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If the site seems slow or broken at any time, there’s a reason why.
I’m sort of having server problems right now. Basically, i’m running out of space.

“Why not just delete some files off the server?” you ask? Well i already did. But it won’t make any difference in the long run.

I have 100 megs of space. And my whole site takes up about 26 megs. So i should have like about 74 megs of space left right? But i don’t. Why? Because the server log files are eating up all that extra space that i should be having. And i can’t seem to delete them. Neither can my host.

Anyway, the plan is to move my site onto a new server sometime soon. But my host seems to be MIA. Right now i only have about 1.5 megs left after deleting some useless files off the server last night. The server was actually full to the brim last night (8/16/02). And when it becomes full, Greymatter can’t write any new files/posts/comments to the site. And when somebody tries to add a new comment or whatever, the site will just die and corrupt whatever file it was trying to modify.

Anyway, i only have 1.5 megs of free space right now. And as more people keep visiting the site, the more bigger the server logs will get. Eventually eating up any free space i may have and thus making the site not work anymore. Meaning no more new posts and the inability to post any new comments.

I’m trying to get in touch with my host to ask when he’ll be able to move everything onto the new server but i’m not sure when it’ll happen. So, if the site:

1. Hasn’t been updated in a while
2. Seems broken (missing comments)
3. Seems really slow (GM crapping itself out trying to add new comments)

…it’s probably because the site ran out of space.

Just letting you all know. I’ll try to sort things out as soon as possible.

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