4 virus e-mails. 1 forward. And this:

Subject: ????
Date: Fri, Nov 30 2001 7:22:34 PM EST

Love your site I have a request for Sarah Michelle gellar if you have her or is she even out there ?Thanks for everything…


Not really much to work with.

Anyway, to be fair, i might as well just reply to this one sole e-mail. Since i have nothing else better to do anyway.

You know, i don’t really like SMG. I mean… she’s alright i guess. But i’m not exactly a big fan of hers or anything. I’ve never even seen an episode of Buffy the entire length of a show. I always seem to like… lose interest halfway or something. She was kinda good in Cruel Intentions though. And her latest movie, Harvard Story (where i think she gets naked… judging from the trailer anyway. IT’S RATED R!), looks to be pretty interesting. Seems like she’s playing the exact same type of character that she was in Cruel Intentions. You know… queen bitch of the universe.

But no, i don’t have any pictures of her. Because frankly, i can’t seem to find any real good pictures of her anywhere. If you know what i mean.

psykotik2k: speaking of pictures, i’m gonna have some good britney in vegas pics up soon
psykotik2k: after i’m done writing this post
Not The 1 I Want: she pisses me off
psykotik2k: heheh
Not The 1 I Want: If she’s going to be such a slut, why doesn’t she just do some porn
psykotik2k: hahaha
Not The 1 I Want: seriously

That’s as porno as i’ve ever seen her.

I still haven’t seen her Slave 4 U video or whatever it’s called. I must be the only guy on earth who hasn’t seen it. It’s true. I don’t watch TV much these days. Not since Sept. 2000 actually. No cable here at the dorms. Sucks.

I’m done now with this post. ENJOY THE PICS IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY SEEN EM.

Britney in Vegas.

4 thoughts on “Great

  1. u can find her video on–no need for tv! course the quality kinda sux but w/e…. u can still see her practically having sex towards the end of the vid haha

    #1 | Comment by crystal — December 1, 2001 @ 12:16 pm

  2. more specifically

    there’s other vids, there too. i highly recommend the this pink video, too.

    also, notice 4 of the top ten most played songs are britney.

    #2 | Comment by Louis — December 1, 2001 @ 6:17 pm

  3. haha. i havent seen the video too. :\

    #3 | Comment by 51 — December 1, 2001 @ 8:28 pm

  4. It’s official, Britney needs my manhood deep inside her womanhood.

    #4 | Comment by Krome — December 1, 2001 @ 9:58 pm

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