5 12 2011

Man, it is REALLY hard trying to find recent pics of Lacey Sha-Bear (or Chabert, if you will). She hasn’t exactly been in the limelight a lot these past coupla years, opting to do smaller roles in smaller movies and stuff.

She’s also probably the only chick from Mean Girls who HASN’T gotten her tits out in one way or another.

So fetch.

She’s come close though, showing a lot of side-boobage in that one flick, whatever it’s called.

But she’s never actually gotten the goods out fully. And i’m starting to think that she never will..!

She’s doesn’t seem to mind doing ‘adult’ roles on film. Like the time when she played a chick who got upset because nobody wanted to take a shit on her chest for example. And then there’s this flick she did, Pleasure Drivers (which i haven’t seen), where she’s doing all sorts of crazy things like

Lacey Chabert lying in the passenger seat of a car as she silently rubs herself and masturbates while a guy talks and drives around without noticing her doing it.


Lacey Chabert dancing seductively for a guy and giving us a nice look at her sexy stomach before she removes her tanktop to reveal a black lingerie top and then crawling across the floor and getting on top of him where she grabs her breasts briefly and starts to undo his pants.

but then never actually getting naked! WTF!

She was also in some movie called Thirst, with scenes where she was in a yellow bikini a lot. Which somebody had the good sense to edit and mashup into a Lacey Sha-Bear/Phoebe Cates video.

Even her FHM spread from 2007 was relatively tame.

I’ll tell you what though, she’s definitely hiding a fucking damn fine set of jubblies under there.

Fucking Lacey Chabert… what a cocktease.



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20 responses to “BANG LIST 10: LACEY CHABERT”

    5 12 2011
  • 1.  smash (10:39:29) :

    I’d hit it…hard.

  • 5 12 2011
  • 2.  MacDaddy (10:49:22) :

    yeah, she’s fucking hot as hell!

  • 5 12 2011
  • 3.  tool (13:35:55) :

    Part of me respects her not getting naked; most of me wants her to fucking undress already before she gets old.

  • 5 12 2011
  • 4.  babotoo (15:48:19) :

    “Like the time when she played a chick who got upset because nobody wanted to take a shit on her chest for example”

    I’m pretty sure that was Mia Kirshner.

  • 5 12 2011
  • 5.  MacDaddy (16:17:04) :

    You are correct Sir^

    She was the one that gives Hand Jobs to any pathetic Loser who hands her a letter.

    (Or “back rubs” if you watch the edited version!)


  • 5 12 2011
  • 6.  John (16:56:16) :

    I’d love to see her scissoring with Mia Kirshner…

  • 5 12 2011
  • 7.  Justin (17:30:23) :

    #4 holy shit you’re right! it’s been a while since i watched that movie and i always remembered it as lacey but apparently not!

    i’ll also take handjobs over shitting on somebody’s chest

  • 5 12 2011
  • 8.  Rod Stiffington (20:03:49) :

    Here I was, all ready to log on and bitch about how Anna Sophia Robb’s 18th birthday came and went with nary a mention (let alone a lingering ass shot), and there’s a whole post about Lacey Chabert waiting for my penis’ pleasure. Holy moly the things I would do to that girl.

  • 5 12 2011
  • 9.  Rod Stiffington (20:05:53) :

    Also, that mashup with Phoebe Cates and Lacey in bikinis is the greatest video I have seen since the LazyTown / Lil Jon mashup.

  • 5 12 2011
  • 10.  Guy Perkins (21:48:27) :

    More rufetchus!

  • 5 12 2011
  • 11.  AngelBaby (23:20:46) :

    both the scenes from Pleasure Drivers are on youtube…

    though i imagine some of our readers will prefer this version…

  • 6 12 2011
  • 12.  Kingpin (00:45:02) :

    Why are Amber and Lacey BOTH #10 on your list?

  • 6 12 2011
  • 13.  Justin (01:26:49) :

    they’re not. i’ll be listing my top 10 in no particular order under my ‘bang list 10’.

    although i might rank them all in the 10th and final post!

  • 6 12 2011
  • 14.  Mr. Bojangles (02:03:59) :

    I fell in lust with Lacey back when she was in the new version of Lost in Space. Good pick.

  • 6 12 2011
  • 15.  Smiley (02:44:15) :

    #13 – Do you have your Justin’s Bang List® printed and laminated – just like Ross did on Friends?

  • 7 12 2011
  • 16.  Pirho (06:33:33) :

    Wonder if Jessica Chobot will be in Justin list.

  • 7 12 2011
  • 17.  Pirho (06:54:34) :

    Got to be the best shot of her yet.

  • 7 12 2011
  • 18.  The Block Obama (08:38:37) :

    This post is full of win,

    Thank you Justin

  • 7 12 2011
  • 19.  garth (21:32:57) :

    ah crap. forgot about ms Chabert.. (mad I know). I suspect she now appears somewhere in my top 20.

  • 8 12 2011
  • 20.  JohnIan (03:42:34) :

    Sorry, Justin – about not finding new Lacey pixs.


    There is this fellow, a digital artist named Fygomatic.




    “Lacey W.I.P.”

    Why not? A trio of my favorite Hayden images…

    “Tweak” (what would she put in those pockets?)


    “Claire 2”

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