Think Karma…oodles and oodles of karma.

I’m about to be a girl. I’d like to apologize in advance. I’d also like to preface what you’re about to read/not read with the statement that I’m very, very happy with my somewhat midget-ish boyfriend (told you I’d babble about him a lot.)

There’s a restaurant in town called Zapata’s. Awesome Mexican cafÈ, my family and I go there a lot, and I’ve brought friends in several times. The same waiter usually waits on all of us, by whatever chance. Yesterday, I went in with my parents and aunt, got there early, and talked with the waiter guy for awhile. Today, he showed up at Gately’s Grille, the restaurant I work at. We talked a bit, and before he left, he gave me his number, told me to call him so we could hang out.

NOW. That is the first number I’ve gotten in 6 months; the length of time I’ve been seeing my boyfriend. And this guy from the other restaurant was more aesthetically attractive than Shawn. But I was happy to realize that although I was happy to know that I can still actually GET someone’s number, that I don’t have some tattoo on my forehead warding off males…that I didn’t really have any desire to call him, other than a realization that I could introduce him to a friend of mine. Which…was cool.

Hrm. 4:30 PM EST, with a ten minute speech due for my Interpersonal Communications class at 5:30. Perhaps I should go attempt to actually do it.

One thought on “Think Karma…oodles and oodles of karma.

  1. hey..i see patterns emerging here. you and justin like to tease us (your faithful army of readers) with "loose ending" posts so to speak. we demand full story. don’t leave us wondering in the darK. is it done on purpose? you’re both you though.

    #1 | Comment by stripteaser — September 25, 2001 @ 6:40 am

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