That first post of the day down there… that was a badly written post. I just wrote that in like 5 minutes tops and didn’t even bother to check what it was i was writing about and where everything was going. So yeah, there were a lot of loose ends and ‘storylines’ that ended up nowhere. So to speak.

But here i am again to clarify a few more things. Whether you like it or not. Because i have nothing better to do and i need to kill time.

Actually, i should be doing my homework but hey… that can wait.

Like i said, i have a lot to write about. A lot’s been going through my mind these past coupla weeks. And up till recently, it’s reached it’s boiling point. Which is why there haven’t been that many long-winded posts by me this past weekend. It’s just reached a point where i couldn’t think about anything else but ‘it’ and ‘it’s’ been kinda distracting me from writing posts for the site.

But anyway, in regards to the post down there that i’m supposed to be talking about… if it wasn’t clear enough… you know, with the whole Pizza hut/pseudo-date thing…

Wait wait. Some dude just IM’ed me:

DMBFanLMO: hi there
psykotik2k: hey
DMBFanLMO: I like your site.
psykotik2k: yeah?
DMBFanLMO: yeah 🙂
psykotik2k: how’d you find it?
DMBFanLMO: Gear Factory ~> Lewsers ~> your site

He likes my site.

That’s my ego boost for the day.

Anyway, yeah, the whole Pizza hut/pseudo date thing… that was the…

Holy fuck.

DMBFanLMO: I’m Lisa.
psykotik2k: ooh
psykotik2k: okay
psykotik2k: for a moment there i though you were a guy
psykotik2k: heh
DMBFanLMO: LoL I figured.
psykotik2k: heheh, well your sn doesn’t seem… you know… ‘girly’
psykotik2k: =]
DMBFanLMO: Ha, now that you know I have breasts you’ve all of a sudden got talkative 🙂
psykotik2k: hahahaha

Announcement: Breasts = Me talking. No breasts = Me no talking.

Anyway… as i was saying, the whole Pizza hut/pseudo date thing… that was the ‘uninteresting stuff’. And not at all the ‘juicy stuff’.

The ‘juicy stuff’ which i can’t post about.

I mean… i can post about it… but i won’t.

Which pretty much defeats the purpose of me talking about since i won’t actually be talking about it.


Anyway i don’t know how to end this post so i’ll just leave you with this.

( . | . )


Because there’s been a distinct lack of them on the site as of late.

3 thoughts on “Okay.

  1. justin..ur a certified "tits" dickhead! i bet people can see tits written all over yr face from miles n miles away. hey man….we’re not complaining. we want more tits mannn.

    #1 | Comment by jughead — September 24, 2001 @ 9:04 pm

  2. I’ve got tits!


    Hey wait, I’m DMBFanLMO…

    #2 | Comment by Lisa — September 25, 2001 @ 11:01 am

  3. Heehhe… old posts. Justin if you ever look at this, I like that girl, is "IM" the AOL program. I’d like to message her. I can’t see her "tits" so I’ll settle for her sense of humour.

    #3 | Comment by qchad — May 29, 2004 @ 9:16 pm

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