Today i went out and bought more pirated goods.

I got:

Two PS2 games.

  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Final Fantasy X International

    I haven’t played Charlie’s Angels yet. I’ll try it out later. Actually it was kinda surprising to see the game on the store shelves because just three days ago, i read about how the game was actually cancelled for the PS2 and was only gonna come out on Nintendo’s Gamecube. Add to the fact that the game isn’t even supposed to be out yet at all makes it even more surprising. Just like how i got Phone Booth on DVD like a month and a half ago despite the fact that it only just came out this past Tuesday in the US. HEEHEEHEEHEE.

    Bootleg! Lalala.

    Final Fantasy X International. I know for a fact that this game wasn’t ever released in the States and that it’s supposed to be Japanese but i asked the store clerk “Isn’t this game in Japanese?” and he was like “You can change the language setting to English” and i was like “HUZZAH! Ok i’ll buy it.”

    Okay i didn’t really say “HUZZAH! Ok i’ll buy it”

    I’ve never really played FFX before. I wonder if i’ll even stick through playing it till the end. I only played Kingdom Hearts for like 5 hours before i finally gave up and quit. Stupid Tarzan level.

    Oh and i got myself Daredevil on DVD too. Which isn’t even supposed to be out yet! (official release date is on July 29th) HEEHEEHEEHEE.

    Bootleg! Lalala.

  • One thought on “Wee!

    1. If you buy me FFX International, I swear to god I will jump your bones…

      …I know it’s cheaper there, just tell me how much you want and I’ll pay you back.


      I’m such a nerd…

      #1 | Comment by TheFelinePunk — July 10, 2003 @ 10:51 am

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