18 03 2003

Wow. I swear i had a ton of things that i wanted to post about today that i had in mind last night but for the life of me, i can’t remember a single thing about what i wanted to post about. I should’ve written down all the ideas i had somewhere. Oh well. They’ll probably come back to me later in the day.

Okay well actually i do remember one thing that i wanted to mention. So lemme just get that out of the way. Amanda Bynes. She’s pretty hot. She’s in that new What A Girl Wants movie. I’m sure you’ve probably the the trailers for it on tv. Doesn’t really look too good though. Kinda reminds me of The Princess Diaries… set in England. I think she has a show on Nickelodeon or something. I dunno. I don’t have that channel. Actually wait, i do. I just never watch it. Either way she’s hot. That’s all that matters.

How old is she? She seems like she’s around Suzi’s age or something. Except that she doesn’t look 12. Hee.

Anyhoo, yeah, it’s been a while since i last posted up any good celeb pics and stuff. I think i’ll just do that for now.

Speaking of The Princess Diaries, whatsherface with the big eyes and big smile has grown some pretty big boobs since i last saw her onscreen.

She’s braless here. Smuggling peanuts.

That’s my new term for girls that have their nipples poking through their shirts and whatnot.

For example:

Here, Britney Spears is smuggling peanuts under her blouse. Bad Britney.

Anna Paquin, also smuggling peanuts. Tsk tsk.

Mandy Moore with some very nice cleavage. Not smuggling any peanuts though. Damn you Mandy. Smuggle some peanuts next time!!

Anyway, you get the idea now.

Peanut smugglers are the best.

I think i’ll leave you with some Olsen twins pics. I dare you not to have dirty thoughts after looking at the fourth pic.

Very guilty pleasure.

The fouth pic.


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32 responses to “Peanuts!”

    18 03 2003
  • 1.  Marty (01:08:34) :

    "Think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts…"

  • 18 03 2003
  • 2.  SubWolf (01:08:55) :

    The result: You win, dirty thoughts abound.

    Whatta pair!… (Ahem).. Time to come out of ‘Pervert-Rob’ mode again. ;-)

  • 18 03 2003
  • 3.  KIngolf (01:28:44) :

    Heh, I can think all the dirty thoughts I want.

  • 18 03 2003
  • 4.  Umgawa (01:53:21) :

    I’m actually so old at this point that looking at that fourth Olsen Twins pic all I said was, "Hanson?"

  • 18 03 2003
  • 5.  uncle pauly (02:38:58) :

    so i finally fucked my exgirlfriend of 5 years best friend. is that really that bad? considering i’ve been waiting 5 years to do it. anyways, it was great! except she literally used me for sex and thats it. normally thats great, except one thing. i think i’m starting to like the little slut. oh well, i guess i should keep her as a booty call. right? yes of course, nm

  • 18 03 2003
  • 6.  Mr Blonde (02:40:45) :

    Anne Hathaway got real hot in a hurry.

  • 18 03 2003
  • 7.  Victim (02:45:59) :

    Justin….you are finally doing justice to your name…too bad I didn’t get to meet your gf. talked to her on the phone though!

  • 18 03 2003
  • 8.  lite (03:15:28) :

    indeed that last pic was jinxed. eh?

  • 18 03 2003
  • 9.  Clayboy (03:30:45) :

    Dammit justin, where’s the fifth pic? the one where the twins start gettin down…..? oh wait, you said "not to have dirty thoughts.." blast you!

  • 18 03 2003
  • 10.  Sliy (04:09:44) :

    okay Justin we waited long enough when are you gonna have the olson twins on your site. hey I’ve got nothing against Avril but come on we all want to see it. Bring on the twins.

  • 18 03 2003
  • 11.  beng (04:51:21) :

    ah… peanuts at its best…

    i think britneys nipples kinda look like snoopys nose… ha ha smuggling snoopy…

  • 18 03 2003
  • 12.  grud (05:16:38) :

    Brittney Spears looks like she’s one potatoe chip away from exploded into obesity. Implants and all. Skank.

  • 18 03 2003
  • 13.  grud (05:17:28) :

    damn, typo’s. Need more coffee.

  • 18 03 2003
  • 14.  Poobah (05:56:39) :

    olson twins = birth control

    I wouldn’t fuck them with Justin’s dick.

  • 18 03 2003
  • 15.  luke (08:41:06) :

    wat the fuck.

  • 18 03 2003
  • 16.  thefelinepunk (09:19:21) :

    need I remind you rabid horn-dogs that those women didn’t grow up hot, or "get hot in a hurry." They got famous and got image consultants. I mean, Avril’s "wardrobe manager" got all pissed off that no-one mentioned how "punk" Avril looked that evening. What the fuck ever. *rolls eyes* I HATE Avril.

  • 18 03 2003
  • 17.  thefelinepunk (09:20:23) :

    And um, by "that evening" I meant "At the Grammy’s." I was thinking faster than I type again… need more Mountain Dew.

  • 18 03 2003
  • 18.  WP_LeGeNd (09:31:02) :

    WOOHOO this is what fubar is all about… just found out your site returned and read all the previous posts pfft I’m a bit tired now… its great everything returned to normal!

  • 18 03 2003
  • 19.  RedEye (09:48:46) :

    J post feels like it came out of a time machine from FUBAR March 2002…with one exception. In March 2002, one of the pix would have been topless. I’ve grown so accustomed to reading long posts from Eve and the occasional lame post from you that I’d forgotten how amusing an old-school Justin post can be.

    BTW – I’m guessing that the "peanut smuggling" pic is not braless. Just a little colder in the room when it was taken.

  • 18 03 2003
  • 20.  Averrhyz (10:54:14) :

    Hoohoo… now *that* is pure-Justinian-esq posting! But I echo RedEye where the tasteful topless girls come in…

  • 18 03 2003
  • 21.  Bryan (11:47:05) :

    In the state I live in, a 17 year old can legally engage in consensual sex…I think the twins should move here…

  • 18 03 2003
  • 22.  Banana (12:06:00) :

    Mmm, Amanda Bynes…I fell in love with from her first "Ask Ashley" skit on All That. Because I am a freak. She’s the only reason to watch the film Big Fat Liar and the show What I Like About You, though I do seem to remember that Jennie Garth used to be hot at some point.

  • 18 03 2003
  • 23.  Mr Blonde (12:56:49) :

    Take it easy there felinepunk. I just meant she looks more mature and generally hotter since the last time I saw her. I hadn’t seen her since The Princess Diaries.

  • 18 03 2003
  • 24.  Justin (13:11:03) :

    Jennie Garth was hot. I remember watching BH 90210… hoping there’d be scenes with her in a bikini in every episode. Alas, they were few and far in between.

  • 18 03 2003
  • 25.  IronChef (17:14:17) :


    Always has been, always will be…

  • 18 03 2003
  • 26.  Justin (17:28:18) :

    or raspberries. they can look like raspberries too you know.

  • 18 03 2003
  • 27.  gabdabary (22:12:10) :

    i always preferred to say that the girls were saluting. or that the turkeys were done.

    gotta love girls that salute.

  • 20 03 2003
  • 28.  thefelinepunk (10:39:46) :

    I prefer the male "salute" a lot more.

  • 20 03 2003
  • 29.  Kingolf (17:33:18) :

    *listens to rowr.waw*

    *Salutes TheFelinePunk*

  • 22 03 2003
  • 30.  j (10:13:26) :
  • 19 11 2003
  • 31.  Suburban Wolf (11:41:03) :

    I keep returning to this page, for those Olsen Twins pics… man, 207 days now. :)

  • 29 04 2004
  • 32.  horny elmo (20:04:11) :

    marykate and ashely are hot you got my dick to stand up by looking at those pictures

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