A (boring) Justin update!

Apparently, i have this editing gig somewhere in KL coming up soon. I think. I’m not really quite sure but a friend of mine kinda got me this job without me even asking for it. I’m supposed to be cutting together some concert footage from this huge beach party event thing that the college’s IYS (Indonesian Youth Society) threw last night over at the Sunway Lagoon Themepark.

They’ve also got this one other chick who’s supposed to be helping me out (or is it the other way round?) doing the editing and stuff. I think she’s from the One Academy college doing multimedia or something. At least that’s what i think it’s called. Incidently, that’s where Fuzzy’s studying.

I wonder if this chick’s hot.

Anyway, i’m not actually sure when the hell this editing thing’s going down or if it’s even happening but yeah, looks like i’m gonna be pretty busy sometime soon if it does happen. What with my mid terms coming up and a whole fucking movie, which i’ve yet to shoot, that’s due for our film class on the horizon, i’m really gonna have my work cut out for me.

You might’ve noticed a distinct lack of DVD buying this time around this semester. Reason being that i’m kinda short on cash. I’m only got a grand total of 75 bucks to my name. To last through till the end of October. Which definitely isn’t gonna enough if i’m gonna have to travel into KL to the editing studio or wherever the hell this editing gig’s gonna be. Fucking taxis charge an arm and a leg for you to get around.

Not only that, i’m also probably gonna need a videocam soon. For the short film that we’re gonna shoot for film class. Or i could just borrow Jason’s girlfriend’s videocam for a coupla weeks. But i’d prefer having one of my own. I saw this really spiffy looking one that costs about RM$4000. It can even let you shoot in simulated sidescreen! I like widescreen.

Of course, i’ll be damned if i’m ever gonna be able to get a RM$4000 videocam. I’m most likely gonna end up having to settle for a piece of shit RM$2000 one.

That is, if i’m even ever gonna get one.

I’ll probably just end up borrowing Jason’s girlfriend’s videocam in the end.

The premise of the movie we’re shooting is pretty lame. I might talk about that next time though. It’s fucking terrible. Then again, i’m not the director so they can’t blame me if it sucks. I’ve only got camera man and editing duties on this movie. And maybe a little script doctoring. And fight choreography.

Haha. Fucking fight choreography. Like i’m fucking Yuen Woo Ping or something. I wish.

And fucking hell man. I’m also supposed to be paying each actor in the movie like… 4 fucking bucks. What the fuck. Fucking director/producer.

He’s the director. He’s the producer. HE should fucking pay his actors 4 bucks each. Actually no, he IS paying his actors four bucks each. It’s just that he wants me to pay them too. Making it a grand total of 8 bucks for each actor.

Fucking four bucks man. Each.

I’m running out of money. And i’m also running out of food. I’ve literally got like 9 packets of ramen, two packets of chicken soup and half a bottle of Coke left.

I’m also itching to buy some new DVD’s. Fucking hell. VCD’s just aren’t the same. Crap picture, crap sound, no added value material. I WANT DVD. I mean, it’s not like i just buy them for the movies. If that’s all i wanted, i could just stick with fucking VCD’s. I’m actually more interested in the extras that the DVD format offers. Like the audio commentaries. The featurettes. The behind the scenes shit. You learn a lot watching and listening to that stuff. The preproduction porocess, post production, film editing, shots, lighting, sound editing… the list goes on.

Hell, just look the the T2: Ultimate Edition DVD for example. That DVD is a veritable film school on a disc. It’s got EVERY SINGLE aspect of the making of that movie on that disc. FUCKING EVERYTHING. I love that disc.

The Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace DVD is reportly already in stores around the States now. Even it’s only supposed to be officially released on the 16th. That’s another DVD that fucking ‘everything about the movie on one disc’. Actually, two discs in fact. It’s shipping as a two disc set. Same goes for Shrek. Fuck. I really want those DVD’s.

The Princess Bride. I really want that too. Die Hard Trilogy 5 Star Collection Box Set. BLAH. So many DVD’s, so little cash. Fuck.

I say fuck a lot.

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