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You know what’s a pretty scary movie to watch these days?

Pushing Tin.

Yes, Pushing Tin. That John Cusack/Billy Bob Thorton movie. I finally got around to watching that flick yesterday. It has one of the most chilling opening sequences ever.

It has planes. Lots of them. Flying in and around New York. You can even see the WTC towers in the background.

I just found it all a little bit disturbing. I dunno. Maybe it’s just me. It was a pretty sad reminder of the events that happened a month ago though. If you haven’t seen the movie, just go check it out for that scene alone. I got chills down my spine watching that opening sequence.

The movie of course, isn’t really that scary at all. And out of context, that opening sequence with all those planes flying around New York wouldn’t’ve been so disturbing if the whole WTC tragedy hadn’t happened.

The movie itself was pretty pointless really. But you do get to see Angelina Jolie’s tits in it so that makes it a 10 out of 10 in my book.

Any movie that has Angelina Jolie’s tits in it gets an automatic 10 out of 10.


I’m sure most of you are well aware of the upcoming Spiderman movie right? Well, if you haven’t already seen it, the Twin Towers were prominently featured in the orginal teaser trailer for Spiderman. And now, they actually had to go in and change the trailer after the recent events so as to not include the towers at all. Out of respect i suppose. I still have the original trailer with the towers in it. I have both of them actually. The old on and the new tower-less version. If you look at the newly edited teaser trailer for Spiderman now, you’ll notice a HUGE change. They just totally cut out the whole bank heist sequence and the helicopter stuck in a web between the WTC towers bit. All gone.

Twin Towers

fig. 1: Original teaser with WTC towers

No Twin Towers

fig. 2: Newly edited teaser without WTC towers

All you’ll see now is a shot of the New York skyline without the WTC towers in sight and the same footage of Spiderman swinging around.

A couple of people i know were all like, “Oh no! I heard they’re gonna cancel the Spiderman movie because the WTC towers are gone and the movie has to be shitcanned!”

What the fuck.

First of all, just because the teaser for a movie has the WTC towers in them doesn’t mean that it’s gonna feature prominently in the movie itself. For God’s sake it’s just the teaser. They’re not just gonna shut down an entire movie just because of that. What the hell. Collateral damage showed the New York skyline with the WTC towers in view. Now that they’re no longer there, doesn’t mean that they’re gonna have to shitcan the movie… geez. Some people can be really fucking stupid sometimes.

Sure, maybe they’re gonna have to edit out the bits of the movie where they actually show the towers on film or maybe just have to reshoot it a little bit or whatever but they’re not just gonna kill a movie just because they showed the towers in the trailer.

It is kinda sad though. Now everytime i watch movie that’s based in New York, i always look for any master shots of the city just to see if the Twin Towers are visible.

New York’s skyline will never be the same again. Go watch Pushing Tin for a eerie look at the WTC towers with planes flying around. But if you’re still kinda sensitve about the whole incident, don’t. And for heaven’s sake DO NOT watch Armageddon if you wanna have a look at the towers.

Go watch Autumn In New York or something. Actually don’t go watch Autumn In New York. It’s a terrible movie.

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