I can’t wait!

We need some new porn on the site. And i’ve got just the perfect woman to showcase. For tonight. So keep checking back because i’m gonna be posting up quite a few GRATUITOUS NUDE NAKED TOPLESS CELEB pics later. And possibly even more as the days go by.

Because it’s been a hell of a long time since i’ve last posted up any new ‘porn’ on the site and people have been complaining about it to no end.

So yeah. Naked chicks in a coupla hours. And over the next few days. WOOT!

One thought on “I can’t wait!

  1. Justin, take back that "woot!", or I’ll have lost about 64% of the respect I had for you.

    #1 | Comment by Jerk — October 4, 2001 @ 1:34 am

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