Britney Spears! Bitch!

How? Let me count the ways!

  • Britney’s not only got more money than Bill Gates, she’s also a cheap bitch (in more ways than one)! On at least 3 separate occasions, she’s left a restaurant without tipping the waiter a single penny. One time the waitress actually ran across the street and ordered what Britney wanted cause her place didn’t have it, and Britney skipped the check AND stiffed the waitress!
  • Britney’s thinking of dropping her last name. Apparently she thinks since everyone calls her Britney anyway, she’s now as great as Madonna, Dido, and Cher. Except Madonna and Cher did it because their last names were too freaky to be pronounced by the public, and Dido did it as a pseudonym. Britney’s only called by her first name in casual conversation, formal events still refer to her as Britney SPEARS. She’s just being arrogant at this point.
  • Britney’s satanic psychotic egotistical little sister is breaking into show-biz, first with a Clorox commercial and now with her own show on Nickelodeon. Does anyone remember the Amanda Bynes show? Anyone remember how GOD-AWFUL it was, and that it got cancelled? I can’t believe Invader Zim is getting the can and Britney’s sister gets her own show. By the way, I made my own guess as to how the commercial will go (she got the gig with her 2 little lackey friends of course, hooray for nepotism!): “Hi, I’m Jamie-Lynn Spears. You may recognize me as the little sister of the insanely famous Britney Spears. When my sister wanted to go from sweet, innocent brunette to skanky blonde whore, she used (holds up bottle) CLOROX BLEACH. Nothing strips away the sweet, innocent look of your natural hair color like CLOROX BLEACH. In fact, my friends and I are gonna bleach OUR hair! (friends hop on screen, all giggle, Jamie-Lynn dumps bottle of Clorox on her head) Being a slut is fun!”
  • During one concert, when Britney finished “singing” and her fans cheered rabidly for her, she started cracking up laughing. The beginning of her hysterics were caught on mike before it was shut off. Then she blew them a kiss, they were whipped into a frenzy again, and she cracked up laughing AGAIN. What a nice girl, eh?
  • The ultimate hypocrite cusses like a sailor backstage at a concert. HA! Britney explained this by saying that she was upset about her audience having to stare at an empty stage all that time. Now how does that justify all the swearing?

    Okay okay so maybe i didn’t really pick the best reasons of why she’s really a bitch. I maybe have even gone off track to include that little bit about her sister but still! If she’s not a bitch, then she’s definitely really stupid!


    Random quotes!

  • “Sometimes I forget I’m a celebrity.” That’s pretty dumb right there.
  • “Don’t forget your underwear and bra for your date” What kind of slut are you that you have to be reminded of that sort of thing?
  • “Jamie [Foxx] is a funny creature.” He’s not a creature, he’s a man, and he’s not funny either.
  • MTV asks Brit if she likes Eminem. “Yeah i think they are cool!”
  • “I’m a Christian. My mom always taught me to treat your body the way it is.” So you treat yours like a whore.
  • “The cool thing about being famous is traveling. I have always wanted to travel across seas, like to Canada and stuff.” AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
  • “I went home for a concert, and all my family and friends were there and I just felt really at home cos I was really at home! *giggles*” Oh my God, I think I feel my brain sliding out my ear.
  • “I think it’s cool. You know, it’s just flattering when someone will, you know, write about you in their song.” Eminem wasn’t flattering you, he was insulting you. He called you garbage, retarded, and said you couldn’t sing. Maybe you ARE retarded.
  • More here!

    BUT WAIT! There’s EVEN more!

    What you’re about to read is a 5000 word rant of why Britney is SATAN.

    Okay maybe not exactly but it’s close enough. It was written by the webmaster of A diehard fan of hers. It was supposed to be like a goodbye message for when he was gonna quit his site back in March (but the site’s back up and running now). The rant’s pretty semi-famous and it has been in the news. It’s SUPER long but it’s worth reading. If you have absolutely nothing else better to do.

    Otherwise, just go here. And read the quotes and facts. It’s funnier, shorter and more straight to the point.

    If not, just click on more if you want more!

    I think all people on this planet are born with something inside of them that they don’t realize they possess until they’re much older. Some people don’t realize what they have until they lose it while some people don’t even realize that they carry something within themselves all their lifes but never use it. Even though you might not understand what I am trying to say, to me it makes sense. Around September 1999 when my life was a complete mess, we had just moved back to Sweden a year ago after living abroad for 4 years due to my dad’s work. Well, there was a girl that arose that I saw in my own eyes that she had the power to change the instance, the moment, a girl that had the power to take you out of your current world and just take you someplace where you would know that as long as the music was on, you would be safe, you would be okay.

    During my whole time as a Britney fan, knowing other Britney fans, I’ve learnt one thing, and that is that everyone that is a die hard Britney fan got help from Britney in order to escape a certain issue they once had in their life, this was done through her music, sweet personality, style, innocence and the responsability of being a role model for so many young girls out there, who up until the day they found Britney, they felt in a way lost, they took confort in knowing that a girl from Louisiana one day had a dream, and went out to accomplish it, they saw the fire in her, they saw what she had accomplished, Britney Spears, the reason why she’s so huge is probably not so much because of her music, but because she’s unique in a way no other music artist has ever shown herself to be, it comes as a package. Britney is….a mirror image of an all hard working american family with a kid who one day was set to have her face in every single Pepsi bottle around the planet. Sometimes we forget, we don’t realize, that we’re all the same…we let ourselves get dragged into a world that only exists in our minds, a world that gets portrayed so fake to millions of people, a world that is brainwashed into our minds, making us believe things that aren’t really there.

    Baby One More Time, the album, hehe, I used to have it on my Minidisc, I would listen to it every morning on the bus before arriving to school, I would get to class and my friends would know what I would be listening to, being a Britney fan comes with a lot of rejection from certain groups of people, but being a strong person since the start, I would only bring these types of people back down to earth in case they even dared to question why the hell I was listening to Britney Spears. I’ve always been a person that will give out my all, and yeah, I do mean my all for something, and expect very little in return, if anything at all. But if someone out there gives their something to me, I will give it back to them 10 fold, no matter if it’s good, or if it’s bad.

    After getting to know what we today would call the old Britney, after watching endless interviews, performances and tv-shows where she still was the old Britney, and you all know what I mean, I knew I was completely hooked on this girl, I was never in love with her, and no, I never fantasized about having Britney Spears as my girlfriend, I never said to anyone that the reason for me liking her was because she was hot, had a hot body and could shake that booty like nobody else ;). I ignored that pretty much, because what I was seeing in this girl, was something beyond that, it was the glimpse in her eye, the constant strive and dedication to one day make a name for herself, become a legend, become an icon. The hard work, the sacrifices, the things that many people aren’t even aware of, that an artist has to go through to one day be able to attend the Grammys, sit in the front row, and wear an amazing dress that a fashion designer begged you to wear to the event, hey, you would even get to keep it. It’s a long road….it’s a road that some people take for granted, and it’s a road that many people never get to see the end of it.

    On March 17th, 2000, I decided that I was going to go and see Britney Spears perform live in the United States. It’s what I most wanted, and hey, when I want something, as long as it’s humanly possible to do, I will do anything to accomplish it, I think that’s what living is all about, testing yourself to the boundaries, doing things you would never imagine you would one day do, and all by yourself. I sold my old computer, my minidisc where I used to have all my Britney music on, what else, the cell phone, and I worked 5 hours a day after school, to save money, yeah, to have enough….to go and feel closer to someone that I really looked up to, someone that had inspired me and taught me that nothing is impossible, if you want to achieve it and as long as the dream is there, you can achieve it. I was 17, I told my mother I had decided to pack my bags and fly across the ocean to see this girl Britney Spears perform live in Florida. At first my mom had her good laugh, but as I looked at her with all seriousness straight in her eyes, she told me “are you being serious?”, I said yes mom. 1 month later I was in a plane headed for New York City, which would later take me to Washington D.C and finally Tampa in Florida, where the big event was going to take place. I took my video camera throughout my whole trip, documenting my journey, filming people I met, being my own reporter, doing the crazy things and living the dreams that were one day inside of a 17 year old kid, who one day wanted to matter, wanted to make a change, and was slowly getting to know himself and what he wanted. March 31st, 2000 was here…and after having flown back and forth between Tampa and Los Angeles in what the Americans call the “Bus of the skies” or Southwest, and staying in an youth hostel in Hollywood to be able to go to the Oscars, and stand 30 feet from the stars across Jefferson street by the Shrine Auditorium and just see all the things that I wanted to see as a kid when I was only 7, watching the event from home, was just a huge deal for me…how had a 17 year old kid ended up there, I don’t know. The concert was great, I had a great time, she was so much more beautiful in person than what I had seen in pictures, you just can’t compare something in 2D with something in 3D, cause in 3D they come to life, the experience is just different.

    When I got back from my trip and summer was approaching, I decided to do something that summer, I decided from the start, and I mean, from the start, that I was going to begin the construction and development of what was one day going to be the biggest Britney Spears site in the world, it was going to be the Studio 54 for all Britney fans to visit and stay on for as long as they wanted. I aimed big right from the start, so there I was, with no experience whatsoever in building a major site, but hey, the dream was there….now it was time for action, for accomplishment and just, have a lot of patience. I worked during 2 months sleeping only 4-5 hours per day, I remember there was a period when my neck hurt so bad, I had to lay down and just rest…but the strive was there, the dream was on the line…to design and put something on the table that was to become the perfect vision of how a Britney Spears community should be like….not for Britney, but for other fans like myself, to become a family, to get together as a whole, and just enjoy and cherish everything about Britney Spears. Things went slow, the site was evolving, but I never gave up….I went through problems with the host at first, they went bankrupt, 5 weeks later (Jan 2001) the site was back up, and I was ready for what was to come. Working on the site everyday for the past 18 months had become a part of my life and on the way, I met various amount of people, some good ones, some bad ones, some people wanted to use me, some people wanted to help me, some people wanted to backstab me, some people wanted to hate me, some people wanted to get rid of the site, some people wanted to be part of it.

    One thing I have learnt about the Internet….is that what you think is real…really isn’t and include emotional things there too. The people you meet, the promises you get, the trust you put in certain individuals who at the start only mean well, is really not real at all, unless…you don’t take it seriously at all. The things people tell you, the things they make you believe, oh well. This site brought me joy, this site proved to me that I too, just like Britney, could reach the top all by myself, with my bare hands and the power of my mind to actually matter and inspire thousands and thousands of people. World of created thousands of Britney fans, it brought fans closer to Britney, it kept fans hooked, it became the only un-official Britney website to be recognized by the international media. But I realize that there comes a point in life when you don’t realize certain things, the things you had to leave behind for others, the things you sacrificed for a certain girl, that in the end, never showed any care or compassion, a girl that in the end, you were probably never get to meet, and that, was a reality that I knew was there, that is why I never made this site for “the support of Britney Spears” because Britney Spears has so much support already, I made this site for fans like you to come in and feel warm and happy inside, we were all sharing the same passion.

    (this is where is gets interesting)

    Things have changed… (please don’t continue reading unless you’re ready to hear what I gotta say) Britney Spears is not the same person she used to be, at least that is the way I see it, perhaps many of you agree, she’s just not the same girl that I once upon the time looked up to, the one that would be sweet, tender and would really care about her fans and show it openly. I do not agree with the way she has continued to deny certain things that she cannot deny anymore in regards to her relatioship with Justin, one thing I appreciate in people is their honesty, I am also tired of how the record label has manufactured her and positioned her as a product instead of as a human being and when they do, it comes out completely fake. I am tired of going to and reading how Lynne Spears tries to market her daughter even more by encouraging readers to buy more products, and she should be ashamed because she shows herself to be the perfect love caring mom, which I’m sure she is, but when did not get updated for almost 11 months last year (that showed how much the officials really cared about her fans on the Internet, they must have said “oh what the hell, why spend money on a team to revamp her site when there are so many loyal and honest fansites keeping the world wired anyways?”) and I tried to get a hold of the appropiate person and ask them if Lynne could start writing her corner on World of just to have a place to keep the fans updated with her warm heart and stories, I found out that the only reason why she agreed to have her corner on, was because they paid her to do it. I’ve known this forever, but I’ve never really cared to even mention it. I am tired of seeing how everything around Britney Spears is about money, tired of seeing how little girls feel the need to go out and dress exactly like her, when the image she is portraying of herself is not even real. Remember, things AREN’T always what they SEEM to be, don’t get lost in a world that does NOT exist ! It’s about a perfect girl in a perfect world, the fantasy, that is what some poor fans get dragged into, they get obsessed/fall in love and feel the need to do everything she does, buy more merchandise, buy more products, HEY! We just care about her personality and music! So after being a Britney fan for almost 3 years and knowing all the things I know (which I don’t think I want to mention) I can assure you all of this. Why has she gotten so rude with fans lately?, I get E-mails from honest fans that have met her and have told me how little she really cares about them as individuals, and sometimes fans are so naive and they don’t believe this. Always remember that there is a BIG difference between the Private and the Public Britney. I am tired of record labels and people in suits not giving a damn about fans that really do matter, fans that really have made a difference, instead of supporting them, they turn against you and treat you like your worthless, unless they see you as $ sign where they can take advantage of you to take more money into their pockets. I was asked by to run a Fan Section on their official website a couple of months ago, they also wanted me to do it for free, meaning I would have to bust my ass working and supporting their artist a.k.a product meaning even more money would go into them, later when I was to agree to it, I was told I did not have the right mentality to do it. It’s just a bunch of things that boiled up you know?, one day you’re told this, the other day you’re told that. Way too much for me to handle. Sometimes people forget that we’re only human, that there in fact are people out there that work their asses off for the pure satisfaction of others, not expecting anything back. I see how certain fans are in love with Britney Spears and their dream is to one day meet her, especially younger fans, but what they don’t realize is that Britney Spears is not the girl she used to be, the greatness, the power and the fame has changed her. I am tired of seeing her lip-synch, I am tired of seeing how she sometimes sees her fans in millions, instead of seing them as individual human beings, but most of all, I’m tired of seeing how fake she has gotten. I’m also 19, 20 in a month, I know EXACTLY the things that 19 year olds do and don’t in the year 2002, let’s get REAL for a second. In regards to the IAS4U video she says “Oh the video is about being a slave for the music” but she agrees to portray a 7 peep orgy with a guy licking her face, and u know, that is fine…but don’t say things that aren’t the way you make them look like. Also, what was UP with the moanings she did at the Las Vegas concert? I mean, u can’t possibly go out and claim yourself to still be mom’s little girl, u can’t have a split personality and fool your fans like that, be whatever you WANT TO BE but don’t deny things. I know some of you will probably hate me now, and that is fine, but remember that this is coming from me….remember that, and you all know me, you all know me pretty well, because one thing I have made sure is to portray my personality on this website which has been TRUE and HONEST. I don’t know many of you, but I know that many of you know me, so take that into consideration.

    This all together plus other personal reasons have led me to not be motivated anymore to continue supporting Britney Spears as a fan, I’m not saying that I’ll stop listening to her music, all I’m saying is that the whole business around her has made me sick, she’s a product now and well positioned with the highest authorities. The music business is huge, and people at Jive have called me ignorant in the field, and I probably am, but one thing I have, is feelings, my world does not revolve around making profit for something, I don’t get paid for what I do, I did this website from my heart, and whenever I would do something that fans would love, such as put up a video or a song, the guys in suits would come and threaten to shut me off, because I wasn’t letting them get their promotional strategies done correctly, my website was making them earn less money, the control that I had over things was screwing their plans. Having Jive Records US, Zomba Records UK and Paramount Pictures on your butt 24/7 trying to control your content is not a very nice thing, and especially when all I was trying to do, was to create more attention for their artist. Getting Word Documents with half way filed lawsuits and threats when I live in a divorced family is NOT FUNNY.

    The website got too big, too big for me to handle, it made me loose a lot of things that I before treasured with my life. It made me live a life based on the Internet, it made me escape from my real world, and live in a world that doesn’t really exist. I one day told myself that if Britney Spears would to dissapoint me big time, I would not continue doing this anymore, she lost me as a fan, and I did so much for her, I paid so much money to keep this going, but in the end, it only led to disaster, the people that should REALLY care and SUPPORT the website, such as HER people didn’t even make themselves heard to me. I called Rudolph&Beer (Larry Rudolph’s agency) one day with a proposition, and that was to generate donations for the Britney Spears foundation through our website, so that more and more kids could get help, I called and introduced myself…but they basically laughed at me and acted as if they did not have time to talk with a Britney fan from Sweden who just meant well. She happened to loose a fan that used to run one of the biggest Britney Spears websites out there, god, we were even featured in PEOPLE, isn’t that something to hold on to.

    I could continue running this website, but one thing I’ve always known is that when you get tired of something, you just don’t do it anymore, it’s time for me to move on, I’m almost 20…it’s time for me to start wondering what I will do with my life and where it will take me, I can’t base my life on a girl that I have never met and probably never will, because if I want to continue running this website, that is just what I have to do, because the point of having something like this is about outdoing yourself all the time, I feel ashamed if the website would still be up but loose its quality, besides, the main point is, the motivation is not there anymore. For the past 2 years, I’ve been at Britney Spears’ service, and in return, I’ve gotten hurt more than pleased not to mention used. This is something that I don’t expect many of you to understand either but you will just have to trust me on this one. It’s hard to be at the top, there are too many people that don’t like you. I am not saying I am leaving because I couldn’t handle that anymore, or because I’m not strong enough, I’m leaving because I feel that World of became more than I could handle, and it has exhausted me. Another reason is because I feel that I cannot trust anyone’s word anymore, I have been screwed over so much, people have told me things I really thought came from their hearts, making me take action upon decisions that I today in a way regret I did. Once again, this became too much for me, and I will feel that a huge load will be taken off my back once I cut this off, I think I’ve served the Britney Spears community well for the past 18 months, but things never last forever so it’s time for me to say goodbye.

    I want to thank everybody who have been with me through the good and the bad times, I want to thank everybody who always showed their love and support for this website, I want to thank all the fans for their submissions, the pictures, their news…WoB would not have been the same without you. I want to leave this website and give all of you a piece of it, all of our loyal visitors, this website is in part yours, it belongs to you. I want to thank everybody that supported me with donations so that I could pay the bandwidth bills, I would like to thank so many people but I can’t mention them all here, but there are certain ones that I need to mention because they played a major role in the development of this website and who were with me supporting me and showed themselves to be my true friends and soulmates.

    Peter Kruit
    Rajiv Doshi
    Kimberley Hanley
    Raven Davis
    Martin Wiik
    Jade Kinsey
    Dana Bennett
    Beth Erler
    Shane Smith
    Katie E.
    Angie Hubbard
    Sonya, Amy, Lizzie at the WoB Forums.
    Jessica Ramsberger
    Art Henschel
    Tommy Sderman
    Sarah Carr
    Brian Dale
    David Riemenschnider
    Mark Appleby @ Ananova
    The Peel Music Network
    Jeff Dodes @ Jive Records (I respect you)
    Marisol M. (My mother)

    Last but not least…..the WoBbers. You’ll live on forever. Thank you for the wonderful time.

    I am leaving for Los Angeles on Monday. The outcome of the trip did not become as planned, but I will cherish it no matter what. I am finally able to take my well deserved vacations, which I will treasure so much because I really need the time off to reflect of what will become of me in the future.

    I will never forget all of you out there, I wish each and everyone one of you the best in the future.

    And last but not least, thank you Britney, you sure managed to stir things up in my life in the best way possible since the start, I don’t regret anything, but I don’t see you the same way anymore and it’s something that I can only take responsability for myself and I wish things would not have had to end this way, I wish you the best of luck in your career and I hope you continue doing what you love to do. For me, you will always be a girl that could have sat next to me in English class, remember that ;).

    Once again, I know this will hurt a lot of people, I can’t even imagine the damage that I just caused to some fans, but I just can’t pretend to feel what I used to feel and I can’t continue to afford the site, I’ve also been hurt way too much already, it’s something that I needed to do, for the ones of you that are affected by this, please accept my sincere apologies..

    I just want to EMPHASIZE that my intentions are in NO WAY to bash Britney Spears, my god, she is/was my life and you all know that, I’m just sharing my thoughts and opinions of what this became. The problems and issues that I have are most against the PEOPLE that control her, this does not mean that it’s 100% Britney’s fault, it’s the whole package. I’m going through sooooo much crap and personal anguish because of this already, so bear with me, this is all still new for me, I mean in NO WAY whatsoever to discourage any of you from not being Britney fans anymore, just keep doing what you’re doing, and keep loving what you’re loving….some people decide to stay in a path, and some people decide to break off that path…..respect…is the keyword here. Britney is not the reason as a WHOLE, it’s also the industry and the people behind her that led me to do this. This is IMPORTANT that you understand. Don’t think for a single second that I did not enjoy every single minute of this website and the joy and happyness it brought to so many fans, but after putting the cards on the table I had to make a mature decision, seeing it both as short term and long term thing, and I realized that it was time for me to move on.

    Please note: Although all donations received went to the bandwidth bill, if you recently made one and you feel discouraged about this and would like it back, please E-mail me and I will repay you.

    Once again, thanks for everything.

    I still think she’s a bitch. NO MATTER WHAT ANYBODY SAYS. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Thank you and come again.

  • 13 thoughts on “Britney Spears! Bitch!

    1. Sweetie, u’ve gone off the deep end.

      #1 | Comment by Z — May 20, 2002 @ 6:18 am

    2. huh? wat da fark?!?

      #2 | Comment by beng — May 20, 2002 @ 6:49 am

    3. The boy has issues….with Britney?! Jesus. Justin I think your summing up would stand up in a court of law, and was a lot less painful to read

      #3 | Comment by Filbert — May 20, 2002 @ 8:38 am

    4. Um….The Britney site is up and running. Obviously life without Britney was too hard for the little poppet to take. awwwwww

      #4 | Comment by Filbert — May 20, 2002 @ 8:43 am

    5. still… i’d fuck ‘er.

      #5 | Comment by alex — May 20, 2002 @ 2:32 pm

    6. lame-o britney.

      #6 | Comment by fuzzy — May 20, 2002 @ 4:50 pm

    7. I couldn’t agree anymore Justin! Great rant on Britney!

      #7 | Comment by Marcos — May 20, 2002 @ 11:43 pm

    8. Dude. That "fan post" is PSYKOTIC. I mean it. It should be have a header that reads, "Journey into the mind of psychotic abyss." Its all there. The guy should be locked up.

      And quite frankly, I can’t blame her. Not kissing up to EVERY psycho that calls himself a fan, because he built up this fantasy-reality in his mind, where he’s going to marry her someday, seems pretty prudent to me. To all fans of ANY celebrity. Get a freaking clue. Wake up and face that mundane shithole you call your life. Quit trying to live someone elses.

      Freud could make a fortune on that fucker. I swear.

      #8 | Comment by Truevil — May 21, 2002 @ 3:16 pm

    9. That guy is no psycho. He’s one of the most talented webmasters in the world. He just happened to become entangled in tabloids because Britney’s people wanted to get back at him for saying what he said and it hurt their business.

      So the only way out was to release shit to the press about him stalking her, but what’s funny is that while he was being accused of being a threat to her in sweden, he was actually on vacation in the US.

      And not having a life is having a site that bashes others, purely shows how some people like to take their insecurities into the Internet and feel safe in THEIR little world.

      #9 | Comment by nosweat — May 21, 2002 @ 8:00 pm

    10. …i wonder how much time it took you all to read that. i didnt… hah.

      #10 | Comment by Turtle Boy — May 23, 2002 @ 1:31 am

    11. crap, i accidently read that whole thing.

      #11 | Comment by jt — June 10, 2002 @ 9:11 am

    12. i like to wank

      #12 | Comment by jim — July 4, 2002 @ 7:42 am

    13. i like to wank

      #13 | Comment by jim — July 4, 2002 @ 7:45 am

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