Celebrities Getting Naked

Hollywood is a strange place for all. The place where individuals and companies reap millions in profits from movies and precomposed words, also appears to be an entrance way for known actresses to suddenly don images of sexiness, and be nude icons to the rest of the hoards of you lust hungry men needing a quick fix for the night. So, some actresses like Jennifer Aniston become livid – or more so, her hubby Brad Pitt, becomes livid, when her breasts are displayed in a newpaper in the UK. They both lay hold to claims that she has never appeared naked anywhere before. Well.. wait until her movie and Friends income starts to dwindle into a slow dribble not large enough to support their Hollywood mansion, and soon their neighbors will more than likely see her as a centerfold. So is the vicious cycle of fame.

And yet again, as nudity and provacative or controversial pictures are a pseudo every day sighting, the movie industry is taking it from the big screen and putting it directly on advertisement posters. This brings a whole new meaning to platinum and gold on fingers…

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  1. You know, it bugged me when whoever said it, said people need sex like they need air and water and shelter. Thats pretty crazy, we are talking about the downfall of society and I personally feel like the downfall of society is the digression of people from mental to physical animals. Kids today want and get tons of physical stimuli and rewards. From sex to drugs to french fries everything these days is about feeling good. This is why everyone is so unhappy, numbing ourselves with these indulgences is exactly what takes pleasure and happiness and fun out of life. To me, abstaining from promiscuous sex and drugs makes me so much happier than a night at the bar getting hammered and laid. Listening to good music, reading a good book, driving my car, talking to friends all of these things are what keep me going. The only problem with feeling this way is that none of my peers(college and late high school age kids) agree with me. Getting drunk is all that matters to so many people, escaping life instead of embracing it. Im not some christian or anything, just someone who feels what is right and wrong in the pit of my stomach. This is kind of a tangent huh… how did this start – Jennifer annistons boobs? wow

    #1 | Comment by availtony — July 19, 2002 @ 2:41 pm

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