Is that all one post??

If i’d known that my 1pm class would be cancelled today, i would’ve just slept in till 3.

Had AMS 200 class from 3pm to 4:15pm.

Like you really needed to know that.

Went out and bought myself a couple of VCD’s last night.

    • Training Day
    • Evolution
    • Soul Survivors

Training Day was pretty good. Saw the trailer about a week ago and thought, “Wow. This looks pretty good.”

Denzel Washington’s fucking harsh in this movie man.

But i dunno. I really like the movie and all. But i couldn’t help but feel that’s it was a little flawed. I mean like, it’s kinda hard to believe that everything in the movie just happened within the entire span of 24 hours. Like, i dunno… it just felt kinda implausible. Maybe i should go watch it again a second time.

But i’ll say it again, i really liked the movie. And Denzel Washington’s fucking badass in this one. Ethan Hawke’s pretty cool too. I like Ethan Hawke. I have Before Sunrise on laserdisc. I love that movie.

I didn’t think Antoine Fuqua (he directed Training Day) could make a good movie after what he did with The Replacement Killers. Man, was that ever a load of shit.

I finally got around to watching Evolution last night (Yes. I’m a little bit slow on that one). Albeit i only watched it halfway through because the fucking second disc wouldn’t play on my Mac.

Soul Survivors… i dunno. I only bought that because it had Eliza Dushku on the cover.

And i don’t even like Eliza Dushku.

(I’d do her and i wanna see her naked but i don’t like her. She falls under the same ‘folder’ as Jessica Alba)

I would’ve bought Serendipity but the car boot salesguy person said it was a pretty bad bootleg.

Oh and i kinda fucked up the site yesterday with those Spiderman/Vanilla Sky screen grabs. They were a bit too wide. It’s all been fixed now. I didn’t bother checking how they looked because my site wouldn’t load up fully. Fucking internet connection’s still fucking slow here. They still haven’t fixed that broken internet cable thing that links Asia’s internet route to the US servers or whatever. My site takes like 5 minutes to load… HALFWAY… only to time out in the end.

Speaking of which, i really to do something about the loading time of this site. It’s loads slower than a fat bitch on rollerskates going uphill.

No offence to any fat bitches wearing rollerskates who’re reading this right now.

And i should probably cut down on the posts too. I’ve been on a posting frenzy as of late. Ultimately, i think i post more than people actually care to read. Tell me if i should cut down on the posts. It’ll help the loading time time if i did though… leave a comment in the… um… comments. I’d like to know what you think. If you even care at all that is.

I think it’s time to answer some e-mail.

Subject: DVD problem
From: “Makaveli 4ever” Add to Contacts
Date: Sun, Oct 14 2001 9:24:58 AM +0000

hey, i have a Sony DVD player which plays both DVD’s and VCD’s…the problem is that it can’t play computer recorded VCD’s, is there anything i can do to my DVD player to make it play computer recorded VCD’s? maybe get it fixed, have a chip added or something? Please tell me what u think i should do…thanx.

Nope. Sorry dude. You’re pretty much shit out of luck. As far as i know, there isn’t any way to ‘hack’ into your DVD player (or mod it for that matter) to get em to play CD-R’s. And unless you’re willing to spend money buying a NEW player that’s CD-R compatible, you’re probably gonna have to live with what you have. Most of the older model DVD players don’t support CD-R’s. But if you were to get some of the more newer ones that’re out there now, then yes, you’ll probably be able to play them computer recorded VCD’s. Provided that the players themselves are CD-R compatible in the first place. You’ll have to check it out yourself. Personally, my DVD player can’t play CD-R’s either.

If i were rich, i’d’ve probably gotten myself one that’s CD-R compatible. So i can play bootlegged computer recorded VCD’s on them. But no such luck. Mine can play legit VCD’s/bootleg VCD’s fine… just not bootlegged computer recorded VCD’s (there’s a difference).

If you wanna know more about these ‘differences’, you could no worse than to check out this one post (March 2nd/3rd) of mine where i outlined the ‘differences’. And shit.

Subject: vids
Date: Mon, Oct 15 2001 2:41:48 AM EDT

hey jason,
was just introduced to your site and you do a good job, i was reading about all the dvds and vcds and i was like where the hell does he get all this stuff an asian wal-mart (not a racial slur) and then i looked at your bio and it seemed i was somewhat correct. anyways, i have a tech question that you might be able to answer, how do you take digital vidcaps of digital video on your computer, more like a screenshot. im not talking about hooking up a dvd player or whatever to your computer but taking it off of the screen like pressing Print Scrn.
help me out please,

Ooh. Another techy DVD related e-mail.

First of all, my name isn’t Jason. But don’t sweat it, you’re not the first person to call me by that name. I swear to God, if i had a dollar for every single time i’ve been mistakenly called Jason, i’d probably have enough money to buy me 100 DVD’s.

Okay maybe not but you get the idea.

Video captures… screen grabs… screenshots… easy.

For DVD’s and VCD’s:

I use this PowerDVD program thing on my farting roommates PC. He’s got a DVD-ROM drive so yeah. You can take screenshots with it. You can get it off the net i think. PowerDVD. Works for VCD’s too. It’s pretty good.

For digital video:

I’m not really sure what you mean by digital video but i’m assuming you mean video from a DV camera. And if not, when then don’t i feel like the fucking moron.

Anyway, i use iMovie on my Mac to convert DV videos into screenshots. I hook up a DV camera via firewire to my PowerBook G4 and import the video into iMovie. All i have to do is like… find the frame i want to capture, export that frame and convert it into a jpeg (or whatever), and voila! I get DV screenshot. Examples of DV screenshots i’ve taken can be seen here.

Yes, i actually went around campus with a DV camera taking footage of Malaysian college girls.

Actually no.

I got someone else to do the dirty work for me.

Also, if you’re wondering how the hell i got those screen shots off the Spiderman and Vanilla Sky trailers… i used Quicktime Pro. I have the full version of Quicktime Pro (illegally obtained… don’t tell Apple :P) which allows you to edit .mov files and shit. I just got a serial off the net, registered my Quicktime thing with the stolen serial and unlocked all the previously locked Quicktime features (like editing and exporting screen shots etc etc).

Good shit that Quicktime Pro.

Already have Quicktime? Upgrade it legally here. Or be like me and get a stolen serial number off the net.

Subject: Jessica Alba
From: “Eye”
Date: Mon, Oct 15 2001 12:01:37 AM -0000

The Maxim pics of Jessica Alba are probably the best out there, at least the best I’ve seen. There are plenty of screen caps from Dark Angel and Flipper that would be good if people had decent video capture cards though. For some decent Jessica Alba, Watch Flipper on one of the Showtime Channels (Showtime Family or something like that) weekday mornings sometime around 10 to 11am eastern time or of course Dark Angel.

I have 220 pics of Jessica, as well as plenty of other celebs, let me know if you are looking for someone specific. I have 1.35 gig of pics (33 thousand pics. sad, I know…), or if you know of a place that will give me a gig of space, I’ll put them on the net.

Alright, before i post up your reply, i’d just like to say that these guys are DELUDED. Kirsten Dunst is HOT dammit. Bring It On was the BEST MOVIE EVER. And Leelee Sobieski’s hot too! Who cares if she looks like Helen Hunt! Helen Hunt’s pretty hot! And look! Helen Hunt even got naked once! Helen Hunt boobies!

Helen Hunt! Helen Hunt! Helen Hunt!

But no, this isn’t about Helen Hunt. This is about Kirsten Dunst, Leelee Sobieski and, bleh, Jessica Alba.

This calls for some unbiased poll voting.

Who’s hotter?

Current Results


But yeah, like her or not, the Maxim pics of Jessica Alba are probably the best ones out there. And even so, they aren’t really that much. I’d put them up on the site but that’d be pretty pointless because i’m sure everybody’s already seen them. I’ll probably have a look around some more and if i do come across any good ones, i’ll probably post em up or something.

Subject: need celebs?
From: Add to Contacts
Date: Sun, Oct 14 2001 3:36:34 PM EDT

hey how about trying to get jennifer lopez, or jennifer love hewitt??????

I have one really good screen grab of JLH’s cleavage from Heartbreakers. And one good side profile shot of J.Lo’s huge ass. But i wouldn’t consider that one to be good good. I just like to look at it and marvel at the fact that you can probably use that ass of hers like as if it were a coffee table. And eat off it.

JLH and J.Lo pics coming up soon. When i have the time.

Subject: Nice Site
From: “Max P Jones”
Date: Sun, Oct 14 2001 6:29:40 PM -0500

You have a very good site layout. Also, interesting links. Just wanted to commend you and your friends. Also it killed a couple of hours at work (like i need help jk)


My friends? You mean my other ‘freelance posters’? Or my links? Because as far as i know, there’s only one of me actually running this site. But regardless, thanks for the kind words. Spread the news about my site why doncha? The extra hits would be nice.

I like hits.

Almost as much as i like tits.

Subject: hello. you fucker.
From: Add to Contacts
Date: Sun, Oct 14 2001 3:05:46 PM MEST

A referral. To me. From you. And I don’t check my referrals all that often. Actually, your arc22, whenever the fuck that was. I’m too blitzy to read dates. That’s blitzy meaning nothing at all like ditzy, that’s blitzy like… schizy. Brain all over the place. Like in the Pulp Fiction car. The referral said you still read me. You :don’t: still read me. Because you don’t write to me when I don’t write. You do not count as a reader. You do not get ReaderPoints. You do not get the Platinum LucyReader Card. You do not qualify for the annual Top LucyReaders all-expenses-paid holiday to the Cayman Islands. For these benefits and more, such as me being nice to you in my infrequent emails, you would have to email me. So there.
Post this and forgo all privileges. Really.
(‘forgo’ means give up.)

Okay, i just couldn’t resist posting this up. That’s Lucy. She used to e-mail a lot before… back in the day.

It’s funny that she e-mailed me now. Because:

a) I never would’ve expected her to anymore.
b) Because just a few days ago, i was actually thinking about her.

Thinking, “Fucking hell! I’ve never actually replied to ANY of Lucy’s e-mails before! Not even once! I am such a bastard!”.

Or something to that extent.

I think you all should know by now that i’m a notoriously lazy bastard at replying my e-mails personally.

I mean, sure i post them up and reply to them on the site sometimes, but on other occasions, i hardly ever reply to my e-mail.

I should start replying my e-mails.

Actually, you know, to say that i’ve never written a reply to any of Lucy’s e-mails would be wrong. Because i remember this one time (yes, a GRAND TOTAL of ONE time) where i actually DID write this one LONG ASS e-mail to her to make up for all the times (all 300 times… or something like that) that i never replied back to her.

The thing was that the e-mail never got through.

But i swear to God that i really did write her a LONG ASS e-mail reply!

I hate it when you write like… really good LONG ASS e-mail replies only to find out that it never got through.

Okay this time, i PROMISE i’ll write you Lucy. I PROMISE I PROMISE I PROMISE.

Fucking hell this is a long post.

How about some pictures… of some HOT WOMEN!

  • ??? 1Okay. I have absolutely no idea what this chick’s name is but she’s gonna be in the upcoming ‘Not Another Teen Movie’ that’s coming out at the end of the year. She’s hot. Can anybody out there find out what her name is?
  • ??? 2I got this shot off the ‘Shallow Hal’ trailer. That chick… the one on the far left… IS SO HOT. I wish i knew her name…

Does anybody know?

Anyway, i leave you with a plug for my new link:
He runs a good site.

(Boy… that sure was a hell of a good plug you gave him there)

2 thoughts on “Is that all one post??

  1. woooh..dat ???1 pic…she is HOT!

    #1 | Comment by ah leong — October 15, 2001 @ 11:16 pm

  2. Let me be the first one to say that maybe you have a little TOO MUCH time on your hands.


    #2 | Comment by Nick — October 16, 2001 @ 5:08 am

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