Funny thing happened today. Stacy sorta came up to me and talked to me. No not this Stacy. A different Stacy. To be able to actually talk to this Stacy would be nigh on impossible seeing as to how she’s on the other side of the world.

None of you would know this other Stacy though. Because she’s never been mentioned on the site. But i guess you will now since i’ve got nothing else really better to write about.

Oh and you might wanna skip reading this entry for two reasons because for one… it doesn’t really involve any naked women (i know that’s what you’re really looking for) and for another… um… because… it doesn’t involve any naked women.

Mentions of fine looking girls named Stacy yes. But naked women… no.

Anyway… the Stacy in question would be the Stacy that used to go to the same school that i used to go to back in Brunei.

(Yes, bad english i know)

Funnily enough, she’s now in the same college where i am too (Again… bad grammar). Different programme (i.e not in WMU like me. I think she’s doing A-levels….) but same campus. Confused? Well don’t be because it’s nothing important to get confused about.

Anyway, so i was in the library doing my thing, chatting to my AIM ‘peeps’ and out of the fucking blue i hear these girls like… doing their girly things and giggling and yakking away causing a fucking ruckus (Okay i’m exagerrating… but they were kinda noisy. Kinda…) so i turn around to give said noisy girls ‘the evil eye’.

I look back and i see Stacy. And like two of her friends. Now i can’t give her the evil eye. You don’t give hot girls the evil eye. You just don’t. Evil eye was not given. But eye contact however, was made. No!! BAD! Eye contact BAD! So you turn around a pretend you didn’t see her.

And proceed to stare at her through her reflection in the window.

Point is, you see… back in the day, in our previous school, i used to kinda bug Stacy through e-mails and ICQ. Used to send her these whacked out e-mails and ICQ messages. Basically just me goofing off in the worst ways possible. Normally being cute would earn major brownie points with the girlies. But i kinda overdid it. I overdid it to the point of it being off putting. This one time, i even tried using one of those pick up lines that you can get off the net on her. And through e-mail no less. I think it went like:

Me: Do you have a map?
Her: Why?
Me: Because i keep getting lost in your eyes.

Please direct all rotten tomatoes in my general direction.

I still remember that pick up line thing because me and a coupla friends of mine actually picked out the ‘best’ pick up lines to use for that one e-mail. Just to see how she’d react. She wasn’t amused to say the least.

I was though.

Friend of mine tried using the same pick up line (same method even… through e-mail) on some other chick he was scamming on and she replied with a threat to get one of her brothers to beat him up.


Anyway, yeah, i used to say all sorts of weird kooky things to Stacy. Because i can be a weird and kooky guy when the occasion calls forth. But never once through word of mouth though. Only through e-mail and ICQ. Which made it even more dubious. Haha. I think she must’ve thought i was some kind of psycho internet stalker or something. Hell, if i were her, i’d think the same thing too.

I never really did get the chance to come clean about my intentions (i.e i was just fooling around/don’t take everything too seriously). Usually i always come clean if i’m joking around but that time i didn’t get the chance to. It was just really about use guys being… guys i guess… at the time. Me and ‘the guys’ were talking about all the hot girls in the school this one day. And i put forth my opinion on who i thought was one of the hotter girls around: Stacy. Of course, being the asses that my friends were, they dismissed my ‘candidate’ and said i was crazy. But dammit! Stacy is hot! And she still is! They have no taste i tell you.

Anyway, it became sort of a running joke from then on. With me mockingly going on and on about how hot she was (she is actually) and the guys would just kinda groan and roll their eyes. Everytime i saw her around, i’d be like pointing her out to them, “Look! Look! It’s Stan!”

(In-joke: we used to refer to her as Stan because her school e-mail address was Stan = Stacy Tan. Geddit?)

Anyway, yeah, like i said, it became sort of like this running joke where’d i’d be making an ass out of myself by apparently ‘going ga-ga’ over her. And i took it one step further by starting to, what some would say, ‘pseudo-stalk’ her through e-mail and ICQ.

Man i was such an nut back then.

Well at least i lived up to my internet alias (Psykotik). Haha.

Anyway, i think i unintentionally scared her off in the end and she left the school (not because of me though!) before i had the chance to really right my wrongs. So to speak.

She actually gave me her phone number once. How the hell i even got her to do that i don’t even know. Whether it was a fake number i don’t know either. Because i never bothered trying to call her up. Because i never had any intention of doing so anyway. Which is puzzling to me now because i don’t know why or how i even have her (fake?) number.

But basically, i’ve never spoken to her. Not even once. Not until today anyway. Which was weird. Because i figured from what she might’ve thought of me from back then, she wouldn’t even dare go near me much less even TALK to me now. I know i wouldn’t.


But she did. She came up to me in fact. Asked me about my site. Man handled my cellphone in fact. Told me about her site too. Even typed out her URL for me.

If i weren’t in the library i would’ve probably fainted from the amount of ‘contact’ i’d just gone through. Because prior to that episode, i’d never actually been in actual contact with her. Not of that ‘proportion’ anyway. Sure, i’d seen her around campus a coupla times. The dreaded eye contact was made (I’m not too big on eye contact). Seen her around the cafeteria a coupla times. But yeah, nothing as major as TALKING to each other. Or sitting NEXT TO EACH OTHER.

Definitely nothing as life changing as LETTING HER TYPE OUT HER URL FOR YOU.

Anyway so i’m checking out her site, expecting it to be a bog standard ‘homepage’. And from the looks of it, it did look like a bog standard ‘homepage’. Looked through it. Signed her guestbook. And left a ‘witty’ comment.

I wish i’d looked around more though because i actually missed out the BLOG part of her site the first time. Yes! She blogs! In fact she almost kinda but not quite really blogs like Jia Hui. In the way that they both have their own ways of spelling the word ‘fuck’. And that they’re both Chinese. And both Malaysian.

But of course, nothing compares to Jia Hui. Jia Hui is untouchable. Nobody can touch Jia Hui. Except me.

Yes that was meant to be a perverse joke.

It fell flat. I’m sorry.

In conclusion, today a hot girl talked to me for 30 seconds, a hot girl typed out her URL for me and i found out said hot girl has a blog. Of sorts.

So yes, hot girl with a blog (of sorts) talking to me for 30 seconds and proceeding to type out her URL for me = GOOD

A not hot girl without a blog (of sorts) not talking to me for 30 seconds and not proceeding to type out her URL for me = BAD

You know, if she does read this, i’m fucked.

3 thoughts on “STACY

  1. well you spelt her name wrong so many times, what kind of second rate stalker are you. pathetic.

    #1 | Comment by regine — October 4, 2001 @ 11:26 pm

  2. u one lucky bastard…..
    not all stalkers get what they wanted…

    #2 | Comment by MaNacZ — October 5, 2001 @ 5:23 pm

  3. To clarify, i actually wrote two versions of that post. One with names being correct (Stacy/Stacey) and one with them being incorrect (Stacy/Stacy. The one that i deceded to go with in the end).

    Because for a moment there, i actually got confused as to which Stac(e)y had their name spelt S.t.a.c.y/S.t.a.c.e.y.

    So for the sake of amusement (and because i’m a lazy bastard), i just went with calling em both Stacy.

    Stacy… Stacey… same thing.

    A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.

    Yes, i’m just full of corny lines.

    #3 | Comment by Justin — October 5, 2001 @ 5:37 pm

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