Subject: Kirsten Info
From: “Baby Girl” Add to Contacts
Date: Tue, Dec 11 2001 11:34:50 AM -0600


First of all I’m truly sorry for the temporary comatose state of your site (to say it is dead would mean that its never coming back, a possibility I cannot bear to contemplate)

Second of all, you talk a lot about Kirsten Dunst in your site, and how you hope she appears in an R rated movie. Well, the thing is ‘crazy/beautiful’ was gonna be her first R rated film but she changed her mind last minute. There’s supposed to be this very hot and heavy kitchen scene or something (I dunno, I havenÃŒt seen the movie) and in the original scene there was Kirsten nudity (her breasts were supposed to do a cameo) But when Kirsten watched the scene along with her mom she realized it was way too embarrassing for her so they edited that part.

The complete scene was rumored to come out on the DVD though.

Well, the site’s back up so NO NEED TO WORRY ANYMORE. =D

Ah yes. Kirsten Dunst. crazy/beautiful. Yeah, someone once e-mailed me telling me that this was supposed to be an R rated flick. But they had to trim it down to a PG 13. Probably because of the reason that you just said. I’ve actually been contemplating getting the DVD. There’ve been numerous times where i’d held the DVD in my hands checking out the cover 300 hundred times over thinking “IS IT WORTH IT? IS IT WORTH IT?”

It’s not exactly packed with extras or anything (not like Bring It On… God i love that DVD…) so it was kind of a tough sell for me. I read up on those deleted scenes that you’ve mentioned though. They are ‘Confrontation at the Pier,’ ‘Nicole Gets Lost,’ ‘Football Scuffle,’ ‘Future Plans,’ and ‘Carlos Changes His Mind.’

Unfortunately, there are no ‘Nicole Loses Her Top’ or ‘Nicole and Maddy Experiment In Shower,’ which would have at least saved the movie.

It’s not exactly a bad movie… i actually enjoyed it (it helps that Kirsten Dunst NEVER wears a bra throughout…) but it could’ve been better (BY BEING RATED R FOR ONE). The movie wants so much to break free of the ÃŽteen genre;ÃŒ it tried so valiantly to avoid Get Over It, Bring It On, SheÃŒs All That territory, and for the most part, it does. The story attempts to be dark, to be different, to have a little brains as opposed to all bounce.

ItÌs in that third act that the entire first hour of the movie, so ripe with potential for originality, is completely abandoned, and the Îmarket safetyÌ makes it painfully obvious what studio is backing the film.

I donÃŒt think Disney/Buena Vista really knew what market they were trying to reach with this movie, and in the long run, i think that hurt the film and the box office. The PG 13 rating suggests they thought this movie would sell to the teen market, but itÃŒs clear that just because the stars are teens doesnÃŒt make it a teen movie. This movie could’ve been better if it were produced by a more risky, edgy studio. The subject matter lends itself to an R-rating. As it stands, because of Disney, the movie is lackluster at best.

Unless you have an unhealthy obsession with DunstÃŒs constantly displayed belly (and trust me, nothing else), check out the movie. It’s not that good, but it’s not that bad either.

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