Delta Zeta Sorority Chick

1 05 2002

I was just checking out my referrals (like i always do every five minutes or so because i am that big of a hit whore) and i came across this forum where these guys are discussing the Libby Hoeler videos.

And people say that Libby Hoeler is old news…

Well.. she is actually… but still, people just can’t seem to stop talking about her. Not that i’m complaining. She brings in quite a lot of hits for me. <3 Libby!

Anyhow, one of them posted up this little gem:

“that happened to a girl at school. then she got kicked out of her sorority, her coach showed her parents, she lost her scholorship, then dropped out. the movie is called dz slut.”

Hmm… that sounds really familiar… and… OH! Whaddaya know? He’s actually talking about (i think) that Delta Zeta girl who fingered herself in her dorm room HERE on campus at WMU. As you may recall, i once had a little chat about her with this guy that i know (the one who gave me those videos… they were all over campus apparently… EVERYBODY had them… sucks for her) but i never really knew what actually happened to her.

Well i guess now i do.

  • Delta Zeta ‘Slut’ anyone?

    In other news, i’ve been getting well over 8500+/- hits in the past two days.

    Did Howard Stern mention my site on his show again or something?

    (Yeah right. I WISH)

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    26 responses to “Delta Zeta Sorority Chick”

      1 05 2002
    • 1.  videosnoop (16:52:13) :

      Just found your page today – and NOT through the usual Libby Hoeler search. Have you ever watched the ‘mastercard revenge’ video…it seems to have similar origins as the Libby vids. If you haven’t – check kazaa under ‘mastercard revenge’. I would be interested if the collective who visit your site could share any information about this video.

    • 2 05 2002
    • 2.  Mr X (04:50:13) :

      MR X STRIKES AGIAN!!!!!!

    • 2 05 2002
    • 3.  Leea (12:31:01) :

      Babe, you rock my world.

    • 2 05 2002
    • 4.  Mr X (15:22:12) :

      Oh just in case anybody was wonderin incudin you J dawg.. wat coach they where talkin bout… the DZ girl from western ice skates…. I went the the roster, i hope thats how its spell not the chicken but the page of people on a team…but anyways….i went there, and there are 2 tifanys, so i looked in a greek guid a guide of all the greeks.. I looked in the DZ section, neither of the last names showed up, so i then looked for just tiffinys… to my great surprize none… but then i relized, hey she was livin in the dorm not the DZ house, that might make her a new pledge, and if she was a new pledge she wouldn’t be in the greek guide… SOOOO one of the tifs where a freshman one was a sophmore…. so that didnt help one bit becuase people rush both freshmen and sophmore year… I am going to try and dig deaper and find out which one of the two it is.. when i find out you all will be the first to know…

    • 2 05 2002
    • 5.  MR. X (15:48:07) :

      GOT IT!!!! man that was fast!!!!

      MENZIONE, TIFFANY L Student, TEX (616) 387-6176

      ok this may or may not be her….. if it isnt her oh well… MR X has no remorse…. Resoning i think it is her and not the other tiffany… I put both in to the western people search the other tif came up with no phone number…. meaning yes she lives off campus this tif came up with an on campus phone number… so kiddys there you go… the tif weve all been lookin for… just incase you wanna try it the number probly wont work cause she is gone for the summer and dont waste you time next year because if she comes back shes probly not livin there…… Mr. x Strikes yet agian…. OH YEAH!!!!!!!

    • 3 05 2002
    • 6.  Lisa From Gear Factory (03:59:20) :

      Justin! You’re back! And so is your porn! ::loves you::

      Too bad for chicks who get down on cam, and then get fucked in the ass by horny guys who circulate the vids on campus. Too bad, indeed.

      At any rate, I’m glad you’re back. xoxoxox

    • 4 05 2002
    • 7.  zhi279 (15:26:18) :

      who is Howard Stern?

    • 5 05 2002
    • 8.  jojo (02:16:48) :

      Ugh, that DZ chick has the nastiest meat curtains I’ve ever seen. Them things been USED. Gross.

    • 6 05 2002
    • 9.  Mr X (13:44:08) :

      WEll jo jo they don’t call them easy DZs fer nothin

    • 20 05 2002
    • 10.  FFDennis (22:01:12) :

      No way dude! That chicks pussy is perfect! It reminds me of Christy Canyon…I’d like to nibble and chew on those labia for hours! I hate it when a chick has just a little line-like pussy…a bit too pedophiliac for my tastes..

    • 6 06 2002
    • 11.  grasshopper (13:11:33) :

      this site rocks. i’m off to hunt for "mastercard revenge". thanks for the tip.

    • 13 08 2002
    • 12.  manhattom (13:02:13) :

      the mastercard revenge thing is also true.
      my friend lived in the same hall as that girl
      at GW. it’s a REALLY good video.

    • 22 08 2002
    • 13.  wmufball (12:43:39) :

      i knew the girl, and she was a nice girl who just liked to get around. I don’t have a problem with girls who like to get down on camera, it’s bullshit that she got booted off campus for it. Even though i wouldn’t have hit it, i know plenty of guys who already had hit it before the season started. She aint a slut, if u ever seen sex and the city, you would agree with me too.

    • 24 08 2002
    • 14.  gameking28 (03:46:07) :

      Has anybody noticed that the link to the DZ girl videos on this page no longer works?

    • 24 08 2002
    • 15.  Tom (12:30:22) :

      avril is so fuckin hot i just want to eat her pussy and fuck her so hard i want her so bad

    • 5 09 2002
    • 16.  got the scoop (15:26:21) :
    • 5 09 2002
    • 17.  got the scoop (15:27:34) :
    • 25 09 2002
    • 18.  me (01:39:21) :

      links dont work

    • 24 10 2002
    • 19.  jynx (06:01:50) :

      i just had to compliment whoever the hell is running this site.. justin is it?? dude i’m at uw stout and i have a hunch that sort of thing is happening all over this crazy town, but i haven’t heard of any videos.. have you?? the only thing lately that made the news was the mailbox bomber that lived down the street.. i liked that guy too.. kinda cobainish.. but no porn :) oh well. groovey site.

    • 10 12 2003
    • 20.  hunterhunter (12:25:07) :

      anyone got a new link to the dzslut vids?

    • 23 03 2004
    • 21.  sik-end13579 (22:51:37) :

      hi. i’m just an average web surfer with nothing better to do than talk about other people’s business that has no real bearing on anything important. my hobbies include: comparing myself to everyone around me, making fun of people whenever they display any weakness or flaw, talking about people behind their backs, watching tv, and drinking beer, without which my life would be meaningless. please gossip with me or end my pathetic life.

    • 26 04 2004
    • 22.  BeatdownSikEnd (12:26:02) :

      SIK-END IS MY BIATCH! What a crybaby asshole.

    • 14 11 2007
    • 23.  Jerry Don (18:56:10) :

      here she is…..her myspace page…….MENZIONE, TIFFANY L

    • 5 08 2008
    • 24.  In The Know (13:56:15) :

      I know the whole story on the “DZSLUT” if you want to know… respond

    • 4 04 2009
    • 25.  Millard Fillm0re (18:22:28) :

      yeah yeah, threads old blah blah, im just wondering if the site has any links to the DZ slut videos for download, im compiling all these girls into one video for my own fapptastic pleasure.

    • 3 07 2009
    • 26.  G8rcreep (12:24:31) :


      Now its been several years since this girls became famous. And they have had to deal with their fame. The DZ on myspace looks like it wasn’t a big deal. But Hoeller/Hoeler and Caylynn have been dark. Seems they might serve as a good example as how one deals with this type of attention and what impact its had on tier lives.

      Just curious.

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