Aw suki suki!

Subject: Can’t blame the great one.
From: Add to Contacts
Date: Thu, Sep 19 2002 9:41:18 AM -0400

I can’t blame you if you don’t post in a while. KINGDOM HEARTS!! My friend just got it, I haven’t gotten to play it yet, but LANCE BASS AS SEPHIROTH!!!!! HALEY JOEL OSMENT!!!!! I hate the both of them, but that won’t stop me from playing.


I wish could say that the reason i haven’t been posting is because i’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts… but the truth is, i haven’t. I’ve been playing Animal Crossing instead! Reeee!

I was actually gonna post on Wednesday but i guess i got a little sidetracked. Blame Animal Crossing! That game is so ridiculously addictive. If you have a Gamecube, i highly suggest that you pick it up. It is the most addictive game i’ve ever played in recent memory. If you don’t have this game already, you suck.

Anyway, you all remember Stephanie right? I talked about how i kept staring at her jubblies in my last post. Remember how i said i was gonna maybe bring my webcam into class? Well i did! And i took some pictures of her without her knowing. Hahaha. Anyway, yeah, i brought my webcam into class with me Wednesday morning and i secretly took snaps of her all throughout class. It was kinda hard because i mean come on now, how could anyone not notice the freakin’ webcam sitting on my table. It didn’t help that it was a tiny class too. But i pulled it off anyway. Without her suspecting anything. Har har.

It kinda sucked that she didn’t really dress herself up that morning (or better yet… dress herself down… ha!) but lemme tell ya, get this girl into the right clothes and HOT doesn’t even begin to describe how good she looks.

Anyway, tell me that she doesn’t look like a cross between Thora Birch’s forehead and Zoja of

Isn’t she cute in that Thora Birch kind of way? Aww…

I want to hump Thora Birch.

Anyway, today in class, she wore a tight white t-shirt again. And her left bra strap fell off her shoulder again. And once again, the highlight of my day was when she reached into her shirt to readjust it. Haha. It’s quite sad that the highlight of my day was seeing a girl adjusting her bra strap. I am easily jollied up. The only real difference today was that her shirt wasn’t as thin or as see-through as it was on Monday. But oh well. At least it was tight. Hee.

I wish i’d brought my webcam into class today but i promised my girlfriend that i wouldn’t take anymore pictures of her. My girlfriend got quite upset when i told her i was staring at her boobs and she accused me of stalking her. Girlfriends suck.

In other news, i have more DVD’s than you.

Yesterday, i decided to unblock everybody so that the people who weren’t on my buddy list could IM me. And right after i unblocked everyone, i immediately set myself as being away.

I come back a while later and i see this on my screen.

And people wonder why i have the general public blocked from contacting me. I’d like to see you try keep up one decent conversation going with that number of people IMing you at the same time.

Urza987654321: Hello, who is this?
Auto response from psykotik2k: I’m not here right now because I’m waiting for you to get offline.
Urza987654321: Hello?
Urza987654321: I need to talk to smeone and you are the only person on my list! Whoever you are….

Die Urza987654321. Die die die.

You know… i’d figure that people would know by now that i’m not really Avril Lavigne. But i guess some people just haven’t caught on…

allyson is on: are you avril lavigne?
Auto response from psykotik2k: I’m not here right now because I’m waiting for you to get offline.

NOSINJECTION458: hey whats up
Auto response from psykotik2k: I’m not here right now because I’m waiting for you to get offline.
NOSINJECTION458: is dis avril?
NOSINJECTION458: avril y wont u talk
NOSINJECTION458: avril talk plz

I’d post up more examples but i’ll just spare you the stupidity.

This one was from a couple of days ago.

AutomatonRex: Hey
AutomatonRex: You rocked at the Rock and Roll hall of fame, wasn’t the John Lennon exibit cool?

Yes. He thought i was Avril Lavigne too.

Okay enough stupid IMs. Time for stupid e-mails now.

I got this e-mail yesterday:

Subject: Pics
From: meynardo salapare
Date: Thu, Sep 19 2002 2:21:38 PM -0700

Just take a look at these pics of Avril and be honest if you still think
you’d hump her. You thought Kelly Clarkson was ugly without
makeup…then maybe you cant handle these…

You know i still get people constantly commenting and e-mailing me links to those pictures. I really don’t see why people are obsessed about what she looks like without makeup. All celebrities looks like crap without make up. It’s a fact. And those pictures are so 3 months ago. I saw them while i was looking for good pics of Avril to use for the layout. That was 3 months ago. It’s old news.

Other embarassing Avril Lavigne pictures that i’ve seen a million times over that you don’t need to tell me about:

  • Avril’s Ass Crack
  • Avril’s Yearbook Photos
  • Avril Topless On A Beach

    I’d still hump her if i were given the chance.

    Now for some normal e-mails:

    From: David Bowman
    Date: Wed, Sep 18 2002 4:43:05 PM -0400

    No. I know you’re not Avril. I don’t give a fuck about Avril. I’m just being very clever with my subject so that you will read my email.

    You evil sonofabitch, I noticed yesterday that my small, artsy, for-personal-pleasure-only site ( got upwards of 4000 unique hits in eight hours. The great majority of the referrers seemed to come from your site, which I read once a week when I need a large quantity of breasts in my life.

    Anyway, I was trying in vain to figure out how exactly you got the filepath to the dancing Chinese kids, who I keep in my basement for personal amusement. (I provide them with crack, doughnuts, j-pop and water, they dance for me. It’s a mutually profitable arrangement.)

    My investigation comes down to one of two possibilities… one of my friends gave you the link disguised as Fred Savage porn, which he threatened to do, or I, while drunk, gave you the link disguised as Fred Savage porn, which I have been known to do when drunk.

    In any case I can’t remember. Enlighten me.


    27/8/02 3:26 AM
    Kavlang: Hello.
    Kavlang: I’d just like you to know that I think you’re fuckin’ A.
    Kavlang: Also I have Fred Savage porn.
    Kavlang: FRED SAVAGE PORN!!

    Subject: Oh Libby Hoeler You Fuckwhore
    From: vasudeva
    Date: Tue, Sep 17 2002 7:13:11 PM -0400

    Hey man, I just found my little piece of writing on Libby Hoeler in your archives. The funny bit is, I’d sent in an email to you months previous about that old made-for-TV movie with Tom Hanks in it. Coincidence?

    Too bad shut down. That was a fun site.

    I’m glad you liked the Libby Hoeler bit. It cracks me up, but I don’t think I have a copy anymore. If you want more of that kinda stuff, it pops up every so often on, which is a geek culture site I run. Maybe you can toss up a link or something if you like it.

    The Libby Hoeler poem which he wrote that i used here:

    ‘Oh Libby Hoeler You Fuckwhore’

    Oh Libby Hoeler,
    you fuckwhore,
    you gorgeous stupid broad,
    you made videos of you touching yourself
    for your boyfriend
    (whoever he was)
    Good for you.

    But they got out onto the Internet
    when you angered him.
    This was his retaliation.
    Good for him.

    Subject: long time reader, first time emailer
    From: josh
    Date: Tue, Sep 17 2002 12:28:20 PM -0700 (PDT)


    couple things….first i came to your site by chance on day a long while back (unlike most, i ws not lookinf for libby hoeler videos…i had those already…i did a search on google under fubar and you happened to be the first site)and for the most part have just checked back once a week to read your posts and catch up. your site has gotten very addictive and recently i find myself visiting everyday. damn you!

    anyway…another addiction i have is snood. stupid little game that i can’t stop playing. i don’t know if you have played it or not, but if you haven’t you can get it here.

    and if you have it or if you download it, you’ll need a registration code to play the full version w/all the options. here is the code:

    PKXIofbJxx8%PVpi$UtU (case sensitive, course)

    i guess this is just a lame way of saying thanks for all your wonderful insights into boobs, porn, boobs, dvds, boobs, random weird things, boobs, and boobs.

    so, maybe boobs will get me out of my boobs and into posting on your boobs. boobs. boobs to you boobs,


    It is nice to be appreciated.

    And now, i leave you all with Anne Hathaway’s boobs.

    When in the world did she grow those??

  • 45 thoughts on “Aw suki suki!

    1. First comment.

      LOVE the sneeky webcam. Funniest damn thing you’ve done in AGES. Now when she finds out, it’s going to be even funnier….

      #1 | Comment by RedEye — September 20, 2002 @ 4:53 pm

    2. Oh, and yes…major Thora Birch forehead going on!

      #2 | Comment by RedEye — September 20, 2002 @ 4:56 pm

    3. she would be hot if she didn’t have that forehead…it’s like that Billy Madison thing where the kid pisses his pants…except "your forhead what do you mean…GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

      #3 | Comment by Dubu2584 — September 20, 2002 @ 5:00 pm

    4. My level of respect for you has never been higher, although I know, deep down, that it’s probably creepy to bring web cams into class to take pictures of unsuspecting girls. If you can catch her in something more telling, I’ll enthusiastically approve. Shit….forgot your girlfriend put the kibash on that. Nevermind. Solid work still.

      #4 | Comment by matt — September 20, 2002 @ 5:04 pm

    5. So it wasn’t me. Hmm. I’m going to fuck him up. The Chinese boys are my happy little secret. Well, not any more, but they used to be, and will again, except to people who spend their weekend nights browsing through Justin’s archives, looking for boobs.

      Hail Justin and his library of delicious, symmetrical boobs.

      #5 | Comment by Locke — September 20, 2002 @ 5:14 pm

    6. wow. taking pictures with a web cam in class. Thats gotto be the most asome thing ever. You are the king of perverted things. You’re my role model. im gona try that on monday, there are so very nice boobies in my classes.

      #6 | Comment by Ikke — September 20, 2002 @ 5:17 pm

    7. Teehee *blushes* That girl does look so much like Thora Birch: she’s beautiful! But I don’t think she looks like me?! Why don’t you stop staring at her "jubblies" and actually talk to the girl? Just don’t tell her you took pics of her on your webcam… I think that might scare her away.

      #7 | Comment by Zoja — September 20, 2002 @ 6:06 pm

    8. yeah, she looks like a cross between thora birch and reese witherspoon. why? because the has the BULB! bulb-head that is, like tweety-bird. i mean for real. look at thora in a movie – you will see the bulb. and then look at reese – you will be able to see NOTHING BUT THE BULB!

      and the bulb, as we have seen, can be quite cute indeed.

      #8 | Comment by swag — September 20, 2002 @ 6:44 pm

    9. nuf said

      #9 | Comment by WeLoveYourLittlePonies, Zoja — September 20, 2002 @ 7:22 pm

    10. I can’t belive you actually did that. You rule.

      #10 | Comment by Jacob — September 20, 2002 @ 7:51 pm

    11. funny shit you pulled off lol. but i think she looks nothing like Zoja, also i think Zoja looks better

      #11 | Comment by J.C. — September 20, 2002 @ 8:51 pm

    12. groove wallpaper on your desktop, I like.

      #12 | Comment by Little_Avril_Spears — September 20, 2002 @ 11:53 pm

    13. groove wallpaper on your desktop, I like.

      #13 | Comment by Little_Avril_Spear — September 20, 2002 @ 11:56 pm

    14. Dude – STEPHANIE layout. You know you can pull it off, too.

      #14 | Comment by Stink — September 21, 2002 @ 1:10 am

    15. One word……stalker.
      And by the way….I know her….I sent her the url for the unauthorized pictures. Your ass is done….get the fucking a-1 sauce out.

      Oh yeah….do you go to community college? All the people in your class looked like they were on welfare or 35 yrs old. WTF!

      #15 | Comment by Mike — September 21, 2002 @ 1:14 am

    16. Forget boobies and DVDs for 3 hours. Are there any football fans out there? GO VOLS!!!!!!!
      and, uh, WMU next week

      #16 | Comment by g — September 21, 2002 @ 1:20 am

    17. Hell yeah, Va. Tech will have no chance in mighty Waldo…

      #17 | Comment by Stink — September 21, 2002 @ 1:28 am

    18. kick his ass Zoe! I’m not seeing any boobs on that girl with the mighty big forehead either…

      #18 | Comment by suzi — September 21, 2002 @ 1:43 am

    19. Mike if you know her, then how come u don’t know if she’s in a community college or not? You are a noob.

      Virgina Tech sucks.

      #19 | Comment by manowar — September 21, 2002 @ 1:44 am

    20. *kicks Justin’s ass* =D

      #20 | Comment by Zoe — September 21, 2002 @ 1:53 am

    21. Just…about Kingdom Hearts…I think Lance does Cloud’s voice, which works only slightly better, but–get this–David Boreanaz as Squall and…and…Mandy Moore as Aeris!!! OMG, how awesome is that? Yeah, I’m lame.

      #21 | Comment by Banana — September 21, 2002 @ 2:04 am

    22. Wow! Stephanie must be REALLY smart. REALLY, REALLY smart. No, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY smart.

      #22 | Comment by Smartass — September 21, 2002 @ 3:41 am

    23. i think this kind of forehead can be a weapon.. maybe some karate tricks..

      #23 | Comment by ezekiel — September 21, 2002 @ 6:05 am

    24. I got to say, Justin, it borders on creepy, but very impressive. I find myself hoping you post more for some reason. Not of the big headed chick, although she is cute. I think you need to start taking us on virtual tours of the hotties at your campus.

      #24 | Comment by smash — September 21, 2002 @ 7:11 am

    25. anyone catch the beast behind her :O


      #25 | Comment by mike — September 21, 2002 @ 8:47 am

    26. That chick is fat and frumpy. Plus, it looks like she has no tits. BTW, I think that what you did is bordering on illegal, but, I hope you post more!!! Maybe you could fly to Alabama and get some candid pics of Suzi!!!

      #26 | Comment by Uknown — September 21, 2002 @ 12:10 pm

    27. ^heh what a moron^

      #27 | Comment by J.C. — September 21, 2002 @ 12:12 pm

    28. bah!

      #28 | Comment by Iris_ — September 21, 2002 @ 12:20 pm

    29. I think justin is yummie. 😉

      #29 | Comment by road-runner — September 21, 2002 @ 12:28 pm

    30. fat and frumpy? are you blind? i’d do her,, she looks like thora birch!

      #30 | Comment by matt — September 21, 2002 @ 12:38 pm

    31. Whoa! Her forehead! Reminds me of a ………….. Volkswagon Beetle

      #31 | Comment by Gluteus Maximus — September 21, 2002 @ 12:59 pm

    32. I don’t think they’re Chinese.
      Most probably Korean or Japanese 🙂

      #32 | Comment by cm — September 21, 2002 @ 2:09 pm

    33. so now we’ve got two people in the boob contest. let the voting begin

      #33 | Comment by Ikke — September 21, 2002 @ 11:46 pm

    34. wow. stephanie looks all right. i just wonder what would have happened had she spotted you taking pictures of her. you should get more pics of her in a better looking outfit. i’m not quite a believer that she’s that hot. she looks all right.

      #34 | Comment by xenocrates — September 22, 2002 @ 2:45 am

    35. Once again, you’ve taken depravity to a whole new level. 🙂 That Stephanie is cute. I definitely see the Thora Birch resemblance. Too bad your girlfriend put the kibosh on the picture taking.

      Jesus, you’ve got a lot of pictures girls giving you cleavage shots! You’re my new personal hero. Well, as far as cleavage shots are concerned.

      #35 | Comment by Greg — September 23, 2002 @ 2:49 am

    36. I don’t see it, but perhaps in better clothing, who knows… …but Keli is faar hotter… love Keli

      #36 | Comment by nissol — September 23, 2002 @ 8:42 am

    37. I am here to say that taking pictures of anyone in the public is legal. In fact congress just vetoed a bill that would make taking up-skirt pictures illegal, so it’s legal – I think (up-skirt photos) should be illegal).

      P.S. Stephanie is pretty hot and I think you should take more pictures of her and other girls at your school.

      PEACE-OUT Dork

      #37 | Comment by Stephanie's attorney — September 24, 2002 @ 1:47 am

    38. You are my hero! Rock on and take more fucking pictures of hot chicks at your school, it’s cool!

      #38 | Comment by I wish I was as cool as you — September 24, 2002 @ 1:50 am

    39. W00t! Justin you are an inspiration! Me and my friends are get pics of the hotties at our uni when we start 🙂 Steph is nice but Zoja is teh sex 😀

      #39 | Comment by MyKe — September 24, 2002 @ 12:03 pm

    40. I still think suzi is more adorable. =)

      p.s. Justin…more POST!… I’m bored =P

      #40 | Comment by JiL0 — September 24, 2002 @ 12:25 pm

    41. hey justin i just picked animal crossing last night hey if you wanna try some of the code stuff or share hints and tips write me a email cya

      #41 | Comment by James — September 24, 2002 @ 6:02 pm

    42. I think that Asian chick in your class knew you were up to something. In half of the pics, she is looking in your direction.

      #42 | Comment by Shit 4 Brains — September 24, 2002 @ 7:04 pm



      #43 | Comment by Carola — November 16, 2002 @ 11:08 pm

    44. You are the hottest girl i have ever laid eyes on
      hit me up some time

      #44 | Comment by Stevo — November 26, 2002 @ 4:36 pm

    45. Your all fucken fags and queer bitches,fuck some more and your asses will need stitches,cuz i dun fucked all your moms 3 times over, took all you avril haters hit you with the rover, u fucken queers think your cool and fly, but every morning you wake up to a small dick im talkin toothpick you fucken tricks, why you hate avril she dont diss or gay bash you queers in the street,i’ll took all you avril haters and i caught the victory, your moms pussy smell like hickory, you avril haters are fucken sluts, who think your real but i bet you mouthy muth fuckers all been hit with the steel your all fags so join elton and sing a fag duo for real…bitches eat that….

      #45 | Comment by MaDkRaZy — December 3, 2002 @ 7:12 pm

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