    flyboy no, I see no fucked up front page?

  • 13 06 2006
  • 101.  Flyboy (14:24:08) :

    That’s because I cleared your post off the column on the left side with both of mine.

  • 22 06 2006
  • 102.  Matt4Juli (21:07:18) :

    So who here finds her strangely hot, cos i know i do, and i also know that you guys missed her bday on the forum (shared with my own) id love to meet her, and is this the closest to a fan club as it gets?Matt

  • 27 06 2006
  • 103.  Irtiza Hasan (03:04:16) :


    She is soooooo fit, same age as me – i have a chance ;)

  • 27 06 2006
  • 104.  chris (07:10:40) :

    Can u email the pics of her in her bathensuit and the other ones ps does any one know what she wears under the pink dress???thanks!!! chris_55491787@hotmail.com

  • 29 06 2006
  • 105.  J.J. (03:55:06) :

    How old is Julianna’s brother. I’m going to work out so I don’t have to live in fear of him. lol but seriously is this guy for real?

    I want a picture of Julianna in a swim suit.

  • 30 06 2006
  • 106.  Gordon (07:31:57) :

    If the pics are going to be dished out, please send in email. also if sascha really has her phone number i would like that


  • 1 07 2006
  • 107.  chris (08:43:57) :

    can u email us the pics??

  • 10 07 2006
  • 108.  CoburnJP (11:46:32) :

    Yeah Sascha, I’d greatly appreciate it if you sent me an email with all your pictures.


  • 11 07 2006
  • 109.  Telly (14:35:27) :

    Bring on the Jewel Staite baby! Me luves me Kaylee Frye!!!

  • 12 07 2006
  • 110.  Archangel (19:21:42) :

    ill take some while their hot… or cold… or hard… or any other way… dammit! just give me the pictures!!!


  • 12 07 2006
  • 111.  zach (21:48:09) :

    please send me pics of the swimsuit wearing sex goddess with the pink pussy hair

  • 13 07 2006
  • 112.  shananigans (10:55:26) :

    Please send myspace/swimsuit pics


  • 13 07 2006
  • 113.  Bill Clay (13:29:24) :

    To everyone leaving their email addresses begging for pictures, the FBI thanks you for making their job easier. Sleep well!

  • 13 07 2006
  • 114.  goodidea (15:17:56) :

    Put the pictures up on the eMule/Kad network. It seems the proper place for them.

  • 18 07 2006
  • 115.  graham (07:12:06) :

    juli posted tht comment?? could i have her email adress??? plzzzzz?

  • 18 07 2006
  • 116.  cromartiedropout (08:09:07) :

    Hey, I’d like some of those pictures. I mean, Sascha said that they weren’t pornographic, so I don’t think I’ll be going to jail anytime soon =)


    Thanks babes x3

  • 18 07 2006
  • 117.  P4 intel (17:47:53) :

    just so u all no these sites are monitored im a god and computers and my dad makes programs for goverment companies all of u who have asked for these so called swim suit pictures and hav left yr emails here are probly being monitored by the goverment.

    and ne how yes she is hot but she is 14 u sick gits try emma watson 16 legal and just as hot. that way u wont all end up behind bars with an up to 10 years for being pedo’s from P4 intel(ps P4 intel is my computer name my dad isnt that mad bout computers its not my real name).

  • 18 07 2006
  • 118.  AngelBaby (22:18:59) :


  • 19 07 2006
  • 119.  RobbieRotten (01:04:05) :

    Shes hot. That doesn’t make anyone bad for saying it. I’ve hit on girls 5’9 with big tits who i thought were like 20, only to find out they were like 13 or 14. Now pink hair actually looks young and will definatly be hot later. But that doesn’t make us pervs for thinking shes hot. And yes Canada did just raise the consent age from 14 to 16. Thats because 14 YEAR OLD GIRLS HAVE SEX.


    site rulez btw

  • 24 07 2006
  • 120.  rasskin (01:34:17) :

    Never one to run with the crowd……I’d love to see those photos too! :-)


  • 24 07 2006
  • 121.  Joey (08:25:47) :

    Hey I wanna see those pics too! Could you send her phone number and myspace too? Thanks


  • 25 07 2006
  • 122.  jimbob (00:44:39) :

    anyone know her myspace?

  • 25 07 2006
  • 123.  jimbob (00:56:03) :

    0_o send pls

  • 25 07 2006
  • 124.  Yev (12:39:22) :

    Has anyone actually gotten these “pictures” in the mail?

  • 26 07 2006
  • 125.  Rick (07:04:02) :

    #113 knows what he’s talking about.
    which one is Julianna’s post?

  • 26 07 2006
  • 126.  Joe (23:59:36) :

    Hey Send me all of her Sexy pics especially the swimsuit pics. Mrxanderfrost@yahoo.com

  • 27 07 2006
  • 127.  Yev (07:50:08) :

    Do you guys not get the fact that the guy was bluffing? He has no pics.

  • 27 07 2006
  • 128.  Curtis Litton (13:11:38) :

    The picture at the top of this page can be found at http://users.telenet.be/LazyTownSteph/pictures/ without the printed message across her chest.
    Curt of Spokane

  • 28 07 2006
  • 129.  YOUSERIAL? (11:09:28) :

    yo… she really 5 foot 9? thats creepy bcause she will grow to be real tall and what if she gets kicked out of the show liek…cmon she she really 5’9″?

  • 28 07 2006
  • 130.  YOUSERIAL? (11:10:44) :

    not taht i care liek… she look super small in teh show when she was 13 den leik all of a sudden she tolly grew like a million inches n stuff kinda creepy

  • 28 07 2006
  • 131.  Neila (17:25:18) :

    When did Julianna Rose Mauriello first come into the spot lite? Like I watch Lazy Town, and I like it. But whats that about her Myspace account?^^^^^^^ (at the top)
    Anyways get bk to me. Thanx

  • 8 08 2006
  • 132.  alex (19:59:52) :

    Sascha, i could really use you to talk to, just email me alexbfisher@hotmail.co.uk… so i know you are actully there ;)

  • 9 08 2006
  • 133.  alex (06:48:59) :

    i have her home phone number… anyone want to trade it for her email addy? alexbfisher@hotmail.co.uk!!

  • 9 08 2006
  • 134.  AngelBaby (10:04:30) :

    plz die.

  • 9 08 2006
  • 135.  alex (14:59:12) :

    ok :) anything you wish for

  • 11 08 2006
  • 136.  simon (11:56:36) :

    look that sacha is a little shit, he dont know nothing just teasing you all

  • 11 08 2006
  • 137.  J.J. (16:44:59) :

    I think Sacha forgot about this place. Give it a few more months.

  • 13 08 2006
  • 138.  DesuCat (09:05:18) :

    ;_; Want Julianna pics… She needs to add people to her MySpace. D:

  • 13 08 2006
  • 139.  Yev (19:57:25) :

    Yeah she does need to add people to her myspace… She’s denied my invite twice =/

  • 14 08 2006
  • 140.  Sherwood (01:20:05) :

    Can you blame her?


  • 14 08 2006
  • 141.  AngelBaby (10:13:38) :

    signing your comment when it gives your name at the top = n00b

  • 14 08 2006
  • 142.  Sherwood (10:52:04) :

    Habit, and hardly relevant might I add.

    ~Sherwood (cant stop wont stop)

  • 14 08 2006
  • 143.  AngelBaby (12:39:20) :

    its totally relevant…to you looking n00bish.

    and you dont have to stop…how ghey you look is entirely up to you.


  • 14 08 2006
  • 144.  Sherwood (17:14:29) :

    Fair enough, I suppose



  • 15 08 2006
  • 145.  victor (17:10:21) :

    porfavor quiero contactarme con tigo, eres muy hermosa y sexy, me encantaria conversar contigo,. bye soy de PERU,

    I L0ve you for ever…

  • 15 08 2006
  • 146.  oliver ariel kahn (19:31:26) :

    hola quiero contactactarme con julianna rose mauriello por favor quiero que lo hagan

  • 15 08 2006
  • 147.  AngelBaby (19:54:01) :

    tierra del fuego

  • 19 08 2006
  • 148.  J.J. (00:50:49) :

    I can see why she would have some people denied from Friend Requests. She’s wise to do so. They might be people who have little friends and the only friends they have maybe popstars and actors/actresses. You gotta look hip and cool if you wanna get in her friend list. Or be someone she knows say for example school. The whole distrust thing could kill her. Limits are good, but if you limit too much you turn into those isolated types. I wonder if she’ll open her myspace again when she’s older. I can’t say too much or my cover will be blown. I’m no one really.

  • 19 08 2006
  • 149.  quincy (09:28:24) :

    Plz send me a swimmer pic! ;) I’m at quincyrobinson@hotmail.com

  • 21 08 2006
  • 150.  Thorvald (14:17:22) :

    “cmon she she really 5′9″?”

    Shes either 4’9 or 5’2. For now I will say 4’9-5, because the source I got 5’2 is unreliable, and her sister is only 5’1 (who is in her early 20s).

    “J.J.: I can’t say too much or my cover will be blown. I’m no one really.”

    Good thing you didn’t give any more information, or my internet detectives would have been all over you.

    “J.J.: How old is Julianna’s brother. I’m going to work out so I don’t have to live in fear of him”

    He is 19

    Please note that I was making a LazyTown YTMND, and while looking I came upon the imdb forums for Julianna. Someone posted that Julianna’s brother, Anthony, accepted them as a friend. So I found his Myspace.

  • 22 08 2006
  • 151.  Sascha (15:11:24) :

    Juls doesn’t invite anyone to her myspace except her friends
    you are all stalkers.



    Julianna’s public myspace (This is the one you join)




    Alexis (Julianna’s sister)


    Me? I’m not really named Sascha. But I am the person who emailed Justin ALL of the pictures. I can’t make him post them.

    Julianna does have friends you know, we do exist.

  • 22 08 2006
  • 152.  Thorvald (15:40:05) :

    So…whats YOUR Myspace?

  • 22 08 2006
  • 153.  Sascha (23:24:06) :

    good luck with that thorvald

  • 23 08 2006
  • 154.  Thorvald (07:15:22) :

    The thing is, you can’t really prove that you know her at all, considering that those are all easily found anyway. Just a quick search on Myspace and you can find every one.

  • 23 08 2006
  • 155.  AngelBaby (10:07:30) :

    omg julianna’s sister is HAWT.

    i’d hit it.

  • 23 08 2006
  • 156.  Sascha (14:18:16) :


    you got alot to learn.

  • 23 08 2006
  • 157.  Thorvald (16:01:41) :

    Well an explanation on what I have to learn would be nice, since apparently you can’t back anything up.

    Give me proof, I’ll believe you.

  • 23 08 2006
  • 158.  ThatGuy (16:33:42) :

    AngelBaby –
    15 pics of Alex Mauriello

    She looks alright I guess…

  • 23 08 2006
  • 159.  AngelBaby (17:40:24) :

    zomg yumb!

    if i could, i would *fapfapfap*



  • 25 08 2006
  • 160.  J.J. (21:57:55) :

    She either made a new myspace or she’s had it but never really used it.

    Thorvald are you that serious??? Myspace is for rookies. I’d have a better chance searching google or yahoo or other kind of search engine. BTW, my cover is of no importance to you. Just know this, we have our ways and our own thoughts. It’s human nature to do all of these things just because of one girl. Love can make a person crazy and even mad. Drop the case it’s old.

  • 26 08 2006
  • 161.  Lous (01:16:09) :

    Take it from .J.J.,
    You are all going a little past the whole idea of a “blog”. Its not some corny and creepy way to hit on girls with your masturbating friends. What happened to just talking and discussing her talent, her voice, her acting. Try to keep the “mental-grab-ass” to your-selves. Just because you may be the same age, does not give you the right to ogle her. Im the same age, and I dont ogle her daily. Lol. C’mon, act your age. But seriously, great voice kid, if your out their.

  • 26 08 2006
  • 162.  Gromnir1020 (01:22:52) :

    #160: She has another private myspace account. Sascha knows this.
    It does not seem to have a shortcut: link

  • 26 08 2006
  • 163.  Lous (01:27:23) :

    I actually like the show. It’s inspiring. It’s motovating. It’s active. It’s kool.
    How can you not like it?

  • 26 08 2006
  • 164.  Lous (01:32:01) :

    Is any one actually active at the moment. Like writing blogs and all?

  • 26 08 2006
  • 165.  Thorvald (07:13:04) :

    To #160-

    J.J. my comment about my “internet detectives would have been all over you” was a joke. No information besides giving your e-mail address, irc name, etc would have allowed anyone to find anything about you.

    Drop the case? Huh? All I asked for was proof from someone that hasn’t backed it up yet (to me at least). I never actually asked for Myspace profiles, etc. In all seriousness J.J., I have no clue what you meant by “Drop the case.” Its not like I search for days on end looking for someon’es personal info.

    Seriously, I have no idea where you got the idea that I was being ridiculous. If you could point me out to it, I’d be very happy.

  • 26 08 2006
  • 166.  Thorvald (08:32:10) :

    Oh, and I forgot earlier – that isn’t private if you are logged in to Myspace, Gromnir.

  • 26 08 2006
  • 167.  Lous (12:33:40) :

    Whats ridiculas, is your obsession with getting her myspace, and pictures (this in general not to anyone in paticular). You have to accept the fact that she is still a human being, and desirves to be treated as one, and not some eye candy. You know, sometimes ppl, must ask them selves; do we imitate art, or does art, imitate us? If u beome soo obsessed, you’ll think its normal.
    So yeah, drop it.

  • 26 08 2006
  • 168.  J.J. (23:28:28) :

    Yeah, Sascha does know it. He should because he shared it.

    Thorvald, I meant as in don’t even ask Sascha, he probably isn’t going to give it to you everyone on this site is pretty much anonymous. So don’t expect it because there’s so much on here it’s like a broken record repeating itself.

    The whole Detective thing, lol I thought you were serious!!! Sorry for being so hard on it…you never know who’s who.

  • 27 08 2006
  • 169.  Thorvald (07:12:34) :

    I was also kidding when I said that, but since typed words don’t really evoke meaning, people can’t tell when other people are jokng.

  • 30 08 2006
  • 170.  DarkGrave (15:53:07) :

    Whining Whores Over Lame Subject. WWOLS so close to LOLS

  • 3 09 2006
  • 171.  BiGG RoGer (15:57:19) :

    plz post dem swimsuit pics, or they just urban legend? god need them im saving my nex masturbation for dem!!!!! oh and post #117 your dads a fag!!!

  • 4 09 2006
  • 172.  Thorvald (07:24:52) :

    Why would you masturbate to a 15 year old girl? Thats quite frankly disgusting – masturbate to people whose JOB it is to make you masturbate.

  • 4 09 2006
  • 173.  J.J. (19:44:23) :

    That’s freaking gross. Oh and it looks like she has 3 real profiles on myspace.

    So I’ll just let everyone go crazy now.

  • 5 09 2006
  • 174.  amiswami (18:15:08) :

    OK! What the HELL! Is this lik the blog for all the sickos to come and post their perverted fantasies?! The topic might as well be ‘Baby Rapers 101’!!
    I mean, God, how old is this girl?-14- that is truly sick! So for the sake of mine, and the other non-child molesters out there, Plez KEEP YOUR PEVERTED COMMENTS TO YOURSELVES! My sanity is at stake here…Fuck!

    Phew! Now that I got that out in the open here’s something a little more on the positive side:

    Sadly, even though some of ya’ll are TOTAL PERVS I must admit that u guys are kind of amusing…


  • 15 09 2006
  • 175.  jabous (03:13:57) :

    can any one possibly list any fan sites,or sites that deal with Julianna Rose Mauriello plz.

  • 16 09 2006
  • 176.  J.J. (03:27:01) :

    Jabous go put it into google and you’ll find it. Oh and not all of us are pervs/pedos. Some of us just want to compliment her and say what we think. Freedom of speech ring a bell? You can go ahead and correct me if you want.

  • 24 09 2006
  • 177.  tmozes (20:56:44) :


    Looks like Lazytown is on tour once more. Somebody has to get out there and get some good hi-res pictures of Stephanie. This could be the last chance as she looks too old to be playing the part of a child.

    And if she is in her sweatpants, a butt shot is almost totally required.
    (And post your Pictures.)

    Good luck to you all if you select this Mission.

  • 30 09 2006
  • 178.  J.J. (01:32:22) :

    Great another tour…I hope I can make it. I probably won’t though. Yeah, I won’t make it, too bad. Some one’s probably gonna post it on Youtube if some one does record it.

  • 1 10 2006
  • 179.  alex (14:27:12) :

    lol JJ your just a stalker…. your everywhere when it comes to julianna…. pretty ugly aswell… well julianna thinks so aswell haha

  • 2 10 2006
  • 180.  zomg (04:58:48) :

    dippity-dee it’s only me, boppity-boo I scared you

  • 2 10 2006
  • 181.  Thorvald (07:41:37) :

    Post 180 = fucking asshole.

    Note – JJ, judging by his posts isn’t some weird pedo. Don’t treat him like one.

  • 2 10 2006
  • 182.  anonomous (16:17:55) :

    Can anyone send me pics of her in her bathingsuit please

  • 2 10 2006
  • 183.  anonomous (16:18:52) :

    oops my email is DavidLariblefan@comcast.net

  • 2 10 2006
  • 184.  Light (18:10:10) :

    ok… how do i start … hummm , ok i got it !
    “anonomous (16:18:52) “, dude , guy not to make this a personal attack but y would u or anyone for that matter want a pic of her in her bathingsuit ? what r u ganna do , wack off to it ?
    what if u had a littel sister or somthing , would u want horny guys posting on the internet that they want a pic of her in her bathingsuit ?
    really ,,,comon !
    i know shes a celebrity ,but that dosent mean she’s publice property to oggle .

  • 2 10 2006
  • 185.  Light (18:23:26) :

    although i dont agree with Thorvald calling u an ” ass hole ” i will say Thorvald is right … jj is not a stalker .
    he’s a fan , and fans are ppl too ( beleave it or not )
    i dont think it’s right to demean anyone by calling them names . it’s not cool .

  • 2 10 2006
  • 186.  anonomous (20:22:26) :

    i dont know i guess i just want see all types of clothes she owns she doesnt need to be in the suit i just want to know what the design is i like designs

  • 2 10 2006
  • 187.  anonomous (20:27:38) :

    well i really cant explain but its not any reason really i just want to see what she looks like out of the wig any present pics are cool id like to see them there arent to much of her without the wig that are present and/or past

  • 3 10 2006
  • 188.  anonomous (18:40:58) :

    Any pics that anyone has please email them to me i want to see them if nobody minds my email DavidLariblefan@comcast.net

  • 4 10 2006
  • 189.  Thorvald (18:39:33) :

    Calm down, boy, those pictures ain’t going anywhere.

  • 4 10 2006
  • 190.  anonomous (20:08:44) :

    not the 1a of her and her friends none of julianna

  • 4 10 2006
  • 191.  Light (20:10:14) :

    who’s this justin kid ? whats the deal with his website . dose anyone know what it is ?

  • 5 10 2006
  • 192.  zomg (12:20:25) :

    wow those are hot

  • 5 10 2006
  • 193.  anonomous (16:08:32) :

    What do you type in tosee juliannas pics

  • 6 10 2006
  • 194.  Thorvald (05:45:16) :

    Type “I am too stupid to understand jokes.”

    Also, you spelled the word “anonymous” wrong.

  • 6 10 2006
  • 195.  anonomous (14:15:47) :

    it doesnt work and i know

  • 6 10 2006
  • 196.  anonomous (14:22:28) :

    can anyone please give the link to juliannas pics

  • 6 10 2006
  • 197.  J.J. (22:25:42) :

    Yeah I’m not a stalker or some pedo. Thanks to all of the ones on my side.

    I had to do a report on a prodigy. I found one that was very interesting. Searched her up on Google and found this website. I’m sure there’s a lot of people who did the same thing as well. So don’t start labeling people until you know what their purpose was. i.e. Where did these people come from calling us pedos and not making compliments on Julianna?

  • 6 10 2006
  • 198.  Gamblor (23:49:43) :


  • 7 10 2006
  • 199.  Thorvald (06:59:53) :

    I guess that makes me a pedo, even though I did something almost exactly the same, and I am the same age, and I am not interested in her sexually. Shes cute, but skinny.

  • 7 10 2006
  • 200.  ant (08:28:55) :

    no JJ u really are just weird…. i mean talk about obsessed… i mean yeah loadsa people have searched for her and all but you are just “over-the-top” im sure everyone thats posted on this sight wants to meet her including you…. but you need to give her a brake!

  • 7 10 2006
  • 201.  J.J. (13:54:17) :


    1. What made you think I was obsessed with her?

    2. Don’t tell me what to do.

    3. As long as I’m not posting anything perverted, I’m ok.

    I just want to see what people have to say about her.

    Oh and here’s the definition for pedo.


    She 13? No, she’s 15. Am I an adult? No.

  • 7 10 2006
  • 202.  zomg (17:51:03) :

    I’m used to reading the pedo-ish comments on here, but damn JJ you just take it to another level.

  • 8 10 2006
  • 203.  J.J. (00:37:08) :

    Are you serious? You still think I’m a pedo? Well, then think what you must. It won’t hurt me.

    Next level??? You think too much…

  • 8 10 2006
  • 204.  Thorvald (07:06:05) :

    Uh…hes not a pedo, and I have no idea how he would take it to the “next level.” The posters who wanted pics of her in a bathing suit are the pervs here.

  • 9 10 2006
  • 205.  J.J. (00:25:51) :

    Right you are Thorvald! Thank you once again.

  • 11 10 2006
  • 206.  Pluvius (15:43:30) :

    Can someone email me the pictures? My little cousin is an huge fan.


  • 15 10 2006
  • 207.  alex (07:20:49) :

    btw J.J. Ant posted somthing under my name… had nothing to do with what was said, and im not one to judge people so… just to let you know it wasnt me.

  • 15 10 2006
  • 208.  alex (07:23:14) :

    and he is not a pedo.. just to let everyone know… ive seen his myspace (i think its his…. it said J.J……. lazyscout jedi or somthing)….anyway he is not… i think he is 14….. so nothings wrong with that.

  • 15 10 2006
  • 209.  Onilink (18:33:38) :

    Man I need those pics too my mail is ademar440@gmail.com

  • 16 10 2006
  • 210.  Abenoslave (20:12:02) :

    lol internet

  • 16 10 2006
  • 211.  zomg (21:23:26) :

    this website needs more emily browning

  • 16 10 2006
  • 212.  skarastamonjamondudelee (23:09:06) :

    “Can someone email me the pictures? My little cousin is an huge fan.”
    have YOUR “little” cousin search for ’em!

  • 17 10 2006
  • 213.  David (09:44:46) :

    SEND ME AN E-MAIL TO THIS ADDRES davidcorehughes@hotmail.com
    see ya

  • 17 10 2006
  • 214.  anonomous (11:47:57) :

    I would like them too but nobody will send them i wish they would

  • 17 10 2006
  • 215.  zomg (12:19:06) :

    send me $25 on paypal and I’ll send them

  • 17 10 2006
  • 216.  AlphaAzieru (13:39:12) :

    After reading all the Julianna Rose Mauriello threads, all I can really say is WOW. The internet really is an evil and scary place, especially for a young girl like her. Even though I think that YTMND has much worse stuff concerning her than this site, I still think it’s ridiculous for you people to try and harass her. Whether or not she was ever actually here, you will still burn in the darkest and deepest level of hell: that which is reserved for internet pedophiles.

    Julianna, if by some chance you ever do read this, understand that the world is full of emotionally and mentally disturbed people. Unfortunately, the internet gives them the audacity to reveal the darkness in their minds and hearts. It can be a frightening thing when the innocent accidentally stumble across this, but it is a very real and ugly thing.

    The internet is not a bad place, but it can be a haven for bad people. Just be careful. If you find this site disturbing (which you should), then don’t visit here anymore. Also, I wouldn’t go to YTMND either if I were you.

    On a lighter note, you are beautiful and talented. Keep up the good work!

  • 17 10 2006
  • 217.  zomg (14:45:11) :

    I love how all the guys appaled at internet pedos then turn around and hit on Julianna just in case she really was here!

  • 17 10 2006
  • 218.  Light (15:10:21) :

    whow ! AlphaAzieru , dude it’s like u took the word right out of my mouth . i was thinkng the exact same thing ( not word for word like that ) .
    good to see there is at least some good ppl left without evil thoughts guiding them .

  • 17 10 2006
  • 219.  Abenoslave (15:16:59) :


    Yeah really. Or the ones who say “OMG BUT IM 16 IM NOT TEH PEDO!!!”

    Or, of course, the ones who think any of this is illegal, and that the big scary internet police will magically appear and cart off anyone over age 18 in the party van.

  • 17 10 2006
  • 220.  Thorvald (16:53:58) :

    219 – Agreement. Though I can’t see how if you are 16 you could be considered a pedo.

  • 17 10 2006
  • 221.  zomg (17:40:34) :

    I was just messing around when I was calling you guys pedos anyway. I’m… older than 16 and I think she’s hot.

  • 17 10 2006
  • 222.  DisconcertedGeorge (17:55:34) :

    #217 I love how someone can say they have read all the threads and still totally miss the comedy of DLT.

    “Next week on Criminal Minds … Mandy Patinkin attempts to profile the elusive an interweb star behind such horrific sites as ThatPepsiGirl and DontLinkThis. With only his email address, his Xbox Live gamer card, his photo, his domain server, and current location can they track him down in time and put an end to his evil world????

    … and coming up next on CBS, a very special episode of Blossom. In which Six dresses like a whore and Joey tries to nail Playboy models even though he’s underage! Whoa!”

  • 17 10 2006
  • 223.  Abenoslave (18:50:43) :

    Oh, I didn’t mean that 16 year olds are pedos. I meant that they use that excuse as a defense mechanism. I’m 21 and think she’s attractive. Does that make me evil, dirty, and/or sick? No. Oh wait, I think there’s someone at the door…



  • 17 10 2006
  • 224.  J.J. (22:31:10) :

    My Myspace wasn’t the jedi thing you were talking about, but nice try. I do have a Myspace though. Alex I understand you’re cool. As for you ZOMG I know you were joking the whole time, you’re cool.

  • 17 10 2006
  • 225.  AlphaAzieru (23:43:09) :

    Well, maybe I was a little hard on you guys. I am 21 and I think she is a beautiful girl (OH NOES FBI CAME THROUGH MY CD DRIVE!!!!!1111eleven11!!), and I think there is nothing wrong with anyone else thinking that. But I do think that some of the earlier comments were a bit much. I’m not talking about everyone on this site, I’m just saying that the people who want her pictures and her myspace, e-mail, and phone number kind of sounded like stalkers lol. Maybe I’m wrong.

  • 18 10 2006
  • 226.  J.J. (15:42:14) :

    Well, there are those who are obsessed with her and those who just want to see her because they are just big fans. And some think she’s like that little girl who is really spoiled, mean, or bratty when she’s not working on the set.

    I think she’s really a girl who just wants to become an actor someday because it’s her goal or her dream.

  • 20 10 2006
  • 227.  Light (23:36:00) :

    ok not to be rude to any one here but , i think we have all established that no one or most ppl here are not pedos let us all please move on…

  • 21 10 2006
  • 228.  Thorvald (11:52:05) :

    Agreed. The topic is dead.

  • 22 10 2006
  • 229.  J.J. (18:30:21) :

    Great, I got nothing else to do now.

  • 27 10 2006
  • 230.  Martin (21:06:35) :

    really wanted to contact me with her, julianna rose mauriello, to discover in that you had converted that small girl that once saw in the musical Oklahoma and that Lil’ Titch was called.
    it was really surprising and wonderful.
    so if really these there julianna please contacts with me Martin11198@yahoo.com.ar

  • 3 11 2006
  • 231.  J.J. (00:36:18) :

    You sure are desparate.

  • 3 11 2006
  • 232.  DisconcertedGeorge (00:41:11) :

    anyone know where I can get piktures of her with know clothes on and holding a sausage?

  • 3 11 2006
  • 233.  Thorvald (21:34:10) :

    lol at above poster

  • 9 11 2006
  • 234.  Singer (22:21:49) :

    does anyone have the pictures, who is willing to email them?

  • 12 11 2006
  • 235.  tmozes (12:44:33) :

    Seeing that I haven’t seen these pictures that everyone is requesting and no link has been shared.

    There are some new ones on her IMDB profile. Check them out. And then, somebody post a link for her famous photos that everyone wants so despartely.


  • 14 11 2006
  • 236.  Alpha Azieru (10:29:11) :

    ZOMG TEH INTERNETS WAS MADE FOR STEPHANIE!!!!!11one-hundred-eleven11!!!!

  • 16 11 2006
  • 237.  -_n9k-_ (12:55:54) :

    Sascha i dont really believe you :/ u got messenger or something i hardly been on this site =)

  • 24 11 2006
  • 238.  Swiegocki (16:50:18) :

    I feel like I´m taking crazy pills when I read this big bullsh””!

  • 26 11 2006
  • 239.  JM (03:26:30) :

    well, looks like theres going to be some happy cocks now. i think i’ll pass…

  • 26 11 2006
  • 240.  I'dHitIT (23:34:08) :

    OMG, I missed the Arguement. D;

  • 27 11 2006
  • 241.  Anonymous (01:41:33) :

    So Stephanie deleted her old MySpace. The one that was ACTUALLY hers.


    >_> Anyone have her new MySpace, if she even does have one?

    All I want is to talk to her, honest.

  • 27 11 2006
  • 242.  -_n9k-_ (02:43:38) :

    LOL happy cocks good one

  • 27 11 2006
  • 243.  JM (11:56:27) :

    Aw shit, this fucking thing is gonna turn all around to paedophilia again isn’t it?! Well first off, i just took off the fact you mention “57 LARGE….etc” photos of Julianna Rose Mauriello ‘off’ or ‘on’ set; whatever…, but the first thing came to my mind was ‘stalker’ or a ‘pedo’ and not forgetting you have a database full of her photos.

    OK, maybe i was being a lil’ harsh and to think ahead that there are also good people who are or willing to support, share and provide nice images of her to her fans… but to post it on a site like this?? (no offence) im just saying there are some bad, bad, BAD people who visits this site regularly and this sort of things can attract them.

    So i’ll think again if i were you to make sure these people tries to invade your media list with free images and videos of her. It can be heaven for good, loyal and respected fans or just another site (if it is a site) for these midgets, lifeless drone idiots, pedos etc… onto their bookmarks and saving images and videos on their emails…

    So im going to toss this nachos of yours to the people who really needs them more….cause im part vegetarian.

    Lastly, being one of the people who have not seen these photos, i cant say or judge either you are a ‘pedo’ or her fan or even her real photo manager (whatever you wanna call yourself) cause sometimes…. the internet or people can lie. So let’s leave it at that, and I’ll say thank you for sharing them and hope you have a pleasant day.

  • 27 11 2006
  • 244.  zomg (12:51:33) :

    So I saved those “large” images on my email, and the only reason they’re so large is that someone found a bunch of small compressed JPEGs and blew them up really big. Either that or Juliana has a skin disease that looks like compression artifacts.

  • 27 11 2006
  • 245.  MidgetMolester (16:06:55) :

    I just wanna say thanx to JuliannasPhotoManager for the heads up. i just got that copy of julianna’s original lazytown audition tape, and im now a bigger fan, and would love to get the Oklahoma audition one as well. the email said i could but do i have to request it or should i wait to get next weeks new media email ???

    fingers crossed with much anticapation

  • 27 11 2006
  • 246.  Pelvis (18:35:21) :

    i bet she has nice boobs

  • 27 11 2006
  • 247.  Anonyomous (20:21:10) :

    I just want to communicate with her ;_;

  • 28 11 2006
  • 248.  JM (07:37:32) :

    So do the other millions, zillions, bejaillions of people out there but seems highly unlikely. Unless you have good connections then your luck is all up. And if you do, dont mind sharing with me eh? cause im thinking to do film producing when im abit older so some advise or heads up is wicked. plus i prefer my age, experienced actors/actress then others.

  • 8 12 2006
  • 249.  burton (15:07:03) :

    Hello everybody,

    can you give me all pictures.
    because my cousin is a realy big fan.

    i want the pictures too, also send me the swimsuit pictures.

    send the pictures too:


  • 9 12 2006
  • 250.  TongueInCheek :) (19:19:09) :

    Found one of the swimsuit pics ;^)

  • 9 12 2006
  • 251.  AngelBaby (23:17:54) :

    my shop-senses are tingling…

  • 10 12 2006
  • 252.  Thorvald (08:34:29) :

    #248 is mighty picky if you ask me.

    Of course, since that poster is SUCH a drama queen (pun intended) they could never get involved with anyone outside of acting, especially because people with acting experience are in some way different from anyone else.

    In any case, if that is Julianna, which, from what I can gather, it might actually be, my suggestion is that you stay away from this topic. Its stupid, and technically all new points to the conversation are over. As such, let these gents talk it out.

    Of course, I’m just going to whine at them to end it, but thats how I roll.

  • 10 12 2006
  • 253.  burton (16:11:32) :

    thanks for the picture

  • 11 12 2006
  • 254.  JM (11:03:24) :

    wow…# 250’s pic is really…uhh revealing? im actually surprised she modeled with a bikini. Why? well, i always thought she was a lil’ bit immature. Not that im saying that she shouldn’t do it or would effect anything, but be much better off in at least 3 years time. i mean, what exactly is she modeling for? Can’t be for lazytown; a mag, maybe but for what?

    Since this is a thread about her, though i might as well mention it. Thanks for showing the pic.

  • 11 12 2006
  • 255.  AlphaAzieru (13:51:20) :

    Hahahaha. That’s not her. It’s obviously a chop, although not a bad one. Whoever did it did a good job of finding a body that looks like hers, with the hairy arms and everything. But if you look closely, you will see that the face is IDENTICAL to the one in the picture at the beginning of this thread. The only major difference is that the contrast has been adjusted slightly to increase the highlighting. Plus, the chin line simply contrasts too much with the neck. Sorry.

  • 11 12 2006
  • 256.  Thorvald (20:14:01) :

    BTW, from what I remember of her, Julianna Mauriello is 15, and has what most 15 year old girls have these days.

  • 12 12 2006
  • 257.  lt (13:19:33) :
  • 12 12 2006
  • 258.  Sacha (22:38:28) :

    That pictures fake, sorry it’s not me.
    Justin can tell by my email address, I’m not one of you losers.

  • 13 12 2006
  • 259.  Abenoslave (00:09:20) :


    No shit, sherlock. The face is too large for the body and the lines around the face are obvious.

  • 13 12 2006
  • 260.  Thorvald (06:20:34) :

    258- The fact that you even posted that, implies you are an idiot.

  • 17 12 2006
  • 261.  ramiro gonzalo (23:15:58) :

    Hello leave me to tell them that I love julianna rose mauriello asi of the nothing the master, that is why never I yielded me before her when comply 20 years I knew it, I investigated where lives and all that.

    If someone knows about julianna rose can add me ami mail electronico: bigshow_wwe_ecw@hotmail.com

  • 17 12 2006
  • 262.  ramiro gonzalo (23:23:00) :

    Julianna rose mauriello I want you, never I yielded me before you.

  • 18 12 2006
  • 263.  J.J. (22:22:43) :

    That swimsuit picture is fake. Nice try though. Not all her pictures are black and white. I could make fake pictures like those too. Photoshop.

    I can’t believe this topic hasn’t died yet.

  • 18 12 2006
  • 264.  AngelBaby (22:39:56) :

    wow…nice work, detective.

  • 19 12 2006
  • 265.  ignacio (18:26:30) :

    hi !! im from chile….

    i see on T.V for my little brother.
    i dont speak english very well.
    you can write me for mail.
    my age are 15 years hold and….

    this you are beutifull, im too actor of t.v.

    and… this kiss bye

  • 20 12 2006
  • 266.  Julian wehr (11:51:37) :

    Me too, my English is not very well^^
    I kann speak it very good, but i´ve never written it before.
    Ähm, what i will say, my little cousine (9Jears old)
    Has instrucet me to tell You, that she fall in love with you.
    P.s. I don´t no if i have written it correctly but i´m sure you understand what i mean.


  • 20 12 2006
  • 267.  Julian wehr (11:53:49) :

    I´m sry…..He fall in love^^

  • 20 12 2006
  • 268.  GAbriel Jaime (14:05:49) :


  • 20 12 2006
  • 269.  Gabriel Jaime (14:18:11) :

    Mi correo es garfielsmusic_9@hotmail.com, espero que alguien me diga a que dirección electrónica puedo escribirle a Julianna Rose Mauriello. Gracias

  • 20 12 2006
  • 270.  Gabriel Jaime (14:23:24) :


  • 20 12 2006
  • 271.  JM (14:39:48) :

    oh no, pedophilia is now in Spanish… kidding. so #265 thinks he’s an actor… arent the girls in Chile good enough for ya’?

  • 20 12 2006
  • 272.  ignacio (19:05:29) :

    look u can write in spanish plz ??

    i dont speak english very good and i dont umderstand u.

    sorry i want understand.

    u can said me naxo. how my friends write me (nachob_03@hotmail.com)

  • 22 12 2006
  • 273.  francisco (15:48:22) :

    ey u juliana u like the sex is good

  • 22 12 2006
  • 274.  J.J. (22:06:21) :

    #264 I’m no detective. I just have good instinct.

  • 22 12 2006
  • 275.  bacon (23:47:21) :

    Shes hott now, Crap. Whos got pics?mail me pl0x, tyvm

  • 23 12 2006
  • 276.  francisco (16:54:49) :

    u like my dick it is of 30.cm

  • 25 12 2006
  • 277.  Julian wehr (13:48:17) :


  • 26 12 2006
  • 278.  Pedro Gonzalez "EVILXRYU" (22:12:45) :

    Julianna Rose Mauriello your you are very special for my you are the person but beautiful in this world, you enchant to me you are like a caido angel of the sky that flies incessantly, I I am Chilean, I am good person who adores verte. I saw you in lazytawn and thus descubri your great talent, I hope that sometimes I can speak with you and decirte everything what I feel and thus I take leave my beloved and smiling actress.

    Pd: I am 15 years old and alive in curico, 7° region, Chile and my electronic mail is pedro_cool50@hotmail.com
    a kiss so that you do not forget my

  • 26 12 2006
  • 279.  Pedro Gonzalez "EVILXRYU" (22:17:41) :

    pardon but my English is not very good

  • 27 12 2006
  • 280.  Abenoslave (00:57:28) :

    penis penis penis

  • 29 12 2006
  • 281.  Julian wehr (06:39:01) :

    Oh man Whats The fucking Wrong in this world

  • 1 01 2007
  • 282.  Jaycee (07:35:08) :

    Okay, I just went through the whole thread, and I cannot believe most of you. Like me, she is a fifteen-year-old CHILD. Sure, places like Italy allow sex for 14-year-olds and stuff, but geez. I mean, our brains won’t stop developing until we’re in our mid-twenties.

    I want to be an actress one day, but thinking of attention like this makes me sick. Sure, I would add her on MySpace, but only because she is a fellow peer and an actress who I can ‘look up to’ in a way.

    Now, I know that not all of you are sick pedophiles, but please leave Julianna alone. I mean, think about how you would feel if you were an attractive girl of fifteen, and all of these people who you don’t even know start talking about “boning” you, or “fapping off” to some of your pictures?

    I assure you, I would be very much afraid. I actually had an incident with a GROWN man leaving me sexual messages on my cell phone a few years back. I was frightened by it, and even cried.

    So please, leave this poor girl alone. If you want to jack off to some chick, buy some porn or something. Don’t try to come on to a young girl because she is famous/pretty/has big boobs/whatever.

  • 1 01 2007
  • 283.  Wolfkiller (08:51:35) :

    Hey Jaycee, are you 16 or older?

  • 1 01 2007
  • 284.  JM (10:46:56) :

    jaycee has a point.

    But being famous too has its pros and cons. Even if everyone on this thread became sensible and stop mentioning her; there will always be others taking part to express their horny feelings… probably guys in italy.

    Thats just how the world works today.

  • 1 01 2007
  • 285.  Jaycee (22:21:48) :

    I am 15, turning 16 in the summer.

    Very true, JM.

    Though, it’s sad that a lot of those horny guys don’t keep their comments to themselves.


  • 1 01 2007
  • 286.  skarastamonjamondudelee (23:19:29) :

    jacyee is a fat girl

  • 2 01 2007
  • 287.  JM (00:31:47) :

    meehh– It’s a guy thing to express there horny comments out loud, and especially when they’re around with their mates. Since the world is now more expose to sexuality then ever, its probably a normal thing now. Heck, there is too a large majority of girls who appreciate these comments as having their attention to know they’re attractive.

  • 2 01 2007
  • 288.  Stephen (01:10:27) :

    I just wanna talk to her and see if she’ll date me. Hell, she’s an amazing girl! But nooooo…she’s a celebrity. So unfair.

  • 2 01 2007
  • 289.  Wolfkiller (09:26:59) :

    Young girls can be hot!!!

    This one certainly is.

    Unfortunately, due to statutory constraints I have to restrict myself to 16 and older.. ;)

  • 4 01 2007
  • 290.  sean (07:38:53) :

    ok to number 201 and others, julianna mauriello is 15 and will be 16 on 26th may 2007 as she was born in 1991.

    Second of all pedos or not it is mostly legal to view anyone under the age of 18 posing as long as they are covered in on the nessary areas. (that includes clothing, swimwear and nightwear. underwear bit dodgy but…)

    3rd of all I really don’t think that miss julianna mauriello will have a swimwear photo anywhere online, (unless it has been doctored)

  • 4 01 2007
  • 291.  J.J. (18:46:17) :

    #282, what you just said made me feel sorta what Juli’s been going through. Thank you for that comment.

  • 5 01 2007
  • 292.  Jaycee (23:35:13) :


    I bet that you wish I was fat.

    J.J., you’re very welcome. JM, I do understand that guys tend to talk about sex and hot girls a lot with each other. Buut, even though it would be….interesting to have a guy say that he wants to bang me, I would be somewhat frightened.

    That’s just me, though.

  • 6 01 2007
  • 293.  JM (07:34:41) :

    Yea I guess you’re right. I have a couple of girl mates of mine who encounter that situation once so it’s not like I’ve not known it before. Infact I had to calm one of them done after another of my mate reminded her of that at school. That’s basically how I got the idea to what I said before…

  • 7 01 2007
  • 294.  Sacha (00:25:41) :

    Please drop it guys, I’ve removed my myspace except for the public music one and I even closed my wow account.

    Lazytown has closed it’s last season, for now I am concentrating on going to school and I want to be a teacher!
    I don’t know any of you people, but I’ve read every coment here and it really bothers me.

    Justin, let me know how to get all of this junk about me removed please, I really don’t want people reading this stuff about me 10 years from now, it’s just sickening.

    Justin, see the email address, you know it’s me.


  • 7 01 2007
  • 295.  zomg (00:33:36) :

    ^ You want to become a teacher. Gee I wonder why. That’s right kids of the future your beloved Mr Sacha wants you! And not in an academic way, if you know what I mean.

  • 7 01 2007
  • 296.  ClosingTime (01:50:24) :

    I don’t habeeb 294.

  • 7 01 2007
  • 297.  JM (02:40:34) :

    uhh I don’t think Sacha is actually Sacha. I think thats julli. im gonna go paranoid for a mo’ here but if you are who i think you are then for all accounts, i Apologise to what disturbance you just read here. i guess some people don’t understand. I too think its frightening that for a young beautiful actor like you to feel insecure and be disturbed by unknown people: possibly paedophiles too. But understand some people here have been fighting for you.

    I guess that the world with the lack of young female actors (I think there are); girls like you would make most guys to like you even more then other women. Especially desperate 15 or 16 years old guys who thinks have a chance for a date with you then…uhh jojo(?). But what’s pulling the large factor here is you communicating as yourself, here on this site which is frankly not a good Idea. Off course there are other sites which must more worst attitude and lack of respect for you then this site.

    I appreciate you trying your best to help little one’s to start better and healthier lives with your show and if a teacher is what you want to be to pursue the same dream, then I guess that is the best role you should take with my full support. It is dreadful to hear that the show is shutting operation cause most of me younger cousins love your show.

    From England to Brunei (where currently I’m living for a moment), good luck with your new future. Now if you’re not julli number 294; because the lack of internet, my ability to see across the internet is useless, I still hope you read my message and go out with me (…)

    NAhh im just messing ’bout!

  • 7 01 2007
  • 298.  AngelBaby (12:53:31) :

    #296 – HABEEB IT!

  • 7 01 2007
  • 299.  Abenoslave (13:05:03) :



    tl;dr summarize it in one word.

  • 7 01 2007
  • 300.  jafeth (17:01:44) :

    mmmm…my name is jafeth im a raper my band is PLaN B i living in Austin texas im dont famous i don’t speak english only something im latino mexican tu eres a pretty girl i like your eyes y se que me tomaras como un fan mas…
    hope that speak spanish y leas esto
    good bye

  • 7 01 2007
  • 301.  Julian wehr (20:16:46) :

    Omg* Rotfl*

  • 8 01 2007
  • 302.  mike (00:17:24) :

    294, stop.

    you have tried to pose as her before, did work that time, isn’t going to work now. almost all of the info in that post is wrong.

    But i do appreciate your plea to have this all stop.

    and yes Justin i think it would probably be a good idea to clean this up

  • 8 01 2007
  • 303.  Jim (05:51:08) :

    –> 302

    I’m pretty sure that Justin knows when it is or is not really Julianna considering they have traded emails back and forth before, and as he can check her email address when she posts here.

    We already know she cancelled her myspace page except for the music one, and we know that one is real because people who met her at her shows and SAW her on her laptop posting on myspace were there mate. Hell, theres a pictiure of her on her music myspace taken at a show with one of the girls that is ALSO on her myspace page!

    Are you one of those stalker types ?

  • 8 01 2007
  • 304.  ClosingTime (20:12:50) :

    Bwahaha *PUNCH*

    So uh, did Julianna actually post here or what? >_>

  • 8 01 2007
  • 305.  zomg (21:47:41) :

    Somehow I doubt it.

  • 8 01 2007
  • 306.  skarastamonjamondudelee (22:37:53) :

    i do believe she did, i wish you a good life. and know this; your name will soon fade into obscurity along with your work in the past.
    you all remember mara wilson? ( i think thats her name) she was in that movie Matilda anyway she gave up on her acting carreer and is persuing something in law. well who cares about her. i hope you get through college clean and sober and maybe later reconsider on your acting but do what you think is right.
    you also seemed to have inspired teens aswell as little kids.

  • 9 01 2007
  • 307.  Shannon (10:28:36) :

    Wow, I can’t believe that people are this crazy about her. Yes, she IS very beautiful, and I know that no one out there can dispute that. How anyone could not love her is beyond me.

    But think about her, how do you think all of this would make her feel?

  • 9 01 2007
  • 308.  Viper (11:10:06) :

    To #295…zomg….LMAO @ your comment.

    At first I was shocked to read a lot of Pedophiles comments…until I realized that most of them are probably are about her age anyway.

    So could you send me the bikini pics….


    …..lol…in about 2 years time.

  • 9 01 2007
  • 309.  Thorvald (21:42:03) :

    “mmmm…my name is jafeth im a raper ”

    made me giggle.

    #306 – You know…..all we are is dust in the wind.

  • 9 01 2007
  • 310.  mike (23:34:42) :

    ah…303 then why is it filled with information that is simply wrong. She doesn’t have a music profile. she doesn’t have a myspace currently at all. Emails can be forged. If Justin thinks that she actually posted here he is severally mistaken. I would like to see these alleged emails between Justin and Julianna, somehow i doubt they exist.

  • 10 01 2007
  • 311.  Justin-I-Busted-You (13:55:21) :

    Im With Mike (post 310) justin is a liar and to be sure i sent a email to Shirley Faison at http://www.carsonadler.com/ this is julianna’s agent, and ive got

    a email back (i’ll copy-n-paste it)

    To: Jason Robinson
    From: Shirley Faison
    At: CARSON-ADLER AGENCY 250 W. 57th St.• #2030 • NY, NY 10107
    Subject: RE: Client Request Matter

    — First off please let me just say: Thank You in the deepest form for the email you have recently sent me regarding a serious matter of a website that

    contains content of a illicit nature, forged postings, forged conversations, descriptions of a sexual & illegal nature, regarding one of our clients.

    — These types of matters are something we at the CARSON-ADLER AGENCY take very seriously, its disheartening sometimes when these types of sites pop-up on

    the internet, we at the CARSON-ADLER AGENCY do all we can to stem the creation of these types of sites based off our clients or clients family[s], the

    internet is so vast that its almost impossible to monitor & locate all sites like these, so we rely on hope that someone will report found sites to us, we do

    act to close sites, sue site owners and or site hosts that our agency and its lawyers come to find damaging to our agency & it’s clients.

    — At your request i have reviewed the website you sent to me as well as the posts contained within, and as you know i was most concerned after the fact, i

    have spoken to my client Julianna R Mauriello and to julianna’s father regarding just this matter, i felt it best at this time to not giving her the

    web-address or any web-links to the illicit infomation posted about her, her father at his request has been a copy of the original email you sent to me.

    — I asked my client Julianna R, Mauriello a few questions in the presence of one of her parents, regarding this matter.

    (question) she know of or visit a website called “Dont Link This” ?
    (answer) “nope never heard of it, why? should i have?”

    (question) if she has ever had a instant message with anyone nick named “burning_prayers” ?
    (answer) “no im not using instant messenger service, im not allowed to, my father dont let me, whos burning_prayer? thats a strange nick, never heard that

    one before”

    (question) you ever had a myspace profile ?
    (answer) “well me and my dad set one up once, but he said we are only doing it to register it so in the future no one can pretend to be me or my offical

    myspace person, and its never been used”

    (question) have you had your picture taken in a bikini or swimsuit in the last 7 years ?
    (answer) “i cant remember, well not recently no why ? i can remember my mom took picture of me at the pool but that was before oklahoma started”

    (follow up to last question) could you have bikini pictures you emailed to a friend or family member or manybe even uploaded onto the internet ? because we

    havent had any photo shoots that contained any bikini pictures, our agency has not released any images of you in a bikini ?
    (answer) “no thats not likely i dont have any pictures of me in a bikini only a swimsuit but those my mom took when i was yonger, whats this about ? why are

    you asking me these questions anyways ?”

    (question) what do you call yourself ? as in if you was writing a letter to a friend or family member.
    (answer) “julianna or sometimes to friends i use julann j.u.l.a.n.n.”

    (question) not “Juls” ?
    (answer) “ummmm NO, that sounds boyish”

    — Let me thank you once again for alerting us to this matter, our lawyers dont think its a threat to us or our client, but they would like me to stress that

    our client is not nor has she ever been affiliated with the site in question, and we will note this in our records and request you do the same.

    Thank You

    Shirley Faison
    CARSON-ADLER AGENCY 250 W. 57th St.• #2030 • NY, NY 10107

  • 10 01 2007
  • 312.  ClosingTime (15:34:45) :

    As 310 said it, I too want to see these alleged emails.

  • 10 01 2007
  • 313.  Shannon (15:42:56) :

    There aren’t any emails :)

  • 10 01 2007
  • 314.  Jargon (15:56:50) :


    This looks pretty concinvcing


    People at her shows that took pictures with her are also posting on her myspace. Not to mention several people that go to school with her are posting on her myspace page such as Henry…

    Let’s also not forget, the pictures on her music myspace were taken at a nickelodeon hotel by several employees there. Those same employees are on her top friends list.

    Based on evidence, I’m inclined to believe the myspace page and not just another pedo from cyberspace.

    i don’t know about emails, but the myspace page has so many people that know her personally, thats just too much to bullshit.

  • 10 01 2007
  • 315.  Shannon (16:00:20) :

    Uh, why doesn’t she have any pictures as her main?

  • 10 01 2007
  • 316.  Jargon (16:03:45) :

    –> 314 uh why is your myspace page all fucked up?

    This is kind of funny, people on here are actually mad she has a myspace page or something?
    Ahaha, I’m out.

  • 10 01 2007
  • 317.  Shannon (16:04:56) :

    I’m not mad she has a myspace, I’m just not sure it’s her.

    My myspace isn’t fucked up, it’s .. unique.

  • 10 01 2007
  • 318.  Shalom (16:06:53) :
  • 10 01 2007
  • 319.  Sean (16:08:51) :
  • 10 01 2007
  • 320.  Shannon (16:11:49) :

    As appealing as that is, no thank you :)

    Are you getting angry because I’m doubting something that could be questionable? Geeez :(

  • 10 01 2007
  • 321.  ShannonIsJealous (16:15:31) :

    Shannon git pwned

  • 10 01 2007
  • 322.  Shannon (16:17:58) :


    Julianna? Hah, yeah, of course, she’s beautiful and talented, I’m not. Why would I be here if I didn’t like her?

  • 10 01 2007
  • 323.  Thorvald (17:16:40) :


    You opened the gate to hell with that one.

    Also: That picture implies he is a tool.

    PS: Yes, it is her.

  • 10 01 2007
  • 324.  ClosingTime (17:41:08) :

    I don’t believe 313, 317.

    And no, I will not habeeb it. Needs moar proof. I still don’t buy it.

  • 10 01 2007
  • 325.  Shannon (17:51:17) :

    LoL @ 321.

    Well, I guess I should have gotten the facts before accusing.

  • 10 01 2007
  • 326.  mike (21:28:09) :

    so that fact that people that went to the show posted pictures on a myspace somehow makes it true. So i if i make a myspace, rip off some pics from her old myspace, and post so pictures from one of her performances, it’s now legit. All of those pictures are stolen. The ones posted by other fans just shows how easily they where fooled. Lets not all be lemmings, eh?

    Its fake. End of Story. And i appreaiate all of you who still say it is fake.

  • 11 01 2007
  • 327.  trippin (03:29:47) :


    When someone has pictures taken of Julianna from the nickelodeon hotel in florida and you open the pictures in text pad and it shows the time and date and camera model used to take those pictures.

    Then you see on Julianna’s friends list that the girl who appears in the picture with Julianna is also on her friends list.

    Then when you look at her myspace and see all kinds of pictures from nickelodeon in florida.

    Then when you see her writing messages to julianna on her myspace and taling about phone calls.

    Yes, I’d believe that person worked at nickelodeon as an employee and took pictures of julianna at a show she did at the hotel, (which in fact match the exact date and time found INSIDE the pictures when opened with text pad)

    Yes, I’d believe the myspace and not you.

  • 11 01 2007
  • 328.  Jact (03:32:47) :

    Some people can’t handle the fact that someone they are stalking is doing something without them knowing about it.

    It’s a common thing for stalkers to feel rage and jealousy about it.
    Stalkers common goal is power, they believe they know everything about the person they are stalking.

    326 is a perfect example of a stalker getting pissed off because he just cannot fathom that someone might have a myspace page especially without him knowing everything about it.

    Question: If Julianna shits in the woods, does 326 hear it?

  • 11 01 2007
  • 329.  Abenoslave (07:57:12) :

    Does the pope shit bears?

  • 11 01 2007
  • 330.  Shannon (11:52:36) :

    I believe so, yes.

  • 11 01 2007
  • 331.  _ (14:10:44) :

    326, can you wait at least 5 minutes before reply to your own post. it would really make it more believable.

    again we have one fooled nickelodeon employee, (who actually looks like a volunteer, not an actual hire), and i don’t see any reference to any phone calls.

    no worries David, we will get it taken down for you.

  • 11 01 2007
  • 332.  AnonymousOSHI (15:39:51) :

    This is so cool, I know what 326 and 331 are referring to.

    Get the bastard, guys.

    PS, it’s fake.

  • 11 01 2007
  • 333.  Siggh (18:37:14) :


    Are you serious? haha.

    Thats great!

  • 11 01 2007
  • 334.  Jamie (18:46:08) :

    Wow this thread is just… Sad.

    You guys believe ANYTHING in this thread at all you have problems.
    I don’t believe Julinana was ever here, I don’t believe anyone got an email from her agent with all that inforamation, certainly no agent would have ever sent that as a reply.

    I think this is one or two morons having funon the internet.

  • 11 01 2007
  • 335.  dragon night (18:48:38) :

    hola quien tiene el correo de julianna rose
    hello who has the mail of julianna rose

  • 11 01 2007
  • 336.  AnonymousOSHI (19:35:16) :

    335 Just GTFO, seriously. You find anything here.

    Can I just say who the fuck cares if she posted here? Or if she has a Myspace? Or if she goes on the internet/has a screenname/listens to music/drinks soda/eats chicken…

    She’s a normal, 15 year old girl, with an abnormal job. That’s it. Just calm the hell down, everyone.

  • 11 01 2007
  • 337.  _ (19:43:43) :

    thank you 336

  • 11 01 2007
  • 338.  DisconcertedGeorge (19:49:40) :

    #328 … that depends.

    If he has the same microphone that I do, then yes, he can hear her shit in the woods.

  • 11 01 2007
  • 339.  Justin-I-Busted-You (20:25:45) :

    #334. Jamie (18:46:08)

    – You boubt the fact the email i received is valid do you ?

    — Well heres a idea: why dont you get off your /\ss, and STOP! trolling for little girls for just a minute, climb out of what ever family members basement your leeching off of, and contact Mrs Shirley Faison at the CARSON-ADLER AGENCY (www carsonadler com) yourself and verify it ? !!!

    — If your not willing to do that, then do us all a favor and keep your assumption’s and yourself, and your MOUTH SHUT !!!

    —- I can say with 100% certainty im the only one in here that can verify that the SSL Certificate from VeriSign (www verisign com/index.htm)l that is contained with-in the CARSON-ADLER AGENCY’S website (www carsonadler com) is indeed from the CARSON-ADLER AGENCY’S host client server (vux.bos.netsolhost.com) with the ip address of ( also the SSL CERTIFICATE STATUS: Is Valid (07-Dec-2006 to 06-Dec-2008 )Ref# (VeriWD64037-597b85-967q356f5-17c)

  • 11 01 2007
  • 340.  zomg (23:36:56) :

    If that email isn’t fake, then a) her agent has a learning disability, and b) HI JULIANNA’S AGENT! Also c) plz don’t call the Internet Police on us

  • 12 01 2007
  • 341.  Justin-I-Busted-You (00:07:34) :

    Well heres her bio

    BIO: Shirley Faison adds to Carson-Adler Agency, 32 years of experience in the entertainment industry as a producer, director and executive director of theatre. A graduate of Rutgers University – Douglas College, she has been cited in Who’s Who Among Female Executives. Shirley received a 1989 AUDELCO Producers Award for Musical Production. Shirley is a frequent guest speaker at Weist-Barron/ACTeen and Actor’s Connection, and is a panelist for Hal Jackson’s Talented Teens and Kemet Productions, “Road to Stardom.” She is the mother of Dade’, Olamide’ and Donald Faison, and the proud grandmother of five boys and one girl. Shirley represents all ages for theatre, film and television.

    shes a african american lady in her late 50’s early 60’s, and by all accounts ive heard she has a deep southern accent, so maybe she never finished learneded her books … LOL …

  • 12 01 2007
  • 342.  Julián (03:15:38) :

    Hi , yo soy de Argentina , osea re colado en este foro todos de ee.uu je, weno solo keria sabes si julianna tiene algun email u algo , por k desde kla vi me enamore de ella , no se si sera el chocolate por kdicen k el chocolate tiene ciertas cosas k te hacen pensar o estar enamorado de una persona al verla pero yo ya vengo hace muxo soñando con ella en estar con ella y me parece alguien genial … , mi email es ridiculisimo yo no me lo hice mis compa fueron pero si quieren agreguenlo , holaychau8@hotmail.com ,

    we salu2 a todos

    god bye

    ah soy pianista je dew

  • 12 01 2007
  • 343.  Julián (03:16:56) :

    me olvide decir otra cosa , naci en 1991

  • 12 01 2007
  • 344.  Jamie (04:20:55) :

    Some people really go to the extreme on things.
    If that was her agent why didn’t you ask her for her phone number and such.

    Her agent would have definatley have given it to you considering she had no problems telling you other personal information right?

    Yea. I got an email today from Yahoo!
    And guess what? It matches the ip address of Yahoo! too!

    Give it a rest people. Who cares if she has a myspace, xanga,hotmail,yahoo,gmail…

    You guys are actually sitting on here trying to fake each other out with suppossed information you can dig up, while julianna blissfully is ignorant of you totally. That’s pathetic.

  • 12 01 2007
  • 345.  Justin-I-Busted-You (10:25:19) :

    I was given 3 contact numbers but choose to edit them out due to the fact some folks abuse this information, but here is a line to her office not her cell phone or her main line, its her office line thats answered by a service, i hope this helps…


  • 12 01 2007
  • 346.  Justin-I-Busted-You (10:47:18) :

    But thats ok …

    I just noticed your (quote) mod (un-quote) has deleted both my posts showing Proof justin lied, and on top of that he can also see my email address showing who im with, and he should’nt have any trouble whats so ever finding out exactly the real reason im on this site …

  • 12 01 2007
  • 347.  AngelBaby (11:41:28) :

    #346 – i haven’t deleted any of your posts, whoever you are.

    for some reason all your comments are being caught by the spam filter and i have to approve each one manually. so spare me the black-helicopter conspiracy theories.

    i’ve got no reason to censor your posts, especially given that i don’t have the slightest fucking idea what you are talking about.

  • 12 01 2007
  • 348.  Justin-I-Busted-You (12:42:49) :

    You lie both my email (was post #311) and the email verify post ( was #339) were gone and now they are back.

    Come on you think im to dumb to take screen shots ?

    You know exactly what im talking about, and exactly why im here, so lets cut the bullshit and figure out our next move !

    My name is clickable you should’nt have any trouble understanding anything im talking about …

  • 12 01 2007
  • 349.  zomg (15:09:25) :

    Okay, who’s been posting in disappearing ink

  • 12 01 2007
  • 350.  Justin-I-Busted-You (15:26:03) :

    They keep removing my posts.

    They realized what im upto, and is now acting stupidly about the situation.

    You dont want to respond to me ? is it because the reason why i am here ??

    This is serious, you see that now so lets plan the next move.

    So atleast open a dialogue you of all folks SHOULD HAVE KNOWN this would be coming.

    Look i have my bosses too.

    And this isnt going to go away by silence, so its up to you, im giving you a chance here ok, you have our email so email us with a time line to when you’ll have all the things listed on our site about your sites content and correct it, you might just save your site.

    Do Not Force Our Hand ……………..

  • 12 01 2007
  • 351.  AngelBaby (16:06:24) :

    #350 – i seriously don’t know who you think “they” is. i haven’t removed a single one of your stupid posts, so that would leave only the owner of this site, Justin. and if he’s removing them, then i imagine he’s got his reasons.

    now let’s talk about exactly what the fuck you are after here. if you were anyone with any authority, you wouldn’t be airing your grievances publicly in the comment section, you’d be emailing them to Justin, all official-like. instead you’re running your mouth and generally making yourself look like a total ass. so how about from here on out you stick to private mail and take up any problems you are having with the site owner? kthxbye.

  • 12 01 2007
  • 352.  AngelBaby (16:19:01) :


    Justin-I-Busted-You : IP :

    only other username ever posting here from that IP?

    MidgetMolester : IP :

    commeting in this very thread, back on nov. 27:

    “I just wanna say thanx to JuliannasPhotoManager for the heads up. i just got that copy of julianna’s original lazytown audition tape, and im now a bigger fan, and would love to get the Oklahoma audition one as well. the email said i could but do i have to request it or should i wait to get next weeks new media email ???

    fingers crossed with much anticapation”

    looks like your cover is blown, douche. like i already said…you can stfu and gtfo now.

  • 12 01 2007
  • 353.  Augustine (16:43:38) :


    At least if your going to use the domain cybercrimes.us (Which you just bought might I add on december 16th 2006 at a sedo.com auction)

    Make sure you start learning how to spell.

    You spelled PEDOPHILE Pedafile.
    You spelled PREDATORS Preditirs

    Gotta love your warning
    “This site has goverment content”

    BTW, Jason Williamson, remember to at least try to spell your name correctly from now on. You spelled it Jason WLLLmson on your website.

    Also, Jason Williamson from Salt Lake City Utah, white male 24 years of age, you have numerous criminal records.

    Is this one of those sites that you report child porn to and you just add it to your favorites???

    I guess so, your title for your page is


    Why’d you port block this ip address in your html?
    Arin.net reports that ip address responds to Time Warner Security.


  • 12 01 2007
  • 354.  Justin-I-Busted-You (16:46:56) :

    Yeah part of on going investigations all documented material, and please feel free to contact the department of justice to verify my Validity and Authority

    as to the owner Justin Jaafar

    i have sent a number of emails to XxXxXxXx@gmail.com and we have yet to hear back thats why we are taking this route and im not law enforcement im a contracted agent with the department of justice http://www.usdoj.gov/ and http://www.cybercrime.gov , we are partners with perverted-justice.com they catch trollers and we close sites, so rather you beleive me or not isnt my concern i dont care, and i have just this morning been in contact with wild west doamins inc. in scottsdale arizona to get the ball rolling on removal of the hosting services, now you need to be made aware hosting companies usually close out sites to protect their image so heed my warning, im done with my investigation and it comes to show what we were contacted to investigate in the first place so, i’ll leave this up to your group of owners and mods/admin you remove it or you will loose it ……….


  • 12 01 2007
  • 355.  Justin-I-Busted-You (17:24:21) :

    346. Augustine (16:43:38) :

    1st off
    there are no mispelled words our my site if there are they are in your head or you the one that cant spell…

    2nd off
    i dont care what ip address my secure site blocked we dont allow click back redirections …

    3rd i didnt by my domain from a action it was held for me sense 2001 and only renewed the annual registration on the 16th of dec, before that i worked directly off a now closed domain, my orginazation has been around for 3 years, we have closed 118 websites so far, some conatined copyright infringmants, illegal warez, and like this one illegal dialogue and referances there forth …

    4th im 28 birth day is july 9th 2007
    my home town is grand junction colorado
    current address 7326west Madison Rd Magna, Utah, 84044
    Current phone number (801)-250-0590

    “i have nothing to hide i am out to stop these kinds of sites and i have closed 118 of the 121 ive attempted to, and you know everything about me now, and your going to know what kind of authority i truely have to …..

  • 12 01 2007
  • 356.  AngelBaby (19:38:33) :

    #355 – couple of things…i called your “current phone number” and Mr. William Fawcet said he’d never heard of dontlinkthis.net and was curious who might be posing as him and posting his personal info online, so i gave him your IP. guess we’ll have to see if he decides to contact your isp to have you investigated for possible identity fraud/theft. William also wanted you to know you got his street address wrong, it’s 7336, not 7326.

    i also gave Shirley Faison a ring, and she also has never heard of you or this site, has never had any type of conversation with Julianna of the sort you described, and was also concerned that so much of her personal contact info is being distributed online by a person who is misrepresenting her. i shared your IP with her as well, in case she was worried that you might be potentially cyberstalking her client.

    finally, i couldn’t help but notice you have offered no explanation for your alter-ego on this site, ‘MidgetMolester.’ seems a strange screenname for a “contracted agent with the department of justice” to have, but then again, most people hired by the federal government can also usually spell above a 3rd-grade level. hmm…maybe i should also contact the FBI’s cybercrime division and see if they might be interested in the IP address of someone impersonating a government agent?

    if i were you, i’d drop this whole charade right now, leave this site and never come back. but that would be me…

  • 12 01 2007
  • 357.  zomg (19:53:18) :


  • 12 01 2007
  • 358.  Abenoslave (20:17:54) :

    Angel, I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but I so want to bear your children.

    …you’re 18 or older, right?

  • 12 01 2007
  • 359.  AnonymousOSHI (20:41:07) :


  • 12 01 2007
  • 360.  Noah (22:19:39) :


    Pedophile is not spelled Pedifil
    And Predator is not spelled preditir



    “im a contracted agent with the department of justice ”

    You are not listed with contractors for the US Goverment.
    Even the Blackwell people that are hired guns in Iraq are listed, however your site isn’t.

    Surprise, I work for GoDaddy who is in fact WildWest Domains.

    My name is Noah Plumb, call godaddy, ask for Office of the President, then ask for Noah Plumb.

    Your domain was registered to you in December 16th 2006.
    Before that it was a landing page for a sedo auction.

    Anyone here can look it up on archive.org

    Anything else?

  • 13 01 2007
  • 361.  NotMyPlaceToSayButPay (05:28:10) :

    1st) its not my place to say but #360 i hope you dont work for them, you are on a site that openly talks about sex with j rose, and they would surely frown on that my friend so shhhhhhhhhhhhh you never know ;-)

    2nd) on that same note there are a few of these orginizations out there and they all seem to be closing myspace profiles and blogs chat sites etc so im not going to say, that way i wont get screwed by my words if they should come back to haunt me later :-P :-P

    3rd) being nosey like i can be and usually are, i was doing random google searchs and i found a ton of names matching the one im not going to meantion ;-) but i found like 10 profiles i would say was his from forum sites nothing revealing to much except he created a mirc script and helps administrate irc chat servers, anyways there are also 4 other profiles more detailed ones, you find them like 400 to 500 pages down the search a few site profiles are on top 5 pages but the ones related to accomplishments and certifications and shit they match the whole living in utah thing, so i would assume these were his, two are from almost 2years back and it states online investigator and such so does the rest but only one other was from start last year, not to meantion the other few thing listed that im staying out of this shit for, not i dont think hes a punk for appoching it this way, but because of the latest trend of net sweeps and monitoring sometimes buggings from goverments and local law enforcement that is the reason im not in this i just thought i would say sorry now ;-) just incase, cause its not impossible ;-)


  • 13 01 2007
  • 362.  Jamie (12:49:16) :

    NotMyPlaceToSayButPay = 355

    Same guy same mispellings.

  • 14 01 2007
  • 363.  leoncio (13:06:30) :

    hello good nose because they speak as much of julianna and also they speak bad of single good her I can Say to them Q I am of Peru and my name is leoncio and know now I am writing in Spanish but I turn it English Single to say to them that single to a person estara with her Because them dire q she I like a clear pile like all but I ire to EE.UU to look for it already am determined Single I hope That it is not Too much Behind schedule already I have Su Hi5 and THEIR Good personal electronic mail Remembers this Ok Because nothing is impossible ehhhhh Xauuuuu Blessings and no longer speak of which ok does she

  • 14 01 2007
  • 364.  Ademar Z (23:08:17) :

    @ 363 ¿Que?

  • 15 01 2007
  • 365.  skarastamonjamondudelee (02:23:04) :


  • 17 01 2007
  • 366.  João (02:34:35) :

    I ♥ she > ♥julianna♥

  • 17 01 2007
  • 367.  João (02:36:28) :


    my msn is > jcmota2006@hotmail.com

  • 17 01 2007
  • 368.  SportaChris (03:09:42) :

    I know this is backtracking a bit, but I found a picture of Julianna with an African-American female. Might this be said woman in comment #341?


  • 17 01 2007
  • 369.  zomg (13:46:43) :

    Yeah she really looks like she’s in her early 60s.

  • 18 01 2007
  • 370.  SportaChris (02:02:25) :

    Ah. It looks like I overlooked that detail xD.


  • 18 01 2007
  • 371.  JM (02:40:49) :

    well looks like alot of things here are resolved. The thread should close and drop everything now since the Spaniards are just typing love comments with their email and yet bothering to use a translator which happens to suck still. Argument raised looks to be resolved as well so i guess that raps it up. Fin

    yet i still have a feeling someone is stupid enough to continue this thread with bringing another arguement with a “i want to rape her!!” (or others alike) comment(s).

  • 18 01 2007
  • 372.  NoahGodaddy (05:12:04) :

    Jason Williamson PEDOPHILE and (The idiot posting above calling himself (Justin-I-Busted-You)

    Just sent this to godaddy, it came into the office, I deleted it. Good try Jason!

    Email here:

    To: abuse@secureserver.net
    At: Wild West Domains Inc.
    From: CyberCrimes.Us Agent
    At: ReportIt@CyberCrimes.Us
    Request Reply: Yes Please Do !

    We at http://www.cybercrimes.us/ have been conducting a investigation in regards to a site http://dontlinkthis.net in which you at wild west domains inc. Scottsdale Arizona 85260 show as domain holdings company for

    Registrar: WILD WEST DOMAINS, INC.
    Whois Server: whois.wildwestdomains.com
    Referral URL: http://www.wildwestdomains.com
    Name Server: DNS3.HIVELOCITY.NET
    Name Server: DNS4.HIVELOCITY.NET
    Status: clientDeleteProhibited
    Status: clientRenewProhibited
    Status: clientTransferProhibited
    Status: clientUpdateProhibited
    Updated Date: 31-aug-2006
    Creation Date: 09-dec-2005
    Expiration Date: 09-dec-2007

    In regards to a site http://dontlinkthis.net , we were contacted by numerous people asking us to conduct a investigation and have been doing so for the last 3 months and on a number of pages contained within the site, and we have found that it does contain, reference to & link offsite, to illicit depictions of child rape, child exploitations, and dedicates certain pages to one child actress after another, along with other underage celebrities, and what is contained within these pages is anonymous users sexual and degrading comments about these children of a none legal age, and they are in the context of pedophilia and molestations, users can post anonymously their email address in which they request getting illegal content sent to them in this way, links to offsite sites/databases and or blogs that contain all the above and images, most the photo album and blog site links users post are or have been deleted by the hosting companies that hosted them due to illegal illicit content, back to dontlinkthis.net’s pages users have been impersonating the celebrities they are demeaning sexually ( now normally we wouldn’t care but these are underage children that could Google there own name and happen across these posts by users the site refers to as pedos in the users online right now counter “there are currently 110 pedos visiting this site right now” word for word that’s what it calls the users/visitors on the site ) these impersonations they do it could be owners/mods or users but it is not the celebrities them self’s, we have contacted the agent of one of there quote dedications, a one “Julianna rose Mauriello” her agent Shirley Faison at the CARSON-ADLER AGENCY 250 W. 57th St.. #2030 . NY, NY
    10107 http://www.carsonadler.com/Shirley.html to ask if the allegations of the posts that the imposters are posting and using to signup fraudulent sites that claim to be her, and she stated to us NO! that infact her client was not doing the postings and or signing up for the fraudulent websites/blogs/public space profiles, she also stressed she better not have to read it or lawsuits are getting filed, now we think you would agree not only socially but morally hosting a site that engages in this content and practices is wrong, and you would also agree that having the chance if this young impressionable teen to run across this site on a random Google of her self is unacceptable, we also hope you would agree your company and or services don’t want to be linked to or for allowing these types of sites use your hosting services ? we have made the numerous request to the owner

    Justin Jaafar
    203 Allen Blvd
    Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007
    United States

    Jaafar, Justin psykotik@gmail.com


    To remove the offending content and stop allowing/starting and or supporting this type of content , he has not replied to any of these except the trash on his site that there isn’t anything anyone can do, we have filed a formal petition with the U.S. Department of Justice to review our investigation allegations based on the site in question, this is normal procedure before getting courts and lawsuits involved, and then we send a formal request to the company that holds hosting services for the domain to request that they cancel hosting services and deletes the site and any database of that site contained on there equipment.

    This is our formal request that your hosting company removes either by canceling or suspending the current hosting service for the site http://dontlinkthis.net owner Justin Jaafar Kalamazoo, Michigan 49007 (269)276-9562 from your server[s] & subsequently deleting any & all stored database contained within your physical equipment.
    We request this based on the illicit content such as a open discussion of child rape, incest and kidnapping, along with allowing what the site refers to its users pedo’s to gather, post, link and or obtain access to illegal content, such as personal info, knowledge of, and or help with, furthering the exploitation of children & preteens, impersonating by either forging, claiming and or other means in order to appear as child celebrities in order to register/gain access to and or appear as owner, sites, blogs, photo album[s], and or public space profiles, in the attempt to fraudulently appearing and acting as the parties, by posting and or saying what would appear as them, for profit, fantasy, film and or fame, these are all breaks in the user agreement you hold with the site owner[s] account, also these break U.S. laws in almost every state including Arizona (host company) and Florida (domain owners location) se we ask that you quickly act upon and take this request seriously, verify what you need and take final step in a timely manner please.

    Thank You For Your Time

    Signed By: Jason Williamson”

  • 18 01 2007
  • 373.  smash (10:19:37) :

    Cybercrime.us, question for you? Is it a crime to talk about pedophelia? You might want to go stop all e/n blogs, wikipedia, yahoo groups, and countless other sites.

    I’ll agree a lot of these ppl in here are CREEEEEEEPY. However, the vast majority of them are fucking around, making comments to make clueless nitwits like you react exactly the way you are reacting.

  • 18 01 2007
  • 374.  mery elisa (12:35:00) :

    hello julianna rose mauriello your me encantas bye cuidate

  • 19 01 2007
  • 375.  Ademar Z (15:54:07) :

    @ 374 ¿Qué?

  • 21 01 2007
  • 376.  STEPBYSTEP (04:16:30) :

    nicE giRL

  • 21 01 2007
  • 377.  Daniella Rosas Muñoz (17:35:24) :

    Dear Julianna: im daniella´s father i´m writing you by her , she is a beatifull five yeras old little girl, she is also a principian dancer and actress, but we dont have so much posibilities as you have there, well anyway we always watch lazy Town and she loves you she says that she is you and i´m sportacus, we would like to go some day to USA and we would like to see you i mean my dougther, daniella would like to send you a picture about her can we?
    i think that lazy town is a great program
    you can write us to: c_rosas_perea@hotmail.com
    we would be very happy if you do that

  • 22 01 2007
  • 378.  the_abyss (01:12:14) :

    this thread is fucking insane

  • 22 01 2007
  • 379.  skarastamonjamondudelee (15:21:05) :


  • 22 01 2007
  • 380.  Abenoslave (22:46:34) :


    I think that’s beanerese for O LAWD

  • 22 01 2007
  • 381.  J.J. (23:11:45) :

    Some people are really talented in this forum. You guys or girls can be a lawyer some day.

    You should stop posting up your e-mails. That’s how they keep track of you. And people start e-mailing you for pictures of Juli while they claim to be some sort of Artist or Photographer. It’s also a bad idea to lie because it’ll come around and bite you back when you least expect it. Especially when it’s against the law. You may know these things already. It’s just a reminder for those who forgot. I can’t believe this thing is still going on. This place is starting to remind me of 4chan.

  • 23 01 2007
  • 382.  AnonymousOSHI (16:24:42) :


    I love 4chan.


    I wouldn’t of even heard of Julianna WITHOUT going on 4chan. So having that site available, she gained another fan.

    ….Even if I do pirate all the episodes of LT.

  • 23 01 2007
  • 383.  skarastamonjamondudelee (16:50:12) :

    what the hell is 4chan?

  • 25 01 2007
  • 384.  Abenoslave (20:22:43) :


    You’d be better off not knowing.

  • 28 01 2007
  • 385.  Thorvald (20:19:42) :


  • 28 01 2007
  • 386.  AngelBaby (23:14:52) :

    i see what you did thar

  • 29 01 2007
  • 387.  Skarastajamondudelee (01:33:44) :

    its mr. hanky!
    NO REALLY WHAT THE HELL IS 4CHAN… is it another ytnmd bullshit?

  • 29 01 2007
  • 388.  Abenoslave (13:01:08) :

    4chan is the 7th layer of Hell for the internet.


    You’ve been warned.

  • 29 01 2007
  • 389.  william (14:11:49) :

    please send me pics of her

  • 29 01 2007
  • 390.  Skarastajamondudelee (17:55:24) :

    i am about to enter the realm of destruction, wish me luck.. i may not return

  • 29 01 2007
  • 391.  AnonymousOSHI (20:07:17) :

    I once saw a pic on 4chan someone made of Stephanie being banged by an Octopus. :P

    That’s just a small, small taste of what 4chan offers.

  • 30 01 2007
  • 392.  AngelBaby (10:43:21) :

    that might be relevant to our interests

  • 30 01 2007
  • 393.  AnonymousOSHI (17:10:59) :


    I may upload it to my photobucket then post the link…

  • 31 01 2007
  • 394.  Anonymous (21:33:30) :


    you idiot

  • 31 01 2007
  • 395.  Abenoslave (22:13:53) :

    NO U

  • 1 02 2007
  • 396.  AngelBaby (01:25:00) :

    O RLY?

  • 1 02 2007
  • 397.  zomg (02:24:49) :

    desu makes anything funny

  • 1 02 2007
  • 398.  Skarastajamondudelee (02:37:09) :

    dude 4chan doesnt have shit just a bunch of anime shit

  • 1 02 2007
  • 399.  zomg (03:11:20) :

    I spent a day (an Internet Day, not a real whole day) at 4chan. I learned about techniques to increase your chances of success when trying to ejaculate onto a sleeping asian girl’s face.

  • 1 02 2007
  • 400.  AngelBaby (13:55:17) :

    i don’t believe it.

  • 1 02 2007
  • 401.  AnonymousOSHI (21:48:12) :



  • 4 02 2007
  • 402.  Joe Blow (09:27:19) :

    I don’t know what is worst of these things:

    1.) That this whole discussion is taking place regarding this young woman (and her TV character).

    2.) That the discussion is still alive after two years.

    3.) That I read the entire list ( !!! )

    4.) That I’m posting a comment.

    Your help on this matter is appreciated. And please, don’t send me the pics, I prefer to think of teenagers in general as an innocent bunch (even if I really know better).

  • 4 02 2007
  • 403.  Joe Blow (10:12:52) :

    Re: 402 . . . Item #2

    Or that I don’t know how to read the dates of the posts! All the talk of JRM being 13 early in the posts lead me to believe that the discussion started long ago, since she will be 16 this year.

    OK, I’m starting to sound stalker-ish, I must go now.

  • 4 02 2007
  • 404.  valeria (15:55:05) :

    julianna rose mauriello: te veo todos los dias en LAZY TOWN y me encanta como actuas,tengo 12 años,y mi sueño es conocerte!!!!un beso, bye bye i love you..Vale

  • 5 02 2007
  • 405.  Skarastajamondudelee (23:17:36) :

    yea men vale, vatos locos forever ese

  • 6 02 2007
  • 406.  Judit (17:18:46) :

    yo antes pensaba que todavia era una niñita , cuando me entere que tien 14 años y los demas no se hagan los tontons ningun arista da su correo se los pueden enviar mas no contartarlos facilmente.besos y no sigan creyando en eso

  • 7 02 2007
  • 407.  ramiro gonzalo (17:29:10) :

    julianna rose mauriello te amo



  • 8 02 2007
  • 408.  kassandra (18:12:47) :

    hi this is kassandra i luv your show call me 306-272-3612

  • 9 02 2007
  • 409.  umm..ok? (00:25:31) :

    kassandra don’t give ur phone number out…retard

  • 9 02 2007
  • 410.  Leon (00:26:37) :

    this thread is officially revived. Julianna is on drugs. Discuss

  • 9 02 2007
  • 411.  zomg (01:17:01) :

    this is the best of the JRM threads BY FAR

  • 9 02 2007
  • 412.  donkykong (04:14:47) :

    justin.. JAFAAR?!?

    Whatwhatwhat? leave aladdin alone!

  • 9 02 2007
  • 413.  Leon (19:20:51) :

    do you guys think julianna ever viewed this? :O

  • 9 02 2007
  • 414.  AnonOSHI! (21:49:53) :

    410 – Nice. I’d light up with her anyday.

    411 – Indeed.

    413- Possibly, but who knows? We don’t. So let’s just make it even more interesting for her, okay? :D

  • 10 02 2007
  • 415.  Thorvald (07:54:52) :

    Stop your recruiting, /b/tard.

    The goons cometh. Surrender and you may live.

  • 16 02 2007
  • 416.  Bruno (05:34:36) :

    Julianna, eres lo mas hermoso que he conocido en este mundo,
    eres sin dunda una muchacha muy talentosa, inteligente, hermosa, simpatica… entre otras grandes virtudes…
    yo estudio cine y espero algun dia tener la posibilidad de trabajar ud!

    no tengo palabras para poder seguir expresando lo que siento cada vez que te veo… (u.u)

    cuidese mucho y espero que siga en sus proyectos con toda la confianza del mundo, sin rendirse, porque estoy seguro de que todo lo que te propongas lo cumpliras!

    bye, un gran beso ! *O*

  • 19 02 2007
    21 02 2007
  • 418.  ?????? (05:51:02) :


  • 25 02 2007
  • 419.  Donny (07:41:08) :

    Jeez, she is hott, without the pink on Lazy Town………. Get me her phone number, I’ll ask her for some sex and alone time

  • 25 02 2007
  • 420.  edison (21:52:40) :

    hello no permito que hablen asi de ella plis xD …. que se cuiden los malditos si hablan mal de ella plis ojala que me agradesca ella o si no que se va hacer man she is stephanie the 8 years old

  • 25 02 2007
  • 421.  PrEDatOr (22:47:03) :

    perverted justice dieeeeeee!!!!!   i wont stop splurging to stephanie pics till i retire ..or at least until she grows boobage (^_^;;     pedo bear 4ever!!!!!

  • 25 02 2007
  • 422.  PrEDatOr (22:51:48) :

    most wanted loli

  • 26 02 2007
  • 423.  TheAbyss (00:57:29) :

    this is now the official thread to leave messages for JRM

    Julianna dont mind everything you read above, we are all just kidding, this is a joke site


    p.s I love you

  • 26 02 2007
  • 424.  zomg (01:42:21) :

    hi JRM i think u are a grate race car driver goodluck in nascars

  • 26 02 2007
  • 425.  AngelBaby (02:07:59) :

    wouldn’t that be JPM?

  • 28 02 2007
  • 426.  ERIK loves julianna (18:18:54) :

    hi julianna , my name’s erikand i have 15 years old and i think what you are very pretty and beautiful
    girl and i respect you but you are the most beautiful girl what i can see and all my life.

    julianna please read this letter and please answer me my mail is

    maradona10_d1os@hotmail.com am waiting ¡¡¡¡ohh i thanks for your time !!!!

  • 28 02 2007
  • 427.  zomg (18:35:41) :

    425 I know isn’t it hilarious!!!! It’s like in Mad About You when someone wrote a book that had characters based on Paul and Jamie in it, and Paul’s character was called Raul, and Paul realized that it was just his name with an extra leg on the P.


  • 28 02 2007
  • 428.  ERIK loves julianna (20:57:58) :

    hi, julianna it´s me again my other mail it´s

    handsomeboy_15@yahoo.com please write me am waiting .

    i think you are a beautiful angel , please answer me .

  • 1 03 2007
  • 429.  solidsnake (01:33:28) :

    do you think juls will get into porn like emma watson

  • 1 03 2007
  • 430.  Bill Clay (02:19:16) :

    #428- ERIK, I predict you are going to receive some VERY strange emails!

    There’s no one on this site cruel enough to email him pretending to be Julianna, is there? :P

  • 1 03 2007
  • 431.  solidsnake (03:28:11) :

    solid snake here again since i only have 3 months to live i was just wondering…..ummmm….uhhh if juls would lick my bung-hole i mean its kinda dry from running through the desert so come on juls give me a little love and ill let you touch IT!!!!

    love:david hayter

  • 2 03 2007
  • 432.  AnonOSHI! (15:39:23) :

    431 – I LOL’D

    Oh ya, a message.


    You’re hot.


    -Anon Oshi!

  • 2 03 2007
  • 433.  Swiegocki (16:05:45) :


  • 3 03 2007
  • 434.  ERIK loves julianna (16:58:55) :

    i l o v e J U L I A N N A R O S E M A U R I E L L O

  • 4 03 2007
  • 435.  kokito (23:06:45) :

    julianna rose me gusta mucho es muy bonita kiero su msn

  • 4 03 2007
  • 436.  kokito (23:08:36) :


  • 5 03 2007
  • 437.  jimbob (11:23:10) :

    they should make a sex doll i mean thats not illegal is it????hell i think that would make a good topic it could have little pink pussy hair just enough so
    a sick pedo like me could really get off……….did i say that out loud?????

  • 7 03 2007
  • 438.  Youguysaremadlygay (20:53:55) :

    One day a kid that enjoys lazy town is gunna look it up on google, and you know whats going to happen. The same thing that happened to me, they’re gunna find this site and become horribly disturbed. P.S. 437 is sooooooooo gross. Yes sex dolls with pink pussy hair is illegal, blue onry.

  • 8 03 2007
  • 439.  Skarastajamondudelee (02:01:12) :

    whaaaa??? man this thread really getting intresting, alot of spanish people too, is that show just hitting you guys or wtf
    also, id buy a pink haired love doll :P

  • 13 03 2007
  • 440.  hahahahahahah (12:37:23) :

    me and my mate just read through all of this. your all sick. what ARE you doing? do you have no lives?

    p.s. we all know stingy was the fittest on lazytown.

  • 13 03 2007
  • 441.  skarastajamondudeleethereturnofthefap (18:21:15) :

    what are you doing? I have the ability to respond to your remark thus making me ALIVE oooooooooo…

  • 14 03 2007
  • 442.  Bruno (03:40:32) :

    hola julianna !! *O*
    espero que estes super bien!!
    quiero mandarte un beso tremendo, usted es muy talentosa y se que
    tendra exito como actriz, pues es un lindo sueño que no esta muy lejos
    para usted
    me gustaria que me escribiese a mi email (>.

  • 14 03 2007
  • 443.  Bruno (03:43:23) :
  • 14 03 2007
  • 444.  i touched myself (19:52:26) :

    i have a friend that looks a lot like her but sadly she wont dye her hair pink……sigh……….:(

  • 15 03 2007
  • 445.  EDUARDO MIGUEL RAMIRES GUSMAN (20:48:44) :


  • 17 03 2007
  • 446.  nacho (09:23:36) :

    hey !! i come back again =)

  • 17 03 2007
  • 447.  sexman (09:34:41) :

    hey in lazy town u have sex whit robbie robbie rottens ??

    i want have sex whit u plz !!!

  • 21 03 2007
  • 448.  Milo Victor (01:43:57) :

    You’re all sick animals!!!!! You will suffer for what you’ve done!!!!!

  • 21 03 2007
  • 449.  Milo Victor (01:53:17) :

    Just think about what Julianna will think when she sees your messages! You people don’t have consciences. You people are maniacs! corrupt, perverted, sick!

  • 21 03 2007
  • 450.  stephen (03:12:15) :

    OMG if u know julianna rose mauriello msn please add me and tell me kk schmackos_771@hotmail.com please tell me if u know

  • 21 03 2007
    22 03 2007
  • 452.  skarastajamondudeleethereturnofthefap (00:30:02) :

    woa u dun got cunnectiuns ;)

  • 22 03 2007
  • 453.  zomg (02:21:22) :

    well done, 451. well done.

  • 22 03 2007
  • 454.  skarastajamondudeleethereturnofthefap (13:33:35) :

    ^^^agreed, also who’s her friend?????

  • 22 03 2007
  • 455.  juliann (20:29:44) :





    my mail: juliann.mansilla@hotmail.com

  • 23 03 2007
  • 456.  skarastajamondudeleethereturnofthefap (01:10:05) :

    i think she may be lesbiaaaaaaaan or maybe thats just random teen girl play hmmmmmmmmm???????????

  • 23 03 2007
  • 457.  The_Abyss (11:37:56) :

    I fapped to the one of Julianna on top of the other girl,
    she’s so hott

  • 23 03 2007
  • 458.  skarastajamondudeleethereturnofthefap (14:17:00) :


  • 23 03 2007
  • 459.  AnonOSHI! (21:44:26) :


  • 23 03 2007
  • 460.  yoooooooooo (21:55:34) :

    yeah shes real pretty, but i wanna see pics of her 21 year old model sister

  • 23 03 2007
  • 461.  kris (22:17:55) :

    yeah she is pretty but i wanna see pics of her 21 year old model sister

  • 24 03 2007
  • 462.  Jason (00:06:01) :

    those are the old pictures on her myspace music profile.
    She deleted them last time she logged in, end of story, no stalking, just someone wishing they could.

  • 24 03 2007
  • 463.  zomg (01:05:17) :

    don’t spoil our fun

  • 24 03 2007
  • 464.  skarastajamondudeleethereturnofthefap (02:05:39) :


  • 24 03 2007
  • 465.  yea im a little be of a stalker (15:27:08) :

    (im the one who posted the pictures in comment 451) ummm actually they are nottt from her old music myspace at all ..they are from facebook … and unless you have like mutual friends or anything … you cant get them

  • 24 03 2007
  • 466.  Sacha (20:17:18) :

    No, but I can take them down from Facebook if that’s a hint for you.
    People like you are why I deleted my myspace.
    Don’t think you are the only person in the world who goes to PPAS

  • 24 03 2007
  • 467.  zomg (20:19:22) :

    You forgot to change your name to Juls, Sacha

  • 24 03 2007
  • 468.  AngelBaby (20:41:09) :

    or Tiffany, or Jason…two of the other names that have posted comments from that same IP today.

  • 24 03 2007
  • 469.  soooo (20:59:47) :

    So where did they come from?

    meh, if we never know who cares?

  • 25 03 2007
  • 470.  Sacha (02:50:05) :

    Justin knows…

  • 25 03 2007
  • 471.  pedro (14:05:34) :

    could anyone post the pictures here?

  • 25 03 2007
  • 472.  psycho (19:41:31) :


  • 25 03 2007
  • 473.  zomg (23:19:31) :

    true story?

  • 26 03 2007
  • 474.  skarastajamondudeleethereturnofthefap (01:05:57) :

    im outta here yo enough is enough with that last post 472 thats not cool man

  • 26 03 2007
  • 475.  psycho (04:52:15) :


  • 26 03 2007
  • 476.  truth (08:06:54) :

    451u did nothing to get them pictures because they were added to her myspace account so stop tellin lies that u got big connextions

  • 26 03 2007
  • 477.  JM (10:29:23) :

    the thread is still active? what the hell??

  • 26 03 2007
  • 478.  AnonOSHI! (14:33:35) :

    What is going on here.

  • 26 03 2007
  • 479.  lzytwnluvr (18:17:11) :


    no those pics just got added to her myspace profile today and i saved them from here last week. she posted a bulletin today about the new pics and coming out as a lesbian. she also responded to a message i sent and approved my comment. i’m kind of wondering if it’s even really her profile now. seems strange those pics were posted here first then they show up on the profile 5 days later.


  • 26 03 2007
    26 03 2007
  • 481.  JulWackerAtJoesPub (23:51:33) :

    I was at joes pub on Sunday the 25th @ 9:30p.m. to watch julianna in the Runaways concert. and let me say although julianna didn’t stay for the after party i still got my fill if you get my drift


    Spanky was out in the restroom stall and everything

    Wack Attack – he he he

    The cast included Ezra Miller, Garrett Zuercher, Eric Anthony, Shonn Wiley, Alex Brightman, Shaun Taylor-Corbett, Max Jenkins, Eric Nelsen, Karla Mosley, Karen DiConcetto, Idara Victor, Alexis Sims, Aryana Rodriguez, and Juliana Rose Mauriello

  • 27 03 2007
  • 482.  pedro (02:48:24) :

    i mean the pictures sascha was talking about.

  • 27 03 2007
  • 483.  Sacha (10:58:50) :


    Looks to me like you just robbed the myspace account which has a ton of pictures of her on there and trust me, you didnt get into her facebook account… Let me post a screenshot of it for you HAHAHA

    look at it VERY carefully…

  • 27 03 2007
  • 484.  Sacha (15:27:18) :


    Whose Facebook is it?

    It’s my face book.

    And now I’m going to close out all of myspace fans again, thank you mr idiot.


    I am nothing like I am on lt. lt was a job, this is my life.

    dont pretend to know me or anyone I know, every picture you got you took from my myspace page. Sacha is a name Addy used on here to tease people like you, want to see me in a swimsuit? I can accomodate.

    If your my friend and we’re at the pool.

    next time think twice freak

  • 27 03 2007
  • 485.  zomg (18:27:12) :

    You’re an actor. just act like we’re friends, and at the pool.

  • 27 03 2007
  • 486.  pfft (18:29:58) :

    I think you mean actress?

    But either way, its all a load of it.
    Its all to creepy, but its been an interesting read, to hell with soap operas I have the internet!

  • 27 03 2007
  • 487.  zomg (19:23:06) :

    I think I mean actor, kthx

  • 27 03 2007
  • 488.  pfft (19:58:22) :

    You saying its a dude pretending to be her. Sounds about right.

    Hell everyone knows its not her.

    “She” would not have said the shit “she” said to me, and send me the pics she did lolz.

  • 27 03 2007
  • 489.  AnonOSHI (20:09:45) :

    484 – No one can be at the pool. The Pool is closed.

  • 27 03 2007
  • 490.  zomg (20:45:02) :

    488 I am saying “actor” is a perfectly fine way to refer to JRM (not that that is JRM for reals). I mean, actor doesn’t mean “a male actor”. Because that would be stupid.

  • 27 03 2007
  • 491.  skarastajamondudeleethereturnofthefap (21:27:49) :

    she’s a lesbian???? if so then I KNEW IT, and congrats to you if not then excuse my bullshit ;)

  • 27 03 2007
  • 492.  skarastajamondudeleethereturnofthefap (21:33:19) :

    juuuuuuuuuust kiddin this thread is fun

  • 27 03 2007
  • 493.  lzytwnlvr (22:19:41) :


    who’s the freak? don’t delete your account. just block people you don’t want to be bothered by.

  • 28 03 2007
  • 494.  The_Abyss (11:08:03) :

    “want to see me in a swimsuit? I can accomodate.”

    HAHAhahahaha like the real julianna would say something like that lulz

    (but if you are the real Julz pls send swimsuit pics to justin so he can put it up)

  • 29 03 2007
  • 495.  aaron (03:54:17) :

    TurboFace FTW!


  • 29 03 2007
  • 496.  zomg (20:01:12) :

    from that site: “see you made your way over to dontlinkthis lol. I read all of the comments wow, poor guy got raped by stodghill.” huh?

  • 29 03 2007
  • 497.  Ruben Payan (23:24:48) :

    Hola soy de nicaragua y me gusta mucho el programa de julianna me gustaria conocerla aunque sea chatenado con ella me gustaria q me dieran su correo please

  • 30 03 2007
  • 498.  skarastajamondudeleethereturnofthefap (00:17:30) :

    ^^you dont matter

  • 30 03 2007
  • 499.  I'msobad (02:07:53) :

    BTW, in case anyone has any doubts, “Sacha” or whatever, is David Stodghill. And Mr. Mauriello has been contacted about his fake myspace and his cyberstalking. Also, and don’t ask me how I know this, she’s not gay. Stodghill’s just doing this cuz he think’s it’ll help his lamewad no-talent “actress” daughter. So, you guys can go back to your lil fantasies.

  • 30 03 2007
  • 500.  Thorvald (05:26:51) :

    lol, I knew he was a lying douchebag from a while ago.

  • 30 03 2007
  • 501.  i touched myself (13:29:47) :

    if i impregnate a woman and injected food coloring in her womb will the baby have green skin????

  • 31 03 2007
  • 502.  Maikel (15:47:43) :

    I don´t think so!
    I heard about someone called “Swiegocki”. Maybe he will play a role next to julianna.

  • 1 04 2007
  • 503.  Nickelodeon (07:21:08) :

    Hey kids. Check out new episodes of LazyTown this week on Nickelodeon Monday-Friday at 1:30 P.M.

    Bonus clip here.

  • 1 04 2007
  • 504.  cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (13:31:43) :


  • 3 04 2007
  • 505.  ZiggyWPG (15:53:28) :

    I think Julianna Rose is a very talented and extremely beautiful individual.

    Anyone would truely blessed to have any aquaintance with her at all!

    Any guy who gets together with Julianna should count his lucky stars and treat her with the love and respect she more than deserves!!!

    If it was me… well, I be happy till the day I died! Without a doubt!

  • 3 04 2007
  • 506.  ZiggyWPG (16:13:20) :

    If anyone here is respectful, and honest, please send me appropriate photos.


  • 3 04 2007
  • 507.  Nickelodeon (21:21:10) :


    Sure ZiggyWPG. Here’s the bonus LazyTown footage i fucked up posting the link to in my last post. Enjoy!!!


  • 4 04 2007
  • 508.  Aynatix (03:47:18) :

    This page is so funny! And we get eye candy! WO0!T

  • 4 04 2007
  • 509.  ZiggyWPG (08:20:37) :

    ‘Sigh’ Yet another BAD and somewhat sad picture which completely shows not everyone has talent! LOL

    But still a little funny… I think.

  • 4 04 2007
  • 510.  Demetrius from the 509 (19:07:51) :

    damn u u got my number ziggy. but anyways im 14 also and yes julianna is pretty hot and all but i mean u bastards r going overboard u know what i mean? OH and i dooo gotta girl friend that’s y im not fucking my hand and pretending its her u old bastards im talking to u. but if any of u or julianna wanna contact me hit me up at http://www.myspace.com/ddoggj23 or hcawthorne@centurytel.net HOLLA BACK

  • 5 04 2007
    5 04 2007
  • 512.  Me (16:16:29) :

    I just like her pink tights… :)

  • 5 04 2007
  • 513.  JONATHAN (16:56:39) :


  • 7 04 2007
  • 514.  ramiro gonzalo (21:38:07) :

    julianna rose I love you I do not support to be without you my name is ramiro Gonzalo and I am Peruvian but I love you from the moment that I saw you every day I think about and never it will let make it so that I love you and daria my life by you. my electronic mail is wwe_unchained@hotmail.com I love you

  • 8 04 2007
  • 515.  nacho (13:34:29) :

    julianna i dont love u.

    u not r whit my feel.

    only i want a friend from other country.

    im actor too

  • 9 04 2007
  • 516.  officer fucktard the little girl fucker (10:31:56) :

    you all are under arrest freeze!!!!!

  • 9 04 2007
  • 517.  Roadkill (17:54:43) :

    Wow, can’t believe I read all that. Some pretty weird comments in here (472, 501, 504… and those are just the recent ones..) but yeah. that was fun to read. >>>>

  • 9 04 2007
  • 518.  Thorvald (19:08:14) :

    If this thread lacked /b/tards, it would be dramatically better.

  • 9 04 2007
  • 519.  zomg (20:42:41) :

    If this thread lacked Thorvald, it would be legendary.

  • 10 04 2007
  • 520.  sambob (11:46:10) :

    wow what a great thread. only looked cos julianne is a very sweet and nice girl. she may even be of legal age by the time this thread wraps up.

    AngelBaby rocks p

  • 12 04 2007
  • 521.  chirpy (08:51:08) :

    how old is she? she looks 8 on lazy town and 15 in photos im confused

  • 13 04 2007
  • 522.  Just a Fan (20:08:11) :

    Do yous talk about anything else

  • 14 04 2007
  • 523.  longcat (05:25:21) :

    first poast of the day! i was lured here by the sight of lazytowns loli in her underwear. that is all.

  • 14 04 2007
  • 524.  sophie (07:27:38) :

    hi i am 11 years old i know all ur songs and i probably know the most about u than anyone else ur pretty and it would be really nice if u sent me ur email to me mine is kokoropeach3@hotmail.co.uk

    bubi xxx

  • 14 04 2007
  • 525.  Just a Fan (11:50:48) :

    i wonder if she was paid to be on lazytown

  • 15 04 2007
  • 526.  sophie (09:32:37) :

    ofcorse she was

  • 16 04 2007
  • 527.  Just a Fan (09:05:22) :

    i bet it was loads

  • 16 04 2007
  • 528.  JM (10:18:38) :

    No shit…. appear on television for ages, you’re expected something. Why are you even here? let this thread die.

  • 16 04 2007
  • 529.  Just a Fan (11:22:51) :

    shut it

  • 16 04 2007
  • 530.  Just a Fan (11:25:47) :

    anyone live in New York who knows julianna

  • 16 04 2007
  • 531.  Mongo (19:31:18) :

    “anyone live in New York who knows julianna”

    Yeah, I do….and she told me to tell you to STFU.

  • 17 04 2007
  • 532.  Beanruto (00:51:53) :

    JRM YO SOY MIRA NEGRO, QUE?!?!??!?!?!??!!

  • 17 04 2007
  • 533.  Just a Fan (11:29:13) :


    i heard u were weird and fucked u mother now thats jst sick

  • 18 04 2007
  • 534.  David Diminor (13:49:15) :

    Just A friend:
    “anyone live in New York who knows julianna”

    “Yeah, I do….and she told me to tell you to STFU.”

    Just a friend:
    “i heard u were weird and fucked u mother now thats jst sick”

    I am just quoting people because I don’t have nothing interesting to say.

  • 18 04 2007
  • 535.  skarastajamondudeleereturnofthefapIII (13:51:21) :

    above was me

  • 18 04 2007
  • 536.  Just a Fan (16:46:38) :

    heard the news lately

  • 20 04 2007
  • 537.  Rodriguez (11:02:45) :

    There are some very sad people in this world and most of you (especially ones leaving email adresses) are them. I am seventeen and i accept she is attractive but i doubt any of you would have a chance with her. And i am already going out wiv some1.
    As woody said so long ya looneys

  • 20 04 2007
  • 538.  Mr. Gazpacho (11:45:38) :

    This shit is… creepy.
    Come on, seriously, do all these opinions really exist?
    Some of them have got to be jokes.
    If that really was Julianna posting under a fake ID, congratulations busting all these sad pedophiles. Gave me a sort of “Hehe, the end of the world hath begun” giggle reading all these posts, sort of like watching american sit-coms.
    Seriously, i don’t mind people thinking of her as a beautiful girl, a talented actor et.c. (since both are true) but when requests go out for swimsuit pics it has just gone too far. How many email adresses were posted in the beginning of the thread? Enough to keep the feds busy for a while, I guess.
    As for the show, it’s great. The message is so effective that it actually made ME live a healthier life, and I’m about 10 years older than the target audience. I can’t imagine how much it must do for actual kids watching it.
    So, still assuming Julianna might read this once in a million years, keep on making it as long as you can fake being an eight year old, then make sure Magnus Scheving finds a decent successor. Also, tell Magnus I dig his moustache and would like a signed copy of it sent to me! :P

    Sincerely, some random Swedish person.

    P.S. This is for all of you, avoid the swedish version of LazyTown, Sportacus lost his awesome icelandic accent.

  • 20 04 2007
  • 539.  Rodriguez. Jr (13:05:50) :

    Yo bro what you doin on sad peoples sites like these. Mr. Gazpacho well said sept for da moustache bit. Julianna fit or what but ur nvr gonna get a bit of dat. Gotta go bro. Have a good time you wnkrs

  • 20 04 2007
  • 540.  Rodriguez. Jr (13:56:58) :
  • 20 04 2007
  • 541.  Rodriguez (15:01:26) :

    WTF u postin shit like dat for u lil pedo turd

  • 20 04 2007
  • 542.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (17:10:11) :

    wow i mean wow wouldnt you like to stick it in her ass work it around a little and then make her scream like the little slut she is ream that shit out and go straight from ass to mouth ahhhhhhh its a piece of cake to bake a perfect cake its in the way you make it

  • 20 04 2007
  • 543.  I hate pedeophiles (20:07:52) :

    Sad bunch of Pedophiles…specially the cunbucket from hell named chuck norris

  • 21 04 2007
  • 544.  jonny.L&M (03:19:50) :


  • 21 04 2007
  • 545.  aaron (03:40:55) :

    a todos mis freinds de habla hispana. Julianna nunca estaba aquí y nunca contestará a tus email. La fijación de tu email address o número de teléfono no te conseguirá nada sino phonecalls que acosan y el correo del Spam. satisfacer tan la parada que pide ella entrarte en contacto con que nunca sucederá. Jr. del martinez de Juan.

  • 21 04 2007
  • 546.  Just a Fan (08:24:01) :
  • 21 04 2007
  • 547.  Just a Fan (08:58:47) :

    tht is kinda sick , maybe people hav desperate needs , or just dirty sick ********

  • 21 04 2007
  • 548.  eliana (18:26:32) :

    sos re linda

  • 21 04 2007
  • 549.  franco (20:12:48) :

    superrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!

  • 22 04 2007
  • 550.  pedro (07:06:10) :

    does anyone have the pictures of her myspace?

  • 22 04 2007
  • 551.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (17:02:16) :

    first post of the day bitches!!!! i would like to see her and the sprouse twins dressed like abe linclon and george warshington double penetrate her pink little ass

  • 23 04 2007
  • 552.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (01:48:48) :

    first post again bitches!!!!

  • 23 04 2007
  • 553.  Rodriguez (15:16:11) :

    Yeh accept you didnt get the first post yesterday wanker

  • 23 04 2007
  • 554.  zomg (15:18:11) :

    I hate you

  • 23 04 2007
  • 555.  zomg (15:22:52) :

    I hate 552 that is. Not you Roddy. Can I call you Roddy?

  • 24 04 2007
  • 556.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (03:41:40) :

    first post bitches!!!!lets see hmmmmmm??? how about her and larry the cable guy celebrity sex tape they could play her music in the background and she could say her little song noises like ding-dang when shes climaxing and then finish it off with a donkey show with the guy from post 555 zomg as the star big donkey dick right in your ass

  • 24 04 2007
  • 557.  Just a Fan (08:28:43) :

    u r sad 556.

  • 24 04 2007
  • 558.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (09:02:40) :

    dont make me go chuck norris on your ass just a fan cause i will im from hell remember i dont think you should piss me off

  • 24 04 2007
  • 559.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (23:33:54) :

    first post again bitches…………….. i have no life but just you wait until you see me on dateline im going to shove a broom up my own ass and say i hate little girls over and over

  • 25 04 2007
  • 560.  pedro (02:59:56) :

    look at the date it was still the the 24th…

  • 25 04 2007
  • 561.  Sid (12:56:43) :

    I can’t believe all the weird ass stuff on here people! I wouldn’t even know where to begin so I’m not even going to bother except to say this: “The cumbucket…” is a TARD and is clearly asking to be arrested or worse. Pedo’s are just LOVED in jail :). If ms. Mauriello ever happens to really hit this site I hope she undergoes psyche treatment and destroys the pc that was used lol. I actually do watch the show and why not? Got started due to a friend’s daughter who’s five and this girl has talent!! Give credit to anyone with the guts to perform infront of a camera as I’m way to scared to even publicly speak. Most of you need help and you know who you are. Btw, what happened to the lawsuit “Justin-I-Busted-You”? What a ‘tard!!! Interesting what idle hands will get up to lol. Anyway, as most of you can tell by my spelling, I’m not some “punk-kid” and happened on this site looking for info on ms. Mauriello. So glad I wasted my time but atleast some of the posts are funny. Love the espagnola ones (they’re the best). Nothing else to say ‘cept to the people who are on here for other than “pedo” reasons – what is with these weirdos? Is there really this many sickos around? Sorry I ever had kids. Good luck slamming the nuts and pervs who deserve it!!! L8r

  • 25 04 2007
  • 562.  Just a Fan (16:39:50) :

    Now theres a true fan

  • 25 04 2007
  • 563.  Just a Fan (16:42:50) :

    This thing poped up asking my age, did that happen to any of u.
    Ps did u watch the man u game

  • 25 04 2007
  • 564.  Mr YoungFeetLover (17:04:19) :

    anyone ever seen her barefeet, or know of any pictures/videos with her feet in?


  • 25 04 2007
  • 565.  ramiro gonzalo (22:42:25) :

    julianna rose I love you I need to you, I want much I do not support to you to be single without only wanted tocarte love I love you .

  • 25 04 2007
  • 566.  Sid (23:07:27) :

    thx #563 I like “George Shrinks” too lol. I don’t wanna grow up I’m a ^&&^ kid Didn’t want to shamelessly plug them lol. L8r

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smells like…Victory!

  • 26 04 2007
  • 567.  Rory (13:37:13) :

    Yar har fiddle dee dee

  • 28 04 2007
  • 568.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (00:00:27) :

    first post bitches!!!!!! hey sid did you know i masterbate to hannah montanna furiously and i use a mustard jar that i warmed up in the microwave its kinda messy and my cock is a strange color and smells funny but i just cant help myself and sid you seem very intelligent could you suggest a good shrink i just dont want to be a slave to my penius anymore i bet your real purrrrrrrtttttyyyyyyy the underpants gnomes steal underpants steal underpants all day workin hard to steal underpants steal underpants all day!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 28 04 2007
  • 569.  skarastajamondudeleereturnofthefapIII (00:43:52) :

    this is great stuff man good reads moar!

  • 28 04 2007
  • 570.  MyWildMonday (02:02:59) :

    Damn. That’s a long thread.

  • 28 04 2007
  • 571.  Just a Fan (04:23:45) :

    cumbucket , maybe the fact that u havent had a lass b4 is why u acting like a desperate fucker. Get a life man, kids come on this website. they wont know wht any of that shit is yet

  • 28 04 2007
  • 572.  Mongo (05:44:27) :

    Should have known that “Just a Fag” was a Manure supporter. They’re all inbred pedos. With you posting here every day, it’s kind of ironic you telling someone else to get a life….hahaha! I got news for you loser…you’re a stalker! The vans coming to get you!!!

  • 28 04 2007
  • 573.  Just a Fan (06:31:34) :

    Im a stalker u rekon mate. The fact that juli hasnt been on this web, so how the hell am i a stalker. I only go on this site to find info on Threatre events tht juli mind be in. and the latest info on her carreer. and do u not realise the name .( Just a fan) thats all i am prick.

  • 28 04 2007
  • 574.  Mong (06:35:08) :

    Im sorry Just a Fan i admitt im a pedo who loves little girls

  • 28 04 2007
  • 575.  Just a Fan (06:36:30) :


  • 28 04 2007
  • 576.  Just a Fan (23:08:20) :

    Ohhhhh…i understand.

    Yeah im a pedo in love with little girls too

  • 29 04 2007
  • 577.  Mongo (03:35:19) :


    Crap, Just a Fag…do you like talking to yourself?!?! What a pedo loser! Are you lonely from getting turned down all the time from real teen girls, or blow up dolls?

    Yes, you are a stalker, and a liar as well. What a load of bullshit, that you’re only here to check this blog out to see what theatre stuff she’s going to be doing. Hahaha!!! As if this page would give that kind of info. out! It’s so obvious that it isn’t even approved by her or her agent. What a lying douchebag you are!

    Word of advice dumbass…if you’re going to fake a post in my name, at least get my user name right. It’s Mongo, not Mong…and since you called me Mong earlier, it’s only obvious that it was you who tried to fake a post in my name. Hahaha..you Manc’ twats aren’t too intelligent are you?

  • 29 04 2007
  • 578.  CAMILA (15:24:33) :

    hola me llamo cvamila y soy tu idola la numeri 1 bueno me oy chao

  • 29 04 2007
  • 579.  Just a Fan (16:03:40) :

    Mongo u r weird . hav u ever heard of broadway u prick, u wonder why im on this chat why the fuck r u on it , your the fucking pedo , if u seen a man doin a little girl up the ass u would probably join in and wht kind of name is mongo.
    and who ever pretended to be u was som1 else, so oviously som1 else cant stand your pedo ways. lol

  • 29 04 2007
  • 580.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (20:48:32) :

    no one seems to like just a fan and theres not been a post on the pink in a long time just admit you would suck your daddys cock just to have a chance with the pink and anyway i need help damnit please someone theres like five eight year old girls stalking me and i know its real this time i seen her she was there they love and i just cant wait to rape her hahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
    do your ears hang low do they wobble to and throuh

  • 30 04 2007
  • 581.  Just a Fan (15:53:15) :

    Theres another fuckin idiot , u na wht u need 580 , a granny to teach u some manners.lol

  • 30 04 2007
  • 582.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (17:36:06) :

    i happen to live with my granny just a fan you fucking fag how about you go see how many pretzels you can shove up your asshole i bet your like the weird kid off american beauty you sicko!!!!!

  • 30 04 2007
  • 583.  Sid (19:36:21) :

    OMG! This is like some bad episode of no life to live or some other crap soap opera! rofl So now there is another reason for the internet other than porn, it’s “jerry springer” type entertainment! Wonder what happened to ZOMG, Angelbaby, Thorvald… You know the fun people? Don’t let the weirdos take over, keep the relative I.Q. higher by posting something plz? Maybe I’m crazy but wasn’t the intention of the thread to talk about JM – aka Stephanie and not about mustard jars and other retard things? Anyone know of links to Lazytown that show clips in foreign languages? Would love to hear what they sound like in german or mandarin. Also is there an official contact for Julianna? Want to say “Good job”. And please don’t even bother with pedo comments or links. L8r and thanks.

  • 1 05 2007
  • 584.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (02:36:15) :

    first post bitches would you like to see me my pizza is wet for you

  • 1 05 2007
  • 585.  pedro (07:40:09) :

    enough of this ‘first post bitches’ you retard

  • 1 05 2007
  • 586.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (08:45:09) :

    lick my ass pedro dont you like girls fucktard im going to shave my ass hair till i have enough to burn you alive with it and then im going to make your youngest female family member dress up like steph and im going……………..

  • 1 05 2007
  • 587.  Garth2k (18:37:17) :

    dude, chill… stephanie is a nice spanking target.

  • 1 05 2007
  • 588.  skarastajamondudeleereturnofthefapIII (23:27:06) :

    BWAAAAHAHAHAHA LIKE I SAID MAN, GOOD READS!! this cumbucket guy is a riot and so are all of you taking it seriously!

  • 2 05 2007
  • 589.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (00:59:01) :

    i have a fan……… little miss muffin sat on her tuffent eatin her pussy for play and along came a cumbucket and somthing happend and now im married to a fat bitch who i dont like do any of you know a good shrink?????

  • 2 05 2007
  • 590.  Mongo (02:43:05) :

    Broadway???? That’s a laugh. You left a link to a video of her showing her pink panties from behind for shits sake! And you expect people to believe that you’re here because you’re interested in her theatrical career????? What a fucking retard liar you are Just a Fag. They have websites for that kind of information, and it’s obvious to anyone with a brain that this ain’t one of those sites. hahaha!! You are such a pedo…

    Why don’t you learn how to write while you’re at it you dickhead!

  • 2 05 2007
  • 591.  Just a Fan (07:23:32) :

    oviously mongo i gathered that . R u still gan on about that, i already know your a nonce, and tht u pokelittle girls but just drop the subject.

    Sid i know how u can see juli n different languages,

  • 2 05 2007
  • 592.  Just a Fan (07:30:17) :

    Mongo u r thick just like cumbucket, maybe u 2 should get a flat together and sniff popaz so u dont get hurt every time u fuck each other up the ass.

  • 2 05 2007
  • 593.  Just a Fan (07:36:49) :

    and 1 more thing mongo . I shorten words down when typin, so i dont hav to type much. But u were 2 thick to notice.

    I think there making a lazytown game, well thts wht ive heard.

  • 2 05 2007
  • 594.  neil (10:43:37) :

    Hola julianna rose mauriello since I am of peru my mail electronoco is neilrenzo_1232@hotmail.com my, GO it(he,she) is neil_cahill_10 I wait q add me chau I love you look after yourself

  • 3 05 2007
  • 595.  Silvess (02:02:04) :

    Julianna is only 14. Sexual language may be abit to much at her age right now. I am 18, but still she is to young. She is a cute girl, and played on a show that I myself have no major interest in. I think Julianna may have a big future on the big screen if that is one of her desires, and that she could be a great childrens actress. I hope to see her in future films. GO JULI!

  • 3 05 2007
  • 596.  Mongo (04:07:00) :

    Just a Fag…you’re the one who needs to drop it, you sorry excuse for a human being. The more you write, the more ridiculous you look. I sure hope that you’re Julianna’s age, because if you’re older than her, and you write like a 10 year old girl text messaging her friend, there’s no hope for you. Either that or you’re a lazy fuck who never made it past grade 4.

    Hey you thick pedo….great performance against Milan yesterday!!! Hahahahaha, you sorry Manc’ fag.

  • 3 05 2007
  • 597.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (05:55:11) :

    my sister is a tard i was hung over and had no sleep and had to move enough furniture to fill the largest uhaul to the top and there was still junk left so i took a sledgehammer and busted the rest of the stuff so my tard of a mom would not try to get it to at least i stole her air conditioner and little fridge cause im a bastard

  • 3 05 2007
  • 598.  Just a Fan (15:32:29) :

    mongo , i support arsenal. silvess juli is 16 on may 26, she was 14 a long time ago. lol
    and mongo its ( just a fan) not fag

  • 3 05 2007
  • 599.  Silvess (16:44:18) :

    Oh! I have just been reading through the posts, and had no idea how old they really were! Thanks for the info Just A Fan. Sexual language may still be abit to much though. It all depends how she herself feels about that kind of stuff. XD

  • 3 05 2007
  • 600.  Mongo (19:22:55) :

    Arsenal? hahaha!!! A Gooner is supposed to be better? hahahaha!!!

    Silvess, sheesh…c’mon. How many more times are you going to mention that “Sexual Language” may be a bit too much for Julianna???? As if she seriously lurks in this blog to find out what fans are saying about her…like it’s her legitimate fan site….duh. Believe me, her ears would have melted weeks ago. I’m sure that her parents blocked this site on her computer as it’s obvious that this blog is just a joke for pedo stalkers to fuck around in. I mean look at the pictures that people have linked to…including that old man pedo, Faggy Boy.

    The sooner you and Faggoty Fag figure that out, the sooner you too will get serious about finding a REAL fansite about her.

  • 4 05 2007
  • 601.  skarastajamondudeleereturnofthefapIII (00:50:16) :

    ^^^^he’s right you know.

  • 4 05 2007
  • 602.  zomg (01:14:21) :

    I wanted to be 600

  • 4 05 2007
  • 603.  Silvess (01:33:28) :

    I may not like talking about someone under age, but hey! Your right! This is just a blog, and you are allowed to say what you like, so talk on!

  • 4 05 2007
  • 604.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (02:02:34) :

    SUPER!!!!! silvess you are a fucktardyour boring so quit posting here and leave the rest of us freaks alone you shit licking bastardi wish i could shove a trench coat up your penius(by the way i know how to spell penis but it looks bigger with the u in it)you damnlicous whore bomb

  • 4 05 2007
  • 605.  Just a Fan (15:40:01) :

    mongo at least call me my Just a fan, do i call u my weird names no so fukin pack it in u prick or im gona get nasty

  • 4 05 2007
  • 606.  Just a Fan (15:44:27) :

    some1 close to juli as in good friends told her about this website he told me tht juli just laughted at wht he told her, and replyed ” Boys will be boys”
    wanna know more Mongo …. nar go fuk u self

  • 4 05 2007
  • 607.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (21:54:26) :

    just a fan do you really know juli?????? i think your full of shit but thats prob what shed say and mongos alright he just wants to fap to juli pics like the rest of us

  • 5 05 2007
  • 608.  Mongo (02:25:33) :

    Oooooh, you’re going to get nasty, Just a Faggoty Faggoty Fag Fag? I’m pissing in my pants! Bring it on stalker man! Only fucktards like you threaten someone ONLINE! hahaha idiot.

    Well, Juli and I had lunch the other day, and she’s told me that she’s thinking about bringing a restraining order against some 40 year old stalker who calls himself, “Just a Fan”. She added that “Old men will be Pedos”…wanna know more Faggot?

    “nar go fuck u self”??? What, are a pirate? Is that even English? Looks more like Retardese.

    Who are you kidding douchebag…it’s obvious that you’re just some old, fat, and bald pedo from England….Cumbucket is right, you’re full of shit.

  • 5 05 2007
  • 609.  JM (03:29:28) :

    You know what, I think ‘Just a fan’ could possibly the biggest hypocrite who came across this website. I don’t see why you should bring out an argument to seem you’re defending Julianna, when it’s quite obvious you’re one who almost acts like a stalker. I mean, you’re first impression if I could recall the last time I posted here was you wanted to know anyone who lives in New York who knows Julianna…

    Plus your arguments are senseless and stupid. If you’re really call yourself a fan and making a good impression of defending her and yourself on this site thinking one day she would pass by this forum and read your all-of-mighty comments fighting off the bad people here, then you’re pathetic.

    You said you only came to this site to (quote) “I only go on this site to find info on Threatre events tht juli mind be in. and the latest info on her carreer”, then I suggest you do that then leave. Stop spamming your comments because they’re not worth it as you are; for as every grammar mistake you made, 5 innocent English teachers are killed.

    One more thing, IF you really are a fan of Julianna, then I’d say you’re the worst fan ever; an embarrassment to both her and the show because only a true fan of Julianna would resist to fall into a ridiculous argument on the internet, especially on this forum.

    By the way, Man U did lose badly against Milan! Best match ever!

  • 5 05 2007
  • 610.  Silvess (22:55:12) :

    Hounestly I could care less. I just happen to find this site one day, and see what the real stephanie/Julianna look’s like, and I just thought I would joine the conversation. XD

    (the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris) IGNORED

  • 6 05 2007
  • 611.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (02:00:32) :

    i had a idea the other day its called the slap a bitch movement every guy has the right to slap 2 bitches in the face 20 times each ohhhhhh yeah paris hilton went to jail for 45 days hahahahahaha hppy me happy me and silvess im gonna take a firecracker and shove it up a squirrels ass and then shove the squirrel up your ass and glue all that in place and cover your body in gas light you on fire just to see if your screaming and flailing will light the firecracker and if it dosent im not gonna give ya a cookie………………..ssssuuuuuupppppeeeerrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

  • 6 05 2007
  • 612.  pedro (03:12:10) :

    are you gay? everytime you post you put something in your ass or you want tu put something in the ass of anybody

  • 6 05 2007
  • 613.  Just a Fan (17:57:55) :

    maybe i stay on this website to see the gossip JM, ive got no problem with u JM so keep u cool. i asked ppl if they knew juli in new york cause maybe i knew them. i was more succcesful in gettin juli to know me , and mongo your pathetic. If im a fuckin pedo ,cause im on this site, then that means every fucker on this website is a pedo, and a stalker. maybe u should ask yourself Mongo r u a stalker cause u keep goin on about it

    im not going to tell u how i managed to actually get a chance to talk to juli, not meet, i probably wont meet juli, but on the phone now thats a different story, it took me awhile but i eventually found out the way to actually get in touch.
    i havent spoke to her yet, il admit it im too nervous to actually ring her.

    heres something to talk about

    wht would u say to her if u got a chance to talk to her over the phone, tell us wht u would say lads.

    cumbucket i can imagine what u would say. lol

  • 6 05 2007
  • 614.  Mongo (22:32:22) :

    Wow…you admit to hunting down a way to talk to an underaged celebrity on the phone? If that isn’t the definition of a stalker I don’t know what is. What’s next, finding her address so you can spy on her from outside her window? You’re a sick fag, Just a Stalker. It’s too bad for you that your IP address is recorded when you post here. A good tool to combat sick fucks who try to contact 15 year old girls…either that, or you’re the biggest pathetic liar the world has known.

    …and you don’t ever need to worry about what you would say to her if you ever succeeded in your stalker act, and talk to her on the phone…if you speak as shitty as you write, she would be too busy laughing her ass off to listen for too long.

    It’s obvious from the shit that you say that you’re from England…so quit trying to act like you would know people from NYC dumbass. One lie after another.

    You think that I’m here because I’m a stalker pedo? Have I posted a picture of her that can be taken in a sexual manner, like you did? Now…who is the real fan? Not you, you illiterate piece of shit! Like JM said, but you were too fucking stupid to figure out, you are the definition of the worst fan that Juli would ever want. The sooner that Interpol picks your inbred ass up, the better. You really are pathetic….

  • 6 05 2007
  • 615.  Mongo (22:43:46) :

    And what gossip do you expect to find out about her in this comment thread anyway??? After 614 comments, anyone with a single brain cell could figure out what this webpage is all about. It certainly isn’t a place for close friends of her to post stuff about her. Get a clue you turd. Everyone else but you has figured that out. But no, not poor pathetic Just a Stalker….

    You’re too late retard, a few other people have already tried to make themselves appear self-important, like they have some unique form of contact with her, be it mutual friends, or in person…they were outed by everyone else as the liars that they are…and they were 100 times more convincing than your poorly spelled attempts.

    I’m waiting for you to post a badly shopped salute of her holding a sign that says that she knows you…I wouldn’t put it past a fucking loser like you fag boy.

    You’re not only a liar, but you’re a lousy one at that.

  • 7 05 2007
  • 616.  skarastajamondudeleereturnofthefapIII (00:48:16) :


  • 7 05 2007
  • 617.  J.J. (01:24:41) :

    I think some people type her name in at google. So they find this website and the blog about JRM. This Julianna Rose Mauriello blog is making all sorts of conflicts right now. I believe “Just a Fan” should become the bigger man by admitting the truth. If I were in this situation, I’d be screwed. Like I said earlier, “There’s a lot of smart people on this board.” I wouldn’t want to get into any quarries with them.

    Just a Fan, you should have given “your name” or some “sort of name” instead of the name “Just a Fan” because it seems more like a stalker name, IMO.

  • 7 05 2007
  • 618.  Silvess (01:32:26) :

    Hmm? Even if Julianna is a child star, it would still be great to speak to her. I mean she is a celeb, and that’s what counts! Getting to speak to someone on TV. Wow…

    ((By the way! If you look up lazy town, wanting to know what the real stephanie/Julianna look’s like without the wig.This is the blog that is on top, so hopefully she never look’s up herself or lazytown on google, or she will most likely come across this blog.))

    (( the super cumbucket from Whatever named Something)) IGNORED

  • 7 05 2007
  • 619.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (05:09:34) :

    ring ring juli:hello…..

    cumbucket:(breathing heavily)

    juli:…..hello who is this??

    cumbucket:(with a srong southern accent) hI jUli I tHinK youR pUrtty i wanna take your little pantys off and ream…. ummm im just a fan of yourssss i just cant stop thinking about you

    juli:???? ummmm thanks i guess

    cumbucket:ummmm so whats it like being a celeb

    juli: hmmmm you sound cute

    cumbucket:yeah im super i had my penius surgicaly replaced with a black mans cock i wanna stick it in you soooooo bbbaaaddd

    juli:you fucking sicko im calling the cops click!

    (the scene changes to a room with mongo silvess just a fan and cumbucket ploting there capture of juli)

    just a fan:the power is being taken care of as we speak

    cumbucket:the vehicle switch is it possiable??

    mongo:dont worry so much

    silvess: yeah this is a done deal

    just a fan:we bust through the gate shotgun the door and get the girl shell be to scared to run then make the switch 2 mins laterwe have a sewer access prepared and silvess DO NOT LET ANYONE GET IN THE WAY OF THAT MANHOLE!!

    silvess: just leave it to me

    cumbucket:so lets do it i already paid for everything so lets hurry

    mongo: you shouldnt have called her

    (later that night in front of julis home)



    cumbucket:blow the door!!!

    mongo:RAHHHH BAM BAM BAM!!

    just a fan:were in what the damnit mongo you got the butler your as bad as dick chainey

    (the sad sick depraver men go from room to room killing julis whole family until they find her hideing under her bed in her room)

    cumbucket:(grabs juli)come on bitch itsss time to go

    juli: noo stop get away someone help pleaseeee!!!!


    mongo:not so rough cumbucket dont damage the goods

    just a fan: lets go

    (the evil bastards run to there vehicle but the butler from before was still alive and fires 3 shots to mongos chest at the same time mongo by instinct fires in the air as he falls back and hits just a fan in the shoulder the butler ;unges at cumbucket but just a fan fires his shotgun and hits the butler with 4 shots before he falls the low lifes leave there fallen comrade and throw juli in the van and haul ass……..)

    2 mins later they reach silvess and park the van over the manhole just a fan and silvess take juli down into the sewers and the cumbucket takes the van to ditch it)

    (in the tunnels)

    silvess: damn your bleeding

    just a fan:damn mongo shot me that damn dick chainey joke how ironic

    juli:please just let me go i i jjjjusst let me go please

    silvess:ohhh yeah baby cant wait to get some of you just keep beggin i like it when they beg

    just a fan:lets move

    the 2 perverts drag the crying girl for 25 mins through the dark stinky tunnels then a gunshot hits silvess in the head while he was saying something about how he had first crack)

    just a fan: what the fuck

    cumbucket: dont move drop it

    (the cumbucket comes up beside just a fan and puts a gun to the side of his head)

    cumbucket:did you really think i was gonna share??

    BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the shot echoed out through tunnel



    cumbucket:FINALLY MY BRIDE!!!!!!you are mine we can be together forever

    juli:please just dont kill me please dont noooo!!!

    the cumbucket gets silent and knocks juli out with a punch

    she awakens in a old room with the cumbucket naked crouched in the corner the room is pitch black with light only from a lantern the man slowly stands up juli feels terror come over at the realization that she to is naked in this room with the man this vile piece of shit of a man he leaps on her and pins her arms to the ground she in her tormented state slowly spreads her legs the man spreads her legs with his own and takes his cock and slips it in to her she begins to cry and moan as he drives it deeper into her pussy she winches as she feels her insides rip and tear and then out and in she can not bear and crys out she is terrified and the man raises up in and erect position as he thruts with force in side her and scoots her across the floor as she screams stop please stop but the man only says prepare yourself human my precious bride and his nipples turn into large peniuses they move around like tentacles

    juli screams as one gos in her mouth and the other in her ass the light gos dim as the horror takes julis and she is overwhelmed with fear as the man becomes a monster……………………………………………


  • 7 05 2007
  • 620.  Silvess (11:39:08) :

    the super cumbucket from Whatever named Something, should really be a sick erotic story teller. Your great for all the freaks out there! They would all love to get some of you, but I for one know you would like that, so I better shut up!

    Anyways! I am moving on. Goodbye to this blog for me!

  • 7 05 2007
  • 621.  skarastajamondudeleereturnofthefapIII (13:26:40) :

    not cool man

  • 8 05 2007
  • 622.  zomg (01:43:52) :

    I have to admit, I did not see the penis nipples coming.

  • 8 05 2007
  • 623.  Magic M (06:17:45) :

    I love Julianna and I think she is great. I want to meet her and I probably will soon. I’m going to America and I know where she lives so I could just go and see her.

  • 8 05 2007
  • 624.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (09:55:48) :

    yeah go and see her magic m(masturbater)tell her how you feel you fucking tard god damn stupid shit who the fuck says shit like that i bet your french i hate the french almost as much as i hate mexicans fucking shit man i mean come on fuck

  • 8 05 2007
  • 625.  Sam (10:40:26) :

    I want to fuck her so much. She can wear her wig if she wants. MMM want her on my cock

    (same age)

  • 8 05 2007
  • 626.  Just a Fan (14:03:42) :

    Mongo , u right i am from england, but defintely not the posh areas i live in the north east, so if i were to look in her window , god id hav to travel far, u can say wht u wana say about me cause i couldnt giv a shit dont u ever learn dont giv out u real name on the net, and (just a fag) well id say its a better name than Mongo and least cumbucket had the nerves to hav a laugh not like u. your a boring fuck and ive never posted a pic of juli, and u call me the stupid 1
    Cumbucket weird story. u sometimes are quite amusing and sick.

  • 8 05 2007
  • 627.  Mongo (15:37:11) :

    You never posted a pic. of Juli???? Post number 546 you lying sack of shit.

    You don’t give a fuck what I say about you but you keep on responding? Hahaha…what a retarded fucker.

    And my real name isn’t Mongo you half-wit…it’s a bloody nickname. How can someone be so bloody retarded and still exist??? Anyway, “Mongo” isn’t anything as freaky as calling yourself “Just a Fan” in an underaged girl blog. Go fucking stalk girls your own age you fat old pervert and leave the teenage girls to us teenagers you disgusting pig.

  • 8 05 2007
  • 628.  J.J. (22:12:47) :

    I thought it was the “Don’t ever give out your e-mail”, but ah well. “Just a Name” could have worked as well.

    Post number 546!!! Man that’s PWNAGE.

  • 9 05 2007
  • 629.  Just a Fan (08:06:48) :

    well its fuckin ovious some sick cunt like u fukin posted it in my name. i didnt post that and i wouldnt post anythin like tht. is was probably u Mongo seein as u posted ere b4 in my name, and like i say someone else ere doesnt like u.

    Mongo , i fukin new tht wasnt u real name u fukin tit, how old r u
    50 yrs or more

  • 10 05 2007
  • 630.  Just a Fan (00:00:45) :

    disregard that, I suck cocks

  • 10 05 2007
  • 631.  Mongo (02:59:55) :

    Riiiiiight, Just a Stalker….sure. You change the bloody reason why you’re stalking in this forum every other day, so why should anyone believe asingle word that you say anymore? Hahaha!!! And no, retard, I haven’t used your stupid-ass pedo name before. I’m pretty sure that you posted that picture of Juli and her pink panties. And you claim to be her fan…..sick fucking liar!

    Damn, you loser….you just about lie everytime that you write something….how’s it like being an old pathetic loser who lives in his moms basement, and still writes like an 8 year old?

    So you suck cocks too? Probably have to take your dentures out first I guess? Probably like the kids too huh? And no, I’m not a 50 year old stalker of little girls like you. I’m 17…so I suppose that I’m now in danger of you wanting to suck my cock too?

    LMFAO! You’re such a moron! You’re proud of the fact that you “knew” that Mongo wasn’t my real name! How many people do you know with the name Mongo anyway?? lolololol!!! I almost feel sorry for you, you fucking dumbass. XD

    Please, never leave this blog….it’s fun as fucking hell mocking the stupid of this world on a daily basis… =p

  • 10 05 2007
  • 632.  Just a Fan (07:29:38) :

    yeah you r so fukin funny , u make my sides split
    and u just dropped u self in it.

  • 10 05 2007
  • 633.  Just a Fan (07:37:14) :

    and stop fukin using my name Mongo i know it was fukin u

    574 wasnt me ,so unlucky prik someone else cant stand u pedo ways

  • 10 05 2007
  • 634.  Mongo (15:04:23) :

    Oh lord….if I could understand just one fucking word that you just slobbered out, I could reply.

    Seriously, you look like an idiot whenever you write anything. And don’t give anyone any shit that you want to shorten words when “typin”, because you’re not really saving any time by just leaving off one fucking letter to a word dumbass.

    “and u just dropped u self in it.”


    Wow, good one…… That makes no sense, but oh well, nothing that you say really does.

  • 10 05 2007
  • 635.  Just a Fan (16:04:30) :

    lets see i wonder who 630> was,
    thts how u fukin droped uself in it. Is that all u can fukin do get on my nerves
    Does any1 actually like u.

  • 10 05 2007
  • 636.  Mongo (21:03:45) :

    Sorry to disappoint you half-wit, but I haven’t faked your user name in this blog……you do a great enough job of making yourself look like an idiot. You don’t need my help.

    Regardless if anyone likes me, no one has ever questioned my intelligence, like they have yours. And, it’s obvious to anyone with a brain that 100% of the people who have commented on you think that you’re nothing but a stalking assclown, who has the writing ability of a pre-schooler, and is as dumb as a rock.


    Yeah….that looks like “yourself”….hahahaha, stupid ass…..

  • 10 05 2007
  • 637.  TJ (21:26:56) :

    just a fan just give it up already dude. even if you came in here for a good reason now your just looking like you aren’t telling the truth about anything. the other dude mongo is right you change your story all the time. and all that you do now is call him a prick and shit. do you really even like juli? i have to say no because a real fan would just leave like that other dude silvess did. i think that your just in here to fight with ppl and could care less about juli. like that other dude said you aren’t making yourself look very smart. and the stuff you said about being able to find her phone number to call her is scary dude. you should just leave. your no better than the dudes who say that they want to have sex with her.

  • 10 05 2007
  • 638.  J.J. (23:14:53) :

    TJ’s right man. You’re just making it worse for yourself. This blog is supposed to be discussing Juli stuff. This fight is nonsense. Unless you can pull out something good against Mongo within 3 posts, then maybe you’ll seem more like a better person. But beware for Mongo has much wisdom.

  • 11 05 2007
  • 639.  skarastajamondudeleereturnofthefapIII (12:43:25) :


    Mongo is now posting comments on youtube, making fun of kids playing guitar and metallica covers.

    Just a fan is still in his moms basement, except he has a girl friend now, he met her online playing starcraft. They married December of 84′
    they have 6 kids and one is a hermaphrodite.

    Thorvald got bored of this thread about 1 year ago and left.

    Skarastajamondudeleethereturnofthefap heard what sounded like a little girl crying and followed the noise to a well and found the cumbucket guy. He pissed in the well and the urine got into cumbuckets wound and infected his leg. Soon afterwards Skarastajamondudeleethereturnofthefap went to a 7-11 and told the arab “yeaaah man, give me one of dose groovy ass scratch tickets and a pack of swishers”
    he scratched the ticket and found out that he had one 250,000 dollars. Soon afterwards he left and babes followed with him and they left on the thimble spaceship van to mars and never came back.

    He resides in seattle, When asked about his money and babes he said, “yeaah man, its like wherever you know? shes left after we spent ‘er on the massive lucy trip you know?”

    Then the gods closed this thread and dubbed it,”The Legendary Post.”
    and officially closed it.

  • 11 05 2007
  • 640.  Just a Fan (16:20:01) :

    when i first came to this post, i thought it was about juli. I didnt expect to find the sick stuff on here like all those pics and stupid webs, and you really think im a old fuker, well you all wrong i stayed on this blog cause i dont bck down to anybody, and you think i dont have any brains, i laugh at all you sick ppl. you are all demented. I am JUST A FAN and i will make sure i end this blog with good coments, as you know young ppl enter this blog, and i feel sorry for all those kids as they see all this mess. I thought i could make the blog abit more respectable and sensible, and i plan to do that.

    Mongo you maybe smart, but you just met your match,

  • 11 05 2007
  • 641.  skarastajamondudeleereturnofthefapIII (22:41:50) :

    Shut the hell up already! you fail!

    You were here to make this thread respectable? WTF MAN?! This isn’t a thread about how JRM is a role model for the kids or about her acting, its about the “sick ppl” stalking her and obsessing over her like you are!


    Kano wins bitch.

  • 12 05 2007
  • 642.  Mongo (03:33:22) :

    Hahahaha!!!! Add another intelligent person to the list of people who can see you for what you really are, JUST A FAGGOT! And yeah, it’s pretty obvious to everyone here that you’re brain dead.

    You feel sorry for all of the kids who come in here and see all this mess? Well, dumbass…aren’t you contributing to it too?!?!? Posting pictures of her with her pink panties showing? You swear and curse just as much as I do…but I don’t go around acting like I’m this almighty hero of all young kids who just happen to stumble on this thread. And by the way, for those of you counting the reason why this knob Just a Fag is here? That has to be the 7th or 8th different one….


    Why don’t you just fuck off now…go find another young actress to stalk you sick old pedo.

  • 12 05 2007
  • 643.  Just a Fan (14:17:17) :

    Like i say i didnt post that thing of her , cause i know it was you Mongo, so dont play so innocent. U got all these ppl on your side, and you think im gona be out numbered into leaving this place. (No Chance)

  • 12 05 2007
  • 644.  Just a Fan (14:19:43) :

    heres the ninth reason, why i should leave

    cause im not a sick dirty ****** ***** ****** like u guys

  • 12 05 2007
  • 645.  Mongo (22:51:47) :

    So, there’s (No Chance) that you’re leaving…..and then 2 minutes later you give a reason to leave. hahahah you don’t even know what the hell YOU’RE doing….what a knob….


    Are you bi-polar too in addition to being a 50 year old ped’? Fuckin’ Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

    Still trying to persuade people that you never posted that pic….lol what a nutsack. Why the fuck would I post that picture in your name, brain-fart??? I didn’t have a problem with you until later you stupid puke!

  • 13 05 2007
  • 646.  Just a Fan (02:16:09) :

    I am just a fan of the pink haired bitch, i have no attraction to her because i am a gay fuck. I want to take Sascha, Thorvald and every other fag who tries and backs the whore up. Me and the others guy stick it up our arses all the time then we drink each others come and go in for seconds. I usually like getting it up the arse because i am a gay faggot piece of shit. Hey Mongo, can i suck you cock then you can rape me up the arsehole? Sometimes when i am desperate i get little young boys off the street, tie them up then rape them.


  • 13 05 2007
  • 647.  TJ (18:11:55) :

    i think that you should just leave now just a fan. you can’t even make up your mind if you like juli or not. and now you say that you are gay and want to do the things that you want to do to little boys. you are sick.

    please leave!!!!!! =(

  • 13 05 2007
  • 648.  Whitty071 (20:15:37) :

    Yeah I gotta admit, she’s pretty cute, but even if she’s legal where I live I’d still wait awhile.

  • 13 05 2007
  • 649.  J.J. (20:39:01) :

    lol! #646, that’s hardcore.

  • 14 05 2007
  • 650.  Mongo (00:48:02) :

    LOLZ! classic #646!

    I doubt that was Just a Fag, and if it wasn’t, he better not blame me for it…

  • 14 05 2007
  • 651.  JM (03:47:47) :

    you know, just a fan, if you think about it… you labeled us as sick people. So right now, in your perspective, you’re being rejected by sick people. That’s pretty low… so that’s like, metaphorically calling you are something worse then shit. Give up.

  • 14 05 2007
  • 652.  Just a Fan (05:36:56) :




  • 14 05 2007
  • 653.  //////////////////////// (15:57:29) :

    im not gona use my name anymore as loads of u r takin the piss,
    those last couple of ( Just a Fan) coments wasnt me and you actually belive tht was me . Mongo ive got to admit least u realised it wasnt me

    u guys are meant to be smart and u cant tell just by looking at those coments
    use the (just a fan name) i will just use another

  • 14 05 2007
  • 654.  //////////////////////// (17:35:15) :

    and just cause ive a tiny cock dont mean im not a man.

  • 15 05 2007
  • 655.  //////////////////////// (00:24:45) :

    I’m a stupid moron with an ugly face and a big butt and my butt smells and I like to kiss my own butt.

  • 15 05 2007
  • 656.  The Chosen One (07:44:33) :

    Why has this been going on for over 2 years? I think it is a bit stupid to talk about Julianna like that.

  • 15 05 2007
  • 657.  The Chosen One (07:46:30) :

    I mean over 1 year.

  • 15 05 2007
  • 658.  Lukerz (14:12:25) :


  • 15 05 2007
  • 659.  ///////////////////////@~ (16:43:23) :

    stop posting in my name

  • 15 05 2007
  • 660.  ///////////////////////@~ (16:46:15) :


  • 15 05 2007
  • 661.  ///////////////////////@~ (17:54:19) :

    this is my name now n if u fukin sick guys use it u cun piss off!

    mongo this is all ur fault. now all ur sick pedo friends r aganst me. but i will nvr leave cuz im here to pertect juli frm fags like u mongo and skarasta… fukin long name pedo. JM and JJ and TJ ur sick to cuz u liek mongo and poke his butt. cumbucket is okay i guess.

    leave her alone n stop takin the piss or ill tell her what ur realy like see? i kno her so ur all jelous! HA!

  • 15 05 2007
  • 662.  ///////////////////////@~ (21:22:34) :

    o btw skarasta… long name guy my sis told me to tell u that she doesnt liek it wen you poke her in the eye so cut it out! and im gonna go tell juli all about this but before i do im gonna call her so she doesnt shoot me when she sees me! because im not gay i liek wemon adn im not a vergin! GEEZ!!

  • 15 05 2007
  • 663.  SkarastaLongwienermanjohansendude (21:26:31) :


  • 16 05 2007
  • 664.  Mongo (02:44:35) :

    Hahaha! Too fucking funny….I think that Just a Stalker Fag, or whatever the hell he calls himself now, has finally lost his mind.

  • 16 05 2007
  • 665.  ??????????????????????? (13:30:07) :

    who ever fukin reads the posts from march up to now is gona be so fukin confused and will need to go other it about 10 fukin times till they realise whts goin on, cause of ppl takin each others names, its mind busting shit on this post.

  • 16 05 2007
  • 666.  ?????????????????????????? (13:40:29) :

    do yu realise there is now more than 1 fan
    someone is tryin to inpersonate the actual person who came on here first as just a fan, i have realised it and think 1 of these fans is a stalker and the other is totally innocent, ive read the posts. and for example the panties on juli was sick which i new straight away was not the real fan on here, the real fan is abit stupid, but this inposter has turned all you guys against him/ im not surprised as this inposter is quite smart, the real fan could not come up with somethink like tht, and who ever it is , GET A FUKIN LIFE INPOSTER
    as for the real fan this chat is too brutal for u, go on some kids site, where ppl will actually notice.

  • 16 05 2007
  • 667.  ?????????????????????????? (15:20:02) :

    i realise this shit u fukin ppl cause im realy just a fan

  • 17 05 2007
  • 668.  JM (03:49:14) :

    ok, im lost now… well 661, I wasn’t against you; just to make sense of what you’re saying and maybe stop posting. But I was wrong and maybe I am now ’cause you wouldn’t stop making an ass out of yourself. I mean, you were asking for it dude. You provoke some or most of us to hate you because of your stupid lies, defending yourself and juli in a very disorder way and wouldn’t use proper spelling and grammar which makes you look like a retard. What exactly is your point to stay here? To show you’re the bigger man?? Hah– Whatever dude, at least i got a life. Tool.

  • 17 05 2007
  • 669.  ?????????????????????????? (14:05:46) :

    ur fukin mongos frend JM so u cn fuk off n pokelittle girls butts u nonce. if u just shut ur fukin gob with the coments i wouldnt even talk to u prick. so piss off n die fukin guy JM.

    im here for juli not u fukers. juli is my frend n i only stay here to defend her aganst u pedos.

    skarasta long fuker i walked in on u and a guy faggit!

  • 18 05 2007
  • 670.  Mongo (12:31:24) :

    Sheesh Jusr a Fuck, why pick on JM? He’s actually been pretty straightforward with you until you started slamming him.

    I really wish that Juli *would* read this crap, and see what a deranged psychopath you are.

    You still can’t admit the real reason why you’re here…you’re hopeless, you idiot……

  • 19 05 2007
  • 671.  JM (00:19:07) :

    Obviously juli ISNT you’re friend if you keep coming here. Dude, you’re a disgrace. If i were juli’s friend, i’d repected her and wouldnt care what goes in this forum. But its mostly people like you who gives the rest of the people here a bad name.

    To be honest, there are already enough evidence to call you a sick perverted shit. Once i made you pissed off, the first thing you thought was “pokelittle girls butts”. Dude, if i want to insult someone, i look on the real facts and previous comments, not comment them with the demented creepy, perverted shit like you did and think. And that was only under one comment.

  • 19 05 2007
  • 672.  JM (11:30:09) :

    do i not realise tht some1 is pretending to be just a fan , but im to thick to notice, this,

  • 19 05 2007
  • 673.  Just a Fan (11:41:58) :

    who ever keeps pretending to be me, fukin pack it in, i havent posted here for 4 fukin days , and look at the sad cunts who pretend to be me.

    whoever it is you good , and you have tricked all these fukers , like JM and Mongo, into believing tht it has been me posting all these stupid posts

  • 19 05 2007
  • 674.  J.J. (23:18:13) :

    Wow. Still going on I see.

    Btw, I’m not supporting anyone here. I just wanted point out the one who was being PWned. Just a Fan, ///////////////////, ??????????????????????????, or what ever you call yourself now. Take a break for about a month and see it they forget about you. That’s probably the only way out.

    P.S. I find it hard to believe posts


    were not you…

  • 19 05 2007
  • 675.  JULIANNA ROSE MAURIELLO (23:31:42) :

    Just stopped by to say HI to all my fans!! I love exchanging emails with fans.
    You can all write me at


    and I will reply to all messages. Also, let me know your MySpace addresses so
    I can add you all as my friends! Hope to hear from you all soon!



  • 19 05 2007
  • 676.  Mongo (23:45:08) :

    Considering Just a Fag’s short history around here, I wouldn’t be at all surprised that he was writing most of that shit. He’s such a pathetic drama queen. Most of the planet would have realised what they were up against by now, and would have disappeared for good. Not to mention that the asshole has lied at every turn. Apparently he’s here for 5-6 different reasons? I’m lost, because it seems to change every time that he posts! =/

    Ultimately, and I’m being deadly serious, his sole reason for being here seems to be the hope that he could actually score her e-mail address, where she lives, her phone number, etc.. Some of the things that he said when he first got here seemed a little too stalkeresque to me, whereas you could tell that everyone else around here was just fucking around.

    And like J.J. said, all of those posts that he quoted seem exactly like something that Just a Fag would say, so no, it would be no surprise if it were him all along. He’s to damned stubborn to just “disappear” for 4 days like he claimed. Besides, who in their right mind could spell that poorly??? lol

    A month? Hell, I wish that the dickhead would leave for good….

  • 19 05 2007
  • 677.  Mongo (23:49:16) :


    Yeah, right…. lol

    Like Juli, would use a free web-based e-mail service like dodgeit! hahahaha…nice try buddy.

    And I very much doubt that she would use her full name to leave a post here, let alone act all cheerful, despite all of the pedo talk going on about her.

    Looks like spam, smells like spam, tastes like spam…..must be spam. =)

  • 20 05 2007
  • 678.  zomg (01:24:10) :

    I heard the REAL Juls uses pookmail

  • 20 05 2007
  • 679.  ë¯¸ì•ˆí•¨ë‹ˆë‹¤ (05:01:10) :

    this entire thread saddens me. where is humanity headed?

  • 20 05 2007
  • 680.  Johnny5 (09:24:36) :

    it saddens me the the carpet doesn’t match the pink drapes.

  • 20 05 2007
  • 681.  JM (10:11:50) :

    OH man, this is so pathatic. number 672 was obviously not my comment, yes J.J im with you bro. This guy obviously thinks he can get out of it being cool… really, i dont have to say anything cause you have shown what the shittest and stupiest things you can make on a board. You now can sell your bestseller ‘How to look like a fag on the internet!’. Get the fuck out.

    675 –> if this is your comment as well, then you’ve sunk to the lowest.

  • 20 05 2007
  • 682.  Mr. Omniscient (16:06:53) :

    Should Mizz Mauriello read this, you should be proud to be the subject of a thread that even I couldn’t bear reading through.
    For everyone else, hello, and beware wikipedia, its on the verge of sentience.

    my email: shinx111@gmail.com
    brb fbi, thx to whoever posted the hard drive burner, faster than my old one.

  • 20 05 2007
  • 683.  J.J. (21:28:03) :

    Yup, #672 was definitely not the real JM. It was just a mere attempt to poorly imitate JM by using JM’s screen name. Just go with my idea Just a Fan. It could save you a whole bunch of ass whooping. That or call it quits. I mean, no body likes to lose an argument. You should just try to become the bigger man here. Seems reasonable to me.

  • 20 05 2007
  • 684.  JULIANNA ROSE MAURIELLO (23:32:16) :

    The emails have been GREAT guys! Keep ’em coming!!!


    I love to hear from my fans!

  • 21 05 2007
  • 685.  Seth (00:09:41) :

    Well, hi, Julianna.

    This is Seth Woolf. Seems like there are some people doubting this is really you. Tell ya what. You know I’ve written to you a couple of times, and you’ve written to me. If you could tell people what I attach to the outside of my envelopes. That way we can clear this up. If you don’t remember, you can ask your dad. He’s the one who gave me the idea. Thanks.


  • 21 05 2007
  • 686.  zomg (01:14:03) :

    Seth and David, sittin in a tree…

  • 21 05 2007
  • 687.  Mongo (06:23:52) :

    Seth Woolf = Just A Fan

    JM and J.J., I’m with you too…this idiot needs to get out forever.

    I really hope that the people who are sending e-mails to “Juli”, are aware that it’s just a bullshit scam, and aren’t taking it seriously….if not, then the world is full of alot more morons then I had ever thought possible.

  • 21 05 2007
  • 688.  Mongo (06:46:06) :

    lmao – I read Just a…errr Seth’s message a little more closely.

    Is that fool kidding? Like “Juli” telling all of us what that dork placed on the outside of an envelope would really prove that they were both real? Gimme a break! Like any of us would have actually seen these supposed envelopes to make the “proof” more legitimate…what a dumbass! hahaha You may as well have asked “her” to tell everyone what she said to you once before. If the rest of us weren’t there, how would that prove anything?????

    And who the hell uses snail mail anymore?

    You’re grasping at straws now, you pathetic fag. Everyone knows that her “real” friends don’t call her by her full name… Give it up dicktree!

  • 21 05 2007
  • 689.  Seth (09:53:22) :

    Hey, Mongtwat, I don’t recall asking for your opinion. This is between “JRM” and I. Or maybe you’re David Stodghill and you just want to steer attention away from yourself. Go back to the planet where you got your name and hump Ming the Merciless. There’s only one fag here, isn’t there, Mongo aka Just a Fan.

  • 21 05 2007
  • 690.  Sacha (10:21:21) :

    Seth Woolf is the stalker.

    That’s coming directly from Julianna herself.

    It’s true what was posted above, search ragincajun502 in google and you’ll see, he is not 25, he is 31 years old, he DOES live in Eureka California, he has Spina Bifida and is in a wheelchair. All he has time to do 24 hours a day is write all about Julianna all over the internet telling people he knows her and is friends with her.

    I am friends with her.
    Here is her facebook.
    Julianna DOES have a girlfriend, her name IS Amanda Burwasser and they have dated I think almost 2 years. She had a major crush on Stephanie Branco, but she’s not into girls.

    When in doubt, go ask Julianna herself on her facebook.
    Claim it’s fake, that’s fine, but then claim all friends she has on it is fake, as well as the pictures taken last night.
    Claim these were taken from her old MySpace, that’s fine too.
    In the end, we’re laughing at all of you.


  • 21 05 2007
  • 691.  Sacha (10:27:25) :

    And no, that’s not her email address above or anywhere near it.

  • 21 05 2007
  • 692.  AngelBaby (10:32:27) :

    just curious…why do most of the pics in that facebook say “added 22 minutes ago”?

  • 21 05 2007
  • 693.  Sacha (10:43:15) :

    they all weren’t added 22 minutes ago, 14 new ones were added

  • 21 05 2007
  • 694.  Sacha (10:46:38) :

    there are 3 pages of pictures, are you seeing all 3 or just 1?

    Anyway, I have to get to class later.

  • 21 05 2007
  • 695.  JM (10:57:34) :

    Call the ambulance! Seth Woolf just recieved a 3 degree major BURN from 690! “That’s coming directly from Julianna herself.”

    And i think that comment is legitimate enough cause of the link…

    if so,
    “Julianna DOES have a girlfriend, her name IS Amanda Burwasser and they have dated I think almost 2 years.”

    i dont understand…. this does not compute!

  • 21 05 2007
  • 696.  zomg (12:41:58) :

    “All he has time to do 24 hours a day is write all about Julianna all over the internet telling people he knows her and is friends with her.

    I am friends with her.”

    I lol’d

  • 21 05 2007
  • 697.  Sacha (12:47:11) :

    the difference is i can take a picture of her sitting in the math class right now while you just talk about what you think she does in school SETH…

  • 21 05 2007
  • 698.  AngelBaby (12:54:46) :

    okay…let’s see it then. math class pic, by the end of the day.

  • 21 05 2007
  • 699.  Sacha (14:17:50) :

    i havent been in math class since about 10 minutes after i posted that message AngelBaby.

    Maybe you might want to see that every private and never seen before picture of julianna has been posted by me, and thats just not on this site, that goes for all over the internet.

    Wait wait wait, I know, I have a hidden camera in her eyeball!

  • 21 05 2007
  • 700.  brew (14:20:35) :

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she really is a lesbian. I bet Sporticus made her touch him in his naughty places. She probably hates all men now.

    I will require proof however.

  • 21 05 2007
  • 701.  MIGUEL ANGEL (15:24:00) :

    HOLA :) bueno no se hablar muy bien el ingles pero Hare el intento disculpen mis horrores ortograficos:
    Hi My name is Miguel Angel..I’m from Peru, and for me You Are THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL IN THE WORL Julliana and i would like to talk to you, and i can leave my e-mail here: mikenry1990@hotmail.com…I hope that you review one day this comment…I am 16 years old and I AM SUD :) IEAH :D ;) PRESBITERO, :) I hope that you will answer to me ;) … BYE :D
    CHAU Cuidate TE ·DESEO LO MEJOR PARA TODA TU VIDA Espero que me agregues a tu correo electronico.. :) no te olvides de tu admirador peruano Miguel rivera “El INCA” bye

  • 21 05 2007
  • 702.  J.J. (17:26:35) :

    Sacha, let me get this straight does this mean that you were the one posting all those pictures of Juli?…from the start of this topic???

    Oh and tell her I might delete her from my myspace. Cause I should just end it right now even though I really don’t think I have the real one. If it’s ok…I’ll tell you the URL. But only with your permission and proper identification cause there’s a lot of people here who are impersonators.

    Or…hit me up at AIM- Gilfigure

  • 21 05 2007
  • 703.  zomg (18:00:56) :

    ^ moron

  • 21 05 2007
  • 704.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (19:49:07) :

    IM BACK BITCHES and what the hell i come back to this sad state of a post no new pedo pics from just a fan everyone liked his little things and you guys run him off shame on you ya little shit lickers and who is seth woolf hmmmmm i know from a goood source its……………….bill clinton i know this is hard to beleave but its true and i know because im dick cheaney did you notice my refrence in my story only a true cumbucket would shoot someone in the face with a shotgun ohhhh yeah the reason ive been gone is because my SUPER CRACKHEAD PENIS got infected but im on the donor list sooo please everyone pray for me

    p.s. shape up you stupid pussies

  • 21 05 2007
  • 705.  Sacha (22:23:04) :

    Julianna does not have a myspace anymore, Seth Woolf from above basically hacked into it, http://www.myspace.com/juliannarosemauriello and

    http://www.myspace.com/juliannamauriello were heres untill Seth took them over.

  • 21 05 2007
  • 706.  Skarastalongwienermanjohansen (23:22:53) :

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if she really is a lesbian. I bet Sporticus made her touch him in his naughty places. She probably hates all men now.

    I will require proof however.”


    I think the stalkers and the internet done the damage, either way I will also require proof of this insanity, like I said before, I KNEW IT.

  • 21 05 2007
  • 707.  J.J. (23:27:38) :

    Thanks Sacha for informing me. I’m gonna stop the little game now. It was fun for a while, but now it’s just getting old.

    #703 I believe my post doesn’t concern you. It’s none of your business. So please don’t call me a moron. I have nothing against you.

  • 22 05 2007
  • 708.  JULIANNA ROSE MAURIELLO (00:16:32) :

    Guys, don’t listen to these posers! I love to exchange email with REAL fans!


    I try to reply to all letters. Hope to hear from you all soon!

  • 22 05 2007
  • 709.  Mongo (00:21:24) :


    Wow Seth Woolf….you’re such a tough little keyboard warrior. But I do believe that once again, another assclown stalker has been exposed.

    Why doesn’t Juli just have this twat arrested? What a fag loser.

    And why doesn’t Juli like boys? =(

  • 22 05 2007
  • 710.  Mongo (00:22:49) :


    Dumbass, give it up already…no one believes you. =/

  • 22 05 2007
  • 711.  Mongo (02:11:18) :

    Okay, regarding post #690, and the infamous David Stodghill, aka Sacha…

    I highly doubt that it’s Juli’s Facebook, because on post #484 David Stodghill says the it’s “his” facebook. He was accusing post #451 of stealing 6 pics from her myspace music account. Suddenly on post #690, it’s Juli’s Facebook. It’s obvious that he made up a fake facebook account and stole #451’s pictures of to post in “his” gallery.

    It’s kind of hard for anyone of us to go to her facebook account and ask her if it’s really hers…when all you have to do is pretend that you’re her and tell us that it is really her! lol

    Stalkers aren’t too bright…

  • 22 05 2007
  • 712.  Sacha (02:54:36) :


    Seth Woolf, you’ll notice now he’s using Mongo’s name trying to confuse people. As for me being a person named David, I am not, and I never have said I was. Nice try Seth.

    That is Julie’s facebook, it always hass been, or do you think someone actually could add all of her friends AND her GIRLFRIEND to their myspace and no one would ever ask Julianna?

    Seth, just admit it, you don’t know a thing about Julianna, you have never talked to her or her mom or her father.
    You are a stalker plain and simple.

    Anyone with half a brain can read the different posts you mention in your post and see you are trying to mislead and confuse people, you think they won’t actually go look at the posts.

    Wrong bucko.

    My name is Henry btw.

  • 22 05 2007
  • 713.  Sacha (03:03:55) :

    I have something special for you Seth in the next day or two, I didn’t know untill I was told today. I think things are going to be interesting for you.

    Also , I thought you maybe were more intelligent then this but

    “He was accusing post #451 of stealing 6 pics from her myspace music account. Suddenly on post #690, it’s Juli’s Facebook. It’s obvious that he made up a fake facebook account and stole #451’s pictures of to post in “his” gallery.”

    Julianna’s facebook has i think like almost 60 pictures on it?
    That’s a far cry from you claiming that 6 were stolen.

    Once again, nice try Seth.
    Also, I notice you like tossing this guys name out there in full name, hoping for a search engine spider?

    I don’t think you’ll be using the internet very long, you see, just because you think you know something, really, you are very far off base with this.

  • 22 05 2007
  • 714.  Mongo (04:31:26) :

    No, sorry to disagree with you “bucko”, but that wasn’t Seth Woolf the stalker fag stealing my user name. Attempting to confuse people like Just a Fag tried to do isn’t going to work for you either. Seth the ass tried it as well…hmmm, what a coincidence, could Seth, Just a Fag, and you actually be the same person???

    “That is Julie’s facebook, it always hass been, or do you think someone actually could add all of her friends AND her GIRLFRIEND to their myspace and no one would ever ask Julianna?”

    So, regardless if you’re David, Henry, or actually Seth…. why did you lie and boast to everyone that it was **your** facebook to begin with in post 484? Not too intelligent on your part…especially if you were planning to come around 2 months later and act like you’re this big personal friend of hers that had acess to “Juli’s” facebook.

    Believe me, that last thing I want is to be associated with that sick fuck Seth Woolf, and you’re not too far from being as pathetic as him, “Henry” Stodghill.

    I find it kind of hilarious in a sick way that two of the biggest Julianna stalkers would even attempt a pissing match in this fucking blog. None of us are impressed, nor amused.

    Whatever you supposedly know about Seth Woolf’s future in 2 days, I could really not give a shit…the two of you are disgusting stalker fucks who need to develop a life. Maybe you and your pig of a an aspiring actress daughter should move in with him and his mom. What better place for 2 idiots like you and him to “fight it out”. Better there than in this comment thread.

    Now GTFO of here asshole, you fail!!!

  • 22 05 2007
  • 715.  thecumbucketfromhellnamedchucknorris (05:17:00) :

    okay people this is retarded so what some fucker stole her pics it dosent mean hes a super hacker she probaly dosent know shes just a young horny flexiable little tight pussied girl who cares that some stalker freak gos from site to site trying to satisfy his little obsession what a freak why are you all even paying attention to him all this is meant in good humor but that guy leaves a bad taste in my mouth he is sick and needs help two barrels worth trying to move in on my territory hell hahahahaha I SENT HIM THOSE PICS BECAUSE IM JULES YOU STUPID SICK FUCKS AND IM SOOOOOOOOOOO HORNEY FOR YOU STALKER BOY

    (why has no one prayed for my new penis)

    david or henry or what ever your name is im gonna shove a frozen hot dog up your ass sideways like you like it

  • 22 05 2007
  • 716.  Just a Fan (08:56:14) :

    For all you sick fucks out there, NO ONE SCARED ME OFF, The good thing is no one has inpersonated me for a while. Mongo have you realised your calling nearly every person a stalker, Maybe you havent realised that your the sick fuck on here, and i have a gut feeling that it was you inpersonating me.

    Sasha, nice pics, i believe your julis friend, but sick fucks like Mongo will try to confuse you like they did to me, taking my name posting sick shit on here in my name. So i look like the sick fuck on here, so i tryed to stop it by posting in different names=????????????? then some sick fuck changed there name to mine, so i had to change again and again, and this done my head in and every 1 was my enemy,now every sick fuck thinks im a pedo.
    these guys are sick fuckers who can only talk through a keyboard, and they have the nerve to call me a pedo.

    and im gona stay on ere cause like i say , I BACK DOWN FROM NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 22 05 2007
  • 717.  Just a Fan Â¥ (09:02:18) :

    If you guys post in my name again, then it will be ovious that it wasnt me
    so that dirty plan of yours wont happen again,

    Besides i have a plan lol

  • 22 05 2007
  • 718.  Just a Fan Â¥ (09:10:45) :

    try to find that on your keyboard

  • 22 05 2007
  • 719.  Sacha (09:34:48) :


    you cannot argue with sick minded individuals.
    Seth Woolf, it doesn’t matter how many names you use on here.
    You lose at life.


  • 22 05 2007
  • 720.  JULIANNA ROSE MAURIELLO (11:03:49) :

    Mongo, thank you for the nice email! I’m afraid I can’t give out my phone number to fans, however. At least not on the first date! LOL!

    I’m glad I found such an active community of my fans on this website. Please keep the emails coming. Some of you are very creative!

  • 22 05 2007
  • 721.  Just a Fan Â¥ (11:36:38) :

    Mongo posted that above ^ ^

    Mongo, ZOMG all are Seth Woolf.

  • 22 05 2007
  • 722.  Skarastalongwienermanjohansen (13:10:55) :

    yeah, this is very interesting and all but the question remains…
    Is she really a girl on girl type of girl? Well, either way I must reveal my true identity!



    I devour your souls and I bask in the fear and hate of all men!
    Julianna and I had struck a deal, this goes way back. I’m talking about before lazytown… well shit you know, im not getting into details, I dont want horsehead coming to me for a shot a the big time!

    Well the deal was that she would star in a movie by 2007. But before she did she would have to star in a cheesy nick jr. show, this show starred an old icelandic meth user I once gave an offer he couldn’t refuse, He aspired to become a tap dancer and jazz phenom, but he failed and was damned to write and co-star in the hit show.

    She also failed. Now Julianna is obligated by me, (Satan) to respond to every letter/email she gets from here fans, 708 wasn’t an imposter, it was really her.
    apart from taking time to write back to all those letters/emails she must partake in this thread and also bake Satan a Pretty Cake.

    And even if she did like girls I am Satan I can transform into anyone and anything, and get anything I wish.

    BTW Me and J.C. Have come to an agreement that God isn’t all that great.

    See you guys in 2013!


  • 22 05 2007
  • 723.  Skarastalongwienermanjohansen (13:15:33) :




  • 22 05 2007
  • 724.  Mongo (15:21:18) :

    STFU Just a Fag…no one has talked about you because you’re an irrelevant piece of shit!!!

    Sacha/David/Seth – Give it up dude…everyone at don’t link this knows your game by now. You trying to act like you’re Julianna’s friend doesn’t cut it anymore. Whatever issues you have with your fellow imaginary pervert alter-ego Seth Woolf, go take it to a hotel room asshole. You “two” bitch slapping each other in EVERY forum on earth is immature, and growing tiresome…

    720 – Oh, and Sacha/David/Seth, if you’re going to post a facetious load of dung like that, try and space out your posts a little farther. Posing as Just a Fag, a half an hour later is a little too close for realism. And then you suddenly making him become lucid, and being able to write legibly isn’t too convincing either….retard.

    You see, with me knowing that I never fell for that obvious spamming attempt by you to have us e-mail you, doesn’t really affect me. And everyone else here could give a rats ass if i was stupid enough to fall for it. So once again – you fail. =)

  • 22 05 2007
  • 725.  Mongo (15:27:17) :

    #718 – Â¥

    Oh…you mean that character, dumbshit? LOLOLOLOL!!

  • 22 05 2007
  • 726.  Mongo (15:30:23) :

    Don’t worry chode…I won’t post in your retarded name. Just try to be a little more intelligent next time ass! hahaha! You’re stupidity is almost quaint. =)

  • 22 05 2007
  • 727.  thesupercumbucketfromhellnamedchucknorris (16:06:31) :

    SUPER!!!!!immmmm back i got a new penius guess whos it is………..bible mans its not as big as the other one though and now hes got a baboons pussy so its all cool anyway i seen satan has told you all jules secret see the reason i exist is because satan cant wear condoms ya know cause of the spines actually i guess im a bloody cumbucket and theres no water down here so all the pussy stinks so satan just waits for little whores disneys got him set up for a while there like a temp service that finds chicks for him then he moves in while i tell him what to say hes got a problem laughing like a freak but i tell him girls dont like that ahhhhhhh sweet alyson stoner i JUST CANT WAIT SEE HER AND HILARY DUFF ARE A PACKAGE DEAL!!!!!!! and i get hilary cause shes a nasty whore soooooooooo im gonna betray satan and take ally muhahahahaha MUHAAHAHAHAHA tee hee

    just a fag just a fag just a fag just a fag just a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fag
    i wonder how many times just a fag has been said………………………………………………..

  • 22 05 2007
  • 728.  J.J. (17:33:34) :

    Damn, my head feels like it just ran a mile. I gotta agree with Mongo there cause Just a Fan wasn’t writing legibly earlier. And I doubt that he could find this “Â¥” sign on the keyboard. I can’t even find that sign on the key board. You can all wonder how I got that sign in this post cause I’m not telling. Very smart Just a Fan.

    O.K. Post #484 read “http://img118.imageshack.us/my.php?image=minedk3.gif

    Whose Facebook is it?

    It’s my face book.

    And now I’m going to close out all of myspace fans again, thank you mr idiot.


    I am nothing like I am on lt. lt was a job, this is my life.

    dont pretend to know me or anyone I know, every picture you got you took from my myspace page. Sacha is a name Addy used on here to tease people like you, want to see me in a swimsuit? I can accomodate.

    If your my friend and we’re at the pool.

    next time think twice freak”

    Some one explain this to me because it’s obviously confusing me.

  • 22 05 2007
  • 729.  Just a Fan Â¥ (17:51:44) :

    Because Sascha and Sacha or however she’s spelling it today is Addison Timlin a friend of Juliannas.

  • 22 05 2007
  • 730.  thesupercumbucketfromhellnamedchucknorris (19:14:42) :

    addison timlin????? exactly how the fuck do you know this just a fag(lick my ass) try to find that on your keyboard i think you guys are large fags very into gerbels being released in your ass

  • 22 05 2007
  • 731.  zomg (19:35:39) :

    Attention Seth and David: please fuck off. It was fun for a while but it’s just getting old now. David I am going to give you a little leeway since you are posting all those new Julianna pics, so you can stick around if you want, just drop all the “blah blah Julianna is going to have Seth Wolf arrested blah blah I know Julianna blah blah I go to her school blah blah she takes math class”

  • 22 05 2007
  • 732.  JM (20:58:41) :

    ok, the only way we can settle this is by asking Justin or Angelbaby for the conformation on e-mails posted here. That way we know whos using other names or not. But i highly doubt they would help us now.

  • 22 05 2007
  • 733.  Sascha (23:43:09) :

    ZOMG, (Seth Woolf)

    just for you, I’ll post pictures of her birthday party on sunday since we’re having a big sleep over on Saturday (Her birthday)

    Ohter then that, keep drooling on guys.

    “addison timlin????? exactly how the fuck do you know this”

    um because that’s me. I told you all that the very first post I ever made here almost 2 years ago when I started posting pictures of Julianna.

    Not a single person on here has ever posted a picture of Julianna that I didn’t post first.

    You guys really need to learn to use your brains or do you really think there’s a stalker hiding in Julianna’s bookbag…

  • 22 05 2007
  • 734.  Mongo (23:50:50) :

    It’s obvious that the same person using Juli’s name with a phony e-mail, most likely “Sacha”, is using Just a Fan’s name now, with the little unicode character. And how would this mysterious, suddenly articulate Just a Fan, who previously was a drooling idiot, suddenly know that Addison Timlin, the actress, was posting under the name “Sacha”?

    “Sacha” said in post #484, that “she” was Juli, but also mentioned in the same post that it was “Addy” who used that name…suddenly in #729, the smart version of Just a Fan confirms that it’s “Addy” again. Whoever is using the name “Sacha” is getting confused and can’t figure out who they are either! lol

    I doubt that one of Juli’s good friends would have permission from Juli to post a link to a facebook with images of her like that…especially if she’s supposed to be this huge role model to little kids. Not that I give a shit how she acts or anything, but I would think that a young, visible actress would care…..in other words, I don’t see Juli wnating to be seen as a junior Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears.

    But what the hell…if that really was Juli posting….hey babe! :-D


    But I doubt that it was…. ;-)

  • 23 05 2007
  • 735.  Mongo (00:07:03) :

    And don’t worry zomg….that wasn’t “Seth Woolf” using my name yestersay. Odds are that wasn’t even Seth Woolf using the name Seth Woolf!

    “Sacha” is most likely right….all of these people using the names “Sacha”, Seth Woolf”, and “Just a Fan”, probably are real friends of Juli who stumbled onto this blog and are just fucking around with us. That’s actually pretty funny if you think about it. lol

    I’m just glad that I’m not one of the crude people who went on about screwing her or everything…because I actually think that she’s okay, and seems like a decent person.

    So whoever it was that said I was a sick fuck on #716, you can kiss my ass! Prove where I ever mentioned anything crude about Juli, asshole! >:(

    #733 – Sacha strikes again….first Seth is me, now he’s zomg – you really are amazing. “Bye” usually means that you aren’t coming back…

  • 23 05 2007
  • 736.  Mongo (00:13:05) :

    For Sacha –

    The sun’ll come out
    Bet your bottom dollar
    That tomorrow
    There’ll be sun!

    Just thinkin’ about
    Clears away the cobwebs,
    And the sorrow
    ‘Til there’s none!

    When I’m stuck with a day
    That’s gray,
    And lonely,
    I just stick out my chin
    And Grin,
    And Say,

    The sun’ll come out
    So ya gotta hang on
    ’til tomorrow
    Come what may

    I love ya
    You’re always
    A day
    A way!

  • 23 05 2007
  • 737.  J.J. (00:13:49) :

    Thanks for the explanation Mongo. I really needed that. Is it true Juli’s Lesbo? Just wondering…

  • 23 05 2007
  • 738.  Mongo (00:24:52) :

    I doubt it J.J.

    Either her friends are having a laugh, or it’s one of her stalkers attempting to put her in a bad light because she’s probably placed restraining orders on them.

    It’s kind of an immature way to play it though, because I have a few lesbian friends, and they’re real cool…..hey, nothing wrong with it, they like girls too! lol

  • 23 05 2007
  • 739.  J.J. (00:36:29) :

    Yeah, I get what you’re saying now. She gets all the fame and they want in. And it could also be stalkers. I have a few gay and Bi friends of my own as well.

  • 23 05 2007
  • 740.  zomg (00:49:58) :

    Dear “Sascha”/”Tiffany”/all the other names you use

    Give the everyone-who-isn’t-on-my-side-is-Seth-WOOOOOOOOLF stuff a rest. You seem to be the only one even vaguely concerned with the guy… you go on and on and on and on about how he’s in a wheelchair and worthless and 50 years old and he has sex with his mother and eats his own poop. And no one cares except you and maybe Seth Woolf.

    Also, your speech about how your story has to be legit because it ties in with cherry picked parts of your posting history reminds me of Lost.

    In conclusion, I hope Charlie dies.

  • 23 05 2007
  • 741.  JM (04:02:08) :

    735 “Sacha”, Seth Woolf”, and “Just a Fan”, probably are real friends of Juli who stumbled onto this blog and are just fucking around with us. That’s actually pretty funny if you think about it. lol”

    Oh dude, i never thought of that…. could that also include all that paedophilia and perverted crap that went through here?

  • 23 05 2007
  • 742.  Mongo (05:31:51) :

    ^ Maybe very little of it, the tamer stuff…but probably not most of it. I’m sure that there are alot of random weirdos who come through this blog everyday thinking that they can spout off their wild fantasies about her.

    Crap, I would hope that her friends weren’t that sick!

  • 23 05 2007
  • 743.  Just a Fan Â¥ (08:09:44) :

    well there not sick, was that actually you who came up with that poem

  • 23 05 2007
  • 744.  Just a Fan Â¥ (08:11:47) :

    if yes it was quite good
    im being nice to you for a change!

  • 23 05 2007
  • 745.  JM (09:30:21) :

    i thought it was a song isnt it? from a movie?

  • 23 05 2007
  • 746.  Just a Fan Â¥ (09:58:17) :

    i dunno

  • 23 05 2007
  • 747.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (10:56:00) :

    Ye listen for I shall speak.

    look at just a fan ¥ trying to play shit off all cool like nothing ever happened.
    if you are really j’s friend you are a shitty one, all of you! did I mention you guys are fucking dupes!?

    yeah so what will i do know? climb a mountain of course, im immortal remember?

    p.s. just a fan ¥, there is c/p dickhead!

    c/p=copy paste

    copy paste? whats that? its when you copy and paste text.

    what will i do after i climb a mountain?
    Take the biggest dose of lucy ever conceived by man.

    wtf is lucy?
    the good stuff.

  • 23 05 2007
  • 748.  Sophie (13:30:30) :

    Hmm those facebook pictures AREN’T from Julianna’s birthday party.

  • 23 05 2007
  • 749.  thesupercumbucketfromhellnamedchucknorris (15:48:48) :

    so just a fan where are these birthday pictures i think your full of shit so what youve been hacking into her myspace wowwwwwwwwwwww your awesome not!!!!! your such a tool you sorry fag dick sucking like it in your ass homo shes just a kid she dosent even know that your doing it soooo a sick little stalker like you should just go public and get this I AM SO GREAT!!!! shit over with

    p.s.just a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fagjust a fag

  • 23 05 2007
  • 750.  Just a Fan Â¥ (15:49:48) :

    Well yea u can do that. but we not discussing that anymore.

  • 23 05 2007
  • 751.  Just a Fan Â¥ (15:55:53) :

    just a fan would be better, not Just a fag

  • 23 05 2007
  • 752.  Mongo (16:15:21) :

    ¥ Who is this Sophie person now? ¥

    ¥ lol ¥

    Â¥ Just a Fag, you fecal matter….it’s from the musical and movie, “Annie”….you know: Â¥

    ¥ Sacha = Addison Timlin = Annie? ¥

    Â¥ It would be alot easier if her friends would just use their real names…since they probably are her real friends…. Â¥



  • 23 05 2007
  • 753.  J.J. (16:55:12) :

    Those girls aren’t her friends because real friends wouldn’t do such a thing. And if you are her real friends you should be ashamed. I’d be proud of her if she was my friend. Not spread lies and pictures of her as a crazy party girl.

  • 23 05 2007
  • 754.  Just a Fan Â¥ (17:22:28) :

    And u point is, you get tricked all the time

  • 23 05 2007
  • 755.  RJ (21:59:39) :

    Mongo! Youre crazy Dude! You broke these guys DOWN! I’ma start calling you Encyclopedia Brown! Impressed.

  • 23 05 2007
  • 756.  Sascha (22:43:55) :


    her birthday party isn’t untill Satruday that’s why I said pictures on Sunday.

    Thanks bye.

  • 23 05 2007
  • 757.  Mongo (23:20:24) :

    lol @ RJ ¥

    J.J. Â¥ my friend…I completely agree with you mate. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

    Just a Turd Â¥….you have alot to learn about the internets…I think that you were the one who was tricked. Put that in your dildo and smoke it. muahahaha!!


    756 – Addy Timlin Â¥, you didn’t like my gift post (736)? Harsh…. =-(

  • 23 05 2007
  • 758.  JULIANNA ROSE MAURIELLO (23:26:20) :

    WOW! The emails have been pouring in! I never realized how many fans I have on this website. Please forgive me for not replying to emails this weekend, as I’ll be celebrating my birthday!!!!! :)

    I promise I will get back to answering fan mail after the party. Feel free to send some birthday greetings, I may even read them at the party!


    Take care everyone, and don’t be a poser!!!

  • 23 05 2007
  • 759.  Mongo (23:38:57) :


    Yeah….yeah….yeah…..we all know who the poser is, “David”….

  • 24 05 2007
  • 760.  zomg (00:14:36) :

    There isn’t even anything good in the dodgeit account. Just some douche who seems like the type to throw out a Simpsons reference and ask if it’s too obscure.

    Also, getting (or at least trying to get) over zealous fans to send email to a place like dodgeit doesn’t really seem like a “David” thing to do.

  • 24 05 2007
  • 761.  Sasch (11:52:04) :


    Did you come out to see it or did you just read about it?

  • 24 05 2007
  • 762.  Mongo (13:10:31) :

    I just read about it. When Just a Dork mentioned the name Addison Timlin, I had no clue who that was, so I did a google. She’s pretty btw.

    But I’m familiar with the musical. I played in the orchestra for our school production of it. The girl who played Annie was like 16, but the other orphans were younger grade school kids, and very annoying.

  • 24 05 2007
  • 763.  Mongo (13:15:25) :

    @ zomg

    Yeah, I was curious as to what that e-mail address was all about, so I made a dummy e-mail account and sent a message. I asked “Juli” which one of the posters in the blog this actually was. lol

    You’re right, it doesn’t seem like something that a stalker would do…probably just someone having a laugh.

  • 24 05 2007
  • 764.  Just a Fan Â¥ (17:34:22) :

    its Just a Fan, not Just a Turd
    and by tricking you, i mean acting like a dum shit, then seeing how you react is the funny part, but we are over that now.
    Try to be nice Mongolian

  • 24 05 2007
  • 765.  Just a Fan Â¥ (17:37:01) :

    or Dork

  • 24 05 2007
  • 766.  Just a Fan Â¥ (17:41:12) :

    Like you say, who needs enemies, well il agree to that.

  • 24 05 2007
  • 767.  MIGUEl ANGEL AGAIN (17:50:03) :

    HIII HIIII HII ..excuse me I don’t know write in english well but i tried…HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISASO :D my name is miguel angel from peru…i would like to know YOu, but is imposible cause’ i live VERY FAR…EXTREMALY FAR…:P and but i want to ask you…¿Could you give me an answer please? for me If you send to me an answer…i think …3 2 1 PLECKKKKKK…and then I fall after i read again your answer and I will fall again and reread your answer and this time i won’t fall..:D PLEASE I WOULD LIKE YOU Give me Some kind answer … entendiquichumanachu …look this is a dream…but COULD YOU Add in your contacts from hotmail…or i don’t know Maybe YAHOO…well…my E-mail…is,,,”mikenry1990@hotmail.com” … :D MY GOD it’s is amazing…VAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ;) TAKE CARE :D
    God blessing you …que dios te bendiga..:D vaii ;)

  • 24 05 2007
  • 768.  J.J. (18:58:02) :

    Just a Fan ¥, you try to be nice.

    1. I wasn’t tricked.
    2. What on Earth gave you the idea I was tricked?
    3. Shut up. And Mongo was right.

  • 24 05 2007
  • 769.  Mongo (19:47:59) :


    Just a Scrotum kind of lives in his own little demented world, doesn’t he J.J.?

    Acting like a “dum” shit seems to come a little too naturally for him though – I don’t think that it was an act. hahaha

    I guess that if he wants us to think that he fooled us, I’ll let him. I can be charitable towards the drooling morons on earth, if need be. =)

  • 24 05 2007
  • 770.  Just a Fan Â¥ (20:14:20) :

    Mongolian asswhole, and JJ just chill out, you did believe i was some idiot tho
    you got to admit that, i thought it would be funny. i actually thought you would laugh in the end.
    just pick on the newbies for a change, i cant be bothered to argue with Mongo all the time, so do me a favor and calm the fuck down
    TY =)

    Ps skat… i didnt think tht copy and paste worked on here, tho it was a good idea tho

  • 24 05 2007
  • 771.  Dennis O'dell (20:40:07) :

    date: 2007-05-24 00:57:48
    from: Dennis O’dell
    subject: Hahaha

    Okay, I’ll play along…”Juli”.

    Happy Birthday! lolz


    Seriously…which one of you guys is this? I won’t
    tell anyone. =-)

  • 25 05 2007
  • 772.  Mongo (00:54:37) :

    771 – lmao excellent! You took the bait. :-)

    But of course, if you were trying to be naughty, and let everyone here know my real name, you failed. Do you think that I’d be stupid enough to volunteer my real name? It was a made up e-mail account, remember (#763)? Short-term memory issues, Just a Moron?

    Listen to The Beatle’s song, “You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)”….then you’ll figure out where I got the fake name from… ;-)

    If you like copying and pasting joke e-mails, I can always make up some more accounts with fake names and write this Julianna account over and over. It’s your call. =)

  • 25 05 2007
  • 773.  zomg (01:01:27) :

    ^ “I for one welcome our new Lazytown overlords.


  • 25 05 2007
  • 774.  Mongo (01:03:07) :

    770 – Just a Small Cock….

    1. I’m not Asian, nor do I have issues with Asian people…so you calling me “Mongolian” doesn’t affect me. It appears that me calling you “Just a Fag” *does* bother you, because you’ve mentioned it more than once…maybe I’m hitting a little too close to home with my name for you? lol

    2. It’s “asshole”, not “asswhole”. Although “whole” and “hole sound exactly the same, they have two entirely different meanings. The “asshole” is where you poop from, or in your case, where you speak from. The “asswhole” is the entire butt, cheeks and all.

    3. It was never a matter of me “believing” that you were an idiot, it was knowing beyonf a shadow of a doubt that you *are* an idiot…you didn’t need to write anything else after your very first post in this blog to make me think otherwise…

    4. Nope, I’m not laughing, so you still fail.

    5. Copy and paste works almost everywhere dummy. But I didn’t need to c/p….ever hear of a “Font Book”?

    6. You can’t bother to argue with me? Who ever told you that you ever had to answer me in the first place? duh…

    7. It looks like you’re the one who needs to calm down. you get so worked up, you misspell everything, and say ridiculously irrelevant things.

    8. Posting the e-mail contents in #771 so soon after you misspelled your way through your previous post #770, is still not convincing anyone that they both aren’t you. I’ve been telling you to space them out longer, but you never seem to learn.

  • 25 05 2007
  • 775.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (01:04:40) :

    just a fan you are truly indeed a moron, copy paste! i meant everyone simply copied and pasted the little ¥ character!

    What the fuck are YOU rambling on?

    A good idea?


    You think this thread will hit 1000?

    Goal for this thread:

  • 25 05 2007
  • 776.  zomg (01:05:24) :

    ^ “My eyes, the goggles do nothing!


  • 25 05 2007
  • 777.  zomg (01:06:53) :

    Dammit 775 you ruined everything! Nice to see the whole gang out, though.

  • 25 05 2007
  • 778.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (01:16:15) :

    Just a fan, I beg of you to just give up and admit defeat. I may sound like a broken record but every time you post your respond you just get in balls deeper in a mess of shit.

    Stop trying to act like a defender of Juli because if I were her, and I saw what you were saying I would be embarrassed.

    So dude just enough is enough man, I’m telling you… well at least this is the interwebs so shit man, fuck it do whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

  • 25 05 2007
  • 779.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (01:21:06) :

    Hi gang!

    I agree its nice to see you all here lets go 1000!

  • 25 05 2007
  • 780.  Mongo (01:24:15) :

    I just wish that Addison Timlin would come back….she’s teh sezzy. =)

  • 25 05 2007
  • 781.  Mongo (01:25:44) :

    Nice seeing you guys too. =^D

  • 25 05 2007
  • 782.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (01:35:04) :

    fuck that! addison timlin?
    whos that girl juli was humpin?

  • 25 05 2007
  • 783.  Mongo (01:40:34) :

    isn’t that her older sister Alex?

  • 25 05 2007
  • 784.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (01:48:37) :

    I dont think so

    who the fuck knows, well im going night night

    see you in hell you fools!

    jk good night!

  • 25 05 2007
  • 785.  Mongo (02:02:24) :


    laters, ya’ll. =)

  • 25 05 2007
  • 786.  Addy (12:55:19) :

    That was her girlfriend Amanda Burwasser…

    3rd time I’ve told you that.

  • 25 05 2007
  • 787.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (13:19:54) :

    girlfriend like, ‘shes a friend thats a girl’, or ‘shes my girlfriend were going out’ friend??

  • 25 05 2007
  • 788.  JM (13:56:22) :

    girl on girl dude. Literally. yea, tell me about it.

    sorry if i offended any of all.

  • 25 05 2007
  • 789.  Mongo (15:48:26) :

    I am very offended, JM. In fact, I’m writing my congressman after I post this….lol ;-)

    Okay everyone…I’m still about .003% sure that Sacha is actually the lovely Addison Timlin. I mean, why would she be going on about her good friend being a lesbian, when Juli herself has never mentioned this publicly? In todays society, a high profile teenaged actress admitting that they’re a homosexual could negatively impact their career…especially a young girl who is supposedly a little kids role model. Hey, this isn’t the way that I think, but imagine all of the uptight moms out there whos kids watch Lazytown, and their reaction if they knew that their kiddies favorite pink haired girl was a lesbian? Most people are ignorant assholes, and playing to their discriminating views isn’t the sharpest way to go.

    A so-called “friend” volunteering this kind of information, even as a joke, wouldn’t be my friend for muh longer.

    So until Julianna publicly declares herself a lesbian, and I don’t mean in this “anonymous” posting thread, this is all grade AAA bullshit.

    With that said, if she is a lesbian, great. Whatever makes her happy. But, I happen to like Juli, and if she does something to damage her career this early on, I’d feel bad.

  • 25 05 2007
  • 790.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (17:19:15) :

    righteous words man.

  • 25 05 2007
  • 791.  Just a Fan Â¥ (19:09:52) :

    this guy has a point, but you never know and by the way…
    1. it went out of hand when ppl said shit on here in my name, most likely cumbucket.
    2. i didnt think of the copy/ paste thing till after i had writen that key
    3. skates. Shut the fuck up!!!!
    4. i can handle (fag) but it would be nice if u just called me by (Fan)
    5. theres nothing wrong with being a les, as juli might turn straight again when shes abit older.
    and 6. Julis been on this blog not long ago, i already told you wht she said on -606, and ty for reading
    now that i have said what needed sayin, you all may carry on

  • 25 05 2007
  • 792.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (20:03:29) :

    Look! You can’t even read!

    Wtf are you on man?

    No one ever said anything bad about juli for her sexual preference.

    Fuck you.

  • 25 05 2007
  • 793.  thesupercumbucketfromhellnamedchucknorris (21:44:05) :

    all girls at jules age are into girl on girl action nowadays so it shouldnt come as a shock she WILL like penis trust me and as for mongos comments about how people couldnt handle her being a lesbo SOOOOOOO TRUE nickjr would shit themselves there already in a panic about her boobs (there small but shes got um) and as for just a fag i did not post as you ive only been me i dont know or care who was posting as you but i bet it was someone with fag envy sooooo let me get this straight addisno timlin was a girl who wanted the lazytown gig and didnt get it so she posts smut of her on the net????and dave stoghill is a pedo in prison who hacks into jules myspace???this is all confusing and i think everyone should state what they think is going on cause im lost??? now i want to stick my penis in my brand new masturbation toy mmmmmmmmmm it feels soooo good ahhhhhh yeah…….ohhh yes do it stephnie yes ohhh squeeze it mmmmm ahh…….

  • 25 05 2007
  • 794.  Mongo (21:45:18) :


    Whatever you’re on Just a Fag, I want some too!

    And I really doubt that a retard like you would be the one who would make a girl suddenly become hetero….

  • 25 05 2007
  • 795.  Mongo (21:55:21) :

    793 – Addy Timlin is trying to sabotage Juli’s career…and Juli lets her? Can you imagine if Disney produced Lazytown and this kind of story got out? They would probably sue her….

    Yeah, it’s not just that the Juli/lesbian stories are in this comment thread…alot of people search Google for her and find this site. They’re bound to believe it, and talk about it elsewhere, and that’s how false stories start.

    Those pics of Juli hugging and kissing other girls just seem like any normal girl with really close friends….doesn’t mean that she’s a lesbian. Just like girls going to the bathroom together at parties I guess.

    Now, if a guy goes to the bathroom with his friend at a party….that’s a bit different. I hear that Just a Fag takes dumps with his best friend Pete in the shitter with him. Any truth to this?

  • 25 05 2007
  • 796.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (22:43:40) :

    yeah man thats what I was thinking they were just messin around, I’ve seen other girls doin that wrestling and shit.
    Cumbucket guy was right about the girls nowadays being lesbian its the ‘in’ thing for girls, who want to rebel, so why not piss their parents off by being in a Girls Gone Wild video kissing their friends. U know what I mean?

    Do we have a saboteur among us?

  • 25 05 2007
  • 797.  Mongo (23:57:26) :

    Probably that knobhead, Just a Fag…. “He” is most likely a fucking girl that Juli ignored at one time or another.

    Even if Addy Timlin lost out to Juli for ol’ Pinky, I can’t see her playing the bullshit games like this online….

  • 25 05 2007
  • 798.  Mongo (23:59:36) :

    Well….it is now midnight in NYC. You know what that means?


    You little fox, you! =-D

  • 26 05 2007
  • 799.  Mongo (00:00:48) :

    Shit….I was 24 seconds too early… =^/

  • 26 05 2007
  • 800.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (00:09:06) :

    Happy 16th Julianna Rose Mauriello! Hope you have a kickass party.
    If not, tommorow is saturday anyway so i could just raid my moms liquor stash and get wasted for you!

  • 26 05 2007
  • 801.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (00:19:06) :

    I doubt just a fag is a girl, im pretty sure its some 13 year old kid and if its an older dude well then to you Just a fag, I dub thee as a fucking genuine retard.

    that would be weird man seeing Addison Timlin play as Stephanie, I dont think the show would be as big if anyone else played her.

  • 26 05 2007
  • 802.  Mongo (01:08:41) :

    Yeah, sorry Addy love, but this Juli was born for this role. To be honest, I really don’t watch Lazytown, the main reason being that the other characters are so bloody annoying, but from what I’ve seen (youtube), she seems perfect for it…and she looks cool in pink. lol

    Hahaha…if Fags a 50 year old like I thought he was, he’s in need of mental treatment.

    I wonder if Juli’s friends are going to sneak a bottle of Vodka into her sleepover tonight? hahaha….I’d pay to see that youtube video. ;-p

  • 26 05 2007
  • 803.  JM (01:10:08) :

    damnit! ahh man, i wanted 800th post…

    Happy Birthday Julianna Rose Mauriello! you are now LEGAL!
    well, i guess you are…

    Its been a saturday for 8 hours at least.

  • 26 05 2007
  • 804.  thesupercumbucketfromhellnamedchucknorris (01:39:34) :

    shes legal!!!shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!! shes legal!!!

  • 26 05 2007
  • 805.  J.J. (02:04:59) :

    Happy B-Day Juli…

    I don’t think Just a Fan’s a girl. He’s probably some guy who’s knows a lot about Juli. And is obsessed with her. And now I really don’t care if Juli is lesbo or not because some day she’s just an actress.

  • 26 05 2007
  • 806.  J.J. (02:08:15) :

    I mean some day she’ll just be an actress or something. And I might just become a teacher with an above average pay.

  • 26 05 2007
  • 807.  zomg (02:37:16) :

    So she’s 16 now? Well where’s the fun in that?

  • 26 05 2007
  • 808.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (02:52:38) :

    yea seriously dude i find the show really over the top annoying like the kind of annoying when there is a loud ass girl on a bus talking all loud and shit and yelling across the bus, but I saw the show when i took some lsd my friends they put this video off of youtube and i saw the puppets.. i fucken jumped my ass outta the seat!
    how i went back to watch the show i will never know, but definately watch this if your on some illegal substance trust me!

    Fuck yeah, Get drunk and post that shit on youtube! or not, im pretty sure thats not what people would want to see her as, a drunk 16 year old.

    Acid+Lazytown=Joy hell ride

  • 26 05 2007
  • 809.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (02:57:19) :

    i hope she doesn’t become one of those party girls like the ones you see so much on tv.

    those bitches..

  • 26 05 2007
  • 810.  Thorvald (10:10:50) :

    She won’t but, how in hell did that guy get those personal pictures of Julianna?

    Unless that gentleman has some sort of connection.

    Also: I understand why this isn’t dead, but come on guys. Organize an e-mail list and find out her personal life through traditional stalking.

  • 26 05 2007
  • 811.  Just a Fan Â¥ (10:54:43) :

    I dont know where to start, but what you all said about me is wrong.

    PS Happy birthday Juli.

  • 26 05 2007
  • 812.  Just a Fan Â¥ (10:56:26) :

    If you come on here again, which will be soon

  • 26 05 2007
  • 813.  JM (11:49:12) :

    So she can see you’re a very very bad friend.

    I dont wanna argue.

  • 26 05 2007
  • 814.  Sascha (12:28:22) :

    um, I never even tried for the role of LazyTown, that was Shelby Young.

    Last time before I post pictures of the party.

    Julianna is and has been DATING her GIRLFRIEND Amanda for almost 2 years.

    Get over it , your never going to meet her and your never going to do her.

  • 26 05 2007
  • 815.  AngelBaby (13:30:40) :

    “Julianna is and has been DATING her GIRLFRIEND Amanda for almost 2 years.”

    that’s hot.

    teenage lesbians FTW.

  • 26 05 2007
  • 816.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (16:44:54) :


    Whos complaining 814?!

  • 26 05 2007
  • 817.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (16:49:37) :

    The bigwigs at Nickelodeon are gonna be shittin themselves when they hear about this, and they have you to thank addy!


  • 26 05 2007
  • 818.  zomg (17:15:02) :

    As hot as it would be, I doubt that is true. I also continue to doubt Sascha is who he says she is.

  • 26 05 2007
  • 819.  Mongo (17:51:26) :

    Okay, Sascha/Sacha/Henry/Addison….here’s a proposition:

    You keep claiming that you are who your are. 100% of us have high doubts about that, and believe that you’re just some nerdy stalker wannabe. Just a Dickhead doesn’t count, thus the 100% figure.

    If you want us to truly believe….without a shadow of a doubt….that you are actually a close friend of Miss Juli’s, do 2 things for us tonight.

    It will entail 2 medium-sized pieces of cardboard and a black Sharpie pen.

    1. A picture of both you and Juli holding one piece of cardboard with the words: “Hello Mongo!”, written in large letters

    2. A picture of you holding the other piece of cardboard with the words: “My other name is Sascha”.

    I can spot a shop from a mile away, so don’t even try it.

    If you can’t follow these simple instructions, you are a fake…and you fail.

  • 26 05 2007
  • 820.  Mongo (18:05:27) :

    Just a Fan Â¥…..dude, you never learn…”realism” counts.

    You can’t keep going between halfway decently spelled posts, and those that look like a 4 year old wrote it.

  • 26 05 2007
  • 821.  thesupercumbucketfromhellnamedchucknorris (20:01:24) :

    im actually a 8 year old with a masturbating problem and im jules secret lover i live right down the street and chuck norris is my cousin soooo im famos!!! cause
    of that and i have had freaky dildo sex with jules (IN HER PINK WIG AND OUTFIT AND PINK PUSSIE HAIR)SHE CAN TAKE 13 INCHES!!! AND LIKE AS BIGAROUND AS A POP CAN ohhh sorry forgot to stop yelling she lost her virginity to the mayor puppet in a falling accident she forgot to wear her spankys and boop right in da hole sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry guys shes taken tee hee
    super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris has spoken his words shall echo through time in an infinite flowing menstural cycle of chunky sailsberry steak chunks that jules would eat if i wanted her to cause she hates penis so much

    just a fag

  • 26 05 2007
  • 822.  deadpool from marvel comics (20:06:00) :

    HeY aLL im DeaDpOOl frOm marVEl coMIcS I was WOndErinG Who waNTs Me To kiLL The cuMBucKeT maKE miNE MArvel!!!!!!!

  • 26 05 2007
  • 823.  haiiyaa (21:27:58) :

    I love just her :) can’t wait for you to post those pictures Sascha

  • 27 05 2007
  • 824.  Just a Fan Â¥ (02:45:20) :

    JM u dont argue cuz ur a fukin fag guy u knows that u loose to me ervy time u nonce! ur jelous cuz shes my good frend n not urs! ha!

    Mongo Addy talks right u cant do her cuz u poke guys in the butt.

    cumbucket is 1 crazy fukin dude.

  • 27 05 2007
  • 825.  Skarastadooplisshwebeeclatuveratanicktoo (03:04:35) :

    lets see those muthafucken signs then! No photshop either, as I can spot a fake easily too. Ha! I’d like to see you fit this name on a piece of paper. Or better yet! have juli and amanda makin out and post that up!

  • 27 05 2007
  • 826.  JM (06:04:45) :

    I dont wanna argue cause i cant be bothered to anymore. No, im not jealous that you are friends with Juli. But it still concerns me that you may be some fucking wanker seeking attention.

    If you are, then therefore you are a fag. Cause unlike you, if i were friends with her, i dont go around praising it. And i especially dont act as a retard just to find amusement on the net tricking people.

    Enough said, i already said i didnt want to argue.

    P.s – No, fuck you, im not a nonce cause im still young and no, i have never lost to you priss.

  • 27 05 2007
  • 827.  Just a Fan Â¥ (07:15:26) :

    u lost to me fukin priss!

    u shoudnt cry JM Juli doesnt liek fukin gay little guys who cry. ill tell Juli that u poke little boys in the butt to.

    u will nvr know her like me so dont evn say that u will! ha!

  • 27 05 2007
  • 828.  JM (11:47:53) :

    haha, i gottha admit i was in a piss’d off mood during my last comment and got tick’d off pretty easily. Im asuming your playing your retard character again so no offense taken.


    Also, i dont give a shit not knowing her. Thus, i dont care. “ha!”

  • 27 05 2007
  • 829.  Just a Fan Â¥ (13:35:42) :

    ya u do care and im not gay, because a have lots of sex with wemon anb and im not a virgen.

  • 27 05 2007
  • 830.  ben (13:44:12) :

    you should call yourself “jar-jar binks”. it would explain your annoying kind of spelling.

  • 27 05 2007
  • 831.  Mongo (15:31:04) :

    Wow…looks like the stupid version of Just a Fag is back. :-/

    I don’t know why he fights with JM so violently, when I’m the one who flips him most of the shit…..?

    Hmmm……only 9 hours left for you to post those “promised” pictures, Addy love…hahahaha. I wonder if she couldn’t find any cardboard for her salute?

    She’s probably still passed out, or has a bad hangover, eh?

  • 27 05 2007
  • 832.  Just a Fan Â¥ (16:53:21) :

    u shud fuk uself ben i dont remember sayin u cud talk.

    Mongo im not thru wit u yet!

  • 27 05 2007
  • 833.  ben (18:05:34) :

    whoever is responsible for this blog please block the ip of this 14 year old retard

  • 27 05 2007
  • 834.  Skarasta (18:15:02) :

    I agree this fag is really starting to annoy me with these little games.

    pics- highly doubt it.

    juli being a lesbian- still hot.

  • 27 05 2007
  • 835.  Just a Fan Â¥ (18:48:18) :

    ok im srry ill stop i dont want to go. :(

  • 27 05 2007
  • 836.  J.J. (18:52:45) :

    # 640 Just a Fan posted -i will make sure i end this blog with good coments, as you know young ppl enter this blog, and i feel sorry for all those kids as they see all this mess. I thought i could make the blog abit more respectable and sensible, and i plan to do that.

    You better start trying now. Cause that’s a lot to make up for. You’ve said more bad things than you have good. Put the other guy with better grammer and spelling on, Just a Fan. He made way better sence than you and he seemed to put up more of a fight.

    #829 Just a Fan Â¥ – ya u do care and im not gay, because a have lots of sex with wemon anb and im not a virgen.


  • 27 05 2007
  • 837.  Just a Fan Â¥ (19:16:24) :

    were all from that cumbucket freak!!
    jj , its cumbucket posting shit in my name

  • 27 05 2007
  • 838.  Just a Fan Â¥ (19:26:59) :

    Cumbucket you are so fucking stupid, the way you fuckin go on, like last time when some weird fag started sayin shit on here in my name, i wasnt shure who it was, but looking at the words you use… i can tell you sick fuck.
    you have already tryed this trick, it aint gona work again.

    Ps Mongo 819> , that would be a good way to get the truth out of sasha, good idea but sasha is who she says she is, she aint lieing to you
    And ignore that cumbucket fuck, in real life he got no friends,

  • 27 05 2007
  • 839.  Just a Fan Â¥ (19:31:21) :

    ok im gona post tomorrow ,so Jm,JJ,Mongo and who ever else just ignore tht Cumbucket.#
    PS he will probably deny it, the lieing Fag

  • 27 05 2007
  • 840.  Mongo (20:08:27) :

    Number one, no one should be banned, because this thread is so fucking legendary! If it hadn’t been for Just a Chode, this thread would be boring as hell, with stupid latino guys saying how much they love Juli, and other idiots faking that they’re Seth Woolf and David Stodghil. Plus, there are so many people obviously using Just a Fags name anymore, that you would be banning half of the people here. hahaha!

    Just a Fag – of all of the people on this planet, just how in the hell would you know that Sascha is really Addy Timlin? You’ve said it more than once, and I still think that you’re full of shit. For one thing, why would Addy Timlin know someone as stupid and crude as you? That alone would fuck up her acting career.

    You call cumbucket a liar, but you have proven that you are the biggest liar around….moron.

    4 hours and counting, Addy….

  • 27 05 2007
  • 841.  the cumbucket from hell named jenifer lopez (20:41:12) :

    whos been bad mouthing my man damn just a fag you dont wanna piss me off im latin mother fucker ill have my husband beat you to death with p.diddys dead life less body and what sort of retard disease do you have???i think its high time you were called out for being the imposter cause my husband was here when this thread started and you are different just a fag your just some pathic little fag who post on here constantly!!!!!and hops from subject to subject and then say to ignore my husband I THINK ILL HIRE DEADPOOL TO KILL YOU



  • 27 05 2007

    one hot summer day just a fag was on vacation in new york enjoying the sights sounds and smells all the while thinking how good his life was going his vacation was thanks to a promotion at his very famous law firm the only dark spot was his fbi secret of investigating the disappearance of julianna rose maurelo the famos actress(SEE POST 619)it had been 10 days since her disapperance and his money laundering debt could be droped if he help the feds he didnt know why he was chosen he just had to follow a couple of leds that would be phoned to him via BLUETOOTH CELLPHONE so he hailed ataxi to central park to a certain bench

    just a fan:damn wish they would hurry up and call….and tell me what to do??
    ring!!! ring!!
    mysterious voice:hello mr???????you will always call me mr.x
    just a fan:ok???
    mr.x:now stand up and follow my directions
    mr.x leads just a fag to a man hole cover and says open it so the confused just a fan opens the manhole and proceeds down where a flash light is laying on the ground mr.x says pick it up youll need it and gives him 30 mins worth of directions to a chamber with a bed and a burned out lantern in the sewer the odor was different here?? just a fan thought
    mr.x:do you feel funny???
    just a fan:huh?? excuse me i didnt get that??
    mysterious voice:how are you doing mr????
    just a fan turns looking in the sound of the voice and finds a strange man standing in front of the door
    just a fan:who are you?? whats going on?? TELL ME WHATS GOING ON!!
    mysterious man:shut up mr??? i dont like it when people yell and im the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris but you can call me NO PICKLES
    just a fan:???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? huh?? ummmm iii..i. ummm o..k…
    just a fan:stop yelling im sorry i..i. i dont know what your saying uhh umm … mmmm.mr..no pickkk..less
    no pickles charges across the room and kicks just a fans imposter and jumps on top of him and says
    just a fan dazed is rolled over onto his back and furthur violated by all three of no pickles penises his nipple penises throbing he slowly works his penises left thrust then right thrusthe could fell his ass tear as the man screamed and looked around at no pickles and sees his tenticle nipple penises no pickles grins at just a fan as he rams the middle penis into his body the blood started to pour out the mans screams were stiffled by the violation of his in side his colon conplete riped from the inside away from his anul orfice then no pickles riped off just a fans impostors penis and whispers in his ear to say his name
    but mr.???? had passes out from the pain………………………….

  • 27 05 2007

    IT SUCKED SUPER ASS(seeing as how hell is a metaphore created to make dumb inbread people behave that would mean that just a fans imposter was just that just a fan of just a fan so he wanted to be just a fan of just a fan but yet it was obvious he was just a imposter of just a fan who is JUST A FAG JUST A FAG JUST A FAG JUST A FAG

  • 28 05 2007
  • 844.  JM (04:14:48) :

    uhh… Internet is so confusing. ^^^ dude….

    Any sign of them photos mongo?

  • 28 05 2007
  • 845.  Mongo (05:34:37) :

    Nope…I kind of thought that “Sascha” was a fake. I checked that facebook account just now, and of course there are no new pictures in there.

    He/she will probably make up some lame excuse about not having a camera.

    Um, we should ask Just a Dork why “Sascha” didn’t upload any party pics? He apparently knows everything about this person…which is a miracle because he sucks pretty much at everything else in life.

    ps – watch the pictures show up tomorrow lol

  • 28 05 2007
  • 846.  Skarasta (13:19:37) :

    knew those pictures wouldnt show.


  • 28 05 2007
  • 847.  Verkkapoju (15:56:47) :

    Well, it isnt a surprise. :P

  • 28 05 2007
  • 848.  Just a Fan Â¥ (17:15:00) :

    give her time, you can be patient cant you

  • 28 05 2007
  • 849.  JUST A FAG(actually its the cumbucket hee hee) (21:09:32) :

    (in little girl voice)hey boys im a 8 year old girl with a masturbating problem whooooooo i love to squirt my pussy juice all over the place(screams while squirting pussy juice everywhere)ohhhhhhh yes!! im such a naughty little slut mmmmmm tee hee

    in comes her dad
    dad:you little slut masturbating for youtube again SMACK!!!
    just a fag:noooo daddy stop i just want your big daddy penis in side me
    dad:spread ummm bitch
    dad grabs her neck and throws her down on the bed he slowly slips his cock in her tight little pussyshe moans yes daddy there there ummmm yeah deeper

  • 29 05 2007
  • 850.  Mongo (01:41:31) :

    >> 849 – is really Dakota Fanning

    Yeah, I wasn’t holding my breath on Sacha’s promise. lol

    Why doesn’t the person who is posing as Addy Baby post some recent pictures of her??? The last ones that I ever saw of her were from a few years ago at some movie premiere.

  • 29 05 2007
  • 851.  Skarasta (15:08:45) :

    this thread is in its final stages and should die very soon, not even a single post from those latin fags..

  • 29 05 2007
  • 852.  Sascha (15:09:35) :
  • 29 05 2007
  • 853.  Sascha (15:12:56) :

    Amanda is in a few pics for you, sorry it took so long to get it online, hey yo, i DO work you know.

    If you really are on her facebook as you claim then you know Amanda is her GIRLFRIEND like as in swapping spit and rubbing it up.

    Swimsuit pics?

    Arguing with 100 morons?

    Winning? Priceless.

  • 29 05 2007
  • 854.  Verkkapoju (15:15:17) :

    omg, you got them :O

  • 29 05 2007
  • 855.  Sascha (15:41:06) :

    I told you very first post ever made on this site.
    Julianna has a girlfriend, they have been a COUPLE for the last 2 years or so.
    She isnt into guys. Just Amanda.
    If you guys REALLY knew how much her and Amanda love each other, you’d quit with the sex stuff.
    Amanda and Jules are MARRIED as much as you could be, they both sleep over any time they want to at each others house, they both have keys to each others houses, their parents know, their friends know, only psycho stalker “fans” like Seth Woolf tell people on forums “Yea shes not a lesbian” and then write a post later how they are going to marry juju and have kids with her.
    Do you guys understand yet??????????????

    You will NEVER meet her, you will NEVER talk to her, she is always with Amanda, she sleeps with Amanda every night at her house or at Manda’s.
    If you call for jules Amanda will answer the phone and ask what you want, if you fuck with Julianna Amanda would kill you.

    Julianna loves her “husband” and honestly, Amanda is a big girl yo!

    They kiss openly why should they hide it, her career? Her career is ALWAYS going to be there, you guys have no idea, juju just signed for a movie deal.

    Hey baby, She made one post on this site, and you guys flamed her out so I have taken over and yes, she does read this trash you guys talk and yes it does HURT her.

  • 29 05 2007
  • 856.  Sascha (15:47:30) :

    and as for the idiot who asked if her hair upstairs matched the downstairs, as far as i know (like um 2 days ago) Julianna is still bald as a baby because thats how Amanda wants her to be. We were joking about it on Saturday and Manda says she likes juju to be super girly and she is.

    Amanda opens doors for Jules, she carries her bookbag, she holds her when they walk, you guys don’t even know, your barking way up the WRONG tree.

    Julianna knows I have posted here, she watched me as I did it, and all she said was “they need to go find lives.”

    Last comment EVER.

    BTW Julianna wants you to know when her and Amanda are together at night being taken care of, she doesn’t think of you guys AT ALL.

  • 29 05 2007
  • 857.  zomg (16:00:12) :

    I love this website.

  • 29 05 2007
  • 858.  AngelBaby (16:00:13) :

    “if her hair upstairs matched the downstairs, as far as i know (like um 2 days ago) Julianna is still bald as a baby because thats how Amanda wants her to be”



  • 29 05 2007
  • 859.  Mongo (17:21:00) :

    Meh…what do those facebook pics prove? It proves that the stalker pretending to be Addison Timlin either has hacked into Juli’s facebook and MySpace accounts, or is a sell-out “nobody” friend on her friends list.

    I told you that I would be a tough sell…you provide me with some form of salute, or I think that you’re a liar. Easy as that. Anyone with access to her account can provide a link…duh. A salute would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are who you say that you are….thus, you fail.

    You proved nothing stalker….you still lose.

  • 29 05 2007
  • 860.  Sascha (17:22:56) :

    Look! Exclusice pictures from Juli’s 16th birthday party! And a swimsuit pic!!!!


  • 29 05 2007
  • 861.  Mongo (17:26:45) :

    860 was me…see how simple it is to act like someone that I’m not?

  • 29 05 2007
  • 862.  Jules (17:44:22) :

    This *IS* Julianna.

    I just took down the swimsuit picture.
    Guess you’ll have to explain that one, maybe I just hacked into my own facebook account right???

    Mongo your a loser, get a life. I’m not taking pictures just for you to parade around with to show your friends.

  • 29 05 2007
  • 863.  Mongo (17:54:23) :

    I fail at life.

  • 29 05 2007
  • 864.  stool_sample (17:54:43) :

    Lol, this thread is fantastic reading.

  • 29 05 2007
  • 865.  Jules (18:20:48) :

    I meant to say that I fail at life. Sorry! :)

    And remember, don’t be a poser!

  • 29 05 2007
  • 866.  Just a Fan Â¥ (18:30:44) :

    yea mongo you suck dude, jules =), by the way this blog wont end untill ppl like cumbucket leave, this has been a mad blog, soon i think cumbucket will lose interest in this blog maybe, you guys you scared off ppl with your sick coments
    not you jj and jm, u guys are ok.

  • 29 05 2007
  • 867.  Mongo (18:42:26) :

    Wow….if these weirdos are actually Julianna Rose Mauriello and Addison Timlin, I have less and less respect for them by the minute…all that they seem to be are vindictive little be-yotches. =/ But I still doubt that it is.

    You wouldn’t see *real* actresses like Emma Roberts, Taylor Dooley, Dakota Fanning, Victoria Justice…et al, acting like stupid asses, fighting with random anonymous people in a joke forum like this…

    Hey poser….who the fuck said that I wanted to parade Juli’s stupid pictures around for all of my friends????? I just wanted bloody proof you dickless cunt!

    If you want to fake that you’re Juli, here’s some advice to make it appear more realistic….it’s spelled “you’re”, as in – “Mongo your you’re a loser…”

    You fail, Just a Fag…

  • 29 05 2007
  • 868.  the cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (18:43:53) :


  • 29 05 2007
  • 869.  Mongo (18:47:49) :

    Oh, go fuck yourself Just a Fag! You piece of shit…you’ve insulted just about everyone in this thread you asshole. One minute, JJ and JM are dickheads to you, now they’re “ok”. Do us a favor and go kill yourself!

    I think that it’s ironic that everytime “Sascha” or “Jules” post around here, *you* suddenly appear. It doesn’t take a fucking genius to see the game that you’re playing fucktard…

  • 29 05 2007
  • 870.  Mongo (18:50:01) :

    868 – Don’t worry dude, it wasn’t anything to write home about….

  • 29 05 2007
  • 871.  Jules (18:53:58) :

    Just a Fan, you play nice now. Don’t be a poser! :)

    If you want to see my bikini pics, just write me at:


    Love all of my fans!

  • 29 05 2007
  • 872.  Jules (18:56:21) :

    English motherfucker, do you speak it!

  • 29 05 2007
  • 873.  Just a Fan Â¥ (18:56:47) :

    u r sick Mongo u shud go back to poke littlegirls butts

  • 29 05 2007
  • 874.  Mongo (19:00:36) :

    “English motherfucker, do you speak it!”

    Were you asking a question, or making a statement?

    Question = question mark at the end of sentence.


  • 29 05 2007
  • 875.  Mongo (19:01:57) :

    873 – Fuck off, Fag…

  • 29 05 2007
  • 876.  juliann (19:05:49) :


    what the fuck happened with the swimsuit pics????

  • 29 05 2007
  • 877.  Jules (19:07:53) :

    874 – Jesus, you’re a moron

  • 29 05 2007
  • 878.  Jules (19:13:47) :

    And I should know, because I’m the biggest moron of all!

  • 29 05 2007
  • 879.  Mongo (19:15:57) :

    877 – lol I’m not the idiot who fails at grammar and punctuation, nutsack…

  • 29 05 2007
  • 880.  Jules (19:24:14) :

    Earlier, Mongo wrote, “Wow….if these weirdos” OMG FOUR PERIODS FOLLOWED BY A LOWER CASE LETTER!!!

  • 29 05 2007
  • 881.  Mongo (19:27:47) :

    880 – hahaha, that’s your example, Professor???

    um….the lower case letter after 4 periods (which means that it’s a long pause in case you didn’t know) could be because it wasn’t a new sentence, but a continuation of the sentence that began with “Wow”. Stupid people shouldn’t be allowed to use computers.

    Better luck next time, chodebait.

  • 29 05 2007
  • 882.  Sacha (19:31:05) :

    This is the *real* Julianna. Would whoever is posing as me please stop??? I did not write those things.

  • 29 05 2007
  • 883.  Jules (19:37:47) :

    881 – An ellipsis is three periods. Period. If you end a sentence, and then have an ellipsis, you get four. But that means you ended the sentence, so after the ellipsis you would be starting a new sentence. I’m not surprised you don’t understand this since you have only just mastered the art of putting question marks at the end of questions.

    Anyway, I was just trying to make a stupid Pulp Fiction joke based on this spelling of Julianna’s alleged nickname, and your idiocy interfered with mine. Please keep yours to yourself from now on.

  • 29 05 2007
  • 884.  Mongo (19:49:01) :


    It took you 13 minutes to find that answer with Google, huh?

    Why don’t you and your little buddy “Just a Fag” go back to taking each other up the arse, hmmm?


    Your obscure Pulp Fiction reference failed, loser. You can leave now.

  • 29 05 2007
  • 885.  Mongo (19:54:22) :

    Oh………………….and btw, you referring to “Jules” as her alleged nickname, and then using it yourself to fake posts in her name – a bit pathetic, don’t you think?

  • 29 05 2007
  • 886.  Jules (20:16:49) :

    Yeah, Pulp Fiction references are really obscure. Especially on the Internet. Right up there with Monty Python and The Simpsons.

  • 29 05 2007
  • 887.  Mongo (20:29:30) :

    Wow……………..that only took 39 minutes for the weak retort. Are you on dial-up, or just a bit slow?

  • 29 05 2007
  • 888.  Mongo (20:34:18) :

    Hmmm, are you lost? This thread actually deals with a *girl*…………shouldn’t you be lurking in a Jesse McCartney forum?

  • 29 05 2007
  • 889.  Mongo (20:35:25) :

    …….because, you are a fag, right?

  • 29 05 2007
  • 890.  skarasta (22:49:03) :

    WOAH! What the hell did I miss?
    Believe it or not J some of these ppl are actual fans (and some of them just nuts) and you and your posse come insult everyone and dick around with them. But you are all missing my point here I still love trippin on shit more than anything else so I WIN! (even tho i missed the swimsuit pic :| o well)

    456. skarastajamondudeleethereturnofthefap (01:10:05) :
    i think she may be lesbiaaaaaaaan or maybe thats just random teen girl play hmmmmmmmmm???????????

    First post ever? lemme see it c/p it. Lesbian rumors came after this, I may be wrong, I dont feel like searching this whole mess o shit. Yeah, like I said before, who here is complaining?

    “BTW Julianna wants you to know when her and Amanda are together at night being taken care of, she doesn’t think of you guys AT ALL.”

    thats cool, I’m pretty sure both girls are gonna be on all of these dude’s minds when they are fappin.

    Mongo, get a grip man!

  • 30 05 2007
  • 891.  RJ (00:27:28) :

    I guess I’m taking this too seriously, but I really hope that’s not her who is writing all that stuff. I don’t know, I guess I thought more of her. It just seems like only some nonamer would come to a board to defend herself. Plus, if I were her, I’d wear the wig and stuff all the time. And who is this telling us all she’s shaved? What a weirdo!

  • 30 05 2007
  • 892.  stool_sample (10:46:48) :

    The swim suit pic was nothing spectacular people, you didn’t miss much…

  • 30 05 2007
  • 893.  JM (11:11:44) :

    wow…. I left for a day and this happened?

    Ok, i’m currently undergoing a mass attack of vertigo. (Man that sounds cool) 882. “Would whoever is posing as me please stop???”–> i dont think thats ever gonna happen real Julianna. This blog is clearly being abused by a few people using other’s names….

    869 – yea i do admit i was being a dick but something is nugding me that this guy or girl could be telling the truth bout’ his/her name was abused…. I dont know, i wont have much say in this till it starts to get clearer. including everything…

  • 30 05 2007
  • 894.  Mongo (13:49:51) :

    stool_sample – Exactly. It was just a basic picture of her standing on the beach in a normal swimsuit….not a thong, or itsy bitsy, but a basic swimsuit. You’ll find more risque swimwear if you just Google. lol

    JM – I don’t think that you were being a dick at all, and yes, on a very few occasions it’s obvious that someone was posing as Just a Fan, but for the majority of the time, I’m highly sure that it was really him. He lied alot about the reason why he was even posting, long before I even started to post in here. So, I wouldn’t put it past him to lie about what he was saying to you.

    skarasta – lol, nah I’m cool…I was just fucking with the dickweed. =)

  • 30 05 2007
  • 895.  Mongo (14:01:23) :

    RJ – I had that same feeling myself yesterday. I thought that if these really were Addy and Juli, how much further would they stoop? I mean, in Juli’s case, she’s supposed to be this giant role model for little kids. And if she was supposedly aware of what Addy was posting in here, then she’s just as much to blame. Fighting, or fucking around with randomly anonymous people in a dumb blog like this isn’t really the way to act if you’re someone “famous”. They should know better than that. For “Addy” to go off about how “Juli” is in a lesbian relationship and telling us how she’s shaved, and then not even care about the consequences, is bizarre.

    I still hold out hope that it wasn’t really them, as there were too many instances where they said things that made no sense……..plus anyone could have made up a fake facebook account and posted pictures that they somehow acquired – and even a so-called random friend would have access.

    To be honest…the pics that were posted yesterday look nothing like a 16th birthday sleepover. Most of them were her eating fajitas or a gyros or something, They all seemed to be taken on separate days as well, even if they were posted at the same time. Aren’t most sleepovers in a house, at night? hahaha

  • 30 05 2007
  • 896.  J.J. (15:41:16) :

    I think Juli would never write her name in as Jules because she said it was too boyish. I recalled that from a long time ago. I believe Jules is not Juli. Sacha and Sascha are confusing me because I have no idea which one is which. The pictures in there may prove some thing, but did not fulfill the task Mongo had asked for. Therefore, Mongo does not really believe the poster or poser. Juli might post in a name a little less obvious.

    I’m glad that Julianna is a Lesbian because I trust that Amanda will take good care of her. I always thought some thing bad would happen if she married a guy. For some reason I trust girls more than guys. Good luck with your relationship Juli…

  • 30 05 2007
  • 897.  mmmm (18:14:09) :

    Hello World!

  • 30 05 2007
  • 898.  skarasta (18:51:19) :

    10. Sascha (12:26:10) :

    “I’ll send them all to Justin but im not going to post all of them here, theres about 50 pictures total, some of her as a baby, some of her with friends, ONLY 4 in a swimsuit guys so just calm the boners, they dont show anything except maybe a nipple impression, the rest are her and her friends at school, at the movies, at a U2 concert, and one of her and her dog.

    Let me know Justin, Email works…”

    i bet the pictures sascha was talking about here was the ones he/she posted,
    this sascha fello has a bunch moar of these pictures i bet, the task was simple yet he/she failed, thus making him/her less credible.

    I agree with you all on how they stooped down to such of level (if it was really them) I had higher expectations of her, but what would you expect from a girl after reading all this shit about her.

    im cutting back on the Dontlinkthis threads, I depart from this and i say goodbye to all of you and see you guys later on when i return (probably like in a few days lol) There won’t be no school here for about another 3 months and there is REAL girls out here in swimsuits!

    If those girls were really addy and juli you girls could suck on my nutsack.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 899.  JM (23:21:16) :

    896. “I’m glad that Julianna is a Lesbian because I trust that Amanda will take good care of her. I always thought some thing bad would happen if she married a guy. For some reason I trust girls more than guys.”

    i agree but im sure it will turn alright if she was herto anyway. Yea, have a nice relationship juli.

    898. “There won’t be no school here for about another 3 months and there is REAL girls out here in swimsuits!”

    Ditto! Except im not implying Juli and her friends aren’t “real girls”. I just hope the weather here wont suck for it.

  • 30 05 2007
  • 900.  JM (23:23:46) :

    Also, 900th POST!!!

    Finally a decent round number!!

  • 31 05 2007
  • 901.  God Can See You (00:47:37) :

    Is this what you’ve learned in Church?
    You must all repent before God comes to punish all who are Bad, including the people who wrote unholy stuff in this forum.

  • 31 05 2007
  • 902.  God Can See You (00:53:52) :

    The Ten Commandments:

    2I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery; 3you shall have no other gods before me. 4You shall not make for yourself an image, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. 5You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, punishing children for the iniquity of parents, to the third and the fourth generation of those who reject me, 6but showing steadfast love to the thousandth generation of those who love me and keep my commandments. 7You shall not make wrongful use of the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not acquit anyone who misuses his name. 8Remember the sabbath day, and keep it holy. 9Six days you shall labor and do all your work. 10But the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God; you shall not do any work—you, your son or your daughter, your male or female slave, your livestock, or the alien resident in your towns. 11For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but rested the seventh day; therefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day and consecrated it.

    12Honor your father and your mother, so that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you. 13You shall not murder. 14You shall not commit adultery. 15You shall not steal. 16You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. 17You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or male or female slave, or ox, or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor.

  • 31 05 2007
  • 903.  TheDisc (19:24:08) :

    Dear god tell me that it is not true is she really a lesbo, i seriously doubt that a friend of juli’s would do this to her if juli really was a lesbian then i am sure she would have no trouble in making it known so stop lying. I do admit that some of the things that i have read do some believible but another thing to point out that is in New York which is where she lives it is not legal to have sex in any way until 17 years of age so sadly dudes one more year but damn when she was in iceland it was only 14.

  • 31 05 2007
  • 904.  the cumbucket from heaven named kevin federline (23:32:24) :

    now hear my words and in the year 2020 the world was destroyed by the dontlinkthis website and little girls with pink hair took over the world and made everyone eat apples and ……carrots and all the fat people had to live underground and if they show there bodys to topside people they would call them nicknames about how “rotten or lazy” they are

    p.s.hey god can hear you did you know god made jules a lesbo you think hes such a tool he cant enjoy watching two little girls have sex with a pop bottle isnt that right angelbaby????

  • 1 06 2007
  • 905.  TheDisc (04:58:55) :

    Well i will be honest i really dont know what to say to that. Bravo

  • 1 06 2007
  • 906.  stool_sample (13:34:09) :

    And… the facebook account/photos have mysteriously dissappeared.

  • 1 06 2007
  • 907.  TheDisc (14:54:59) :

    I had noticed,fancy that. Man i hate damn liars but this is quality reading, thanks alot peeps

  • 1 06 2007
  • 908.  Bastard (19:09:52) :

    I’ve just read most of these comments starting from the first…And all I have to say is…

    Confustion, followed by WTF, followed by confustion, followed by WTF.

  • 1 06 2007
  • 909.  Mongo (20:31:02) :

    So Seth Woolf, who posted stolen pics of Juli closed his Facebook account forever?

    Notice how Just a Fag, Sacha, and Sascha have coincidentally disappeared along with the Facebook account? Hmm…..

    Nice knowing you Skarasta “long named guy” dude. Catch plenty of prime poon on those beaches for me, mate! lol

  • 2 06 2007
  • 910.  J.J. (00:12:05) :

    Yeah! Summer break! And it’s gonna be awesome.

  • 2 06 2007
  • 911.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (04:46:10) :

    why are you guys running the guy off this is the most action on here in a long time he got a bikini pic for us you all owe him for that so be nice because hes just a fag

  • 2 06 2007
  • 912.  Sascha (05:38:42) :

    um, she deleted the picture album on the faceook account, who said she deleted her facebook? no one, just that album.

    you fail.

  • 2 06 2007
  • 913.  TheDisc (06:35:34) :

    So what does it feel like to be exposed as the big ass liar you are then.
    I was just wondering thats all

  • 2 06 2007
  • 914.  Jason Sanders (11:52:56) :

    Three great sites about Stephanie from Lazytown:

    I reccommend.

  • 2 06 2007
  • 915.  This is ridiculous (13:35:50) :

    I want the swimquit pic so I can tage it on my wall and cum all over this blad fresh young girl every night. Oooh she’s so supple and young.

    You people are idiots. This is the fucking internet. Do you really think the FBI will be after me for saying I am gonna jerk off to a pic of a 15 year old in a bakini? What the fuck is the harm in that? She is not even naked. Get a fucking life you retarded fucks.

  • 2 06 2007
  • 916.  This is ridiculous (13:39:52) :

    Yes I had typos in there. I also could give two shits if my finger missed a key. The amount of “anti-pedo” super heroes here sickens me. Welcome to the internet nubs.

  • 2 06 2007
  • 917.  Mongo (17:06:36) :

    No “Sascha”, you fail…you hopeless cunt loser. You fail because:

    A. You’re a nobody poser, who is a freak of a stalker.
    B. You are who you actually say that you are, and are a piece of shit as a friend to Juli.

    915 – It’s “noobs” you illiterate fucktard. Is it hard to type with your entire hand up your ass?

  • 2 06 2007
  • 918.  TheDisc (18:40:24) :

    Guess what i am really juli’s bestfriend we talk all day i have all these pics of her and her secret lesbian lover their parents dont mind i mean they were so good about it that they even gave each one of them a key to their home they might as well be married here is some pics of juli and her holding hands and hugging i think that is proof enough oh yeah if that is not good enough you see that ring thats here engagement ring. You see how simple that is anyone can do it how can we take that damn retards word i mean if you read some of her earlier comments look at how she changes at first she is willing to post 50 pics and even give out numbers to justin only why i would not be suprised if he is in on it and if you look for a comment left by i am a little bit of a stalker 451 he had 5 pics of juli and possibly Amanda now where did they come from who knows but they seem real enough i think alot of people are in on this i mean sascha was not even suprised to see them and he has been on here for a while why wait all this time to reveal this she has been in this relationship for a long time yes why now.
    look at the Amount of comments this is bringing in all i want is the truth please.

  • 2 06 2007
  • 919.  J.J. (19:13:53) :

    My question wasn’t answered in the other forum so I’ll ask is again here.

    Sascha, why did you post her album? What was the purpose for all this? What was your purpose?

    I’m sorry if I’m asking too many questions I’m just curious.

  • 2 06 2007
  • 920.  skarasta (22:48:31) :

    Hi everyone! summer sucks lol its about 101 degrees outside and im staying indoors today where there is GOOD A/C

    what the hell now?
    look everyone, sascha is and has been a nobody stalker deranged fan, whose sole purpose is to try and create false accusations just for the satisfaction of him/her thinking he/she has some ties or ‘connections’ to J.
    And if this person does know her, then he/she is just trying to get attention from j. herself or from other people, like the people you see here in this thread.

    The real question we gotta ask is what the fuck are we all doing here?
    We are no better than just a fan or sascha, desperately seeking answers and the latest news about some girl who we will never ever meet or see in person.

  • 2 06 2007
  • 921.  skarasta (22:53:01) :

    Ignore what i just posted, forgot about the 1000th post!!

    so where were we??/

  • 3 06 2007
  • 922.  Mongo (04:13:58) :

    Where are we?

    Why post number 922, of course.


  • 3 06 2007
  • 923.  the fergilicious cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (04:56:20) :

    im hot hot i put them boys on rock rock……….hahahahaha hmmmmmm you know i wonder if the fbi monitors my shit???

  • 3 06 2007
  • 924.  TheDisc (05:31:45) :

    Yeah from what i have read this site apparently being watched by some small time company trying to catch pedos like Sacscha

  • 3 06 2007
  • 925.  TheDisc (05:35:49) :

    And as a reply ro post 920 you never know

  • 3 06 2007
  • 926.  TheDisc (10:07:49) :

    I just came across this check it out have you seen these sascha

  • 3 06 2007
  • 927.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (11:04:05) :

    i have a large weiner with a sideways pussy where my balls should be dosent that turn you on angelbaby???? do you like scary movies angelbaby??? do you wish you had a weiner angelbaby ??? and a sideways VJ??? i tell ya what ill give you mine which ever one you want and i bet its the penis??? are you an androgous caveman angelbaby???? i bet you are its a wonderful day in the neighborhood a beautiful day in the neighborhood wont you be mine angelbaby???AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD QUIT MESSIN WITH SASQUATCH EVERYTIME YOU GUYS MAKE HIM MADE I DONT SHIT RIGHT FOR A MONTH but i like it!!!!!! soooooooo where is just a fag i miss him and mongo no longer caresses my nipples when im lonely would you caresses my nipples angelbaby???i dont think you could handle it i could call you frank and you could ream out my ass yeah now that was romantic i think

    p.s. the disc is a butt fucker and ohhhhh yeah FIRST POST BITCHES!!!!!!!!

  • 3 06 2007
  • 928.  PENIS (14:39:57) :


  • 3 06 2007
  • 929.  I Just Read All This (17:38:55) :

    Wow… This is long as hell. And very amusing.

    Just wanted to state that nobody here is anyone who knows Julianna and certainly no one here is Julianna herself. It’s obviously a bunch of bullshit. People screwin’ around just for some laughs. So please don’t believe any of this.

    The truth is that I’m Julianna.

    Lol, owned.


    Also, Liberate The Gnomes.

    San Pedro De La Noche (Julianna Rose Mauriello)

  • 3 06 2007
  • 930.  Anon (17:44:11) :

    This is a blog post from WaiterRant, a very entertaining blog written by a waiter in a top NY restaurant. Just happened to notice this post was about him looking after a table on May 26th. For a girl’s 16th birthday. Could it be?…

  • 3 06 2007
  • 931.  Mongo (18:55:05) :

    930 – If you believe Sascha the Idiot Stalker Boy, the pics of her 16th birthday had her celebrating it at the beach, and then they apparently went to some dumpy Gyro’s joint, where she was sitting next to some guy, with only a couple of girls around. But since he’s a fool, they probably were not of her birthday, but just random pics that he stole from Juli’s REAL Facebook account.

    Funny thing is, her 16th was supposed to be a sleepover…which we saw no pictures of to prove that it actually was.

    But since Sascha is a pathetic liar, that article could have easily been Juli’s REAL birthday, of which Sascha was not involved in…at least not in this universe.

    But, I doubt that it was her party…since the waiter described the birthday girl as being a “gangly awkward looking teenager”. Juli, is actually pretty small and athletic in real life.

  • 3 06 2007
  • 932.  Anon (21:21:03) :

    She’s athletic? No wai!

    Thanks for the analysis though. Just doing my bit to contribute to this zany thread.

  • 3 06 2007
  • 933.  The Deadly Superman (22:20:54) :

    If this got over 1000 posts, it would be awesome.

  • 3 06 2007
  • 934.  Coolstream (22:29:57) :

    the 1000th post is saved for the FBI member who’s job it is to shut down this site ^_^

  • 3 06 2007
  • 935.  J.J. (23:08:17) :

    ^ Oh man I really hope that happens. This would be THE LEGENDARY THREAD. And they’re waiting as we speak.

    Mongo, good analysis on that story.

  • 4 06 2007
  • 936.  skarasta (00:22:05) :

    I actually think it was her party, cause it actually described Amanda pretty well, a busty girl who looks 23 and whose father this guy feels bad for. I don’t know w/e

    “This woman’s got smolder. Suddenly I feel desire drain the blood out of my brain and redirect it someplace else. ”

    i lol’d

  • 4 06 2007
  • 937.  skarasta (00:29:45) :

    When the thread reaches the 1000th post (by me) the gates of hell shall open and hordes of demons shall be unleashed upon this world and men will once again taste true fear and death.

  • 4 06 2007
  • 938.  lamooadjoadjw (02:55:24) :

    poor poor julianna…

  • 4 06 2007
  • 939.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (04:19:05) :

    no skarasta i shall get the 1000th post you sex doll wearing out pedo it shall be MINE………………………………………….

    p.s.just a fag i miss you @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  • 4 06 2007
  • 940.  JM (04:20:51) :

    looking forward to 1000th post. ^^^ doesnt really matter anymore. i think she wouldnt careless after the 400th post. Which is alot already compared to other topics on this site.

  • 4 06 2007
  • 941.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (06:39:04) :

    dont i go to school with you skarasta i think i do ?????????????

  • 4 06 2007
  • 942.  Just a Fan Â¥ (07:46:06) :

    Just checking up on everything!
    Been camping out for a week.

  • 4 06 2007
  • 943.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (10:27:59) :

    camping my ass youve been getting donkey raped by some mexican guy you fucking whore i told you never to stop licking my nipple you whore now you must be punished

    smack smack
    just a fag:ahhhh not so rough
    just a fag:please stop you freak please dont kill me like in your story im scared
    cumbucket gets out a pink wig and puts it on just a fag his bound and beaten body naked and fat roll covered his ROSEBUD wet for my penis nipples i walk around behind him and slowly push my cock into his ROSEBUD he whinces at there enormous girth his rosebud becoming just a nasty cum fill orfice a toy a womb for my evil prodgeny and thus when i finished i left just a fag his screams had ceased and i bored of his subservance
    and in a few minutes his ass shit out a little pink egg it pulsated and grew and butsed out to reveal jules but not jules just her perfect form with natural pink hair just a fag died before he could even see her naked

    agent X:that was a tape recording i recovered from the scene of ????????? residence i think this just a fag on here is and imposter and must be this cumbucket that were having such a problem i think you should just turn your self in and we might not give you the death penalty


  • 4 06 2007
  • 944.  TheDisc (13:33:00) :

    Did none of you check the link i left two pics of what is said to be her prom and another a sleep over well here it is again

  • 4 06 2007
  • 945.  skarasta (14:32:55) :


    BWAAHAHAHAHAHA! What drug are you on and where can I get some???!

    what about those pictures?
    sascha has already been exposed as a lieing mound of dung.

  • 4 06 2007
  • 946.  PostCountUp (19:38:41) :

    +1 post

  • 4 06 2007
  • 947.  Just a Fan Â¥ (19:57:41) :

    cumbucket ,u woudnt have a chance to do that to me
    specially when its that small

  • 4 06 2007
  • 948.  skarasta (20:18:01) :

    but he used fleshlight

  • 5 06 2007
  • 949.  Mongo (03:41:21) :

    cumbucket would need more than a flashlight, as often as Just a Fag has taken it up the ‘arse…

    He would need a feckin’ light pole from Wembley…

    TheDisc – Alot of those pics you can find if you just search Google Images. And none of those looked like a “sleepover”…unless Sportacus spent the night with her and the missus…

  • 5 06 2007
  • 950.  Brit (10:16:05) :

    I love this site

  • 5 06 2007
  • 951.  Just a Fan Â¥ (15:53:15) :

    cumbucket id mess u up keep on talkin fukin guy

    i wonder if juli is at home i shud call her 2 see wut shes doing

  • 5 06 2007
  • 952.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (16:37:51) :

    its a FLESHlight mongo you dumbass
    lucy you got some splanin ta do haaa haaa haaa
    just a fag lucy:waaaaaaaaa waaaaaa

  • 6 06 2007
  • 953.  Mongo (00:11:13) :

    You’re the fucking dumbass, you irrelevant loser.

  • 6 06 2007
  • 954.  skarasta (00:23:44) :

    AAhh your takin lucy? Im talking about LSD not Lucy from i love lucy! im talking about LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS, STUMP JUICE, MICRO DOTS U KNOW WHAT IM SAYIN?
    YEAH dude cumbucket shit another story out this thread is gettin boring..

  • 6 06 2007
  • 955.  skarasta (00:24:40) :

    AAhh your takin lucy? Im talking about LSD not Lucy from i love lucy! im talking about LUCY IN THE SKY WITH DIAMONDS, STUMP JUICE, MICRO DOTS U KNOW WHAT IM SAYIN?
    YEAH dude cumbucket shit another story out this thread is gettin boring.. be sure to include the coolest guy ever in it ;)
    also i dont want to die or be raped like in your stories.. make me a detective!

  • 6 06 2007
  • 956.  skarasta (00:26:43) :

    wtf double post damnit god you think this is funny?!!!!

    triple post now damnit sorry dudes

  • 6 06 2007
  • 957.  zomg (02:47:45) :

    Mongo’s illiteracy means you’re a dumbass!

  • 6 06 2007
  • 958.  Mongo (04:29:09) :

    …and zomg is the queen of the dumbasses.

    Great, we’re all fucking dipshits…so can we please carry on with Juli now?

  • 6 06 2007
  • 959.  Just a Fan Â¥ (05:24:24) :

    juli prbably isnt coming back thanks to u guys. fukin mongo cumbucket skrasta zomg non of u guys beleved her. u cn all piss off n poke little girls butts u fukin pricks.

    at least mongo is smart u guys r all dipshits.

  • 6 06 2007
  • 960.  Just a Fan Â¥ (05:26:41) :

    dont u guys want to no were i went camping and with who?

    i reckon ull all shit ur pants when i say who. ha!

  • 6 06 2007
  • 961.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (07:07:32) :

    skarasta lol heres your story and you will be named dick the dick

    just a fag sits in his room his life a failure of sorts but his future is about to change
    just a fag:damn you fuckers ifff iiff you dumbshits just hadnt been asses she might have stayed and i could have met her arhhhhhh you fucks…….POST
    he then heads for his bed to masturbate
    meanwhile in dick the dicks office he contemplates his new case and the strangeness of a mans insides being mutilatied like that (see #943)and worst of all it seems like something came out of his ass just really sick shit and strange nine toed foot prints were found its just a matter of time before the feds take over the case
    dick the dick:dam this just dont make sense………..shit im just gonna have to…RING RING CLICK hello det. dick skarasta how may i help you
    strange voice:i have a hostage
    dick the dick:????huh who is this???
    strange voice:im the one your looking for im the one who impregnated that man and i also kidnapped julianna maurello but im having trouble fulfilling my plan turns out she is……….insuficiant perhaps you can locate someone for me in exchange for my hostage???
    dick the dick:(while listening to the mad mans conversation he contacts his team and they leap into action tracing the call)well…. i think i could come to some agreement but just who are you looking for???
    strange voice:just a fag or at least one of his selves
    dick the dick:who??what are you talking about if i cant understand you i cant help you
    strange voice: its from a website check his computer CLICK!!
    dick the dick:did we get him??and get someone working on that computer!!!
    team member:yes sir
    dick the dick:lets move out keep my phone tapped
    the police move into action throwing donuts and coffee everywhere and rush to the scene on the way he finds out about dontlinkthis.com and the address of this just a fag and sends men to his place but his full attention is fully on this incident he wants answers
    the other police arrive at just a fags apt. to find his lifeless body the head missing they notify dick who already has the place surrounded and it seems that someone is there as he gets another phone call
    strange voice:hello dick i see youve found me boo hooo i already killed just a fag number three did you like my handy work i think ill let you live just to see BAM BOOMM explosions placed around the house send other houses and cars flying and dick is knocked to the ground he gets up to find panic so he charges the house just before another round of explosions set off he rests on the ground cut badly by the glass and shrapnel of the blasts he begins to hear a girl crying he gets up and sneaks his way through the house and finds the girl he calls his team(whats left of it)and sends for backup
    dick the dick:are you ok
    jules:no look what he did to me
    she spreads her legs to reveal a bloody mess the sheets of the mattress covered she then faints…


  • 6 06 2007
  • 962.  FJ (11:13:27) :

    ^^^ nutjob

  • 6 06 2007
  • 963.  TheDisc (13:28:14) :

    What The Fuck (961)

  • 6 06 2007
  • 964.  TheDisc (13:34:31) :

    So tell us all just a fan who you went damn camping with this better be good and are you saying that you belived juli or the fact that it was even her

  • 6 06 2007
  • 965.  skarasta (13:55:48) :

    haaahaha! don’t forget Satan! put him in there too!
    Refer to post #722!

    just a fan you shit your pants when you went camping and they camp leader guy had to wash your pants in the lake and you had to walk around nekkid all day revealing your little wiener and you were like “But its cold out its not really that small, shut up! thats not true… I don’t have herpes! SHUT UP!”
    I know because i was there!

    In more related news, these idiots at ytmnd.cum has spread word about Juli being a lesbian, and some say that there is even a video amongst us!

    “A poster named Sascha claims Julianna is a lesbian. Appearantly posted some pics and videos of her before taking it down, this is the front page of the news. And appearantly SHE KNOWS about the trash we post about her and it hurts her.”


    HAHAAH! I lol’d at this bullshit.

  • 6 06 2007
  • 966.  zomg (17:09:21) :

    959 – you are wrong in at least two ways.

  • 6 06 2007
  • 967.  Mongo (17:36:19) :

    >>965 – Hahaha! Classic! I wouldn’t be surprised if “Sascha” isn’t just some ytmnd.cum idiot, or a 4chan /b/tard who is a nobody at his own forum.

    lol Just a Fag is trying to act as if he’s someone important again? Yeah, moron, tell us which preteen male actor it was that you camped with?

  • 6 06 2007
  • 968.  hamaphrodite olsen twins (18:58:43) :

    he went camping with us you big meanies hes our 3 inch cock and you all cant handle it well sometimes i cant either when he sticks it in my pee hole………
    guess what my pee hole looks like???
    who ever does gets a special picture of momo getting fucked
    tee hee

  • 6 06 2007
  • 969.  skarasta (19:18:19) :

    *waits for cumbucket’s story*

    its fucked up how fast word spreads i wonder where this rumor is now? you tube i bet.

  • 6 06 2007
  • 970.  skarasta (19:25:48) :

    well you guys are probably askin

    “skarasta, what were you doing at ytmnd.cum looking at stephanie gifs?”

    I was looking at stephanie gifs… what?

  • 7 06 2007
  • 971.  Just a Fan Â¥ (03:49:28) :

    u fukers can piss off then. all u guys do is make fun of me n shit. i was gona tell u but u fukin pricks pissed me off now.

  • 7 06 2007
  • 972.  Doug G (03:56:09) :

    hell yea id throw it in her.

  • 7 06 2007
  • 973.  skarasta (04:04:29) :

    alright baby calm down, now, tell us who did you camp out with lemme guess, no wait why do you enlighten us with this intriguing story of yours.

  • 7 06 2007
  • 974.  skarasta (04:06:16) :

    haha wtf doug who the hell are you? and welcome to hell my friend.

  • 7 06 2007
  • 975.  hamaphrodite olsen twins (08:34:53) :

    im sorry just a fag we really didnt go camping with him

  • 7 06 2007
  • 976.  TheDisc (14:35:47) :

    25 to go

  • 7 06 2007
  • 977.  TheEnd(skarasta) (15:39:55) :

    holy shit lets make these last posts good then not just filler, like this one.

  • 7 06 2007
  • 978.  Sascha (19:24:42) :

    I own you all

  • 7 06 2007
  • 979.  Sascha (19:26:44) :

    Julianna owns you all

  • 7 06 2007
  • 980.  Sascha (19:29:12) :

    Addison owns you all.

  • 7 06 2007
  • 981.  AngelBaby (19:36:26) :


  • 7 06 2007
  • 982.  the fergilicious cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (19:49:57) :

    yarrrrrrr im horney and skanky rarrrrr ummmmm….. or something like that????

  • 7 06 2007
  • 983.  Sascha (19:52:25) :

    Justin owns you all.

  • 7 06 2007
  • 984.  Mongo (21:11:50) :

    *yawn* oh look…it’s Sascha… Zzzzzzzzz…

  • 7 06 2007
  • 985.  J.J. (23:18:32) :

    Sascha, Julianna, Addison, and Justin do not OWN me. No one does!!!

    Since you’re back Sascha, why did you post her album? What was the purpose for all this? What was your purpose?

  • 7 06 2007
  • 986.  TheEnd(skarasta) (23:38:19) :


    What is this talk of owning?! Damnit sascha you getting old and you can’t keep pushing yourself to hard, remember yesterday how you couldn’t even type because you said “it felt like razors” well im worried for you man, your hands could really get messed up they aren’t invincible you know, and fappin it isn’t considered exercise.

    The only person who owns me is Satan, Adam Sandler, Ophrah And Myself unless you want in on this soul, its gonna cost you and whoever else a hefty price.

    Current bids for shares starting as low as 1999.99 USD
    Clean slate (except for some bad credit shit me and Sandler got into way back in 93)

  • 8 06 2007
  • 987.  Just a Fan Â¥ (01:39:40) :

    no zomg ur wrong n every way u fukin moron. piss off u nonce.

    u fukers gotta promise that u will quit makin fun of me no more n then maybe ill tell u. specilly that skarstas fuker. hes up to no good.

    sascha is the real thing so id stop fukin sayin that she dont own u jj cuz she does. now go back to pokin little girls in the butt jj.

    i own u jj wot u think of that? ha!

  • 8 06 2007
  • 988.  zomg (01:57:43) :

    people in this thread who are dumb:

    Just a Fan ¥
    those guys who post love letters to JRM in zany languages

  • 8 06 2007
  • 989.  TheEnd(skarasta) (02:11:59) :

    why is mongo there and thorvald? thorvald hasn’t posted here in ages!
    and I didn’t make your list of dumb?
    I am flattered.

  • 8 06 2007
  • 990.  J.J. (02:12:03) :

    Alright, you know what Just a Fag? Fuck you. You don’t own me and neither do the others. Stop using the same damn line because that’s the only thing you CAN say. “pokin little girls in the butt”, I bet that’s something you wish you could do too. Huh, you sick fuck!

    Let me give you a tip. Move out of your mom’s basement!

  • 8 06 2007
  • 991.  Sascha (06:17:03) :

    if it wasn’t for me…

  • 8 06 2007
  • 992.  Sascha (06:18:42) :

    no one would have seen…

  • 8 06 2007
  • 993.  Sascha (06:21:10) :

    any pictures of Julianna at all

  • 8 06 2007
  • 994.  Sascha (06:21:54) :

    because I was the one…

  • 8 06 2007
  • 995.  Sascha (06:23:24) :

    so you all should be…

  • 8 06 2007
  • 996.  Sascha (06:24:55) :

    who posted them all

  • 8 06 2007
  • 997.  Sascha (06:27:25) :

    to this site…

  • 8 06 2007
  • 998.  Sascha (06:30:19) :

    very happy i came…

  • 8 06 2007
  • 999.  Sascha (06:31:12) :

    because if i hadn’t

  • 8 06 2007
  • 1000.  Sascha (06:32:24) :

    no one would have seen

  • 8 06 2007
  • 1001.  Sascha (06:35:20) :


  • 8 06 2007
  • 1002.  Sascha (06:41:17) :

    I win

  • 8 06 2007
  • 1003.  lamooadjoadjw (07:21:39) :


  • 8 06 2007
  • 1004.  what what in the fleshlight (09:53:19) :

    damn you sasha

  • 8 06 2007
  • 1005.  J.J. (13:58:57) :

    Haha you said, “1000” on the 1001 post.

    Why did you post her album? What was the purpose for all this? What was your purpose?

  • 8 06 2007
  • 1006.  TheEnd(skarasta) (14:31:10) :


  • 8 06 2007
  • 1007.  Mongo (16:03:30) :

    989 – No shit…from what I’ve seen, zomg is the biggest dumbass around here. The idiot posts one a week and basically says nothing interesting. Is it lack of imagination, or is he just lame? Apparently this asshole thinks that the entire discussion here is supposed to be a feckin’ Shakespeare symposium or something? Do us a favor fucktard…either join in on the fun or GTFO. Just a Fag, no matter how ridiculous he/she is at least makes this place interesting. You zomg? You’re just an unimaginative piece of shit.

    Take a look around you puke…this entire thread is one big joke – figure it out.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this vagina, “zomg” wasn’t “Sascha” all along.

  • 8 06 2007
  • 1008.  J.J. (16:14:32) :

    I thought Sascha was a girl. Care to explain???

  • 8 06 2007
  • 1009.  im bringing back river dancing chuck norris style (16:14:44) :

    of course sascha and just a fag are the same person and hes mad that we wont give him the respect we used to arent you just a fag ……………………..wenius

  • 8 06 2007
  • 1010.  TheEnd(skarasta) (16:44:17) :

    I never had respect for just a fan or sascha, just a fan came here trying to act all angelic hero and shit and ends up being the fucking dildo he is now, and sascha just fucking with these idiots who are too stupid to understand who he is and what he is doing here.

    I do however respect Mongo and Cumbucket not because they are smart or nothing like that, but because they bring life to this thread, and they aren’t afraid to fuck with this thread and speak whatever comes to mind.

    And J.J. Sascha is more than likely some dude fucking with you guys getting a kick with his mates posting shit on this thread.
    Don’t take this thread too serious its full of lies and stragglers coming here asking for julianna’s email. Don’t expect the truth because sadly, the truth is not out here.

    Unless she really is who she says she is, in that case she could choke on a fat dick.

  • 8 06 2007
  • 1011.  J.J. (17:07:52) :

    Alright then, works for me!!!

    Fuck you Just a Fag.

  • 8 06 2007
  • 1012.  Mongo (18:41:19) :

    I’m not smart??? /sobs


    Thanks Skarasta mate, same back at you…yeah, half of the fun of this thread is fucking with Just a Fag.

    When I first came here, I just lurked and didn’t post, plus I really hoped that there was actually going to be something “real” that would happen. But I figured out that it was all bullshit fairly quickly. The anonymity of the internet makes it too easy to lie, or act like you actually know something personal about someone.

    Then Just a Fag showed up, sounding like a feckin’ stalker and writing like an 8 year old, and I just had to add my 2 cents worth. When he got all uptight and started cussing me out, the fun began. hahaha!

    There is still a .001% chance that this Sascha tard is really someone who knows Juli personally, but since they couldn’t prove it with an internet salute, fuck ’em. I don’t think that it’s a girl though. It could be one of her imfamous stalkers (David or Seth) just trying to start some fucked up rumour about her being a lesbian because they can’t get into her panties or something. But more than likely, it’s some friend of the OP, probably that zomg fag.

    J.J – Don’t worry about it…there’s alot of this crap that’s confusing as hell. zomg and Just a Fag are just a couple of dicks. Don’t let them get to you man. =)

  • 8 06 2007
  • 1013.  TheEnd (20:08:36) :

    eh, didn’t mean to say you were not smart just a typo i guess idk.

  • 8 06 2007
  • 1014.  JM (23:28:03) :


    FUCK!!! 1000?!?!

    so whats up? theres too much too read since its 1000 posts, so i didnt bother but looks like Mongo’s posts cover that for me.

  • 9 06 2007
  • 1015.  J.J. (01:07:32) :

    Thanks Mongo.

    Yeah, I came here to just fuck around too. Maybe it was the funny stalkers giving out e-mails that made me stay and just watch all these funny posters post ridiculous things about Juli. I knew she was from the Nick Jr. program. To tell you the truth, I actually thought she was just some wanna-be anime cozplayer trying to act cool and stuff with the motivation of working out and eating healthy. My first impression of her was “GAY” (literally, they are saying she’s lesbo right now. lol) Until, I found out she was really helping kids around the world. US is getting so fat from these fast food restaurants(Mcdonalds), meh I had to make a report about it.

    Now everything here is just really interesting.

  • 9 06 2007
  • 1016.  andrew (01:34:11) :

    could used more ass and naked pitcers about the girl from lazy town

  • 9 06 2007
  • 1017.  TheEnd (02:06:03) :

    Seriously, I first saw this on youtube with me and my buddies whilst on a massive trip, one of my friends kept insisting we watch some clip on youtube and sure enough his older sister, who was the only sober person found the video and put it on, it don’t recall what clip it was but i certainly do remember those god damned puppets (which scared the shit out of us) I remember thinkin something like “omg this show is really plasticy and what incredible colors!”

    Then some weeks later i caught my sister watching this show. I sat down and watched some. I remember catching a glimpse up Stephanie’s skirt and I was like “wtf?? panties!” then I saw the fruity singing, dancing, those puppets and then I knew the truth, that kids are stupid, and so was i for sticking around watching the rest of it, waiting for another upskirt peep.

  • 9 06 2007
  • 1018.  brew (02:13:21) :

    More pics, less words.

  • 9 06 2007
  • 1019.  TheEnd (02:18:22) :

    are any of you guys that friend i watched this with???? zomg i never really thought of this…

  • 9 06 2007
  • 1020.  J.J. (02:21:46) :

    Nice story.

    Here’s some photos that may be new or you may have seen already. I’m not really sure though. So I’m gonna post ’em up.






    This last one has a guy in it…


    I’ll leave it to the experts to analyze these carefully.

  • 9 06 2007
  • 1021.  TheDisc (07:49:10) :

    We all really love this site because what ever is real and what ever is fake it was damn entertaining so i thank you all very much and hope that i see more and more form this site unless it gets shut down by some pedo protection company and i would not be suprised at all 1021 post’s about some girl on a childrens tv show. A show designed for children who sit in front of the tv and dribble and look how excited we all get about it. Strange but i will still watch. LOL

  • 9 06 2007
  • 1022.  harry peter (08:49:13) :

    dont you talaak abut my grlfrend shes mine i luv her she luv me you stewpid peepll shut up!!!!

  • 9 06 2007
  • 1023.  Mongo (14:17:48) :

    You see, we’re all pretty cool people, not dumb at all…zomg has his head up his ass. I agree with everything that you all said.

    JJ – alot of those pics (if not all) we’re in that Facebook account. I recognized most of them. The 3rd and 6th ones I didn’t, but that doesn’t mean that I just overlooked them the first time around.

    lol is harry peter the new name for Just a Fag?

  • 9 06 2007
  • 1024.  franco (20:19:32) :

    ________________________@@_________________________ ______________________@____@________________________ ____________@@@_____@_____@________@@@______________ __________@_____@____@_____@______@____@____________ __________@_____@____@_____@_____@_____@____________ ___________@_____@___@_____@____@_____@_____________ ___________@_____@___@______@___@____@______________ ___@@_____@_____@___@______@__@____@________________ __@___@____@_____@__@______@_@_____@________________ _@_____@____@______@_@______@______@______@@@_______ __@_____@____@______@________________@_@@______@____ __@_______@_@___________PaSe_____________________@__ ____@_________________PaRa_______________________@__ _____@_________________DeJarTe__________________@____ ________@______________Un_____________________@_______ __________@_____________SaLudiTo_____________@_______ ____________@_____________________________@_______ ______________@__________________________@_____ _______________@_______________________@____________ _________________@__________________@______________ ___________________@@___________@@_______________

  • 9 06 2007
  • 1025.  Just a Fan Â¥ (21:42:05) :

    jj u fukin baby do u run to mongo everytime that i own u???? pokin little girls has made u soft in the head u nonce.

    fagit jm has come back fuckin loser guy. hes been pokin little boys butts i think.

    zomg is the dumb one in here. no mongo harry peter isnt me i dont know who it is. im not sascha so the faggit who sed that i was can piss off. i think that zomg is sascha tho.

  • 10 06 2007
  • 1026.  TheEnd (01:18:55) :

    When was there an owning here? The only time someone gets owned is when you do it yourself, like this latest post you did. Look, i’ll break it down into various stages of self pwnage.

    Stage 1.

    “jj u fukin baby do u run to mongo everytime that i own u???? pokin little girls has made u soft in the head u nonce.”

    JJ was never ‘owned’
    pokin girls? please explain this poking business, you seem to be very familiar with this.
    Heads aren’t soft.

    Stage 2.

    “fagit jm has come back fuckin loser guy. hes been pokin little boys butts i think.”

    Again, there you go on about pokin little kids butts.

    Stage 3.

    “zomg is the dumb one in here. no mongo harry peter isnt me i dont know who it is. im not sascha so the faggit who sed that i was can piss off. i think that zomg is sascha tho.”

    Your the only idiot here.
    Just a fan=Harry Peter
    its faggot, faggot.
    shitty grammar, hideous spelling, your posts keep getting less and less coherent.

    Self pwnage.

  • 10 06 2007
  • 1027.  J.J. (02:44:41) :

    OHHH!!! Fuckin’ Just a Fag got his ass OWNED AND PWNED!

  • 10 06 2007
  • 1028.  Mongo (02:51:41) :

    1026 – LOLZ!

    Just a Fag is pwnd!

    I’ll never forget April 13th, for that is the day that this idiot first posted here:

    “522. Just a Fan (20:08:11) :

    Do yous talk about anything else”

    Thank you Just a Fag for months of enjoyment. :-)

  • 10 06 2007
  • 1029.  JM (03:27:06) :

    ^^^ whoa, so thats half of this topic’s posts….

    just a fan, dude, your insults suck. like you do. Its clear your’e obsess with kids and buttholes. But its cool, some people are fags, like you, so likewise and no offense taken.

    do me a favour and shoot yourself.

  • 10 06 2007
  • 1030.  TheDisc (06:46:24) :

    Man lots of hate towards just a fag

  • 10 06 2007
  • 1031.  Charlioso (07:43:52) :

    Just a Fag Sucks!!!!
    & 1024 you must really be bored!!!

  • 10 06 2007
  • 1032.  harry peter (10:13:36) :

    u fukin peeppil are stewpid im knot just a fag im harry peter im lik cuul u all suk !!! antd juju is thi niknam i gave her yu stewpid fukss!!!u wish she luvd u!!!

  • 10 06 2007
  • 1033.  TheEnd (16:35:06) :

    Schizophrenia is not a joke 1032, how many people you have shoved up your ass?

    I didn’t pwn anyone here Just a fag did it to himself.

  • 10 06 2007
  • 1034.  Just a Fan Â¥ (19:23:37) :

    skarsta guy i know that ur theend too so ur not foolin any1 fag. and no im not harry peter but hes a faggit too.

    and i spell faggit that way cuz thats the way i spell it. n ur all stupid pricks.

    jm go crawl back into ur boyfrends butthole u nonce. and jj u fukin pack it in u little faggit who cant defend hiself. mongo theres no hope for u.

    u lot can poke each others butts. ur jelous of me.

  • 10 06 2007
  • 1035.  TheEnd (21:39:09) :

    I am indeed skarasta (refer to post 1006 and 1010) idiot!

    I am jealous of you, Because I will need to get a job buy a car, house, and live on my own, your one of the lucky ones who have their mommy to let them mooch off of and be a fucking parasite, you never have to work, you won’t ever have to worry about paying bills all you will have to do is wash momma’s ass and keep things nice and clean down there, Just a fag the 40 year old virgin.

    Yep, so jealous.

  • 11 06 2007
  • 1036.  Mongo (07:23:41) :

    Just a Fag is like a fucking broken record.

    There’s no hope for me?? Fuck you asshole! I’m not the one who comes across as a retarded jackass on a daily basis. Give it up you douche. You’re not saying anything different than you did a month ago. Are you lonely?

  • 11 06 2007
  • 1037.  harry peyer the cumbucket (11:58:02) :

    rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr im gunna casst a spill levousa BINGBING yes my penius big know

  • 11 06 2007
  • 1038.  nothing but respect (15:10:36) :

    do u guys have no heart at all.

    seriously, Julianna has fealings as well, how do u think she would react if she read that creapy story (# 619). please, just stop yeah.

    I’m sixteen, and I have nothing but respect for Juli. I have always wanted to be an actor, and I think that it’s great that she has achieved it at such a young age. She has achieved my dream and I wish her the best of luck with it.

    I just wish that people would leave her alone, she didn’t ask for all this, and I bet she’s realy nice in real life.

    I’m not here to critisize, but please, just spare a thought for her fealings yeah.

    n’ if Juli reads this, which I doubt she does. I just wanna say, well done 4 getting so far in acting. and well done for doing gymnastics, best sport in the world, I love doing it my self. but she’s not reading this anyway. she probably saw what was on this page and left it alone months ago.

  • 11 06 2007
  • 1039.  Just a Fan Â¥ (16:47:45) :

    u dont know me faggit skarstara so dont even act liek u do ok? u are jelous of me cuz i know juli n u dont fukin looser guy. u still poke little boys in the butt with ur job n car n house so im not jelous of u. no 1 lieks u so piss off now.

    mongo u fukin prick are u soft in the head u nonce? u jm n jj should go share a flat cuz u 3 are fags who poke eachs others butts.

    1038. nothing but respect is a good guy who lieks juli for the right things, the rest of u lot should lern from him. insted ur all a load of shit.

  • 11 06 2007
  • 1040.  J.J. (18:06:09) :

    Just a Fag, if you say poke little boys in the butt or anything close to that, you’re gay. I mean really gay because that’s all you ever say. You should be the one learning from #1038.

    It looks like you’re the “little faggit” here.

  • 11 06 2007
  • 1041.  TheEnd (18:50:10) :

    1038 there hasn’t been any thing bad said about juli in this thread in ages! Cumbucket probably needed to get that off his chest, its not like he’s actually gonna go do it, i’m 99.9% positive that most of these guys here are just posting shit like that for the lolz, other than that we all have nothing but respect for Juli.

    Just a fan I offer you a truce, and I believe I speak for most of us when I say we have all had enough of your pokin, incoherent post bullshit, you really could learn something from 1038 JJ is absolutely right.

    I am sorry if I offended you in any way.

  • 11 06 2007
  • 1042.  Just a Fan Â¥ (19:54:22) :

    so u say that u are wrong skaratsa? u want a truce? thats a joke u nonce. u offend me every day n then when u can think of nothin more to say u want to stop n say truce. isnt that a laff? piss ass cowerd i say. u owe me more than that. u mongo jj n all of the other faggits. well u can piss off!

    jj u prick u can go fuck uself u little boy. u would probly rape juli if u saw her.

  • 11 06 2007
  • 1043.  Just a Fan Â¥ (20:01:29) :

    well u can all be happy im going camping agan so u wont have me round to take the piss.

    i would tell u who with but u just make fun of me.

    juli says hi n shes laffing at u fukin guys. ha!

  • 11 06 2007
  • 1044.  TheEnd (23:10:40) :

    so be it.

  • 12 06 2007
  • 1045.  J.J. (00:37:57) :

    ME??? I would never do such a thing! EVER!!!

    Stop saying bullshit on this thread. This is supposed to be about Juli and you’re acting as her voice in all this??? AND you’re taking all of the spot light??? You had better apologize to the whole thread because your poor posts bring great dishonor to its topic.

    I too have much respect for Juli. She’s a very good actress. You on the other hand are not. So go away on your journey and us be.

  • 12 06 2007
  • 1046.  TheEnd (00:55:55) :

    Wrong about what? Did I hit the nail on the head with 1035? That was just a shot in the dark! I didn’t mean to expose you like that, sorry dude.
    You remind me of a fat girl who just got asked out to the school prom by some popular guy in school looking for someone to play mean tricks on, and then she goes around school parading her new boyfriend, totally oblivious to the truth.

    Seriously, this isn’t a flame thread so i’ll stop.
    I think just a fan has proven to us that he is a delusional psychopath.
    ’nuff said.

  • 12 06 2007
  • 1047.  zomg (00:59:43) :

    I bet Mongo’s last name is Lloyd. LAWL GET IT!!!

  • 12 06 2007
  • 1048.  TheEnd (01:02:13) :

    Well said JJ, not only does this thread deserve an apology, Juli does as well.

  • 12 06 2007
  • 1049.  TheEnd (01:06:52) :

    dude mongo why did you choose that name????!!

  • 12 06 2007
  • 1050.  Mongo (05:31:03) :

    I bet that zomg’s last name is:

    “I’m a fucking little twat who faps to pictures of fat naked old men like Just a Fag, Esq.”

    LAWL GET IT???

    (Yes, it was a question…thus the question marks at the end…”Jules”)

    Don’t even fucking attempt to cross swords with me you scrawny little /b/tard asshole…you will lose. You’ve actually made me detest someone in here more than Just a Fag or Sascha…I didn’t know that was even remotely possible…crawl back in your hole you smug little cunt. You’re even less relevant around here than Just a Fag. Anyone else could have said what you said, and I wouldn’t have even cared. You’re a arrogant little cocksmoker though, thus, you shall be rewarded with my wrath…you no-balled 2 inched pecker.

    Time for cumbucket to start a new story about this choad-bait “zomg”, and his ability to suck 20 cocks at once.

    Now back to people who actually matter…Skarasta: The name? Probably the same reason you picked a name like Skarasta, or cumbucket picked his name. Just a stupid sounding name that doesn’t mean shit. I’m sure as fuck not going to use my real name! lol Ask that squirrely litle sack of shit girly boy “zomg” why he picked his childish name that a 10 year old /b/tard moron would use texting his faggot 4chan friends? Why didn’t he use something equally ridiculous as, “lolz”, or “ftw”? “Fail” may have been a more apt name for that bitch.

    JJ: Well said sir. Although I doubt that Camper Boy will even get it… I never hope for ill will to anyone, but I wish that a bear would adopt that rodent.

    Maybe he’s going camping with his butt buddy zomg? Talk about poking little girls butts!

  • 12 06 2007
  • 1051.  Mongo (05:38:51) :

    And if you wonder when I started to hate that faggot zomg…it’s when he called J.J. a “moron”. I thought that was fucking low, since J.J. had never done anything to deserve being called a name. He’s one of the nicest people around here next to JM. And id he ever goes off, it’s to defend himself from shitheads like J a F and zomg…

    People who pop in once every week or two to just lob insults at other people should just fuck off and post elsewhere. Leave this thread to the people who are actually involved in it.

  • 12 06 2007
  • 1052.  nothing but respect (07:15:47) :

    U know, Mongo’s kinda rite.
    This thread has become much more of an excuse 2 lob insults at each other, than something to show ur appreaciation of Juli. Right from the start even it was full of people who wanted to see her in a bathing suit.

    I can understand people being attracted 2 her, she’s a good looking girl. But I think that what some people have said is just uncalled for.

    Just because she is on TV does not make her any different to any other girl. She will react in just the same way when things like that are said about her.

    And if some people are posting these comments for a joke, then surley, is that not even worse. Having fun at a young girls expence. I for one do not find these comments ammusing.
    Once agiain, I will say that I do not mean to insult or gudge any one. Like I said,I can understand why people are attracted to her. I just think that this thread shoud be devoted to showing how much we like Julli, not what kind of names we can come up with for each other.

  • 12 06 2007
  • 1053.  TheDisc (07:30:44) :

    Well said

  • 12 06 2007
  • 1054.  J.J. (16:13:47) :

    Thanks TheEnd, JM, and especially Mongo.

    Yes, Just a Fag should definitely apologize to Juli most importantly.

    I believe that Just a Fag is just a faggot, who doesn’t know when to give up. He needs to know his place in this topic and the things he has done wrong.

  • 12 06 2007
  • 1055.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (21:04:15) :

    im back and horney and in college thats right college i still cant spell and im gonna make video games about fuckin little girls and killing guys named just a fag!!! and pop and locking to get away from the police but i am horney so i must go masturbate while fingering my butthole for my uncle who just so happens to be going camping i guess camping is more entertaining dont know why you should enligten us just a fag you stupid whore i wish you could lick somebodys butt and write a song about it!!!!!

    p.s. my penis nipples are hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 13 06 2007
  • 1056.  nothing but respect (04:33:31) :

    thats it, I’m leaving

  • 13 06 2007
  • 1057.  JM (06:16:33) :

    Just a fag will always be a fag. 1052, yea its been like that since just a fag came along. And also keeping in mind that half of the posts here were started by his or her offense. So far he or she’s the only faggot i hate.

    Thanks mongo and J.J, appreciate your gestures man.

  • 14 06 2007
  • 1058.  Anne (02:51:54) :

    I’m sure Julianna hates this blog if shese come acrossed it. XD

  • 14 06 2007
  • 1059.  Mongo (19:05:22) :

    No problemo J-Men (JJ, JM). ;-)

    Hopefully this thread will die soon. With that dumbass out “camping” (hopefully all summer), we’ll be lucky if this thread hits 1100. I’m pretty busy myself with school out and all. :-D

  • 14 06 2007
  • 1060.  Just a Fan Â¥ (19:05:56) :

    ok, now that im read everything from post 947. i have realised that , cumbucket just cant leave my name alone, posting shit on here tryin to get arguments started, yeah he maybe doing a good job, but still it causes confusion. i have been away for another week and this is what im come back to see, Mongo i HAVENT got a problem with you, but that buckethead says stuff in my name to you to start shit off again, as for the rest of you ignore the cumbucket who posts in my name, the fukin twat, you want an argument do it in you own name. Well least the blog is over a 1000, and as im looking at more of the posts, mongo, jj, jm and whoever else you want to keep throwin shit right bck in my face go ahead, just think before you type first, i never owned any1, still reading the posts, cumbucket use your own name, TY

  • 14 06 2007
  • 1061.  Just a Fan Â¥ (19:17:56) :


    ive got to admit its quite entertaining.

  • 15 06 2007
  • 1062.  J.J. (03:47:51) :

    Ok “Just a Fan Â¥” I’m once again having a hard time believing you again with this. I’ve analyzed the text that you type from 947 and the mysteriously posted posts up till now. They look the same to me. Dude, if you want the war to end just say it. You don’t want any of us to pwn your ass again and again, I know. I probably wasted my text just doing this. Ah well…

  • 15 06 2007
  • 1063.  TheDisc (15:13:21) :

    Right please dont abuse me for asking but can someone just give me a full answer other than i dont know, is Julianna Rose Mauriello a lesbian or not

  • 15 06 2007
  • 1064.  the super cumbucket from hell named chuck norris (19:44:47) :

    damnit just a fag im not the one posting in your name and when i change my name i let people know so they can get the joke (harry peter) i dont know whos posting in your name you fag but since your accusing me ill just have to start so sorry just a fag but me and EVERYONE ELSE IS GOING TO USE YOUR NAME JUST TO FUCK WITH YOU YOU FAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 16 06 2007
  • 1065.  I'm Going to Forget Where I Was Tomorrow (00:24:40) :

    What happened to the image I followed on Google that linked to here? I typed Julianna Rose Mauriello and clicked on the second image.

  • 16 06 2007
  • 1066.  TheEnd (14:07:46) :

    Hi everyone!
    1065 what the hell are you talking about?
    what image was that? The only one i saw was the imdb.com one.

    may i declare this thread dead?

  • 16 06 2007
  • 1067.  TheDisc (16:43:07) :

    This thread is dead no one even talks about the main reason we are here or even answers questions about the main reason we are here.
    R.I.P it was entertaining while it lasted.

  • 16 06 2007
  • 1068.  J.J. (19:31:45) :

    Don’t say that. You’re just feeding the topic. Last time some one said that. Just a Fan came and became really annoying, then Mongo turned it into the driving force of this topic. It’ll probably happen again.

  • 17 06 2007
  • 1069.  very sad chuck norris wannabe (06:44:29) :

    my life is terriable i have no girlfriend i live with my grandma im unemployed i masturbate constantly and like to pretend im a girl while i do does anyone else have this problem i have such stress and anxity and insomnia that i have ED at are 23 my friends have all betrayed me and become hobos in denial it feels like theres a large empty hole in my soul the pain is intensified by people making up rumors and ohhh god the rumors range from me having aids to being a hamaphrodite im begining to think ive lost myself and will never get me back…………………..

  • 17 06 2007
  • 1070.  very sad chuck norris wannabe (06:51:52) :

    the pain gets so intense i just start crying sometime because im a good looking guy but people seem to just cock block me over and over again my sadness just wells up and i regain my confidence only to have inbread high school drop outs look down on me MY LIFE IS SHIT how can i make this feeling go away what can i do to save myself ……………

  • 17 06 2007
  • 1071.  TheDisc (10:30:15) :

    Man i dont think anything can save you maybe you should seriously consider consulting a psychiatrist

  • 17 06 2007
  • 1072.  TheEnd (14:57:41) :

    holy shit man, i’m guessing your cumbucket?
    well if you’re serious then I really don’t know what to tell you, there are forums for that type of stuff. I thought my life was pretty shitty, well you definitely made me feel better about myself, seriously.

    Just don’t kill yourself or anyone else. If you do, they win.

  • 17 06 2007
  • 1073.  very sad chuck norris wannabe (21:44:17) :

    sorry i couldnt find a joint the other day and masturbating while pretending im stephine is quite good faping………

  • 18 06 2007
  • 1074.  TheEnd (00:00:05) :

    wow that is something you really need to keep to yourself there bud. I’ve heard of people fappin it to Stephanie, but pretending to be her and doing it is something else… thanks for sharing that with the rest us.

    Is your fleshlight not good anymore?

  • 18 06 2007
  • 1075.  TheEnd (00:02:39) :

    Cool the tags work?

  • 18 06 2007
  • 1076.  Mongo (05:03:07) :


    I love how Just a Fag plays it so innocently…

    It’s obvious that it’s him all along. He keeps trying to act like cumbucker or I am faking his name, but no one reallyt cares anymore. hahaha! He’s such a loser.

    I wonder if he got lucky whilst camping with the Cub Scouts?

  • 18 06 2007
  • 1077.  Newbee (14:53:18) :

    So what ever happened to that video and those 50 pics?

  • 18 06 2007
  • 1078.  TheEnd (21:39:20) :


    Were did these rumors of a video come from? Ytmnd.com?

    There is no such thing and there is only about 15/20 pics floating around the net of Julianna with her friends the rest is miscellaneous pictures of her when she was younger, award ceremonies, etc.

    What is the word on the street on this video? does anyone know where it originated from and what of its subject?

    No video, i don’t know. Get high and watch Lazytown you fool.

  • 19 06 2007
  • 1079.  the fleshlight is for pop can cocks (04:27:29) :

    damn thing is loose as hell but the ultra tight should be a lot better and always get the butt entry gives it that nice suction hahahahahaha and just so you know i quit using it cause its uncomfortable to finger my ass while jack off with YOU JUST CANT BEAT THE HAND AND SOME V-O5 HOT OIL TREATMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 19 06 2007
  • 1080.  TheDisc (09:10:44) :

    Please someone enlighten me and talk more about this video first thing i have heard of it but need more info come on peeps stop talking about jacking off and fingering yourselves what makes anyone think that is what we want to hear i do apologize for those select few and i mean few that do enjoy reading that.

  • 19 06 2007
  • 1081.  TheEnd (13:49:22) :

    I knew that was you cumbucket you crazy bastard!

    1080 If you refer to post 965 I copied/pasted some shit off of ytmnd.com were that Idiot ToastChef probably googled Juliannas name in and found this site where he probably skimmed through this whole thread and found the best juiciest posts then automatically jumped to conclusions.

    Thats my take on the video I dont think there is such thing as one, and even if there is a video what do you expect to find on this tape? Don’t get your hopes up, they are a bunch of 16 year old girls having fun doin things normal girls do, its not gonna be a giant lesbo orgy! its probably gonna be them messin with a camcorder or a cellphone cam recording random stuff i bet.

    Don’t even get me started by saying shit like,
    “you dumbass! girls at that age have sex everyday!”

    To that i’ll say

    “yeah but shes stephanie!”


  • 19 06 2007
  • 1082.  J.J. (16:36:32) :

    I think they mean the video 1000 posts before. Sascha or Sacha posted it. You’re gonna have to find it in one of the links. It must have been her performance or something.

  • 19 06 2007
  • 1083.  TheEnd (17:35:08) :

    Holy shit man i could not find that video anywhere! I know what video sascha was talking about it was one that used to be up on youtube when she was interviewed by this Icelandic lady, for some reason the damned video is nowhere to be found, it used to be right with the first ones on youtube.
    yeah it did show a bit of boobage but it wasn’t like big time or anything, she was wearing a pink shirt i think it was… which covered her whole upper body area she never “popped” out of her top, fucken sascha is full of shit.

    refer to post 12.

  • 19 06 2007
  • 1084.  gulliver (20:03:51) :

    FIRST + 1083!

  • 19 06 2007
  • 1085.  Mongo (21:34:21) :

    >>12 “Heres a good video of her that shows of her new tits pretty well, if you think shes cute… you’ll love this…”

    Yeah…that really sounds like something that Addy Timlin would write about her friend Julianna. =/ Sounds exactly like some fucking asshole stalker who’s trying to impress the rest of the pervs.

    These dorks like Newbee, who come in here talking about some non-existent or completely tame youtube video like it’s some kind of porn film…sheesh. Snooze you lose dude…the stupid pics were already posted and then removed by that stalker Sascha/Sacha in May. The real Julianna probably threatened legal action against that fookin’ idiot to C & D his/her ripping off and posting of her photos like they were approved to do so.

    I guess that I’d rather have the idiots starting rumours about a “video”, than those stupid mexican and south american dweebs posting about how much they love Stephanie, and how they’re actors too.

    I agree with you on your impression of “Sascha the idiot”, Skarasta. lol

    I think that Addy Timlin needs a good lay. Who wants to volunteer?

  • 19 06 2007
  • 1086.  TheEnd (22:17:48) :

    Fuck yeah I agree man finally someone says something about those fucken assholes who come here saying shit like, “ooh my god julianna my love is you in theese warlds i loved you”
    those fuckers are 10X more scary than these guys asking about a video.

    Heres one of my favorite superfan message from the other thread. I seriously lol’d at this one.

    73. kk (10:08:50) :

    ******************HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!*********************
    ******************HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!*********************
    **************HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, JULLIE !!*****************
    ******************HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!*********************
    ******************HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!*********************


    OH ROSE,




  • 19 06 2007
  • 1087.  the transvestite cumbucket from hell named bertha norris (22:43:24) :

    anyway do you guys think i should be bertha or gina or any sugestions for my new life give me input hahahaha input thats sooooo funny hahahaha ……….

  • 20 06 2007
  • 1088.  TheDisc (04:59:53) :

    The Transvestite Cumbucket from hell named bertha norris can you just confirm how many names you post under because i think that you were Sascha and Newbee and many others. Just my personal thoery because no one else actually cares or has one

  • 20 06 2007
  • 1089.  TheEnd (14:07:04) :

    1088 I don’t think that cumbucket was sascha, you could easily spot cumbuckets posts in this thread, I actually find them quite entertaining, especially when he unleashes the nipple penises.

  • 21 06 2007
  • 1090.  Just a Fan Â¥ (02:17:08) :

    jj your a stupid fukin guy. ill apologize to this thread when u apologize for pokin little girls butts every night in your room u pedo. Your no fan of julis no your a old fagit who probly faps to her picures and gets caught by your mom. i bet that your crying rite now arent u cowerd? ull never get rid of me so u better leave b4 u shit uself u thick nonce.

    no sascha is not cumbucket sasha is addy. i know becasue shes my friend as well. i bet that your jelous mongo u nonce.

    theend n thedisc r oviously the same person who is probly sakartsa fukin guy. he probly wrote that shit that kk wrote just admit it u prick.

  • 21 06 2007
  • 1091.  TheDisc (03:55:43) :

    No i am only TheDisc i have no reason to post under someone elses name not like most of the people on here and 1090 you say that Sascha was actually Addy how do you actually know that oh of course you are friends well since we are all be truthful (Sarcasm) my dad is Magnus Schieving (Sportacus).

  • 21 06 2007
  • 1092.  ben (06:55:32) :

    @ just a fan ¥
    do you know other words than “nonce” and “poking someones butt”? besides i don’t think that julianna or someone else have a retard like you as friend.

  • 21 06 2007
  • 1093.  TheDisc (14:20:34) :

    Yes the jury has spoken Just a Fan is a seriously sad individual who pretends he or she is friends with minor celebs. sad sad times we live in people

  • 21 06 2007
  • 1094.  J.J. (17:02:48) :

    Just a Fag…what did I say about poking little girl’s butts? You are seriously “The Fag” here because you have mentioned the poking of butts once again.

    Hmmm…”Your no fan of julis no your a old fagit who probly faps to her picures and gets caught by your mom.”

    This reminds me of s