We finally got our grade for that short movie thing that we made. You know, that ‘Bad Boyz: Back In Style’ thing. For film class.

Scored highest in the class. And our movie might possibly even be the best one ever made for that class. Or at least the highest scoring one anyway. Can you say BENCHMARK MOVIE? I can.

Lecturer even said that this semester will be the benchmark semester for all the upcoming semesters to beat. In terms of the film projects.

We got an A for ours. With a total score of 39. Out of 40.


Which is pretty remarkable because our movie was WAY over time (23 mins long. 8 minutes over the maximum limit). And the lecturer was threatening to cut marks off because it was too long. Of course, this was before she saw it.


The second best movie only got a 37. And the movie that i thought would get the second highest score only got a 36. BUT WE GOT A 39.

It’s a shame that i have no way of showing you guys the movie. OH WELL. SUCKS FOR YOU.

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