My Fucking Web Host

My web host has been going down on me a lot lately. And not in a good way, at all. Everything’s down right now. Their main page,, my email, all of it. I’m super irritated.

If there were 4 web hosting companies in the world, I’d switch. But there are a gazillion companies, and a hundred gazillion different plans. I started researching it, “shopping around”, if you will. I’m more overwhelmed than when I go to buy deodorant (and I’m pretty damn overwhelmed then.)

OK, they’re nice and cheap… look up a review. Hmm, maybe they suck. This guy gave it all “1”s and bashed everything. But this guy gave it all “10”s, and praised it all. So which is it? Can they completely suck and completely rule at the same time? Do they rule at sucking? Or do they suck at ruling?

And then there are the others that are supposed to be wonderful, but they’re expensive as hell. If I paid that much, I’d feel like I was being shafted. (Again, not in a good way, at all.)

And, of course, the trade-offs… which is more important to me, storage or bandwith? Am I more willing to pay a set-up fee, or commit to (and pay for) an entire year? Who has the more appealing logo?

Still not back … It’s 7:05, 2 and a half hours from when it first went down. Who would’ve thought they could’ve gone down on me for that long and I’d still be this cranky?

I picked these people two years ago when I moved into my own domain. Someone mentioned the name, it was $10 a month, and I could swing it. (A third of what I pay for that gym membership I don’t use.*)

They’ve been pretty good up until now, but lately, I’m annoyed. I’m open to suggestions if anyone knows a good place. At this point, one testimonial is all I really need.

Did I mention I was annoyed? I’m going to be on post #2 before my site comes back…

I guess I’ll go post this at fubar instead. Hopefully someone will ask me if I think anyone gives a fuck about my problem host.

* I’m starting to think the $30 a month might be worth it just for the membership card on my keychain. Cause then it looks like I work out. Or at least my keys look like they belong to someone who works out.

That pose is so familiar…

Why is it that every female celebrity has to have at least one picture taken like this?

Jennifer Aniston

I mean, come on it’s tired already.

I say they break some new ground and stop with “all but the nipples” poses. They should have a model pose for the cover of a magazine in neck to ankle dress, with two holes cut out to show her nipples. It would be the “nothing but nipples” pose, and I think it could catch on.

I think those two particular pieces of flesh need to be destigmatized.

*edited to add*

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Decent Women Fuck Like Me

Justin let a feminist in!… there goes the neighborhood.

* The following (insanely long) post is because different people come with different opinions. I am fully prepared to accept any backlash for what I say, but I would like to avoid any venomous retaliation that is not in the spirit of debate. I mean no harm. I just see things differently. *

This is how I like sex, therefore, this is how you should like sex. If you like it dirtier than this, you’re a skanky ho. If you like it less dirty, you’re a frigid prude.

The Gender and Sex Rant

I have a big problem with this rant.

The Gender and Sex Rant would have been an entertaining read if the topic had been honestly presented. An honest presentation would have been: “this is how I liked to be fucked”.

But instead, the rant offers damnation peppered with advice. The damnation is of any woman who doesn’t like to be dicked the way Eve likes to be dicked. In reality, the advice to women is how to be just like Eve, and the advice to men is only appropriate if they’ll be fucking Eve. Because she tells you what she likes, but misleads you by saying that all women (excuse me, ‘decent women’) want it just like that.

Sexual appetites are as unique as fingerprints.

But look at what a lovely little pigeonhole Eve created for all of us.

(For the record, I am taking the literary license of adopting the role of ‘slut’ for the following rant. In reality, I’m a total prude who was offended by the fifth paragraph, where Eve said I couldn’t hold onto a man.)

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