I’ve actually been pretty sick these past coupla days. Fever of all things. Hence the lack of updates. I’m still not in the mood to write but rather than just leaving the site to rot, i figured i’d just post up a coupla new pics.

(Funny, i’m too sick to write yet not sick enough to look for new pics)

I’ve got a coupla new Cerina Vincent ones from Not Another Teen Movie. They’re basically the same ones that i had on here once before but just better quality.

I found this hilarious .gif of Stephanie MacMahon bouncing up and down. It’s literally something i could just look at all day. I’ve also got a coupla vid caps of her cleavage from the latest Raw.

Oh and before i go, i give you Nikki Cox. That woman is jaw dropping.


I am going to lie down now. For i am still sick and i need rest. I bid you adieu.

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