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Geez. Find out that you’ve linked a new site and now everybody wants a piece of the action. Had two link requests over the past two days. Why i’m linking them i don’t even know. I’m usually a tight ass about linking people (who don’t have breasts).


::drinking hard::

Good thing about guy sites is that, even though they themselves don’t have breasts, they put pictures of people who do have breasts… on their sites. Girl sites, for most of the part, don’t. Unless of course if you’re Amanda.

I had 1930 hits yesterday. Which is like 6 hits away from my current record of 1936.

I don’t get many hits. I want more.

2 thoughts on “New links

  1. Hey Justin,
    *sigh* you still bitching about you hits? Hehe

    #1 | Comment by Sophie — October 5, 2001 @ 1:25 am

  2. Now that you’re linking, how about mine too? *blink* i need hits as well…still a long way from yours. 😛

    #2 | Comment by Pearly — October 5, 2001 @ 12:30 pm

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