Betty and Veronica

2 06 2017

First of all, what the fuck. The last post was in November 2016? And it’s now June 2017? Shit, time flies.

I had the weirdest dream the other day. I dreamt i was playing a Betty and Veronica point and click adventure game (probably like the ones Telltale makes, which by the way, Tales from the Borderlands is like, their BEST game) on the Nintendo Switch and i guess i was in some house, a bedroom i think? with Betty and Veronica in there and i’m like calling out to them, like, “Hey check out this Betty and Veronica game!”, to Betty and Veronica.

But not the comic Betty and Veronica. This was Riverdale Betty and Veronica, Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes.

And oh boy do i have a crush on Lili Reinhart. Ended up just lying in bed with Betty and Veronica playing a Betty and Veronica game and then i fucking woke up. But damn it was nice while it lasted. That Lili Reinhart though.



I think it’s because she reminds of Amber Heard and you know how much i love Amber Heard. She’s on my Bang List 10 after all. A list i still have finished.

I should finish it. Someday.

Next post? Maybe in 2018? Ha ha ha.


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13 responses to “Betty and Veronica”

    2 06 2017
  • 1.  Embus (16:51:24) :

    Well I’ll fucking comment if nobody else wants to…..

    Funny how the one time I check to see if you’re still alive is the date of the only post in a year. Great minds (still) think alike….

    Anyhow, glad you’re not dead.


  • 5 06 2017
  • 2.  Spartikiss (06:22:02) :


    Two days later. But still…

    Will have to check out dem gurls.


  • 5 06 2017
  • 3.  Kroz (11:25:13) :


  • 8 06 2017
  • 4.  asdf (04:36:22) :

    can you just fucking return to doing something regularly rather than tease us with a tombstone in this cemetery once a year? fuck.

  • 16 06 2017
  • 5.  Donny (08:29:37) :

    Fuck you, Justin.

  • 16 06 2017
  • 6.  Pirho (15:34:09) :

    I’d do her

  • 16 06 2017
  • 7.  wp_legend (23:11:07) :

    I should watch more TV…Never heard of this chick!

  • 17 06 2017
  • 8.  Austin (01:34:07) :

    I would fuck Justin.

  • 18 06 2017
  • 9.  Glitter (01:14:14) :

    im gonna say the damndest thing.

    the older I get. the less pedo I become.

    None the less. dat Lili doe. I would.

    Good to see ya, shit Justin, your kids are getting up there in age now aren’t they? You aint kidding about time flying, my oldest is about to turn 10.

    thanks for dropping in and reminding us all about the good ol days.

  • 2 07 2017
  • 10.  Justin (11:20:53) :

    #1, i’m still alive!

    #9, yeah, boy kid is 8 and girl kid is 4.

    we’re getting old. i don’t even know who to pedo over anymore these days. is chloe moretz still underage?

  • 2 07 2017
  • 11.  Glitter (14:22:28) :

    I just pedo over the old shit.

    I show my kids movies that I like, Harry Potter, Lemony Snicket, etc. And reminisce about Emma Watson, Emily Browning and so forth.

  • 6 10 2017
  • 12.  JohnIan (03:07:04) :

    Nice to see posts.

  • 4 01 2018
  • 13.  mo-boobies (20:40:07) :

    Betty’s hot, reminds me more of Greta Gerwig than Heard.

    Strangely Veronica does nothing for me.

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