New link! And then some!

Hm hm hmm…

I’m feeling generous today.

I’m feeling horny too but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, school server’s being quite SLOW today. Not that any of you would really care but it is kinda impairing my posting… ability. As in i can’t post because it takes 20 minutes just to get into GreyMatter and 78 hours just for my site to load up… halfway through… and then time out.

So here i am in a cybercafe. Feeling generous. And horny.

Alright i’m kidding about the first two.

But no, all joking aside, i’ve been looking through my own site a bit and i’ve noticed a coupla new visitors checking it out. And one unexpected one too. Sophie posted a comment to one of my posts. If you’ve been reading long enough, i’m sure you know who she is. Actually, i’m surprised she still even checks this site out. I would’ve thought she’d hate me for life after we ‘broke up’. In fact i think she does. Ha.

And then there’s this Regine chick. Who’s apparently really anal about how i spell Stacey’s name. Which is ironic considering Stacey spells her name Stezsie in her URL. Which is obviously not how you spell Stacy. Or Stacey. Yet i don’t hear her complaining.

And of course, the main reason why i’m even writing this super exciting super interesting post… is because i wanna announce a new link.

::Stacey Tan::

No i mean:

::Pimple Popper::

No i really mean:

::Pearly Tan::

Alright, i’m just plain mean.

One thought on “New link! And then some!

  1. LOL the horny old man sure is feeling mean today. ‘Newaiz…thanks for the link. 😉

    #1 | Comment by -The proud pimple popper- — October 6, 2001 @ 12:26 pm

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