7 10 2002

To start off, i would just like to say that Red Dragon is the most pointless movie ever made. I haven’t seen it yet nor do i want to see it. I already saw it when it was called MANHUNTER. The only reason Red Dragon was made is to cash in on the hype of Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal. Red Dragon is the world’s most pointless movie.

Anyway, remember when i said i had stuff that i was saving to post up today? Well i LIED. HAR HAR. I don’t have anything to post about really. It’s been pretty slow around here as of late. Maybe i should unblock everyone on AIM and pretend to be Avril Lavigne. We all know how much you LOVE it when i post about being Avril. But no.

All i have are these e-mails to post up today.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: FYI
From: Neil Roberts neil@onebahamas.com
Date: Sat, Sep 21 2002 1:52:10 AM -0400

So I figured I’d take a few minutes and scour the internet/usegroups a little bit to see why there are so many people associating you with Avril. I kinda came up with Jack Squat. Other than the title of your page having Avril’s name, there’s not much to go on. If you do a web search for “Avril Lavigne AIM”, your site shows up in the top 10, but still… Hell, if I include your screenname in the search, only a few sites show up. There’s zilch in usenet, absolutely nothing relating Avril and your screenname. I didn’t check IRC or anything, but hell. You’ve always known that there are a lot of idiots that read your site.

You, my friend, have too much time on your hands.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: “You are Stupid” – Hilarious
From: “Rob Beckett” webmaster@123cctv.com
Date: Wed, Oct 2 2002 9:58:09 AM -0600


Yeah, isn’t it amazing how stupid some people can be. Love the posts, man, brightens up the dreary morning.

Do you link back/forth? If you don’t mind I’ll mention your site on my own blog, regardless of if you post mine. Anyway, back to work…

Have fun,

Rob Beckett.

See? He likes the Avril posts.

I got an e-mail today from this girl in Tennessee.

To: psykotik@gmail.com
Subject: haha,me again
From: Razorgrl142007@aol.com
Date: Mon, Oct 7 2002 6:17:59 PM EDT

yur cute,id fuck ya

I’m not cute and trust me, you don’t wanna fuck me. =]

She’d written to me a coupla times before and she even sent pictures of herself in the first e-mail that she sent. Pointing out: “i look like i got balloons in my shirt”.

It’s not everyday that i get cute girls sending me pictures of themselves. Pointing out the ‘balloons’ in their shirts. Haha.

Here’s one of many pictures she sent.

  • Cat

    There are some more ‘revealing’ pictures… but i can’t post them up. Actually she said i could but i don’t want to. She’s 14.

    Sometimes i really do like what this site does for me. Hahaha.

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    56 responses to “*burp*”

      7 10 2002
    • 1.  suzi (23:44:50) :

      shes written to be? hahahaha
      tard! :D

    • 7 10 2002
    • 2.  meg (23:50:00) :

      wow…some people are pretty fucked up. You are to fuckable….you are teh sexy….and i think that suzi is way too cool….seeing as my other post didnt go up…i say it again….ok night night

    • 7 10 2002
    • 3.  Justin (23:55:02) :

      oh shut up suzi. it was a typo! it’s fixed now.

    • 7 10 2002
    • 4.  triz (23:58:12) :

      Jeebus man … first I visit Liz and Meg’s sites and discover that these two hot girls you are obsessed with are 17. Then I find out that you ENJOY being sent "revealing pictures" of 14 year olds.

    • 7 10 2002
    • 5.  triz (23:58:58) :

      Forgot to add this sentence at the end of the above comment:

      Pedophilia at its best.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 6.  red (01:20:42) :


    • 8 10 2002
    • 7.  Banana (08:08:36) :

      Justin has his very own stalker chick? Lucky bastard…

    • 8 10 2002
    • 8.  Bubba (08:14:23) :

      This may be late and out of place, but I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while. I’ve played Blizzard games on shitty B.net for about 4 years. I’ve learned a few things from it too. (1)I’ve learned that Blizzard is evil. (2) I don’t want to be racist, but I hate Koreans now. Some of you must understand why this is so. (3) Koreans use the following phrases: sux,fux,huk,sula,PK,and w00t. Now all this nonsense is because I’ve seen a lot of different people, non Korean, use the phrase *w00t*. It seems pointless, AND IT IS. Yet, I’m still confused why people started using w00t. I use w00t and huk as Korean trademarks, it’s an inside joke with my friends. Now,(1) All these people play B.net games or Counterstrike.(2) People got tired of saying woo. Or, and I think this is the reason,(3) Nobody gives a shit and wonder why the hell I wasted my time writing this down. To answer number 3 my time isn’t precious, and I’m really tired and bored. What’s the new phrase *huk*?

      For those of you that actually read this, you are all now dumber then ever. I apologize. w00t!!

    • 8 10 2002
    • 9.  kic (08:42:32) :

      jus, i gonna watch "kung pow". it’s really funny and perfectly fits into this site…

    • 8 10 2002
    • 10.  Da Man (09:54:42) :

      14 is not the age of consent. Well it is and isn’t, if I were 17, I could bang a 14 year old if she consents, if I am 18 years old and bang a 14 year old I can go to jail. However if I am 18 and bang a 16 year old, I am doing pretty good. If I am 18 I can do a LOT with a 14 year old, however if memory serves me right, no penitration. Not even anal ya sick fuck. Now it has been a while since I worked with lawyers, but as of probably 5 years ago that was the law, and I don’t think it changed that much.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 11.  Eric (10:54:10) :

      I wholeheartedly concur that I hate all Koreans that are stupidly shouting things. Espically when they have their own ‘shards’/servers. But hey whatever, I have had to put up with HUK HUK ^.^ ITEAM FOR KOREA, and I AM KOREA as well as
      -.-;;;;;; I don’t know what that means other than some strange ear thing. Also w00t.. I remember having a long pointlessly stupid conversation with I AM KOREA and I ended up wanting to either bash my head into a wall, or do the same to Mr. KOREA.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 12.  Justin (12:15:32) :

      legal age of consent in canada is 14. haha.

      plus, i wasn’t the one who wanted to fuck me!

      and i never said i ENJOYED it! silly boy. it only sounds better than it seems.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 13.  Eric (12:26:49) :

      Hey Justin, the sheer volume of crap you must receive everyday boggles my mind, but hey I guess girls showing you their ‘balloons’ isn’t all that bad now is it?

    • 8 10 2002
    • 14.  MANOWAR (12:31:56) :

      erm triz. you are an idiot. everybody knows the pedo thing has always been a running joke on this site.

      besides, the fact that he didnt post up her balloons show you that he’s a stand up guy.

      anyway yeah, Justin show us the balloons!!! [/joke]

    • 8 10 2002
    • 15.  suzi (12:36:37) :

      I AM KOREA!

    • 8 10 2002
    • 16.  suzi (12:37:44) :

      bleh and shes not even cute.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 17.  Matt (12:49:03) :

      I woudlnt mind seeing her balloons oh yah and red dragon was pretty lousy

      you should post more avril chats dude! funny stuff

    • 8 10 2002
    • 18.  Gorilla (14:23:36) :

      #1: "Wrote to me". Or "Had written to me." Refer to the past perfect. Not "she’s written to me". Everybody please correct.
      #2: So long as an ethnic descent acts (miraculously) different from the substandard norm of fat, middle american hick-lifestyle, people such as truckdriving "Bubba" with formal GED training will associate it as a prime example of a nation representing 200 million people.
      #3: If suzi is Korea, I am a citizen there.

      Gorilla Spoken

    • 8 10 2002
    • 19.  Justin (14:43:15) :

      It’s called a typo. The letter S is right next to the letter D

      Anyway, it’s okay either way. I’m Asian so it’s alright if i have bad EnGRiSH. HAr RA RaHrARh

      I Am KOreA huk huk huk w00t

      Stupid Asians

    • 8 10 2002
    • 20.  Matt (14:49:50) :

      ^lol^ huk huk huk

      oh yea everyone go here http://ageofconsent.com/ageofconsent.htm in Canada legal age is 14

    • 8 10 2002
    • 21.  I am Malaysia? (15:22:03) :

      Not only does the language go through severe bastardizing, punctuation isn’t appreciated as well.

      Asians do not suck. We are a w00t!
      huk huk.

      Heck Justin, you re an affable fellow and all, but proclaiming your hate for Malaysia is such a low-blow bud. How have we desecrated your experience here?

    • 8 10 2002
    • 22.  puller (15:27:59) :

      "red dragon" was not so bad. more true to the book than "manhunter" though the recent movie does lack "inna gadda da vida." most pointless movie ever made? so many contenders! how about "phantom menace"? lordy, what a piece of shit.

      anyway, what’s a guy who plays video games doing criticizing anything?

    • 8 10 2002
    • 23.  Shocke (15:32:21) :

      Malaysia sells expensive DVDs. huk huk huk w00t!

    • 8 10 2002
    • 24.  Chris (16:16:37) :

      you people need hobbies dammit…

      sux, fux, huk, huk, p00t

      ^ sounds like duck duck goose.. that game was the shit

    • 8 10 2002
    • 25.  I AM ASIAN (16:18:53) :

      we’re gonna like take over the world or something huk huk huk w00t!

    • 8 10 2002
    • 26.  Jamlink (16:35:44) :

      Since we are correcting English grammatical errors, you should work on your capitalization, punctuation, and run on sentences you seem to be struggling with. Sorry Gorilla, but you kind of asked for that one.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 27.  cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!formaly know as balloon shirt (17:12:06) :

      i luv yu guys,
      ok comment on the comments about my "balloons" etc.suzi-typos r kick ass.triz-hahahaha thats funny *sniff*.justin<333-canada here we cum!!!eric-hahahahahaha,yur intellegence amuses me.manowar-sry i got big boobs,and in the shirt i was wearing didn't help,looks like balloons were stuffed in my shirt(that is gonna becum a nickname one day "balloon grl".watch,it'll catch on).suzi-fuck yu!i am to cute,cute enough to have 3 stalkers,justin knows what im talkin bout!that pic he put up there just looks bad but it's kina cool!matt-tell justin to just post up the damn pic!!!!!!!i kinda like that pic.red-. . uh. . 2 bad.banana-hehe thats my couzins nickname visit her site,she designs websites- superifik.com daman-ooohhh yu want it baaad.all yu people talking bout asians-asians r HOT!

    • 8 10 2002
    • 28.  cat (17:14:59) :

      happy posting!!!_.+*^*+._ <-cats magical mind @ work

    • 8 10 2002
    • 29.  cat (17:18:02) :

      why does it matter that im from tennesse?i live in memphise tennesse why dont cha add that in!


    • 8 10 2002
    • 30.  cat (17:19:45) :

      yur only pos ta click once,dont b a moron!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 8 10 2002
    • 31.  dex (17:25:04) :

      what the blood, no hot girls come lookin fer me. (;

    • 8 10 2002
    • 32.  kenny (17:28:32) :

      I’d have to say Red Dragon was better than Hannibal. Lambs is still the best by far however.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 33.  cat (17:41:23) :

      no it wasnt hannibals da bestest.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 34.  caat (17:42:53) :

      but what do i know,im just a 14 year old balloon shirt that wants to fuck justin

    • 8 10 2002
    • 35.  *puuur cat =^o.o^= (18:13:27) :

      sooo anywayyyyyyyyyy

    • 8 10 2002
    • 36.  MyKe (18:33:29) :

      Hey Justin, anymore pics of stephanie in the works? im sure like me, everyone is dying to see more!

    • 8 10 2002
    • 37.  suzi (19:35:51) :

      Someone needs to beat some literacy into you Cat.
      Go away.

      I am Korea. huk. huk.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 38.  suzi (19:45:03) :

      I don’t think Justin would stalk you anyways, he has a girlfriend. A hot, LEGAL girlfriend, who has boobs, not balloons.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 39.  jerjerjerjerjerjerjerjerjer (19:46:20) :

      cat looks like a guy. she’s ugly ugly ugly.. i want to slap her. no i take it back.. i want to bludgeon her is a masterlock in a pillowcase. if my dog was as ugly as her, i’d shave his ass and run over him with a steamroller.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 40.  suzi (19:52:37) :

      So when are we going to make babies jacob? :D

    • 8 10 2002
    • 41.  Banana (19:57:54) :

      Cat: Wow, your cousin’s hot. Hook me up, will you?

      Bananafolio–Hahahahaha, that’s funny stuff!

    • 8 10 2002
    • 42.  AstroBoy (21:04:19) :

      Don’t waste your time talking bout Red Dragon (clearly nothing will ever top Silence). Now, Punch Drunk Love and The Rules of Attraction, those are 2 films worth writing home about.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 43.  jerjerjerjerjer (22:44:59) :

      we’ll make babies in 10.3 seconds.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 44.  thess (23:25:40) :

      "Someone needs to beat some literacy into you Cat." – ahahahahah. *smirks* Weird, but I was thinking the same thing. At this point, I’m just waiting to see how soon she puts a site up, then pimps herself all over Justin’s comments section.

    • 8 10 2002
    • 45.  Suzi (23:45:02) :

      10.3 seconds? How’d you come up with that time frame? :P

      eh..Thess. That’s going to be a saddd day. Bah. I hope her cousin never teaches her HTML.

    • 9 10 2002
    • 46.  Bubba (05:06:36) :

      Oh man…….what did I do?

    • 9 10 2002
    • 47.  Da Man (09:59:26) :

      I don’t think anyone is reading this thread anymore but I found the Canadian official gov’t site on age of sexual consent, this is a little blurb.


      The Criminal Code does not now criminalize consensual sexual activity with or between persons 14 or over, unless it takes place in a relationship of trust or dependency, in which case sexual activity with persons over 14 but under 18 can constitute an offence, notwithstanding their consent. Even consensual activity with those under 14 but over 12 may not be an offence if the accused is under 16 and less than two years older than the complainant. The exception, of course, is anal intercourse, to which unmarried persons under 18 cannot legally consent, although both the Ontario Court of Appeal(3) and the Quebec Court of Appeal(4) have struck down the relevant section of the Criminal Code.

      The site is: http://www.parl.gc.ca/information/library/PRBpubs/prb993-e.htm

      It is 14 but as you can see in that little blurb alone there are some gotcha’s.. but yup.. 14.. so pump away .. god damn I love this country ..

    • 9 10 2002
    • 48.  Suzi (09:59:29) :

      Hey, I am not the one sending him emails with "revealing" pictures and saying I want to fuck him. Not I.

    • 9 10 2002
    • 49.  Ruprecht (12:57:41) :

      I can’t believe I just read all this shite. Must be pissed. Don’t you people have anything better to do? Actually I take that back seeing as I bothered to read it all, 2 comments – Cat you aren’t legal so stop prick teasing, Suzi you are barely legal so ditto.

    • 9 10 2002
    • 50.  tai (15:12:45) :

      god justin. you must be enjoying this.. tsk tsk all the attention.

    • 9 10 2002
    • 51.  cat (17:11:07) :

      i guess it’s offical,everyone hates me now, but i dont hate yuuuu.that pic is baaaaaaaaaaaaaad,like the worst but the light glaring off my face makes it look cool in a way.yeah so what if i think justins hot,sry to affend yu.ill try to get him to post better pics next time so yu dont have to stare at hidious me

    • 10 10 2002
    • 52.  Bubba (07:04:46) :


    • 10 10 2002
    • 53.  thess (07:53:36) :

      It’s not the pics that are hideous.

    • 10 10 2002
    • 54.  suzi (08:00:24) :

      umm.. I guess you are missing the point that some of us don’t want more picures of you..
      or comments for that matter..

      It is so hard to decipher what the hell you are saying because you seem to be unable of spelling basic words in the correct way!

      BAN! BAN! HUK!

      I AM KOREA!

    • 20 12 2003
    • 55.  Jezer (05:42:29) :

      This site is cool , if you want to see some real funny shit go to spunkythemonkey.com it is fucking hilarious . I nearly shat myself. anyway see you guys later

    • 20 12 2003
    • 56.  smokey (05:47:37) :

      hey i just went to spunkythemonkey.com its so cool , you can become a member for free, and the pics and comics are class.

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