12 03 2007

Ever wonder what Libby Hoeller is up to these days?

Well, the last time we heard about her on this site was back in early 2005 when one of my readers bumped into her and scored her signature*.

Which he actually framed.

Hey, i would’ve done the same.

*(story after the jump)

Anyway, i stumbled upon this article in New York Magazine about Kids, the Internet, and the End of Privacy and…


I think they’re talking about Libby Hoeller.

Take “Susie,” a girl whose real name I won’t use because I don’t want to make her any more Googleable. Back in 2000, Susie filmed some videos for her then-boyfriend: she stripped, masturbated, blew kisses at the Webcam – surely just one of many to use her new computer this way. Then someone (it’s not clear who, but probably her boyfriend’s roommate) uploaded the videos. This was years before YouTube, when Kaazaa and Morpheus ruled. Susie’s films became the earliest viral videos and turned her into an accidental online porn star, with her own Wikipedia entry.

I’m cited in that Wikipedia entry by the way. Thanks to my Libby post.

The nymag story dated February 12th so it’s fairly recent. Libby seems to be doing alright despite her ‘fame’ (The Libby post still gets comments).

And hey! The article even talks about that Mastercard Revenge chick!

Nothing about Psycho Girl though. Fail.

Have a read.

So. The story behind that receipt. For those of you who missed it the first time.

The scan was sent to me via e-mail back in January ’05.

hi justin. i have been here for awhile just lurking. i live in madison, wi and i am very familiar with the libby hoeller saga. today while working (i work for a major clothing retailer), two people approached me while i was working at the registers. i processed the transaction as per usual and when she handed over her card for me to swipe and i decided to look at the name this once out of boredom. low and fucking behold, the name on the front of the card was elizabeth hoeller. i looked at it again, ,y eyes widened, and i looked at her. she was still signing her name to the charge draft slip so she didnt notice me gawking at her. i couldn’t believe it. i sent her on her way and continued on with my line of people.

and in case you didn’t believe me, i saved the charge draft to prove that elizabeth hoeller did indeed use my register and interacted with me. i have to black out the account and other sensitive information, but if you would like to see it, i will send a scan of the receipt, a picture of me with it, and any other proof you may need. you were the first person i thought of when i discovered it was her.


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41 responses to ““SUSIE” (A.K.A LIBBY HOELLER)”

    12 03 2007
  • 1.  Kewtr (10:16:20) :

    You are a true pioneer. I don’t even remember this.

    She is pretty cute though in the few pictures still linked.

  • 12 03 2007
  • 2.  futool (10:24:53) :

    This have come full circle yet again.
    Ole Dildo girl was the main reason i came here years ago.

  • 12 03 2007
  • 3.  MacDaddy (10:51:31) :

    ummm, I thought there was a video of her diddling herself??

  • 12 03 2007
  • 4.  deedas (11:37:15) :

    Thinking about it, I think this was also the reason I came to fubar. Its been so many years I forgot what brought me here.

    Was there any other internet slut before here? I can’t think of one.

  • 12 03 2007
  • 5.  Xan (11:50:31) :

    this is my first ever hearing about this…*tear*


  • 12 03 2007
  • 6.  futool (11:56:22) :

    I’d have to say JenniCam might have been the first interslut. But looking back, she was really tame compared to things today.

  • 12 03 2007
    12 03 2007
  • 8.  roscoe (14:07:45) :

    blurry, yet hot

  • 12 03 2007
  • 9.  spliff (14:16:42) :

    Psycho Girl Update:

    I revisited psycho girl a couple months ago and did some googling because some reports were that she was an eigth grader and I didn’t want to get arrested. I found this:


    I visit your site and couldnt help but commenting on the “psycho girl” video. I think I know the story behind it and who she is!

    The girl’s, aka “psycho girl,” name is actually Laura Robinson. Yields from Yardley, PA which is a upper-middle-class type of town where she was obviously very spoiled. She is infact NOT a minor, but a 21-year-old college dropout. She used to go to the state college of Shippensburg University out in the cowland sticks of central PA. She was in a sorority (another sorority slut!!) She was a Spanish major but got booted after sophomore year, when she flunked out because she was too busy taking care of her online Virtual Pets and obsessing over her fratslut boyfriend.

    She had a boyfriend… named Matt. Matthew Maimone in fact. He also went to her college and was in a frat. The other girls in her sorority said that she was very protective of Matt. Robinson found out that before Matt even knew she existed, he’d participated in a 3some with two chicks in her same sorority. She was so mad that she set up the two sisters so they ended up getting kicked out. She dated him for slightly over a year and towards the end of the relationship she basically moved herself in with him. Soon after he dumped her and booted her out. Something about her being waaaay too controlling and interfering with his studies to the point that he nearly flunked one of his summer classes. That made Fratwhore Matt realize that she was too much. Soon after, she wanted to show him that she was over him for good, and capable of finding someone else, so she married a young man who was in the military. This meant being stationed with him in Germany for the past half year while he finished his basic training. She is the domestic housewife type who doesn’t hold a job, no longer even goes to school, and basically depends on a “manly-man” type of guy to support her and provide for her. Mooch. Last I heard, she got pregnant from her husband and she was also trying to still attempt to hook back up with Matt. Doubt that, but unfortunately rumor has it that she’s back in Pennsylvania again. She should be about 6 or 7 months pregnant by now. Damn.

    Just thought I’d share! I actually have friends who were in her sorority at Ship U, and another friend who dated Matt not long after he dumped Robinson, and the girl said that Robinson would criticize her constantly and always call when she (the new gf) and Matt were out on dates together. Hope this info helps.
    Let the games begin!

  • 12 03 2007
  • 10.  sKetch (14:21:57) :

    Man, I always wanted to see more of the Mastercard chick. Much hotter than Libby.

  • 12 03 2007
  • 11.  sKetch (14:26:03) :

    And I call bs on that Psycho girl update. No way that bitch is even close to 21.

  • 12 03 2007
  • 12.  MacDaddy (15:57:05) :

    *sings* when I saw that video I Touched myself!!! …I touched myself

    -loved the 90’s music!

    Classic, I have a few of these from girl “friends” over the years. I’d never in a million years give them out over the web. You really gotta be a sick f*ck to do that!

    I hope the guy gets anally raped in prison while being videotaped and then that tape ends up all over the net!

  • 12 03 2007
  • 13.  Justin (16:29:01) :


    hehe. those clemson guys got that update info from here. i would know because that email was sent to me!


    i concur. mastercard chick is hot! somebody find her myspace. the article says she has one i think.

  • 12 03 2007
  • 14.  AngelBaby (16:36:50) :

    #9 – whats funniest about this post is that ANYONE from Clemson University could refer to another school as “out in the cowland sticks.”

    i think that’s actually a line in the Clemson alma mater.

  • 12 03 2007
  • 15.  TAINT (17:21:48) :

    Libby Hoeller FTW. Any idea what codec Psycho_Girl.wmv uses? I can’t believe I haven’t seen this file yet and am extra pissed that it won’t play. Nice post.

  • 12 03 2007
  • 16.  spliff (19:35:21) :

    Sorry to steal your thunder Justin! I have trouble accessing the original comments…I get an error. Let’s open the psycho girl cold case file then. Here’s what I came up with:

    Matt Maimone is in fact a Shippensburg U alumni and was in a frat (page 2, $50 donor).

    There is a senior at Shippensburg U named Laura Robinson on facebook.

    All the Laura Robinson’s on myspace within 100 miles of Yardley, PA. None look like her, but quite a few are hot.

    The only lame result for Matt Maimone on myspace

    Matt Maimone on facebook

  • 12 03 2007
  • 17.  DisconcertedGeorge (23:26:02) :


    and it’s those plotlines that got The OC canceled!

  • 13 03 2007
  • 18.  sKetch (01:45:18) :

    We’ve been on the run, drivin’ through the sun, looking out for number 1….

  • 13 03 2007
  • 19.  intermaweb.net » Blog Archive » Accidental Pornstars. (04:45:34) :

    […] Justin is reporting another (possible) Libby Hoeller sighting, this time in the New York Magazine: Take “Susie,” a girl whose real name I won’t use because I don’t want to make her any more Googleable. Back in 2000, Susie filmed some videos for her then-boyfriend: she stripped, masturbated, blew kisses at the Webcam—surely just one of many to use her new computer this way. Then someone (it’s not clear who, but probably her boyfriend’s roommate) uploaded the videos. This was years before YouTube, when Kaazaa and Morpheus ruled. Susie’s films became the earliest viral videos and turned her into an accidental online porn star, with her own Wikipedia entry. […]

  • 13 03 2007
  • 20.  Andre (09:40:39) :

    #7 gave four good links to the Libby videos. Those links worked fine yesterday but not today anymore. Odd. Does anyone know how else once can access these videos?

  • 13 03 2007
  • 21.  TAINT (14:42:18) :

    Maybe Libby’s “lawyer aunt” is still trolling the site when not stuffing her fat face full of fucking junk food to slap down any links of her whore niece.

  • 13 03 2007
  • 22.  gyno (16:48:12) :

    they still work

  • 13 03 2007
  • 23.  d00d (17:19:41) :

    Pshhh. You guy don’t even have the best webcam slut ever to grace the internet.

    There was a great story behind it too. Unfortunately, I can no longer find the file (UP-webcam-slut03.wmv) or links to said story, and I accidentally deleted the vid a while ago.

    Glad to be of help.

  • 13 03 2007
  • 24.  Kthulhu (21:36:09) :

    I too am wondering about the codec for the Psycho Girl video. I can’t get it to play. Anyone out there know?

  • 14 03 2007
  • 25.  sKetch (09:51:59) :

    Download either Media Player Classic(my personal choice) or VLC player(you’ll NEVER have to download another codec) or video players

    Alternatively you could download the k-lite codec pack and the Xvid codec and it should work. I never checked this particular Psycho Girl, but the one I had back in the day worked fine with those packs and MPC installed.

  • 14 03 2007
  • 26.  jackdaniels (14:29:27) :

    Mastercard Chick on myspace: Caylynn.
    The myspace hate group created for her ex: Chemically Castrate
    Her ex’s band myspace page: Super Naturals

  • 14 03 2007
  • 27.  jackdaniels (14:40:14) :

    I forgot to add his myspace page: Marak

  • 14 03 2007
  • 28.  spliff (18:18:19) :

    On the topic of accidental pornstars, you guys seen this Louisville cheerleader chick? I googled her and she is/was really on the cheer team.


  • 14 03 2007
  • 29.  orion68 (21:31:57) :

    shes in a dorm room. shes in college not 8th grade. theres a microwave and a fridge underneath a loft in the background; i dont know any 8th grader who would have those things in their room

  • 15 03 2007
  • 30.  A-Dog (23:11:54) :

    Ahh Libby…good times…she first brought me to fubar.

  • 24 03 2007
  • 31.  Steve (18:04:05) :

    I know Libby. Well, I KNEW her. We sat next to each other in math class when I was in 8th grade and she was in 7th. This was at St. Monica’s, in Whitefish Bay, WI.

    I was also at Libby’s college graduation. That was the last time I saw her, and it was only because my ex was graduating as well.

    I always felt bad for her brother.

  • 9 07 2007
  • 32.  Alex (15:30:53) :

    Wiki entry’s down. Shame.

  • 22 09 2007
  • 33.  Bob (01:32:06) :

    Wikipedia has deleted his article…

  • 26 11 2009
  • 34.  magnus Mcgettigan (14:54:13) :

    Great story about libby hoeler 6 yrs later… rofl…damn if my wife came in asking wtf i was doing and i actually told her she was like yep thats the reason we dont have videos.. oh snap! .. doghouse myself on that one anyways libby is still hot in my book even now..id love to see a recent shot of her see if she aged as well as her net lore story..

  • 10 03 2010
  • 35.  divynls (05:13:27) :

    libby has a facebook?

  • 18 09 2011
  • 36.  Goliath (00:57:16) :

    Holy crap, I think she might actually have a facebook now


  • 20 07 2012
  • 37.  Josh (18:05:10) :

    I just searched the Wisconsin Circuit Court records. Looks like she got divorced from Michael Forcey in 2011. I still would like to at least meet her one day.

  • 20 07 2012
  • 38.  coolstream (23:06:30) :

    “I just searched the Wisconsin Circuit Court records”


  • 7 07 2013
  • 39.  Chicago Joe (21:51:51) :

    It would appear that Ms. Hoeller-Forcey has remarried and she is now Elizabeth Holtmeyer. Still Forcey on Linked-In. I think she has a daughter from the prior marriage as a young girl (not toddler or baby) is seen with them on FB.

  • 11 08 2014
  • 40.  hey (02:31:24) :

    Her name on Facebook is still Elizabeth Forcey. I just found her on there. She looks great!

  • 1 05 2015
  • 41.  qwertzylplex (13:32:53) :

    #36 that is 100% NOT her

    She does have facebook and it’s right here:


    and she still looks great.

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