You are the all powerful lesbo warrior princess of the internet! You get WAY more tail than 99.99% of all the other webmasters in the universe. Not that that’s SAYING much. Also, 99.99% of your posts make absolutely [ZERO] sense! Oh well… did I mention that you were a LESBIAN? I mean, how friggin cool is THAT!?!

Take the [webmaster quiz] today!

One thought on “Quiz!

  1. I am Stile.

    You hold sway over countless legions of cam whores. You have access to more bandwidth than GOD. YOU ARE THE ALL POWERFUL LORD OF E/N!!! Also, you’re a balding, antisocial jew that lives in his mother’s basement. BUT, that’s better off than MOST webmasters, so… ALL HAIL STILE!!!

    tehe. *begins constructing a smut website*


    #1 | Comment by Iris — January 26, 2002 @ 4:04 pm

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