Oh hello. I’m back.

Actually i’ve been ‘back’ for like the past coupla days now actually. Back online that is. You may have probably seen me on AIM pretty much ALL the time. I have 24 hour internet access now by the way. Which is cool. So why haven’t i been posting? Well, it’s just that i haven’t gotten around to finding the time to post (i.e i’ve been lazy). I mean, i have been doing a lot sitting around… mostly playing games and watching dvd’s and whatnot… but just not sitting down to write.

But i haven’t just only been just playing games and watching dvd’s… I’ve pretty busy with school stuff too and all that. Not crunch time end of the semester gonna sit for my finals kinda busy but busy in the sense of the first days of school kinda busy. You know? Orientation, registering for classes, moving into the dorm… etc etc.

But yeah, i’ll spare you all the boring details and just humor you this time.

So i’ve been gone for like what now? 2 weeks? Or something like that anyway. I dunno. I never was one to keep track of time properly.

Speaking of time though, those of you reading this site from Asia or Europe or wherever… those of you in the east i guess, might be wondering why i’m posting ‘a day late’. Well, the site’s running on Michigan time now. So yeah, i’m a little bit ‘behind’. The whole other side of the world thing comes into effect.

But it’s cool. I’m sharing the same time zone with some of my favorite people on the net. Like Thess, Suzi, Crystal and Will. It’s great being able to say to Thess or whoever, “Oh, i’ll be back at 4pm” and not actually mean 5am Bruneian time anymore.

Actually you know what? Will shouldn’t actually be on that list because he actually owns Driving Emotion Type-S on the PS2. Har.

So now. I’ve been gone two weeks. And i should probably update those of you who actually care about what’s been going down this past fortnight. So yes, once again, it’s time for me to go into boring blog mode. Don’t worry though, i’ll TRY to be more entertaining in my subsequent posts. Anyway…

Let me start with Singapore.

So the flight was supposed to last about 2 hours or so. And how long were we in the plane for? Try 14 hours. 14! Why? Because the plane couldn’t land. It was raining. Like… REALLY heavily at the time in Singapore. It was quite possibly one of the worst storms Singapore’s had in a quite a while i think. It was pretty much all over the new the next day. Every single incoming flight to Singapore had to be diverted to some other Airport. We got diverted to fucking Malaysia (i thought i’d seen the last of that place for the next coupla years but i guess i was wrong). Anyway, the worst part was we couldn’t deboard. Because the fucking Johor Bahru Airport officials wouldn’t let the passengers off. If we’d landed in KL, the would’ve at least let us all off the plane and wait in the Airport. But noooo… these JB fuckers made us stay on the plane. For 12 hours. With no food. Except Pot Noodles. Which the captain had to buy from the local convenience store down at the JB Airport. So there you go. 12 hours on a plane doing absolutely NOTHING. Except watch censored cut down versions of Rush Hour 2 and The Grinch. And a whole bunch of other movies and shows that i can’t recall the titles.

The turbulence was kinda cool/scary though. It was realy raining HARD. And it was hella windy. I mean, at one point, the plane was LITERALLY pitching at 45 degree angles side to side. Imagine that. And this was just a coupla minutes before we touched down. If the plane didn’t stabilize itself, we could’ve probably landed wing first. But it’s cool. It was definitely better than any theme park ride that i’ve been on for the past coupla years that’s for sure.

Funny how i connect a potential plane crash with a theme park ride isn’t it?

Stayed over in Singapore for a night at my Aunt’s house. Went shopping the next day. Tried looking around for the Ericcson T68. Couldn’t really find it. So i didn’t get to buy it.

Okay actually, i never really did look around for the T68. I was more into looking around for those fabled S$450 PS2’s. 450 bucks! That’s only like… about US$200 or so!

I found em alright. But not without a catch. The reason why they were so cheap was because they were the PAL and J versions. Which couldn’t play U/C games. Or Region 1 DVD’s.

The were modded though. To play bootleg software. But where i was going, there weren’t gonna be bootleg software. So what’s the point of getting a modded machine that won’t play U/C games and R1 DVD’s?

Lots of PAL and J machines. But no U/C ones. “Out of stock” they kept telling me. FInally found a store at the Tampines Mall that actually had U/C machines. They were selling em for S$610 bucks. So i got one. Because i just couldn’t wait any longer to actually have one. After a considerable amount of time begging my dad of course. And i got myself a memory card and a copy of MGS2 as my first ever PS2 game to go with everything.

And so now i have a PS2. But no T68. Funny how things work out.

We left for Chicago that night. Had a quick stopover at Amsterdam for a coupla hours and finally landed in Chicago like… the next day. Or the day before. I dunno. It gets kinda confusing when you cross that Internation Time Line thing or whatever the hell you call it. You tend to gain a day/lose a day or something.

Landed in Chicago. And guess what? The flight to Michigan that we were supposed to get on right after was cancelled. Why? BAD WEATHER. Again. Blame the snow this time. We spent about half a day DOING NOTHING at the O’Hare International Airport. Took a later night flight to Michigan that night. Short flight. Only went on for about 20 minutes or something like that. Landed safely. It was snowing like hell. Michigan winters can be killer sometimes. It wasn’t as bad as it was in Buffalo though. I think they really got the worst of this year’s winter.

Or should i say, last year’s winter.

Winter 2001/2002 anyway.

Anyway, we stayed at a motel near downtown Kalamazoo. ‘We’ being me and my parents that is. I finally moved into the dorm like… 3 days ago or something like that (i swear to God i really need to start keeping track of time properly…). Zimmerman Hall. Which is just around Draper Hall’s corner. The dorm where BRUCE CAMPBELL once stayed in.

Bruce Campbell went to WMU did you know? So did Tim Allen. And this one ESPN sportscaster. Who, for the life of me, i can’t remember his name.

Now for those of you know don’t know me, i’m like a HUGE fan of Bruce Campbell’s. Witness my little Ash stunt that a pulled last year. Ooh. I finally got a hold of his book while i was bumming around at O’Hare. He does talk about his (short) experiences over here at WMU in the book. So that’s kinda cool. I’d actually listed Draper Hall as being my third choice of halls to move into. But i chose Zimmerman first mostly because it only had people over 21 and Sophomores living there.

My roommates are pretty cool. I practically live in what’s called ‘The Arcade’. At least that’s what Matt calls it. Three tricked out PC’s, one G4 Mac (mine), two PS2’s (one of em mine), a Dreamcast (mine), and a GameCube (not mine). Oh and three TV’s. So yeah, there’s never a shortage of game playing going on over here.

These guys are all pretty much hardcore gamers. So it’s great having being able to actually talk with people who know their stuff. Not many people i know do.

There’s Eric (my roommate), Matt and John (who live in the other room) and there’s Neil and (another) Justin who both seem to pretty much be here all the time. A coupla other guys drop by occasionally too. And then there’s Tiffany and Sarah and Stacy and Alaina who live just next door/across the hall. They pop by every now and then. So yeah. It’s pretty cool here.

Anyway, that’s pretty much alli have to say for now. I’ll probably post again later tonight of something. I’ve still got a bunch of other stuff i wanna talk about. Namely stuff about the DVD’s and games i’ve bought so far. Justin stuff basically.

I’m gonna go grab a bite to eat at Subway now. I’m fucking hungry. Woke up at 2 and i haven’t had lunch yet.

Later gators.

8 thoughts on “Oh hello. I’m back.

  1. bout time you posted.

    #1 | Comment by suzi — January 12, 2002 @ 7:30 pm

  2. Great to have you back Justin. I think Thess was growing a little tired of us.

    #2 | Comment by Baby Girl — January 12, 2002 @ 8:03 pm

  3. no porn?

    #3 | Comment by anime freak — January 12, 2002 @ 8:50 pm

  4. hey hey justin welcome back….great to see u posting again!!!

    #4 | Comment by madelyne — January 13, 2002 @ 11:03 am

  5. Snowing like hell, eh?

    #5 | Comment by notthe1iwant — January 13, 2002 @ 12:31 pm

  6. so I wonder if the odds are for or aganist you regarding your current roommate.. ya think he has a thing for farting all of the time too? tehe. 🙂

    thanks for the insight to your world. tis indeed colourful. the hours spent in it has been worth it!


    #6 | Comment by Iris — January 13, 2002 @ 2:25 pm

  7. wb American!

    #7 | Comment by dadedum~~ — January 13, 2002 @ 7:26 pm


    #8 | Comment by crystal — January 14, 2002 @ 12:21 pm

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