edge hill

i’ve been considering writing a program to convert all of fubar‘s archives to greymatter. bleh. it’s doesn’t sound that hard actually. i’m just too lazy to start on it. i’ve been seriously considering writing a program of greymatter improvements or tools or something but again, i’m too lazy. oh well.

yeah so i been considering playing Parasite Eve 2 recently but i’m not sure i’m up for it. after hearing how boring it is i’ll feel bad if i play it for a bit and just give up out of boredom. i hate the idea of doing that to a Square game.

which reminds me what the hell is Square doing with themselves? all i hear about is Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XI, and remakes for that stupid WonderSwan. which wouldn’t be nearly as stupid if they ported the damned thing here. and another thing. when Square was making games like hot cakes we had all sorts of games coming out four months late here, right? now Square USA has one game to port and it’s taking them four months for that game alone. what the hell do they do over there? they managed to get a game a month out last summer but when they have only one game to translate it takes them just as long. doesn’t that seem a little odd?

well i guess i don’t care too much because i still don’t even have a PlayStation 2 and won’t until these other systems come out. Sony’s obvisiously scared shitless because they don’t seem to be putting up too much of a fight these days. i think they are just trying to hord all the money they can at $300 a pop because they know the glory days won’t last long. well that’s just my opinion.

so yeah, i’m sure you could give a shit about my opinions on games and the gaming market. oh well. i’m sure Brian will understand.

3 thoughts on “edge hill

  1. preach on, brutha

    #1 | Comment by anti-brian — September 26, 2001 @ 10:10 am

  2. their glory days will continue (unfortunately).. since sony are so "smart", they’ve decided to release all the ‘good’ games over the christmas period.. which leaves me (and many others, im sure) in quite a dilemma when we see silent hill 2, metal gear solid 2 and ico (new game, supposedly very good) on the shelf all at once.. more second generation games on the way.. r.i.p to my dreamcast and i hope the xbox dies a slow and horrible death

    #2 | Comment by veronica — September 26, 2001 @ 8:53 pm

  3. ico looks very very cool. but also very very short. still not really worth of $300 dollars regardless. i’ll buy one anyway because i want to play FFX.

    #3 | Comment by will — September 27, 2001 @ 2:01 am

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