Think beans. Oodles and oodles of beans.

You may all raise one hand (no, Suzi, not one finger) in greeting to the newly-unemployed Thess. (Hi, I’m Thess.) Yup. I walked out of another job today. It just seemed the thing to do at the time, and far be it from me to deny God’s will.

Actually, they were all horrid, horrid bastards. Something about being talked about as if I’m not there (very derogatively) RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME rubs me the wrong way. As does being cursed out by the owner’s son when HE fucks up (I can understand if it was my fault.) Oh, and the overweight, pill-popping alcoholic bitches of waitresses, all of whom had superiority complexes…I could care less if they all went and fucked themselves, too. Maybe I’ll get lucky, and they’ll all die of some horrible side affects from combining meds. One can only hope.

That NIMDA virus hit the servers where my boy works, meaning he’s going to be working late every night this week, and will have to go take care of the Miami and West Palm branches of the company to clean THEM out; since he’s the only field engineer on freakin’ call, this means he’ll miss my birthday. Which is Friday.

I am inconsolable.

Actually, no. There is ONE thing that would make me feel better. What say someone make me a new layout for my birthday, hmmm? 😀

As for Justin’s post below…oh, lord. :\ Wish there was something one could say to someone else on the net about things like that (about anything that matters) that actually meant anything real or helpful. It’s just not in a text-based world to have that ability, though, so all I can do is wish him over his unhappiness, and tell him that if it’ll make him feel better, I’ll go on a porn hunt for him. Any celebrity he wants. Maybe even two.

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