Last night

La di da.

So i’m checking out my page stats and what do i see? 4986 hits total for yesterday. They probably have a lot to do with the fact that steakandcheese plugged my site yesterday so big ups to Kap for doing so and also the kind words that he had to say about this piddly little site of mine.

And apparently he also had something to do with this:

Fullname: Kate
Where are you from?: London
Comments: so you used to be an english boy? good for you. are you planning on coming back and spelling words the correct way once more or staying where you are and continuing to plague the world with dropped vowels? spiff to the page though…. nice…. angeline jolie was a touch of class I’m glad you came up with because she’s fucking awesome and if I could only get her to agree to come to my house….. ah what fun we could have. congrats. and thanks to kap for helping me find my way here.

Yep. I used to live in England. Ages ago. And the only few things i can remember from my time living there are as follows:

  • My dad trying to get me to sit on some huge black lion thing somewhere in the city.
  • My neighbor (i think) hitting me on the head with a toy machine gun and making me cry.
  • A big fat black and white cat that i used to love.
  • Being in a a taxi and and telling the taxi driver to ‘go left’.
  • ET.
  • Postman Pat and his black and white cat.
  • Looking like this.

    I was around 2-3 years old. I can’t remember that far back that well.

    Believe it or not, for pretty much all my life, i’ve actually been brought up and educated British style. Which is to say that i’ve been educated with the British education system. You know… IGCSE’s, O Levels, A Levels… that crap. And yes, i actually do know how to spell words like honor and color the right way.

    But why take all that extra effort to type in that one extra letter when you can spell the same word with just five?

    Anyway, since i’m in WMU now, which is a decidedly American college, they kinda encourage you to spell words the American way and not the British way.

    Which is no problem for me. Anything that takes off the work of actually having to type in certain vowels into certain words is fine by me.

    I went down to KL last night. Had to drop off some luggage for my uncle to bring back home with him. So that i don’t have to lug around too much stuff when i fly back home next month. He’s here on a business trip for a coupla days so i dropped by the hotel he was staying at and dumped the stuff with him.

    Went walking around KL after that. Ended up at the Sungei Wang mall trying to look for quality bootleg DVD’s that i could hopefully buy. Much to my disappointment, while there were quite a lot of bootlegged DVD’s for sale and shit, none of them were of the DVD-9 variety. They were ALL on DVD-5’s. Meaning that only the movie itself has been ripped onto the disc with probably 90% of the extras missing. Plus, they all have shitty packaging.

    There’s a difference between the bootleg DVD’s that you can get here in Malaysia. You generally wanna buy the one’s that’re printed on DVD-9’s. The can hold more information (9 gigs of shit), they have better picture and sound quality, they pretty much have almost all the extras as the legit versions and they have packaging that’s a complete reproduction of the original. With the exception being that there’s a ‘DVD-9’ sticker stuck on there somewhere.

    The bootlegs that’re on DVD-5’s are pretty much the total opposite of what i’ve described up there. They’re pretty easy to spot. Just look for this shitty packaging.

    It’s kinda hard to find ‘perfect’ bootlegs since there’s always something missing, be it the commentary or a documentary or the menu being misaligned and fucked up sometimes… etc etc… so i tend to stick with originals. Plus bootlegs don’t have any liner notes. I dunno about you, but i like the liner notes that come with every DVD. It’s just not the same to open up a bootleg DVD and not seeing those inlays in there with the disc. Which, again, is why i prefer buying originals.

    Of course, originals cost about 7 to 9 times as much which really really sucks… (bootleg DVD-9’s only cost RM$15 = US$3.90 as opposed to RM$139+ – RM$200+ for an original)… but hey, that’s just the way it is over here. Stupid country.

    Can’t wait to get to the States where the DVD’s are a whole lot more cheaper than anything you can get over here. Originals too. And Region 1.


    So i didn’t get any DVD’s last night. I did however get to see a whole lot of PS2 and GameCube games on display all over the place. There’re quite a number of videogame stores over there. And fucking hell man. Metal Gear Solid 2 is out! Shit. I want that game. But i don’t have a PS2.

    And the GameCube! I want one too!

    Man. I hope i can raise enough money to get myself a PS2. I’ve already earned US$112 so far promoting and selling these t-shirts. And it’s only been just over a month since i started doing that!

    If things keep going the way they are for about two more months, i might even be able to afford to buy a GameCube! Or better yet, a PS2!

    I think it’s time to retire my Dreamcast. It’s deader than Zil.

    Been playing a lot of 4 player Tennis 2K2 and Bomberman Online.

    But face it, it just doesn’t compare to being able to play bigger and better games that’re on the GC or the PS2. The Dreamcast is dead. My PS is literally dead (i have 2 and both have broken down).

    I need a new system.


    I get 4 bucks for every shirt you buy. SO BUY A SHIRT.


    I picked up the original Chinese version of Iron Monkey on VCD last night on my way back. Original meaning that it’s the 1993 version and not the 2001 re-release version.

    I’m not sure if they changed the soundtrack or spruced up the sound effects for the 2001 version but damn, the ’93 version sure is corny as hell. After watching the 2001 American re-release trailer with all the fancy techno music and shit and watching the ’93 right after, with the old ’93 music and sound effects, it’s just… bleh.

    And i just didn’t like the movie because of that. It was just so… 1993.

    I loved Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I didn’t think it was silly at all. Despite people flying about all over the place. But geez, Iron Monkey is just ridiculous.

    I also bought a PC game last night. Return To Castle Wolfenstein. For what only amounts to US$2.

    Har har.

    2 bucks. Isn’t that just great?

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    1. when i was at school this kid made up this song which was amusing at the time

      postman pat
      postman pat had it off with his cat . . .
      all the sprem went flying,
      the cat started multiplying . . .
      postman pat is a very horny man ;D

      crystal (sinnah gave me the link) and said to say justin is a fox 🙂

      #1 | Comment by Preetika — November 28, 2001 @ 3:09 pm

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