Time to blog

Yes. It’s been a while since i’ve actually blogged. Like, really blogged and not just posted up pictures of Molly Ringwald (Mmm… redhead…) or Zoe McLellan (Mmm… just Mmm…).

I never knew Zoe McLellan was the type to do nudes and stuff. I mean, who you have ever thought the chick from that HORRIBLE Dungeons & Dragons movie would do a nude scene? But then again, if Katie Holmes; of all people, is willing to take her top off for The Gift, then i guess pretty much anything’s possible.

My only question is… Kiki, where are you gonna do one?

ANYWAY. I was supposed to blog dammit. Not discuss nude scenes. Fucking one track mind i can have sometimes…

But yeah. Monday. The most hectic day of the week for yours truly. Just got out of class over an hour ago. I have classes from 12 noon till 9 PM on Mondays. FUN STUFF.

Well, actually it’s not as bad as it sounds really. Could be worse. But i guess the heavens are shining down on me this semester.

  • Film Communication: MW 0200-0350P
  • Broadcast Operations: T 0400-0620P
  • American History Since 1877: MWF 1200-1250P
  • Drug Use: M 0630-0900P

American History’s a pretty nice class. The lecturer’s really nice and all. Nice lady. Nice class. Film Communication… well, i don’t even have to explain why i like that class. Broadcast Operations is alright. The lecturer said “Fuck you” and “Asshole” on the first day of class. In a New York accent no less. So that’s make it pretty cool. And yes. Drug Use.

Yes. Drug Use.

Yes. That is an actual class.

Aside from being the most busiest day of my week, Monday’s also pretty much the only day i actually get to walk and talk with Stacy on the way to our respective classes. You know… Stacy… lives just down the hall. Yeah, Stacy’s nice. I keep thinking her name’s Tiffany but that’s beside the point. The point is that she’s NICE. And i sorta look forward to walking and talking with her on Mondays.


So i’ll just spare you all the details.

Lemme see. Updates. Hrm. What else have i been doing?

Well i still have that 178 bucks that i scored off of selling those T-Shirts for T-Shirt Hell Inc. (THE WEBMASTER AFFILIATES PROGRAM THAT THEY OFFER REALLY WORKS. SO YOU SHOULD SIGN UP AND START EARNING YOURSELF SOME MONEY TOO).

Although… i think i may have spent about 20 bucks or so just buying pizzas and Sprite and bars of Snickers and Doritos and stuff… but hey, 150+ dollars is still quite a lot. And still within the range of me possibly being able to get a Nintendo GameCube. =D =D =D

I’m heavily considering getting one. And if i do, the first game i’m gonna get for it is Rogue Leader. FUCK that game looks amazing.

If not, then i’m gonna get myself a pair of good shoes. Maybe some DVD’s. And a PS2 game if i still have some moolah to spare.

What else… um… OH i got an e-mail today from theweblogreview.com people. But i’m gonna talk about that in the next post. Because it really is a big deal. And i’m still dumbfounded by it all. You’ll see what i mean in the next post.

In related news, i STILL have over 50 e-mails (i shit you not) that i STILL haven’t replied to that’ve been piling up ever since i left for Michigan about… ooh… A MONTH AGO. And i sincerely apologize to each and every one of you who’ve sent me e-mails, plug/link requests, fan mail, fan signs and telling me how much you like the site and all and how you think it’s really good (in your eyes anyway… i still think it SUCKS) and i just wanna say that i will TRY to get back to as many of them as i can within the next two days or so. I’ll probably just post up replies to them all in a super long e-mail post or whatever so yeah, to those of you who’ve sent me e-mails and whatnot within the past month… and are still waiting for a response, well your wait will soon be over. Just check back with the site in a coupla days and maybe you’ll see your reply up here.

I’ll eventually get back to them all. Well… okay, maybe not all of them. Definitely not the stupid ones.

Believe me, i get a lot of stupid e-mail sometimes.

Anyway. THAT’S IT FOR NOW. If you’ve actually read this far down the post, i commend you. Now go treat yourself and look at the porn or whatever. You know you want to.

Better yet, BUY A T-SHIRT!

4 thoughts on “Time to blog

  1. one


    #1 | Comment by Steamer — January 29, 2002 @ 1:13 am

  2. OK, I’m spamming, but it’s for a good caues, right?

    You’ll enjoy this

    and this

    #2 | Comment by Steamer — January 29, 2002 @ 1:24 am

  3. Just wanted to let you know that, KiKi (or Kirsten, as her mom calls her) has a VERY wet t-shirt scene in the upcoming Spiderman movie…..

    if the link above didn’t work, shoot me

    #3 | Comment by Steamer — January 29, 2002 @ 12:32 pm

  4. oops, it didn’t work.

    Go here instead…..

    choose your media type

    #4 | Comment by Steamer — January 29, 2002 @ 12:34 pm

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