Plug and a message

Subject: plug them not me
From: “Christopher Jarvis”
Date: Wed, Dec 5 2001 10:34:12 AM +0000

I’ve been reading your site for a while and I thought I might be able to
do some people some good. Please plug because they are a small group of programmers who have written a kick-ass game and are publicising/distributing it themselves. They’re doing really well so far but the added hits from your site might introduce a whole new audience to their fantastic game. Runs on windows AND linux!

Chris [holdmykidney]

Okie dokie.

Oh and by the way, to Fuzzy, Pearly and Jamie, just for your information, i’ll be leaving Malaysia on Thursday the 13th. My flight’s at 8:15am. And i’ve got my exams next Monday and Wednesday. So if you guys wanna meet up, we could probably do it sometime around this weekend.

Oh and does anyone of you want to send me off to KLIA on the 13th? Haha.

Kidding kidding.

Well. Half kidding anyway.

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