Britney Spears

Wow…it must be nice to be a newly-single gal and have professional partygirl whore Paris Hilton take you back out onto the playing field. Who is that Borat impersonator working the door at the club?

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Apparently, Professor Hilton even gives her new pupil some handy fashion tips…

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So is commando the hot new look for celebrity white-trash mothers? Where are the rugrats while Mommy is out getting her drink on?

I feel sorry for the family court judge who has to decide which parent gets custody of those kids…

41 thoughts on “Britney Spears

  1. you know you would in every hole

    #1 | Comment by xr — November 26, 2006 @ 7:35 pm

  2. i vote k-fed.

    #2 | Comment by Xan — November 26, 2006 @ 7:46 pm

  3. K-Fed may come out looking best in all of this mess. Just don’t release any more music and you’re golden Federator.

    #3 | Comment by El Payo — November 26, 2006 @ 7:54 pm

  4. Old Britney, back to whoring herself out there with the pro. When’s the next baby due?

    I’d still hit it…twice.

    #4 | Comment by NSWF — November 26, 2006 @ 7:59 pm

  5. failure by the photographer….so close…nice gut though brit…f.a.f.a.f.i.

    #5 | Comment by Your mama's lover — November 26, 2006 @ 8:11 pm

  6. You know it was only a matter of time till she did something like this!!!…not complaining tho 😀

    #6 | Comment by Rapnix — November 26, 2006 @ 8:26 pm

  7. my god..almost flapable.

    #7 | Comment by rye — November 26, 2006 @ 8:40 pm

  8. gotta wonder if britney, paris and lindsay all spend hours talking about the best way to shave their woo hoo’s .

    #8 | Comment by hhk — November 26, 2006 @ 8:54 pm

  9. oh, I would totally hit that.

    I’d stroke her newly-lasered stretch marks and tell what a viable commodity and talented performer she still is…

    y’know, lie. 😀

    #9 | Comment by Theo — November 26, 2006 @ 9:01 pm

  10. LOL@#8.

    #10 | Comment by Xan — November 26, 2006 @ 9:37 pm

  11. man is she not wearing panties? i’d still hit it tho 8^)

    #11 | Comment by loco367 — November 26, 2006 @ 11:11 pm

  12. Man I love the Internet…nothing like smooth woo hoo to start the day off

    #12 | Comment by A-dog — November 26, 2006 @ 11:45 pm

  13. You don’t see it on these pictures but someone that looked an awful lot like Jamie Lynn Spears was in the back seat with them.

    Here, I found the link:

    Jamie Lynn?

    #13 | Comment by deedas — November 26, 2006 @ 11:49 pm

  14. Bummer about that big ol’ knee surgery scar, there.

    (That’s right, that is more interesting to me now than Britney’s hairless chooch. Thanks, K-Fed!)

    #14 | Comment by Butterscotch Stallion — November 27, 2006 @ 12:16 am

  15. Firecrotch!

    #15 | Comment by Bill Clay — November 27, 2006 @ 12:21 am

  16. If i were a Woman and im not
    And if i wore a Mini Skirt and i dont
    And If i Was a Star and im not

    i would wear some dam underwear

    If i Were a Man and I am, i would Say Spread your Legs
    If i were a Man and i am, i would say dont Wear underwear
    If i Were a Man and i Am, i would say Be naked all the time Celebs

    #16 | Comment by flushing — November 27, 2006 @ 2:23 am

  17. I like the look of her c-section scar there. Coming along nicely.

    #17 | Comment by Kewtr — November 27, 2006 @ 3:20 am

  18. its becoming a great milf, i can imagine what it would belike to bounce in that belly

    #18 | Comment by Charlioso — November 27, 2006 @ 5:43 am

  19. […] @ […]

    #19 | Pingback by » Blog Archive » mmmmmm … Crusty! — November 27, 2006 @ 9:36 am

  20. I’ve always said “I’d hit it”…and I still will!!!!

    But I’d park it in her Brown-Eye, and make her scream…”YOU’RE MY DADDY!!!”

    I and THOR, and I have approved this message!

    #20 | Comment by THOR — November 27, 2006 @ 10:09 am

  21. […] Its becoming like a twosome right there…everywhere you see Britney you see Paris and vice versa but its all about what Britney will do now to be just like her new bff…and by that I mean she did go knickerless for the benefit of a night out and then she let Paris Hilton cop a feel of the twins either that or Paris thought while I have my arm round her i’ll do this and Britneys so wasted she wont notice me touching her breasts…score!!! […]

    #21 | Pingback by Gossip Pages » Lets have a feel… — November 27, 2006 @ 10:33 am

  22. awesome. Now Paris can get singing tips from Britney and Britney can borrow from Paris’ extensive collection of STD treatments without having to go to the pharmacy.

    It must be like an IQ black hole when they walk into a room.

    #22 | Comment by DisconcertedGeorge — November 27, 2006 @ 12:27 pm

  23. She needs to do about 3 billion situps. However, i would still hit it.

    #23 | Comment by Sampson — November 27, 2006 @ 5:32 pm

  24. :O

    just saw pictures on another blog of the Lohan out with them.


    theres never a preiest around when you need one

    #24 | Comment by Tad Optomistic — November 27, 2006 @ 6:23 pm


    #25 | Comment by Pelvis — November 27, 2006 @ 6:33 pm

  26. I can imagine the title of a film that’s surely due out anytime soon: Britney’s One Night In Paris.


    #26 | Comment by GIGN — November 27, 2006 @ 7:20 pm

  27. I vote for k-fed.. granted, he’s a no-talent loser, but at least he ain’t a fucked-up had some talent loser…

    oddly, from this shot, I’d rather drill Paris Hilton.. why? well, it’s about time she had triplets.. 🙂

    #27 | Comment by Garth2k — November 27, 2006 @ 7:52 pm

  28. She is prime example of what is known as Trailer Trash.

    #28 | Comment by Bo — November 27, 2006 @ 10:23 pm

  29. Ha ha, good one #26! LOL!

    #29 | Comment by CaptHutch — November 27, 2006 @ 10:57 pm

  30. nice pussy!

    #30 | Comment by Kaka — November 28, 2006 @ 12:23 am

  31. There was a time when a near crotch-shot of B. Spears would have elicited near pandemonium across the interweb…now since she’s damaged goods, nobody even gives half a shit.

    Oh Brit, how far you’ve fallen…

    #31 | Comment by J — November 28, 2006 @ 1:55 am

  32. sit ups won’t do anything. Once a girl gets a c-section it is pretty much over. My friends wife told me abouy this. When they do a c-section, they cut the muscles, and there is no way to reconnect the muscles, so the muscle tissue and skin just stay soft forever… on the upside, because of teh c-sections, her vagina is still as good as new 🙂

    #32 | Comment by alan — November 28, 2006 @ 2:31 am

  33. Here’s a couple more pictures for you all.

    Really Hi-Res, and now with lips!

    #33 | Comment by Nobody — November 28, 2006 @ 3:27 am

  34. I’d still hit it. I mean, I she’s definitely not my first choice like she would have been years ago, but I’d still hit it.

    Here’s hoping Britney doesn’t fuck her sister up.

    #34 | Comment by Kito — November 28, 2006 @ 4:54 am

  35. #32….My wife had two c-sections and worked her ass off to lose the weight, and now her perfectly flat belly is back. (Took just over 11 months) Sounds like your friends wife is just too lazy.

    On a similar note….even if Brit had a problem losing thre flab roll…I’m sure she could afford the plastic surgery to get it removed.

    And on yet another note…Angelbaby, I heard on The Opie & Anthony radio show that there is a photo out there with Brit’s legs wide open showing full view. SHOW ME THE HONEY!!! Are you slacking, or are they F.O.S.?

    They specifically said…”It can only be found on the really good sites!”


    #35 | Comment by THOR — November 28, 2006 @ 9:12 am

  36. Yeah Paris, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney all went out together, last night I saw a photo of them all in the same car together.

    Also, did anyone notice how pimp the bouncer looks in the first photo? Damn!

    #36 | Comment by ham — November 28, 2006 @ 9:27 am

  37. #34

    Egotastic has the full monty up. I”m sure Justin will get around to it eventually. Right?!

    #37 | Comment by Yak — November 28, 2006 @ 9:36 am

  38. #34 It is not wide open, but close (enough?)

    #38 | Comment by Panda — November 28, 2006 @ 9:41 am

  39. good on yer Thor…

    I think had this happened with Justin, she’d seem less, well….skanky to say the least.

    Just because a chick bangs out a couple of kids doesn’t mean she’s not hot anymore. I think we’re forgetting she had her baby not that long ago. Give her six months and she’ll be hot as…
    But not protecting her here. I am a girl (how obvious) and the fact she has kids now should make her rethink the way she behaves. She aint no teen in party mode now. You’ve got kids Brit!! I think a pair of sexy lace french knickers would’ve been sexier than none.
    And Paris hunny, I think you need to stop sharing your publicity stunt ideas with Britney. I smell a rat…

    And honey, make sure you give those car seats a good wipe down!!

    #39 | Comment by chiklips — December 2, 2006 @ 4:30 am

  40. cool man cool, she got more curves down to show as well haha

    #40 | Comment by lisa — December 8, 2006 @ 6:07 am

  41. I love paris hilton

    #41 | Comment by paris hilton fan — January 14, 2007 @ 10:21 am

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