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i remember my password, after several failed attempts. w00t! yay now where’s the Olsen… wait a second, there’s no underage p- i mean benefits at all to this club! and all this time i’ve been paying $9.95 a month! damnations.

well i should make the best of it by saying… uh, hehe, yeah. shit. well i could say that Tastykake’s designer imposter “Tasty Treats” taste nothing like Rice Krispy Treats and i pity the fool that buys them expecting the delicious taste of Rice Krispy Treats. Tasty Treats have neither rice, nor krispies, but plenty of processed goodness. if you were to maybe bury a Rice Krispy Treat beneath a landfill for fifteen years, dig it up and eat it, you might have yourself a “tasty” treat, mmm mmm good. honestly i think these are the reject rice krispies, they scrap the trashcans of kids all over the world for leftovers and make this most shitty treats.

i suppose i should stop complaining huh? after all, i did steal them from someone else’s desk, but i hate it when my meal (regardless of it’s origin) doesn’t meet my standards. you know what i mean?

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