Bloody good site!

You know. I’ve been getting an awful lot of e-mail lately. I never really thought about it until just about a moment ago. And i actually have fans? Can you believe it? Like… actual people writing in and professing their… fanship… for the site (if there even exists such a word).

What they’re specifically fans of though is beyond me.

It can’t be the content. Because, pssh… come on… this site HAS no content. It’s just all e-mails, movies, DVD talk and gratuitous nude naked topless celebs. With the occasional boring blog bits. Nothing at all thought provoking-ish like what you might find on TSGML or worth reading like File Not Found (have you read Thess’s latest post? I deserve naked pics! =D)

My ‘fanbase’ could be attributed to the porn though. Or the gratuitous nude naked topless celeb pics as i like to put it. Because it’s not really porn. It’s just… gratuitous nude naked topless celebs. BIG DIFFERENCE (don’t argue). There’s quite a collection. Not exactly a COMPLETE collection (DUE TO JLH’s, Alyssa Milano’s and Denise Richards’ LAWYERS) but hey, there’s enough on here for every 14 year old that stumbles upon this site to cream their pants over.

Or maybe people are just sucking up to me in hopes of getting their e-mails posted on the site. Ha.

But whatever it is that’s been making you people come back for more; be it the content or the porn, it’s working alright. My hits have been pretty good these days. Nice and constant. Averaging at just over 4500+/- hits a day from roughly about 3000+/- visitors from all around the world.

With probably 90% of them finding the site through porn searches. Like this guy down here for example:

Subject: Bloody good site!
From: “Lee Iriarte”
Date: Mon, Dec 17 2001 1:37:33 AM +1100
Attachments: ch_Josie_Maran_01@Maxim2000-08.jpg, Josie-Maran-01-FHM-UKOct01.jpg, Josie-Maran-02-FHM-UKOct01.jpg

I love the sight, i was looking for a mpeg video of Katie Holmes Nude scene in the Gift. At first i just closed your sight and kept looking but something about it made me come back about an hour later. Your sight is wat ive always wanted to create myself, ile take your site as the next best thing, i come here everyday! and look at wats new, its a great sight indeed!.

If you really want to have a good one go to those people have AMAZING pictures of this amazingly BEUTIFULL women and thay also woudl appreciate the hits…

Hey heres some nice pictures i got forya, please linkem on your sight N stuff there great pics.
Be great if i came to your sight and saw this email onit !! ide jump for joy. i am one of your fans and will never stop comming to your site aslong as it still is online. (dont diss me for bad typing coz i know how bad i type.. and i cant be fucked getting better at the keyobard , ohwell)

Thanks for the pics man. GLADD YUO LIEK THE SIGHT.

This other guy found me through a search query too.

Subject: los monos sucios que estan en tus pantalones no son tanto peludo.
Date: Mon, Dec 10 2001 8:30:39 PM EST

have you seen the movie baseketball? see it. fast. and when you’ve finished, read the book cryptonomicon by neal stephenson. hurry.

kebin smith is a great man. a websearch on him recently lead me to your site. in the same vein, thou shalt watch baseketball. on top of the fact that it is the funniest movie viewed by yours truly, it features reel big fish, who happen to be one of the coolest ska bands unavailable on 8-track. the movie stars the guys responsible for southpark, and it’s funny. very much so.

cryptonomicon, on the other hand, is funny, but not in the same way. where baseketball has yasmine bleeth and reel big fish, cryptonomicon has politics, sex, drugs, philosophy, mathematics, and general douglas macarthur. along with that, it has humor. here’s an excerpt. have fun.

A Kevin Smith websearch? You mean you didn’t come here looking for porn? WOW.

But yeah, i’ve seen Baseketball. It was an alright movie i thought. I only saw it once though. So i’ve pretty much forgotten everything about the movie. I think i have it on VCD. I should probably watch it again. Refresh my memory.

I like Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Those guys are seriously fucked up. They’d have to be to come up with South Park. I still haven’t seen Orgazmo though. can’t seem to find it anywhere. Not on VCD anyway. Though i hear they’re releasing it on DVD soon as a two disc special edition or something. There’s a Region 2 version out in the Uk but it’s pretty barebones. The US Region 1 version’s gonna be packed with shit. That’s what i heard anyway. Could just be a rumor. I really don’t see what they could include on there that would warrant it all being on 2 discs. But hey, if it’s true, i’m getting it just solely because it’s a special edition.

I’m a sucker for special editions.

Hell, i even bought DUNGEONS & DRAGONS on DVD just because it was loaded (the commentary tracks on there aren’t that bad really. Almost makes it worth buying the disc for).

Of course, bad movies, no matter how many extras they include on the DVD, will always be bad movies. Like The Ice Cream Man for example. If they ever release that fucking movie on DVD… even as a three disc Ultimate Edition or whatever, i still wouldn’t touch that movie. Not even with a thirty foot pole.


I’d rather have chopsticks rammed up my nose than watch that movie.

Reel Big Fish is cool.

5 thoughts on “Bloody good site!

  1. 4500 hits is nice.. I’m lucky if I get 1/3 of that.. Great site. Keep it real.. Peace \V/

    #1 | Comment by Rome — December 17, 2001 @ 8:05 am

  2. The porn helps

    #2 | Comment by Justin — December 17, 2001 @ 11:38 am

  3. I play to much Starcraft to check this place out "alot" stil ime here every second day atleast.
    Hehe thanks for the email on the page , i did jump for joy. i rekon the site is the content, no conetent required here.. just the Letters than amke up the words, that in turn make up the sentences that we all like to read.

    #3 | Comment by Lee Iriarte — December 17, 2001 @ 11:56 pm

  4. Sure, blame it on the porn. lol Isn’t it amazing that a bunch of pics can have such an influence. I, myself, believe it or not come for the updates. Excellent reads.. Great site.

    #4 | Comment by Rome — December 18, 2001 @ 7:42 am

  5. I have Orgazmo on VCD, It’s an alright movie. I haven’t seen the ice cream man, i’ll have to have someone else rent it.

    #5 | Comment by amplifiedmouse — December 18, 2001 @ 10:15 am

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