Hello kiddies!!!

Yay! May 1st!

I’ve been waiting for this day since FOREVER. Today’s the day that Resident Evil comes out for the Gamecube! And i’m gonna go out and get myself a copy. OOH YESH. Actually… it came out yesterday but since i live in the ass end of Michigan, it usually takes a day longer for games to arrive in stores. But it’s no biggie! Soon, tonight.. i will be reliving the glory that is playing Resident Evil all over again!

Notes to self:

Must play in the dark. All alone. And get the shit scared out of me when those goddamned hell hounds jump out of nowhere again.

I wonder where Capcom will put em. Because i know they’ve changed all the positions of the ‘boo scares’ in the game.

Shinji Mikami is an evil man.

In other news, after 4 days of not posting, i have finally come back… to posting. Only after being tormented by numerous IMs and e-mails asking me to get off my ass and do so. Actually no, the truth is, the reason why i haven’t been posting is not because i’ve been lazy, it’s because i’ve been pretty damn busy these past coupla days moving my stuff around into my new room at a new dorm. Had to move out of the old one because it was gonna be closed to the Spring/Summer.

FYI (for those of you who care), i’ll be taking Spring and Summer classes this year… and Fall… and Winter classes… and the same thing the next year too. In fact i’ll be on campus ALL YEAR ROUND EVERY YEAR TILL LIKE 2003/2004 or something like that. Sucks to be me.

Anyhow. Yes. My arms. They feel like they’re about to fall off. Well not so much anymore now but yeah, yesterday, they felt like they were gonna fall off. I mean, you try lifting heavy bags and boxes and WALKING from one dorm to another dorm up 3 flights of stairs 7 times back and forth each time. See if YOUR arms don’t start aching by then. It’s really times like these that i wish i had a car here. But enough about all this boring stuff that you couldn’t care less about.

Let’s move on to other MORE boring stuff that you couldn’t care less about.

I bought a 14 inch flat screen TV yesterday. And i had to lug it by hand across town from Portage to Kalamazoo back to my place on the THIRD FLOOR on campus in my dorm… BY BUS.

Yes. It’s definitely times like these when i wish that i had a car here.

And i couldn’t ask any of my friends for a ride because they’re all gone for the Summer. I mean, what person in their right mind would wanna stay on and take Spring/Summer classes anyway? And my dad’s complaining about why it is that i’m on the way of going over my $17000 per (school) year budget. It’s because most people just go to school in the Fall and Winter. And that constitutes a full school year over here. Right? That’s true right?

Because i wouldn’t really know. I’m not American y’see. And i was raised on the British Education system.

Anyway, where was i? Oh yes. The TV. Well, i had to buy one because i don’t have a roommate to mooch off of anymore for my ‘televisual’ needs. So without a TV, my N64, GC and PS2 would be USELESS. And not to mention my DVD’s too. I would’ve had to watch em on my PowerBook G4 with it’s dinky little speaker where you can barely even hear anything out of. And that’s no way to watch DVD’s.

So yes. I have a new TV. Flat screen too. I’ve never had a flat screen TV before. Nifty!

Oh and i’ve updated my DVD list if you so care to check that out.



    So Spider-man is already out in theaters back in Brunei. Or so that’s what people say anyway. How is that possible? Well, when you’re as rich as the Sultan of Brunei is, and when you have Prince’s that have all the ‘power’ in the world, i guess you can get pretty much anything you want whenever you want.

    I remember the time when The World Is Not Enough came out in Brunei like a full week before it even premiered in that States. Who did we have to thank for that? One of the Prince’s i guess. Appraently he likes movies and he can get whatever he want.

    I wish i could get whatever i want.

    I want.

    Anyway, what else do i have to talk about?

    Ah yes.

    To: psykotik@gmail.com
    Subject: just a link
    From: “michael walker” deadlyoddjob@hotmail.com
    Date: Sat, Apr 27 2002 12:52:01 AM +1000

    hey, nice site!
    (just thought i’d send my congrats – this is one of the better sites i’ve ever come across)

    i found your site while also reading a forum on skiing/boarding back-country and as its late here (australia), for some reason i thought i’d send u a link that deals with an issue faced by people who go snow-camping.

    ever wanted to find out about “poo-tubes”?

    (prob not im guessing)

    thought i’d send it anyway,

    keep up the good work


    It’s not everyday that people send you links to what ‘poo-tubes’ are.



    I have run out of things to say.

  • 2 thoughts on “Hello kiddies!!!

    1. spider-man is out in malaysia as well. so hah!

      #1 | Comment by dinkyhead — May 1, 2002 @ 11:45 am

    2. good post, Im back for a while so its good to see the site again. been abducted for 6 months. 🙂

      #2 | Comment by rory — May 1, 2002 @ 2:06 pm

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