13 08 2009

Libby Hoeller died?

I will make this short and sweet. I have been a big fan of “libby” for many years. Lord knows that when I saw her first vid living in Oklahoma I never had any idea tha I would have anything to do with her. But as fate would have it My wife graduated from med school and we moved to Wisconsin for her Residency in E.R. Medicine and I took a job at the Sheriff’s office as a Reserve Deputy, just to kill time. I have tried to forget about Libby and have been fairly successful for almost 7 months but something brought me back and in short…due to that i found this page. (I said this would be short and it has already been to long) so here goes 8 months ago Elizabeth Forcey and her husband were both involved in a auto ped accident both Libby, her husband and the pedestrian Albert Moon all three were killed I’m not going to go into specifics… don’t believe if you don’t want too whatever I don’t care… I just thought I would share and try to lay this to rest… and yes I did work the accident. I can’t tell even begin to tell you how how ironic I thought it was that I was there. enough said…


It’s a known fact that Libby’s middle name is Margaret and googling Elizabeth Forcey does bring up a Elizabeth M. Forcey along with some Residential Property Information with an address that’s not too far off from the address mentioned in this old post.

Sad if this is all true.


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    13 08 2009
  • 1.  Mr. Bojangles (11:43:35) :

    Well, I’ll be the first to say that sucks. Sad to hear that.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 2.  Joe (12:13:37) :

    I think given the details, I find it hard to believe there are no press accounts of the accident.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 3.  tool (13:15:16) :

    I don’t trust anyone who mangles English that much.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 4.  hmm... (13:47:59) :

    the associated press almost always runs items about fatal traffic accidents. local newspapers almost always run obits. can’t find any from the wisconsin bureau. not saying it’s not true, just there’s no evidence to bac up what he says. maybe someone can find the obit.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 5.  AngelBaby (13:57:29) :

    #4 – searching the obits for 7 major newspapers in wisconsin returns no hits for Michael or Elizabeth Forcey.

    also can’t find an obit for Albert Moon.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 6.  Stinky (14:41:11) :

    I think we need a few more confirming accounts before this can be legit.

    She’s still one of my favorite webcam hotties. Let’s hope she’s still alive, kicking, and making some man very very happy.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 7.  Nobody (15:52:41) :

    I call shenanigans.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 8.  Sherlock (16:00:50) :

    I call the BS flag here…I spent the last 20 mins searching this…Any possible way I can think of…No Obits…No Funeral announcments…Nothing on Albert Moon as well.

    If it can not be referenced then I call the BS flag.

    I think this is a poor attempt to get Libby to cum out of the wood work and yell “HERE I AM, I LOVE THE FAME, I’M NOT DEAD!”

  • 13 08 2009
  • 9.  cobalt (16:07:45) :

    Surely you know better than to respond to random death hoaxes, Justin?

  • 13 08 2009
  • 10.  MacDaddy (16:12:22) :

    Who is this and does anyone really care???

  • 13 08 2009
  • 11.  dex (16:37:12) :

    Pics, or it didn’t happen.

  • 13 08 2009
    13 08 2009
  • 13.  Ghettonun (17:15:15) :

    Her last name was Hoeller not Forcey…did she take her husbands name? I must be missing something here.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 14.  Nobody (17:35:25) :

    #10 – If you don’t know who Libby Hoeller is, kindly remove yourself from the internet.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 15.  Lita (19:20:49) :

    never heard of this person and I’ve been around since before the internet

  • 13 08 2009
  • 16.  AKA Postal (20:19:46) :

    I’ve been around this site along time…before bad in a good way. I can’t believe that thee are people that have internet access that don’t know the story.

    Anyway, a little research and I call BS on this. I can find obituaries for her Grandparents, Documents relating to her mothers employment, and social website info on Libby herself. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 17.  dave (20:32:21) :

    This story is told exactly like someone who wants attention would tell it. He makes it more about himself than the event. How “ironic.” Oh, and he doesn’t care if we believe him or not. Odd, since he went to so much trouble to make it sound plausible. Without even one other source to confirm it, I wouldn’t put any stock in this at all.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 18.  Uberbaldy (20:33:09) :

    Search Elizabeth Forcey at and the premium public records lists an Elizabeth Forcey who also comes up as Elizabeth M. Forcey and Elizabeth Hoeller in WI. HOWEVER, the site lists a relative of Libby Forcey. Maybe Elizabeth is a sister? Sorry I can’t recall if Libby had sisters or not. It also lists Elizabeth Forcey as being 26. I’m not 100% but shouldn’t Libby be older then that by now? So maybe this is a younger sister. Nothing else comes up that seems relevant besides the Residential Property listing. The date of sale on that listing is last October so if this is true then maybe a more recent listing of someone else having bought that house can be found.

    Here’s the link to the public records page:

  • 13 08 2009
  • 19.  Justin (20:36:34) :

    #9, this isn’t the first time haha. the last time somebody claimed she committed suicide.

    anyhow, i’m more suprised by the fact that’s she’s now married. searched for a michael forcey on facebook and there’s definitely one living in WI. he’s the one holding a fish. no libby in the pic though.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 20.  Uberbaldy (20:48:22) :

    OK. I’ll correct myself before someone gets pissy. It was April of ’08 not October of ’08 that the house was sold. Also, I looked over some of the posts about Libby and saw a supposed D.O.B. of 1982. Therefore Libby would be 26 now. I thought she was older at this point. My mistake.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 21.  AKA Postal (20:58:18) :

    The Videos were made circa 2000.

    She was married prior to Dec. 2002

    #18 Libby is short for Elizabeth

    Do a search for Libby Forcey.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 22.  Tony (21:06:11) :

    I’d be more surprised if this weren’t the first time.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 23.  Hustile (21:08:41) :

    The only thing that would make this hoax better is a Rick Astley video.

  • 13 08 2009
  • 24.  MacDaddym (21:30:18) :

    ohhh this is the psycho girl.

    Pfffft, Still don’t give a shit!

  • 13 08 2009
  • 25.  Pirho (21:34:45) :

    who the fuck is she?

  • 13 08 2009
  • 26.  Captain Fap (22:01:36) :

    #24: no, psycho girl is psycho girl, this is Libby Hoeller

  • 13 08 2009
  • 27.  AngelBaby (22:10:49) :

    my belief is that Libby Hoeller is not dead.

    but Les Paul is.

    R.I.P. :(

  • 13 08 2009
  • 28.  Jon (23:27:17) :

    some one fill me in who is this girl? and no offence to her, but y is she so important? R.I.P. if she really is…

  • 14 08 2009
  • 29.  filthyfish (00:08:27) :

    I fapped before I found out it was fake.

    come-the-fuck-on people, #29, and the first to fap. pffffffft

  • 14 08 2009
  • 30.  Nobody (01:13:45) :

    #28 – She’s the quintessential camwhore, that’s why she’s important.

  • 14 08 2009
  • 31.  JohnnyJohnson (02:49:08) :

    Fuck, I hope this isn’t true. (I don’t think it is). I used to whack it to her all the time back in college!

  • 14 08 2009
  • 32.  EmJee (02:57:30) :

    To everyone asking who she is: you’re posting here, hoping that someone will tell you, and yet right at the top of the post there’s a link that goes to all the archived posts about her. Are you really that retarded? Seriously, WTF?

  • 14 08 2009
  • 33.  Carson (03:12:06) :

    @ # 29….

    Sorry was too busy fappin’ to comment until now !

  • 14 08 2009
  • 34.  Phynix (05:53:24) :

    Amazed by the number of people who haven’t heard of libby before even more surprised by the fact that they can’t even be assed to read the archived post inorder to understand! If she’s dead well it’s sad but not a lot we can do about but I don’t believe it and until factual proof is provided will continue to call it BS!

  • 14 08 2009
  • 35.  filthyfish (07:31:07) :


    there we go! thats more like it.

  • 14 08 2009
  • 36.  genius (08:16:55) :

    Wow.this thread is packed full of children and retards. Ghettonun takes the cake with the genius question in comment 13. She took her husband’s last name? What a strange and confusing concept.

  • 14 08 2009
  • 37.  hotrodbob (12:37:59) :

    I believe, regardless of the accuracy of this news, that this calls for a Libby Film Festival in her honor! Showing is tonight at 8 PM! :)

    In my opinion, she is one of the pioneer’s of webcam stripping!

  • 14 08 2009
  • 38.  LibidoMan (17:35:52) :

    Hmm could this be here on linked in ?? Someone working retail should reach out to her :P

  • 14 08 2009
  • 39.  Evana (21:50:29) :

    Found this:

    A Libby Forcey from WS

  • 14 08 2009
  • 40.  EndlessMike (22:53:25) :

    I called BS even before I read any of the Sherlock Holmes’ comments. Too too contrived.

  • 14 08 2009
  • 41.  Zach Swan (23:52:13) :

    To all the people claiming to not know who Libby is, PLEASE be sure you wear your helmets at all times. And stop licking the windows.

  • 15 08 2009
  • 42.  Geekbot (14:00:36) :

    I think it’s unfair to criticize these youngsters that are asking about Libby. They probably would not understand even if they had read the back logs. Unless you are 25+, you probably don’t understand this story. Why is this girl important?

    So who is Libby? She’s one of the great forefathers of internet nudity. Every Vanessa Hudgens picture leak stands in her shadow and perhaps owes its existence to Libby Hoeler.

    This is near 10 years ago. We are talking a year after the first real successful file sharing program came out. Before that people had to use newsgroups and IRC and maybe your friends told you about a good FTP site. And this was not user friendly enough for most of the new computer buyers out there who were just hopping on the net for a little porn over WWW.

    Showing yourself on the net wasn’t brand new. Jennicam was up in ’96. You could certainly find a girl here and there on Yahoo to turn on her cam for you. And some girls were certainly getting naked online, even on their own webpages.

    But you certainly didn’t expect 9 out of 10 girls to have naked pictures of themselves out there before they hit college. When we found this video of a real girl on the internet, one that was showing off for her boyfriend, it was intensely person and voyeuristic. It was clear it wasn’t for hordes of internet fanboys and it was at a time where you certainly wouldn’t expect it to travel around the world.

    So we all did what any true geek would do, scour the web for details about who she really was and embark on an unprecedented Mass-Internet-Stalking-Expedition. There were bits and pieces on lots of sites, but Justin’s was clearly the tops for discussion and finding information. Lots of girls have brought attention to Justin’s site, but I’d guess the Libby Hoeler is probably the queen.

  • 15 08 2009
  • 43.  AKA Postal (14:27:16) :

    #42 Great Post. This was also a time when Justin had given posting privileges to 3 or 4 of these “cam whores’ although most of them actually weren’t. Meg, Queen something, and some lady from England that used to put up some great posts.

    I would highly recommend reading through some of the archives on this website. This is one of the most long-lived entertaining websites out there. Justin was blogging way before blogging was cool, and the comments left by the fan base here have been good for a laugh.

    Some of the AIM chat posted when people thought that he was Avril Lavigne had me in tears.

    Justin should put a history of this site up. Going through all of it’s incarnations and front pages. I believe this is the 3rd different url. It has been down for at the most 2 months I believe. I think I stumbled upon it in late 2000, and it has been in my bookmarks since.

  • 15 08 2009
  • 44.  Geekbot (15:45:10) :

    You forgot about I believe Justin had .net for just close friends for a bit before switching .com over to the .net.

    Or maybe it was .org? You are right. Justin really needs to compile a history or a timeline.

  • 15 08 2009
  • 45.  Lock (21:30:11) :

    This shit’s been going on so long I can’t even remember if badinagoodway or thatsjustnotright was first.. I’ve never thought of this site as a blog, but I guess it kinda was, before the term even existed.

    +1 for fubar history idea

  • 15 08 2009
  • 46.  Geekbot (22:12:37) :

    badinagoodway was first. I wasn’t around for that. I found the site when it was TJNR.

  • 16 08 2009
  • 47.  birdboy (01:35:20) :

    I think there was another site even before badinagoodway. I know I’ve been reading BIAGW/TJNR/DLT/whatever for at least the past eight years in whatever form its been in, and I would assume that it was older than that.

  • 16 08 2009
  • 48.  birdboy (01:35:55) :

    Oh yeah, I think it was called “FUBAR”…

  • 16 08 2009
  • 49.  cobalt (14:28:55) :

    OMG masturbatory heaven!

  • 16 08 2009
  • 50.  Barry Gibb (21:04:36) :

    HOELLER, ELIZABETH M (414) 962-9657

    Just call her and find out.

  • 17 08 2009
  • 51.  een (01:37:22) :

    I loved her.

  • 18 08 2009
  • 52.  birdboy (01:21:47) :

    She no longer lives at that number. Tried it.

    Or she was lying to me.

  • 2 09 2009
  • 53.  Anony Mouse (06:21:01) :

    Psycho Girl’s video was better, but Libby’s had the best soundtrack(as well as sheer number).

  • 30 01 2010
  • 54.  spydey (13:56:47) :

    The driver and passenger in the car were killed as well as the pedestrian? LOL. I cannot see that happening.

  • 4 02 2010
  • 55.  ILOVEYOULIBBY (18:13:33) :

    I went to the Social Security Master Death Index. Thats the gubment’s official online registry of everybody who dies. I searched for Moon, and all of the Forceys who ever died (all 130 of them). Few if any from 2008-2009, none from Wisconsin. If you’re not in the SSDI, you’re not dead. End of story.

    PS Libby Forcey has a Facebook. Write and tell her you love her.

  • 10 03 2010
  • 56.  divynls (05:22:14) :

    thats not her facebook ;) close but no cigar

  • 16 02 2012
  • 57.  SWG (00:16:00) :
  • 26 02 2013
  • 58.  dwh1539 (10:37:21) :

    That is not her either. But it is out there if you look. She is alive and well and still looks smokin’!

  • 29 03 2013
  • 59.  luvlib (02:07:11) :

    as of feb 6, 2012, she is still posting new pics.
    as of april19, 2012, she is still sending comments. she is alive and well, married, on facebook, and still good looking.
    “Elizabeth Forcey says: Haha yes I needed someone cute next to me to make me look better! I’m coming on the 28th! Are you around?
    April 19, 2012 at 9:09pm via mobile”

  • 19 08 2014
  • 60.  Chopsuey (13:11:48) :

    She didn’t die in 2009, but she did get divorced in 2011, this is from the Milwaukee Co Clerk of The Court website.

    In RE the marriage of Elizabeth Margaret Forcey and Michael Charles
    Milwaukee County Case Number 2011FA003137
    Filing Date Case Type Case Status
    06-14-2011 Family Closed
    Class Code Description Responsible Official
    Divorce Rosa-35, Frederick C
    Branch Id
    Party Type Party Name Party Status
    Joint Petitioner Forcey, Elizabeth Margaret
    Joint Petitioner Forcey, Michael Charles

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