To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: fubar….
From: “Ted Leclair” tgleclair@qwest.net
Date: Mon, Apr 15 2002 5:15:54 PM -0700

I just wanted to drop you a line telling you that I laughed my ass off reading some of your shit. You’re a funny kid, you have the same sense of humor me and my buddies did back in school. I also understand your desire to spend a lot of time looking up famous women on the net. I’ve been to Kalamazoo (U of M Grad), the women there are not much to speak of. Good work you’re pretty funny.

Where in the hell did you find those Amy Jo Johnson nude vid caps?


I am a funny kid.

It’s finals week next week. And i also gotta be moving out into a new dorm room soon for the Spring and Summer semesters. So bleh. I’m probably gonna have my hands tied doing stuff for the next two weeks. Studying and prepping for the move and shit.

Hands tied… doing stuff…

That’s an oxymoron if i ever heard one.

But anyway, how about some Beach Blanket Britney!

And as i promised, a little update on the Libby Hoeler story. Well, like i said before… it’s not really much at all. Y’see, a reader of mine… well, he… um… he… blah. I’ll let him do the talking:

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: Libby Hoeller/Heller… whatever.
From: “Liquid” liquid@***.net
Date: Sun, Apr 14 2002 2:04:57 AM -0700

Justin —

So I’m reading your rants, and I happen to be unusually entertained by them. Ok. Not unusually. More like its the fucking status quo. Never mind that tho.

When I read your little “synopsis” on Mrs. Hoeller/Heller/Whatever, I recalled that one of the posts mentioned that her name/address was put at the beginning of the now quite infamous strip-cams. I also remember thinking that it sounded more like web-lore than anything else. No one would possible know this sort of crap one way or another in the vast sludge known as the internet. However, I recently deleted my libby-‘stash’ by accident, and started looking for suitable replacements, when it seems that I actually ran across a version that still had the name in the opening I enclosed a .jpg just for kicks. Not sure if you care, but what the hell. I thought it was sort of surprising, and anything I can do to further your research into the hoeller-case.

Like I said, I thought that part of the story would HAVE to be bullshit.

I guess not.


Libby’s address.

I guess it wouldn’t hurt to post it up here. Since i’m sure she’s not living there anymore.

Okay. Now i’m slightly confused. Is it Hoeller? Or Heller? Because according to one UWM student, her last name is Heller. And according to another, she lived in Sellery Hall. But in the screenshot, it says Hoeler. Not Heller. The Sellery thing checks out though. That seems to be true. But as for her name, which is it? Hoeler or Heller?

Does anybody know? Does anybody even care??

If you missed my little ‘synopsis’ thing on the whole Libby deal, click here. I’ve also updated it with this new bit of info. That being the address thing.

So there you go. You have been updated.

5 thoughts on “E-mails/Libby

  1. One important point.
    Libby is wearing a wedding band – clearly visible in Vid 4…

    I find it doubtfull any of this is remotely true, other than she was in Uni Halls when she shot it of course.

    #1 | Comment by Nice Guy Eddie — April 16, 2002 @ 10:32 am

  2. Hey U of M guy, id like you to ponder on this for a second, hot women are generaly… yes not smart..therefor.. they go to lesser colleges. An example of one of these being WMU. I ask you this did you ever go into our library… ya they are all there.. playboy, rates western as like one of the top 10 hot chick schools. I rest my case… BOOYA!!!!!

    #2 | Comment by blizzard — April 16, 2002 @ 11:43 am

  3. Does anyone even care about all this anymore?

    #3 | Comment by scloop — April 16, 2002 @ 1:07 pm

  4. Fuck me… There are hot chicks in the library?? So that’s where they all at. Dude, i gotta go there sometime. I walk by the damn thing on the way to class at Brown Hall everyday. Maybe i should go in one day. See the sights. And borrow a book or something. Haha.

    #4 | Comment by Justin — April 16, 2002 @ 1:52 pm

  5. Hey Jabs…Are you serious? You have so little to look forward to that you try to impress people you don’t even know on the Internet? Hahah! U of M grad my white ass. Talking about how you know all about looking up nude women on the Internet. I bet you do! That’s funny shit. Hanging out with you is probably a "blast": (click, click…jerk off…click some more). Now I need to go look at more websites and see if I can find your sticky, white fingerprints anywhere else. Anyway, good stuff. You made me laugh. Talk to you later.

    #5 | Comment by The Truck Repo Guy — June 9, 2002 @ 5:52 am

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