So i already have a Steam Deck, which i originally got back in December 2022. Bought the 64GB model at the time and upgraded the internal storage to 2TB.

Just bought a 512 GB Steam Deck OLED today and first order of business was to swap out the 2TB SSD from the LCD into the new OLED.

A straight swap and everything worked fine. Now i have a fresh empty 512GB Steam Deck LED that i might sell off? Or maybe i’ll just hand it down to my kid.

You know, i actually had an Asus ROG Ally which i bought back at launch. It was alright. Used it quite a bit, mostly playing Baldur’s Gate 3, but i eventually ended up selling it because i just preferred Steam OS. Windows was not built for handheld gaming.

But yeah, that OLED screen is super nice. Colors really pop and the blacks are really inky. OLED is amazing.

An 83″ OLED LG C4 (or G4) is now my goal for 2025.

Either that or a 98″ Mini LED TV. It’s gonna happen.


  1. You’re holding off on the TV for an entire year?

    Good call on the Deck OLED. Do you feel like things ran better on your Ally, though?

    #1 | Comment by Jason — January 21, 2024 @ 3:06 am

  2. the ally definitely ran baldurs gate 3 better but the fan noise on that thing bugged me.

    fan noise on the LCD steam deck was tolerable and now its even better on the OLED.

    i just like the overall UI/UX on the steam deck.

    running big picture mode on the ally is similar, but it’s still windows under there.

    i think the whole console-like feel is what appeals to me more with these handheld pc things.

    it can’t run everything but it runs what i need and emudeck is great for retro emulation.

    #2 | Comment by Justin — January 21, 2024 @ 6:44 am

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