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5 04 2003

I was bored. So i decided to unblock the people that weren’t already on my buddylist so that they could IM me. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be me, and what kinds of IMs i usually get, well…

30/3/03 10:39 PM
Tyler560: why won’t treble chager come to the states?

23/3/03 10:38 AM
perutaisgod: r u avril lavigne

02/4/03 5:13 PM
FuguePartisan: he was a man… well, more like a dragon-man… or maybe just a dragon- but he was stil TROGDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR

04/4/03 11:54 PM
AJisKewl: The smiling frog winks at me….then frees his young companions
AJisKewl: Please, the elephant has a brain Tumor

02/4/03 3:25 PM
juice2027: i wanna know.. how many times you have been random messaged since u unblocked everybody….
juice2027: e-pimp.

28/3/03 11:30 PM
WhackedSka: so your not avril?
WhackedSka: so your not really avril?
WhackedSka: see your not cuz avril would answer back, defending her avrilness
WhackedSka: your a poser

02/4/03 6:04 PM
NorthKoreanP0wer: how do i become as cool as you?

04/4/03 10:46 PM
ObsesiveInsanity: youre avril lavigne right?


So i got this e-mail a coupla days ago.

Subject: hey im sorry
From: “Beth Dougherty”
Date: Sat, Mar 29 2003 5:21:18 AM +0000

hey, i know you dont really know me but i have kinda talking to u on AIM, my name is beth, my screen name is BrandX2wo my friend joe had givin me your screen name and told me that you yourself were avril, n then i went to your site n i realized you werent, i am a big fan of hers n im sorry if i caused u any inconvenience. i would like it if u would email me back n let me know u got this email alright… thank you



Aww. Poor girl. Anyhow, i figured i’d just try IMing her and talking to her. Just to see if she’s new girlfriend material. Haha. I kid. She’s like what, 16. That’s like Suzi’s age. EW. Anyway, so i’m talking to this girl and we’re talking about Avril and how she wants to hump her (she bisexual apparently) and then she direct connects to me and sends me a picture of herself! And i didn’t even have to ask!

  • 16 year old Beth

    I don’t think she’ll mind me posting that pic up. I mean she has the same pic on her Hot or Not page and this Bang Me thingy that she has. Kinda like Hot or Not. So yeah. It’s not like you can’t find that pic online or anything.

    You know, sometimes i wonder why i don’t just go out there and take advantage of these kiddies and get them to just send me pictures of their naked boobs. I’m sure they probably would. I mean, look, i didn’t even have to ask her for that pic! And remember that balloon girl? The 14 year old? She sent me a picture of herself in a bikini top sitting in front of a birthday cake! And i didn’t even have to tell her to do that for me!

    Damn me for being such a nice guy and not wanting to take advantage of my power!

    02/4/03 3:33 PM
    DrunkenGorg: Hey, this is the guy from You were posting soemthing about emo earlier, and I found this…

    Hahaha. Speaking of EMO…

    Subject: Possibly Faggot Looking EMO sighting
    From: “Nick”
    Date: Thu, Apr 3 2003 5:54:48 AM -0500

    I don’t know if you heard/seen this band called AFI on MTV but i saw them twice with some song thats apprently a prelude to something (ghey).

    Anyway i couldn’t really understand WTF they were singing about but it sounded like he was saying “i will follow” a lot and yelling words for a long time but he didn’t sound like the devil when he did it so I assume its some kind of EMO crap. On top of that the lead singer had hair down to his ass and the guitarest had a dykie looking haircut and it was a dude. And at some point in the song when he wasn’t yelling crap him and the guitarest were really into each other staring at one another. The drummer and other guitarest weren’t getting much camera time so I assume they were the sex gimps of the other two.

    You’re probably talking about A Fire Inside. How do i know this? Google of course. Did you really think i’d know anything about music at all aside from Avril Lavigne?

    Ooh ooh. Speaking of Avril Lavigne, how about that new video of hers eh? Especially that part where she stagedives into the crowd. I was watching her ‘making the video’ thing for that video and she was like saying how the guys in the crowd were like groping her and grabbing her ass and stuff and i was like “AHH I WISH I GOT TO GROPE AND GRAB HER ASS!!”. But oh well.

    Subject: I made a game.
    From: “Will Boyd”
    Date: Thu, Apr 3 2003 7:21:11 PM -0500

    Hey Justin. Remember that half Korean webmaster from Gear Factory? Yeah, it’s me.

    I made this game called Align 4. I’m all proud of it because it’s my first public software release. Anyway, I’m freely distributing the game as freeware, and I was wondering if you could help me spread the word by plugging my game on your site.

    URL for the game:

    By the way, I added your link back to Gear Factory. I took it down a long time ago when your site seemed to be gone (which, looking back, seems to happen a lot), and never got around to putting it back up. But then, I’d feel guilty asking you for a plug without even linking to your site, so I took care of that.


    Will Boyd

    Anyway, that’s it for now kiddies. And remember girls, SHOW ME YOUR BOOBS. Voluntarily of course.

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    33 responses to “IMs and e-mails”

      5 04 2003
    • 1.  Keli (01:40:35) :

      AFI is soooo not emo. They’re an awesome band, it did suck to see them on MTV though, because MTV tends ruin things now a days. Anyone remember once upon a time when MTV was cool? And justin now people are going to be thinking you’re Amanda Bynes.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 2.  Onan (01:44:42) :

      I never saw the "making the video" for avril’s new video, but I still wished I was in the crowd so I could grab her ass. If she ever performs in your area would you attend so that you could grab her ass when she stage dives? I would.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 3.  lizzie (02:12:29) :

      groupies like woa. i’m glad i don’t have any. ahem.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 4.  fu (02:53:10) :

      Hey, AFI isn’t that bad…they’re not emo…thank god…

    • 5 04 2003
    • 5.  thess (03:17:54) :

      She looks strung the fuck out in that picture on the right with the little trendy tie thing going on.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 6.  Guizhang (09:40:16) :

      "Anyone remember once upon a time when MTV was cool?"

      I certainly do… I remember in the early nineties when you would click on MTV and a great band like Niravana or Guns and Roses (Say what you wish, but they were good back in their heyday) and their new vidoe would be playing. I also remember Beavis and Butthead and The HEad with a smile.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 7.  Bubba (10:24:27) :

      Oh it’s true…AFI is indeed turning EMO.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 8.  Bryan (11:03:06) :

      Some real music right there. No commercial sponsership, no paying radio stations to play their songs. They for a fan base through live shows that don’t cost an arm and a leg to see. Invest some time into this.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 9.  Dave Marshak (11:52:55) :

      I too remember the good ol days of MTV and Much Music (am Canadian eh!).. The MAXX on MTV was the best, got a poster here.. anyways.. in Canada we get MTV Canada, and if you got satelite you get MTV2 Canada. MTV2 is almost all music, but 95% of the time its black people singing… where did all the white bands go? Not that I have anything against black people singing, but when thats all you hear it gets pretty damn boring… Edge and Much Loud are supposed to be good music stations, no sissy pop music, and not always playing hip hop and whining people music…

      Avril has a nice bum.. I would like to bite down on them ass cheeks.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 10.  Whooooa (11:59:58) :

      Had to go listen to AFI for myself as I had never heard of them… thats like a cross between the Cure and Live… someone needs to get a little originality.. nasty shit there.

      Of course thats just my opinion, that Metal.Zip file has good MP3s in it however.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 11.  pangwinking (12:13:46) :

      Ha, Beth’s an e-whore, I like it.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 12.  pangwinking (12:23:16) :

      Hey, I got first (and second) posts, am I cool now?

    • 5 04 2003
    • 13.  Quarashi (12:42:24) :

      No, that’s sad…

    • 5 04 2003
    • 14.  Bryan (12:48:27) :

      Seems like that Beth chick is another trendwhore. How ironic that Avril is a dumb faux-punk poser whore and this Beth chick (who claimed to almost idolize her) is the same thing! When will people ever be able to think (and dress) for themselves without the influence of some fucking MTV, radio payed, manufactured bullshit?

    • 5 04 2003
    • 15.  jason (13:39:29) :

      holy shit "Whooooa"….AFI needs originatlity?? They arn’t a ‘new’ band……AFI have been around since the early ninties and are FAR from emo. They singed to a major label late last year which is why you havn’t seen them in the mainstream until now. They are very original when you consider they’ve been around as long as they have, they arn’t a "spanking new band". They have put out 6 albums not including all the EP’s they’ve put out over the past decade..Just because you’ve never heard of them doesn’t mean they never exsisted. They have alot of fans that dont think its "nasty shit"…infact go educate yourself on some good punk oldschool punk music

    • 5 04 2003
    • 16.  Zil (13:52:53) :

      Hey Justin, sorry about your break up.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 17.  Devon (15:13:26) :

      The Trogdor comment is a reference to Strongbad Email, how to draw a dragon. On in case you’ve never been exposed to homestar goodness.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 18.  Justin (15:29:59) :

      i prefer Happy Tree Friends better.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 19.  Bryan (16:05:23) :

      "They have alot of fans that dont think its ‘nasty shit’…infact go educate yourself on some good punk oldschool punk music"

      Sorry to tell you, Jason, but that is NOT punk rock. Punk rock is nothing you will ever hear on the radio or see on MTV. Greenday is not punk. Good Charlotte is not punk. New Found Glory isn’t, and Sum41 isn’t either. REAL punk rock is done by bands such as The Sex Pistols (RIP Sid Vicious), The Ramones, Strung Out, NOFX, NU4AN, and The Clash. You can’t very well tell someone to "get educated" when you yourself have no fucking clue what the fuck you’re talking about.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 20.  Jason (16:14:38) :

      Bryan, AFI were not on MTV until 2 weeks ago when the new cd was released…they’ve been an underground punk band for a decade now…and not only that but they have played along with all the bands you mentioned including Strung out, NOFX, No Use For A Name…..dont sit there and pretend you are the ‘say all, tell all’ of punk..because if you really knew anything about it you’d know that when you list all those "true" punk bands AFI is amost that list…

    • 5 04 2003
    • 21.  Bryan (16:32:26) :

      AFI is not punk rock and that’s all there is to it. Fact of the matter is, even if they were ever classified as "punk", they lost that when they went mainstream. Punk rock is not mainstream music and that’s and undeniable musical truth. A sound doesn’t make you punk rock, an attitude and lifestyle does and they aren’t punk. They’re about as punk as Avril is.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 22.  jb (18:08:06) :

      Seriously guys. wtf does it matter what a dan group is classified as. If yah like em, fine, if you don’t, that’s fine too. but to be all hot and bothered over whether a group is "punk" or if it’s "mainstream." Seriously it’s rediculous. Silly bitches.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 23.  annubius (20:05:07) :

      Hey since you were talking about emo i figured id bring something up, my band Fabric, which is basically punk/ska just wrote an emo type song, i think im gonna call it Bad, in a good way. and when we play it well mention this site, sounds like a good idea right?

    • 5 04 2003
    • 24.  Bubba (21:28:18) :

      AFI Guttermouth and NOFX uh…used to be punk. As of late they have really turned the ways of the Blink, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t like their old stuff. Just that their new "sound" isn’t my cup of tea-tea yo. Also, I believe they do the Blink thing better than Blink…if that is in fact possible…

      Punk rock, ummmm….Sloppy Seconds, Fear, old Misfits (with fucking Danzig!), Bad Religion, Social D, The Vandals, TSOL, Mongol 800, and The Ramones. Just my favorite punk bands, but whatevas.

    • 5 04 2003
    • 25.  Cleo (23:33:58) :

      You’re a pedo. Die. <3

    • 6 04 2003
    • 26.  PacManJesus (01:46:19) :

      Wow, you guys are sad. You are all defending catagorizing and specifying what music goes where. Do you all have to defend your "sacred" genres of music. In my mind, music has two catergories, "Sucks" and "Doesn’t Suck" the second, of course, containing way less music, because most of the stuff out there today is just shit.

      But I find it hilarious that everyone has to get so defensive, but then you have to deside what goes where, and what bands have changed genres, it doesn’t matter, if music is good, listen to it, debate over.

    • 6 04 2003
    • 27.  Bubba (03:00:30) :


    • 6 04 2003
    • 28.  PacManJesus (03:01:03) :

      Nicely Put…

    • 6 04 2003
    • 29.  Bryan (13:41:04) :

      I only get snappy about music when people try to put commercial shit in a genre such as punk or metal when commercial music can never be those things (that and when people say Linkin Park has talent).

      And Bubba, yeah, NOFX has gotten a bit soft with their last few albums which sucks but their older stuff is still good. And the *good* Misfits will always be the shit. I’ve got every vinyl they ever released, plus some imports :).

    • 6 04 2003
    • 30.  Susan (16:03:27) :


    • 8 04 2003
    • 31.  Blitzkrieg (10:22:35) :

      ALL YOUR BASE BELONG TO US’…we should get avril to make a song about that crazy web/cult saying.

    • 11 04 2003
    • 32.  nived (16:42:35) :

      i know im posting late, but that beth girl is hot.

    • 14 04 2003
    • 33.  Jagmo (19:04:31) :

      A quick question –

      Does anybody know anything about the Singapore Party Girl video floating around on Kazaa? Supposedly it is a video of a chick who worked for citibank and then got fired after the video began floating around the office.

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