This post isn’t as good as yesterday’s

Subject: “I see” said the blind man…
From: “Timothy B. Monahan”
Date: Tue, Oct 9 2001 1:59:32 PM -0400

Well, thanks for solving that little mystery for me.

Did she personally threaten you or something? I will always wonder why she made those files. For a boyfriend, to put on the web, for money….ah, where is the gang from Scooby Doo to sovle the REAL mysteries.

I have 3 of 5 downloaded on my PC (got them from Morpheus) but I obviously want the other two!! Do you have Morpheus? I might have downloaded them from you already…

Anywho, how does one become a member of F.U.B.A.R?

Actually no. She didn’t threaten me. I wish she did though. But no, it was some guy/girl/shemp who signed my guestbook (i think) telling me how i shouldn’t call her Libby Hoeler because it’s supposedly not Libby Hoeler in those videos and how the real Libby Hoeler must going through hell because of that ‘dancing chick’ who’s going around the internet as Libby Hoeler. Or something like that.

I’m terrible at explaining things.

Anyway, rumor is that she made those videos for her boyfriend. And somehow, they just found their way on the internet. Or so the story goes. That’s what i heard from Jack’s site anyway. I’m not really too sure myself. So don’t quote me on that.

Go get those other two vids. The ones that you don’t have. I personally have all five videos on my laptop (but don’t tell anyone that… wouldn’t wanna seem like a dirty horny old man). And yes, i do use Mopheus at home. But not here on campus. Because i don’t have a PC. I have a Mac. A PowerBook G4 in fact. And Morpheus doesn’t work on a Mac. Did i mention i have a PowerBook G4?

Yes, that was blatant showing off at it’s best.

Anyway, to answer you question… how does one become a member on this site?

Easy. One must have breasts.

Actually i don’t have members on this site. It’s all just me. I do have what i like to call freelance posters though. They’re not ‘members’. But i give them access to the site so that they can post here anytime they want should they feel the need to. So far, i have Thess, Zia and Zil posting on my site.

They have breasts.

I also have Will and two other guys posting here. But they all seem to have died.

They don’t have breasts.

Which is puzzling to me as to why i even let them post here.

“I came across this great website on one of the sites that I normally read today. I would plug the site that I normally read, but I don’t like the people who run it – therefore they don’t deserve to be plugged. This site is pretty damn good. It has a lot of content, and the layout is really appealing.”

You can practically feel my ego getting bigger.

Infinite Pi
You might wanna check that site out. The girl who runs it has breasts. Obviously. But no, seriously, it’s a nice site. Check it out.

You know, it’s funny. I was checking out her site yesterday and i thought to myself, “Wow. I really want Leelee Sobieski.”

Actually no, that wasn’t what i thinking.

But no, i thought her site was pretty sweet. Really nice and all. Just plain nice. And i’m thinking, “I wonder if she’d like to exchange links…”. I usually dread the prospect of asking for link exchanges. Especially with a girl. Especially with a girl who runs a site as ‘nice’ as hers. Because, i’m thinking “Nah, she’ll never wanna link my site. Not with all the crap that on it.”. You know, the ‘porn’, the swearing, the breast talk and the overall ‘oh my god you are SUCH a guy!’-ness of it all. Amongst other things.

In my mind, i’d think that girls would be offended by this site.

But then again, that’s probably just the pessimist in me thinking that.

Her site is nice. My site isn’t. In fact, my site could be thought of as bad… in a good way (no pun intended).

She also has a personal site.

her personal site
And while i’m at it, i might as well give this guy a plug:
He likes girls. Almost as much as i do.

I finally got around to watching The Musketeer. It’s an alright movie i guess. It’s pretty funny. I quite liked the witty exchanges of dialogue between Mena Suvari and Justin Chambers. I laughed. It’s takes a lot to make me laugh out loud during movies. The fight scenes were cool. Wished there were more though. The final fight scene kinda ended a bit abruptly i thought. But everything preceeding it was cool. Overall i thought the movie was just okay. Nothing special. Just your a typical Peter Hyams hack flick.

Watch it if only for the fights and the funny lines.

Rico (one of my roommates) bought a bootleg copy of Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back on DVD. Yes, DVD. Bootleg.

Main Menu
The main menu

Chapter Selection
The chapter selection


“Would you like a chocolate covered pretzel?”


Jason Mewes’ bare ass cheeks (the picture speaks for itself really)

That last pic is for the ladies.

Of course, JASBSB isn’t even officially out yet on DVD but hey, we have ourselves a copy back in the dorm. And you don’t. But it’s nothing to get envious over though. It’s bare bones. Not even a trailer. Or production notes. Then again, it is a bootleg. So yeah, big whoop.

Can anybody tell me if Blood: The Last Vampire is worth buying? Apparently it only lasts 48 minutes or something like that. That is a fucking short movie. Is it worth getting?

Ooh ooh ooh! Sweet mamma babeh! I broke my all time high of 1936 hits by getting 1963 yesterday. Not that much difference but it’s that much closer to 2000. You know, that’s actually pretty weird. 36. 63.

But anyway, i’ve been getting a lot of Libby Hoeler search referrals lately. What’s up with that? How come she’s so popular all of a sudden?

Not that i’m complaining though. It brings in the hits. Keep em coming. I like hits.

5 thoughts on “This post isn’t as good as yesterday’s

  1. See remember one day u received an email wanting to know what kind of dinosaur that’s on the Jurassic Park III Logo. Well thanx to your help I won the quiz thingie. Once again Thanx So MUCH

    #1 | Comment by dinosore — October 10, 2001 @ 2:55 pm

  2. you’re AWFUL…but i like you!! hehee. hey you big showoff, tell me how do suck up to your parents to get you a Powerbook G4? understand they’re pricey and not many around. you’re a lucky son of a bitch..but i like you.

    #2 | Comment by ihavebreasts — October 10, 2001 @ 3:26 pm

  3. inspite of being a complete asshole… i think you are still (annoyingly) adorable. here’s a deal for ya…i’ll give you a "special present" if you can hit 2000 by end of this month. before you ask me what is that "special present"? well, i ain’t telling ya.

    #3 | Comment by libby hole — October 10, 2001 @ 4:57 pm

  4. i’m still alive i guess, i just don’t have anything good to say. look how i’ve been treating my own site. yeah. blah. Jay and Silent Bob is funny, i laughed my ass off and hit the girl next to me like a million times whenever something amused me enough. needless to say she was not so amused with my amusement. bah! it was all worth it. great movie. yes.

    yeah that’s about all i have to say about that.

    #4 | Comment by will — October 10, 2001 @ 9:24 pm

  5. Blood is really good. Get it.

    #5 | Comment by Jerk — October 11, 2001 @ 8:33 am

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