It’s great to live in a country where you can buy Rush Hour 2 and Scary Movie 2 on DVD for ONLY JUST US$20. And not just for each, but for the BOTH of them.

For only 20 bucks.

Albeit used… but hey, how else can you get 2 relatively newly released DVD’s for ONLY US$20?

Went to Circuit City a coupla nights ago. Went around looking for a USB Ethernet adaptor. Not that i really needed one for my my laptop or anything but i thought it’d be fun to just get one just to hook up to my PS2 and play a lil bit of Tony Hawk 3 online. I did manage to track it down but at 49 bucks, it was just happening. Instead i just got myself a longer ethernet cable for my laptop because the one i currently had at the time was just was too damn short. 1 metre. Don’t how much that is in feet or yards or whatever but it’s SHORT.

Hey you can’t blame me for being brought up with the metric system.

Went browsing around for DVD’s later that night and i saw it! Heathers! I’ve actually never seen Heathers before. But i’ve always heard it to be this killer of a movie. It’s become a cult favorite over the past 13 years or so. And you know how much i’m into those cult movies.

Well, now that i’ve finally gotten around to watching it, i just gotta say that it’s become one of my favorite movies ever. It’s just REALLY good. Definitely way ahead of it’s time. It’s good.


One thing that did sorta bug me was the fact that Anchor Bay released the movie in with not one, not two but count em, FOUR different packages.

There’s the limited edition tin box set, the Christian Slater cover edition, the Winona Ryder cover edition and two more other editions featuring two of the three Heathers that’re in the movie. There’s a possiblity of there actually being FIVE different covers with that last one being the third Heather but i couldn’t find it on the shelves. I couldn’t find the tin box edition either. But i do know it’s out there somewhere.

I finally just decided to get the Winona Ryder version. It was a toss up between her or Christian Slater. But why would i want Christian Slater looking up at me from the box when i can have Winona Ryder doing the same thing?

Life’s difficult decisions…

If you see this DVD, BUY IT.
Good movie.

Got it for only 15 bucks too. CHEAP.

Yep. My days of spending over RM$140 for a DVD are OVER.

So anyway. As most of you probably know by know (those of you who actually READ the site anyway), i’d only just gotten back online a coupla days ago after being gone for two weeks and not having internet access. The day i finally get back online to check my e-mail and what do i find? Over 60 e-mails waiting for me in my inbox. Now for those of you who’ve been following the site for a while probably know my style. You know, posting up my e-mails on the site and responding to them here for all the world to see.

Now to respond to each and every single e-mail here on the site would just be an exercise in futility. I can’t possibly respond to each and every single one of them. Not only because it’s crazy but because i’m just too darn lazy. So yeah, for those of you who’ve emailed me, don’t take it personally if i don’t respond. Because since the time i first checked my e-mail up till this very moment, it’s gone up to just about 75 or so e-mails right now. I DO however, read each and every single one of them. And it’s probably gonna take a little while for me to respond (if you’re lucky). BUT I’LL TRY.

Because i like getting e-mail and i don’t want you all to stop e-mailing me.

Just please, no stupid e-mails.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
From: “Will Chen” willchen@prodigy.net
Date: Wed, Dec 26 2001 8:39:57 AM -0800

Cool Website. How often do you update?

I have a huge selection of pictures. If you ever want to see one, let me know.

Of course it’s a cool website. How often do i update? READ THE DAMN FAQ.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
From: “Harry Smith” haza42@hotmail.com
Date: Wed, Dec 26 2001 3:53:45 PM -0500

Hey man, I just found your site through Suzi’s, and I’ve only read your most recent post and the faq section so far, but so far you rock. (hands over the mad props)

The Weasel from NYC,
Harry Smith

What? You mean you didn’t even have a look at all the gratuitous nude naked topless celebs?

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: lotr
From: “ryan” ryan@echoai.com
Date: Wed, Dec 26 2001 4:00:42 PM -0500

how many emails have you received asking you how you acquired the lotr fellowship boot?

now, add this to that number and reply


i’m wondering if there is any direction you could point me in that would allow me to be as lucky as yourself and have a copy for my hungry dvd player?

thank you for your time.

nice site by the way…first time visitor as of today.


Including yours? Probably about like 7 so far. Not too crazy.

And sorry dude, i really have no idea where you can get a bootleg copy of LOTR over here. I mean, if you lived anywhere in Asia, you could probably get it off the streets for what would amount to only US$2.50 (or maybe even less) but no such luck over here. And it’s a VCD dude. It might not play on certain DVD players. So yeah, even if i could get you a copy, you probably wouldn’t be able to play it. But you could always try it on your computer using a VCD playing app. That might work. That is, IF you have the VCD in the first place. Which you don’t. Which i do. Har.

Anybody wanna buy the bootleg off of me?


To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Amy Jo Johnson…
From: Paul Scates pscates126@home.com
Date: Wed, Dec 26 2001 10:48:45 PM -0800

I have to know: WHERE did you get that series of Amy Jo pics (naked and
straddling some lucky guy)?

What movie is that from?!?

Please, help a brother out…

– P

Where did i get it? That’s for me to know and for you to find out. Heh. It’s actually not that hard to find you know. But yeah, as to what movie that actually came from, you got me pal. I have absolutely no idea whatsosever. But i do know for a fact that it is her. Amy Jo Johnson. The Pink Power Ranger.

I’ll say it again, “Don’t you just love it when Power Rangers get naked?”

Here’s a new pic of her that i just recently found. Not as good as those ‘straddling’ pics but hey, if you like cleavage…

To: psykotik@gmail.com
From: “Don Beng Bonero” cduktiv@psykotik.zzn.com
Date: Thu, Dec 27 2001 5:46:22 PM +0800

dear justin,

going through your old files i see that you are a big fan of spidey and the red head mary jane.

got a vast knowledge in the comic scene?

anyway, i am a bigg fan of spidey and star wars, so it is a hard pick for summer 2002, but since, as you put it, for the tits, i would choose mary jane anytime over luke skywalkers mum.

please, though agree with me on one thing, don’t you think clint eastwood would have been the perfect wolverine instead of hugh jack-ass had he been 20 years younger?

anyway, i gotta go and fart, so excuse me…


What in the world? You’re actually using my psykotik.zzn.com e-mail service? Crazy.

You know, there’s a rumor going on that Kiki’s mom is gonna do a crazy/beautiful and have those wet t-shirt scenes in the upcoming Spidey movie be cut out.


And Clint Eastwood? Are you on crack?

Fullname: mizi
Email: admin@cyber-funk.net
Where are you from?: boston
Homepage Name: cyber-funk
Homepage URL: http://www.cyber-funk.net
Comments: You know.. the Angelina Jolie image one the left side of your layout is quite dangerous. It makes people wanna kiss the screen since her lips are so *there*. I wonder what pathetic loser would do that… I mean really. Peace.. I gotta go clean my monitor 😉

All the best in 2002.


Ah mizi. What a great guy. Not only did he practically kiss my site but he also looks like David Arquette. Too bad i can’t actually prove that second fact (nor can i really prove that first one either) since his site’s no around anymore but i’d just like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the fact that cyber-funk really helped get this site get off the ground. The amount of referrals mizi used to send my way was pretty amazing back in the day. It really help me gain some exposure and some new audiences.

Dude, you gotta let me know if you’re coming back to the e/n scene anytime soon. CF was one of my daily reads. Even though it was only updated a coupla times a week.


To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Scotland calling
From: “James Harrold” yodaforce19@hotmail.com
Date: Tue, Jan 1 2002 8:57:37 PM +0000


I wasn’t going to write and then, well what the fuck. I was looking for pictures of Kirsten Dunst (I hold my hand up) and praise DA LAWD for your site. 3 hours later… I like the links, some of what you have to say, and (nearly) all of the pics. Good luck in Michigan!



Fullname: Funky Monkey
Email: sudipthiagi@hotmail.com
Where are you from?: NCC ( i wuz in WMU )
Homepage Name: iwishihadawebsiteuplikejustin.com
Homepage URL: www.iwishihadawebsiteuplikejustin.com
Comments: Cool site Justin ! I met you once b4. You did the video thing with Edwin Paul(the gay guy with the tattoos) in it rite ? haha …that wuz good shit…. but that’s besides the point…..the site kicks ass… one question : how come none of the bloody malaysian authorities try to shut you the fuck down for the porn ? I hope you can personally answer this question thru mail. I wanna open a porn site too…i have compromising pictures of the aforementioned Edwin with a certain long haired (male) student (who plays the guitar). Ok ok ….so yours is NOT a porn site….but anywayz…you get my drift. BY the way …Happy New YEar !

I always get chills when somebody i’ve met visits my website.

Yeah. Edwin Paul D’Silva. Portuguese dude with the tattoos. He was in my movie. That Bad Boyz (*cringe*) short film i edited for my film class last semester (which i got an A for. WOO). Not too sure about him being gay though. Ha.

Funnily enough, i never did get any shit from the ‘bloody’ Malaysian authorities or even from the (Sunway) school authorities for that matter, for actually running a (*ehem*) ‘porn’ site in Malaysia.

Maybe because it isn’t actually a porn site?

I dunno.

The only real trouble i’ve (almost) gotten into because of the site was the time when Denise Richards, Alyssa Milano’s and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s lawyer(s) (they all have the same one) threatened to sue my host because i had their naked pics on my site.

But other than that, no real trouble to speak of.

So yeah. That’s cool i guess.


I just realized. Nobody’s actually gonna be reading all of this. I mean, how boring is it to be reading other people’s e-mails and unfunny responses to said other people’s e-mails?

Folks. You’re gonna have to bear with me. Being away for 2 weeks has sorta taken it’s toll on my (already lousy) ‘posting abilities’ (and i do use that term lightly) so yeah, these first coupla days of me being ‘back’ aren’t gonna be good.

You know?

There’s still a whole lot of e-mail to reply to that i could milk for content/filler but i guess just blowing all of it just on one post would be overdoing it. I mean, this post is long enough already as it is.

Besides, most of the rest of the e-mails that i’ve received are just plain stupid. And not worth responding to. So yeah, i’m just gonna spare you the agony of having to read and sift though what could’ve been a long an monotonous unfunny post and just let you all off easy this time. I’ll bore you to death some other other time. Maybe tomorrow if you’re unlucky enough.

And besides, i have an American History paper to write up tonight that’s due tomorrow.

So yeah, tomorrow, i’ll TRY to at least be a little more entertaining, and maybe i’ll post up some new ‘porn’. Or something.


Anyway, that’ll all have to wait till tomorrow. SO WAIT.

Goodbye now =]

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  1. am i supposed to read all this at once. I missed you justin but damn lets ease it up. LOL


    #1 | Comment by vass — January 14, 2002 @ 12:07 pm

  2. so glad that ure back 🙂

    #2 | Comment by heeehaw — January 14, 2002 @ 12:35 pm

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